[OFFICIAL] E3 2019 - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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    Live with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne from our E3 2019 Live Stage. More info at: bit.ly/IceborneE3


    1. pilipinongdugo

      i wanna know where i can buy that jacket his wearing lol.. the iceborne jacket

    2. Gustavozxd

      Saw that thumbnail and thought this was a meme video

    3. Heavens Hellfire

      Where is our nargacuga gameplay Capcom you can’t tease with my imotions and also shouldn’t kulu and pukie have a turf war with anjanath

    4. 徳俵

      What is the BGM from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>:50? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>:50 あたりのBGM何かわかる人いる?

    5. Hyrule Gamer


    6. Drake Asbell

      Item pickups are finally easy to findddd

    7. Jason

      i like the more realistic monsters and the dragons. The Kaiju like monsters feel like Capcom devs got tired of researching real animals and just made ridiculous mini Kaiju that came straight from a Godzilla movie and shrunk down. All the DLC and expansion monsters are mini Kaiju.

      1. Lagia

        I don't see any connection to Kaiju

    8. LazyboyZZZyobyzaL

      loved the game but stopped playing because of unstable server. they should fix that first

      1. Lagia

        My servers are always fine

    9. Mustange 70

      So y'all bring Dragons Dogma Online over right?

    10. Shaheen Mohammad Shah

      Nargacuga 👍👌🏻

    11. Matalsii

      Make it possible to play 60fps on console please. And a downgraded nintendo switch release of MHW would be a awsome..

    12. Perverted Poképuffs

      What is the LBG called again?

    13. The god dude


    14. Elsewyr

      Where is breath of fire??

    15. yngwie malmsteen

      I hope that is not the final design for those weapon cause it still looks very bad...

    16. このみ


    17. Abdullah Yousef Al Zaben

      Why the music so loader than them? xDDDD

      1. Lagia


    18. Ransom Seraph

      Gaming Marketing Rule of Thumb: Release a game without snow and ice. Hype a DLC with Snow and Ice! Profit. Moral: Always save the snow and ice terrain and theme for DLCS! (Pillars of Eternity, HZD, Dark Souls 2 etc.)

      1. Bartek Rura

        Also Forza Horizon 3 ;D

    19. 沈宇豪


    20. jeremiah charles

      This is so bad

    21. Reza Ruki

      Wow there are Asuka (Kana), and Xavier Wood from WWE, but i did't see them on this stream

    22. Raggedy Exynos

      This is one big disappointment, the presentation is a fucking trainwreck, shame capcom.

    23. Verminlord Soulberry88

      Why didn't we have this crap at LAUNCH???????????????????????????????????

    24. k saYto

      seliana BGM <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="960">16:00</a>

    25. Draven Thorson

      That woman commentator was annoying as hell "Someone need to sharpen? Huh?" *pans over to a hunter with half a bar of white sharpness* *GASP* OH NO! "Can we get a zoom in on hunter 3...HEALING! HAHAHA!" wtf.

    26. djicesnake


    27. Kyozanagi

      No damage from Tigrex's roar...???????

    28. Cassppa2615

      If friends leave palicos joined immediately but now they don't?? That's just backwards

      1. Cassppa2615

        @Pro Cow 😂😂 they fighting for a pay raise and benefits

      2. Pro Cow

        The cats formed a union 😺

    29. Cassppa2615

      How does that make sense smh

    30. Ethan

      Lol the commentators talking the monster just going ballistic with loud noises some Japanese In there earape it’s beautiful 😭

    31. BlazinBro786

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2346">39:06</a> i didnt notice the level 4 slot on that mantle, good to know

    32. Animelytical

      Oh I like that the difficulty can scale back down. However, we need to have it only work if you leave or disconnect. If someone kicks you from the session, it should not make the game easier for them.

    33. BunnsBerry

      Anyone know what T-shirt the girl had on?

    34. Big Boss

      You guys working on more unique weapon designs? Not the monster skin glued to a blade crap.

    35. Fabio Ganassini

      Guys any chance for Resident Evil 3 nemesis remake?

    36. John Jones

      could never get any help with this game...

      1. Lagia

        @Osiris Avra You can do everything solo in this game. Literally everything. Some things are just fucking difficult

      2. Osiris Avra

        You can do 90% of the game solo and once you get better try the multiplayer stuff. You just need to invest time and watch guides/Speedruns about the weapons u like.

      3. John Jones

        @Asanichi Shichitatsu more with actual creating builds and doing higher level content.

      4. Asanichi Shichitatsu

        What do you mean by help? You can always SOS flare. If you meant help with the systems there's always online communities ready to help out, such as in discord.

    37. dror sofer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1300">21:40</a> the food animation is amazing so good looking dishes

      1. Lagia

        It is the best Monster Hunter game for sure. "Best game ever" is a matter of subjective taste. Ofcourse I, as a MH fanboy, will say that it's the best ever but that is not objevtive

      2. dror sofer

        Literally the best game ever am i right people let me know

    38. Punk_Ghost _

      The lady during Sock’s hunt is so fucking annoying

    39. Sir Squegg

      Thank you for all your work bringing this game to the west. Now that I’ve played it, I don’t know how I made it this far in life without it. 😂 Also my apologies for that audience, you deserved more enthusiasm than you got.

    40. Gecko Boi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="817">13:37</a> It’s my boi Glavenus!

    41. Irvan Wiguna

      Wtf is that thumbnail lmao

    42. Chuck Nourrizzz

      I like how the bald explain, not cringy at all. But need improvement to make conversation more exciting

    43. Animelytical

      The stream did not work for me. Annoying indeed

    44. big c's big brother

      Velkhana gonna be weak to water or some dumb sh*t. Still buying day one tho

    45. Voni C

      The self poses with various monsters are going to be golden.

    46. Touch TheBacon

      Cool to hear they fixed the scaling with multiplayer and solo. But as a hammer main probably still gonna play solo, unless the inflated ko threshold was also changed as well with this. Regardless I am so hyped for this expansion.

      1. Hazeus


    47. Souru Hanta

      This host girl is annyoing as hell. Like I don't care about you girl, stop saying "I like this & that.. say something about the game's feature more than yourself." I just want to watch the stream in peace FFS. And also she's kinda cringy.

      1. Lagia

        I love your channel Souru Hanta! And I totally agree with your comment. She almost ruined the whole presentation

    48. Afro taku

      hype is here. Hope a sekiro X monster hunter icenorne collaboration

      1. Afro taku

        @Raggedy Exynos will see...

      2. Raggedy Exynos

        Not gonna happen

    49. Arjock

      you can set decorations into mantles now... wtf

    50. Natural86

      Banbaros horns remind me of an Irish Elk

    51. Natural86

      That Tigrex hunt was awesome. You can tell they absolutely know the mechanics in and out wow

    52. Gay Transgender Dilophosaurus

      Unless I can hunt the handler I'll pass. :P

    53. Natural86

      FINALLY. ADAPTABLE DIFFICULTY. My net cuts out all the time. THANK YOU CAPCOM

      1. Alzenryo

        It should be there in the base game, i hope capcom make it for a patch instead of iceborne exp.

    54. Natural86

      Yes two player difficulty! Finally!!!

      1. Hazeus


    55. ギルDanial

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2981">49:41</a> やばいやつだのとこ草生えた

    56. Natural86

      Holy crap its Yuri

    57. H. A. X.

      this should be all free

      1. Lagia

        You're an idiot. Fuck off

      2. Alzenryo

        Its a paid dlc/expansion

    58. 墨昼


    59. Isaac Torres

      Most fans: yes! Tigerex ? YES Me: Man the handler is still alive?

      1. Lagia

        @Chuck Nourrizzz WHATHEFUCK

      2. Chuck Nourrizzz

        Like she died choked by her own Legiana's meat hamburger

      3. Chuck Nourrizzz

        Hope she died at accident, and other more beauty handler take the place

    60. ponta otoani


    61. shane blue sky

      Is capcom only going to show mh iceborne? No new ip or a revived one? Devil may cry, resident evil, power stone??

    62. Bubblesoda

      That host at the random hunts at the end just ruins the flow. She doesn't let the man explain his things and just butts in with another question or some inane remark every 5 seconds.

      1. Bubblesoda

        @EvilPlasticFork I'm not saying she's a bad person. I'm saying she's kinda a bad host. She's not like Conan who does the 'I don't play videogames bit' for comedic effect. If you are paid to ask questions in order to help other newbie viewers to understand the game then at least let the person you ask a question to explain the whole thing before butting in with another question or shouting what's happening. Granted being a host and a hypewoman is hard to juggle but fumbling it like that just leaves all the newbies watching even more confused.

      2. EvilPlasticFork

        Don't do all hosts do that? Conan does it everyone does it. Her name is vampybitme don't be confused that she is a noob. She is not she is just getting paid and suppose to ask questions like she is a noob. She is a sweet cool person down to earth.

    63. i take kidz

      Are these games gonna be on switch

      1. Savage Deviljho

        @Dali Argui Yes I know that

      2. Dali Argui

        @Savage Deviljho Yeah ! GenU is a good game on switch i must tell ! But i'm not gonna lie , monster H world won't be a possible port for switch because of The higher demands of this new title. So unless there's a big downgrade in resolution/textures/lightning and physics the game won't be ported to switch because of hardware limitations. The game is scheduled to be on PC/ps4/xb1

      3. Savage Deviljho

        @Dali Argui I mean, the Switch has GenU, which IMO in some aspects it's superior than World

      4. i take kidz

        Alright then

      5. Dali Argui

        @i take kidz wait you have zelda breath of the wild 2 that's already a collossal game

    64. Romhert Alteza

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a>:07 for the 2nd part of the event

      1. yyogii

        thank you mate

    65. Pelituokio TV

      What this game needs in World and Iceborne is daily quests and other filler stuff to do like in Monster Hunter Online a more in depth end game. 🤔🍺

      1. Lagia

        @Pelituokio TV "1000 hours" "Needs more content"

      2. Osiris Avra

        An extremely hard raid system with several monsters that give you a direct reward and progress for more difficulty/rewards.

      3. Pelituokio TV

        @lGuT0l After 1000 Hours of that game i'd say it needs more things to do but that's just me ofc.

      4. lGuT0l

        World have semanal quests and you can try get all achievments

    66. RooeeZe Tv

      Love seeing devs who are excited to talk about and play there own games.

    67. Juan Torres

      We will be able to play this demo ?

    68. MattysonDreamland

      I wish we could gay romance the field team leader and the a-lister in Monster Hunter World Iceborne 😍. Beyond that, the new area looks interesting. I like the fact you can ride animals to get around better.

      1. Lagia

        You are fucking weird. A gay relationship would ruin the game and wouldn't fit the game's theme/concept at all. What a stupid idea. Keep dreaming lmao

      2. EmeraldKnight

        @MattysonDreamland Naw you’re not alone. ;)

      3. MattysonDreamland

        @DisneyMagicalWorld Thank goodness I’m not the only one who feels that way. 😊💖💖💖💖

      4. EmeraldKnight

        @MattysonDreamland I would love that. Those two characters are hot. :D

      5. MattysonDreamland

        Kung Lao Law I’m aware of that, it’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking. 😅

    69. Boba_fett_1993

      Can we get the demo on PS4 store

    70. べいこん

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1579">26:19</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1579">26:19</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1579">26:19</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1579">26:19</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1579">26:19</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1579">26:19</a>

      1. Pro Cow


    71. Angel Onth

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3270">54:30</a> Yabai yabai yabai

    72. AlmightyGrubz

      Whoever’s mixing the sound audio needs to get fired. The background music is terribly loud and distracting.

    73. 企画力高太郎


    74. CODE_78

      빻빻이 고구마 구워먹는거 보소 ㄷㄷㄷ

    75. Hadi Amirudin

      Can we get wind element weapon or see wind element monster or dragon like in manga?

      1. Lagia

        That is probably never gonna happen

    76. Medicreaper

      we got explosive kitty yay

    77. Papa Kojir

      Did they change the tigrex roar? I didn't hear the familiar roar when it angry

      1. Lagia

        World's roars sound absolutely amazing

      2. Papa Kojir

        @Daniel Fraiz i also look at that scene when i make this comment but i didn't see the hp reduce back then my bad

      3. Daniel Fraiz

        @Papa Kojir go to 58:20 and notice how the hammer hunter loses hp with the roar

      4. Daniel Fraiz

        @Papa Kojir it does, he has a roar that does damage, let me look for it

      5. Papa Kojir

        I didn't even notice rathian or rathalos roar tbh Quite disaapointed they change the iconic roar and seems the roar doesn't do damage like it used to be

    78. Izuku Midoriya

      Thanks you Capcom

    79. R[A̲ • e^jωt]

      Why there are these dull non asian guys "prsenting" the game ? All we need is the asian enthusiastic trio

    80. Jessen Sim

      Can you make more new monster wyvern type