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    NoCap - TheHoodDoctor
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    1. martez robinson


    2. SpikeyNinjaPlayz

      Fuck them haters

    3. bucky 2

      Finally free home

    4. LAmeGangKREW

      This song so Krazy 🔥

    5. Aidan Hugai

      your musics ok, but your verse on idk why is garbage

    6. Real Steppa


    7. I Play Roblox

      "They showing fake love" U know sum of these females is fake asf dat part hit me hard

    8. _KingDay Ferrell

      Free cap

      1. Carlton Freeman

        Lmao that man been out a week now you sleep

    9. Triple0 Network


    10. Bronte Molock


    11. Armynei Bowman

      I miss Carlos R.I.P

    12. Armynei Bowman

      I'm so glad my cousin out of jail

    13. JustCallMeX

      My momma told me thuggin is gone cost you I’m thinking fuck that drugs gone solve my problems . 🔥

    14. Jayden Hancock


    15. jamal patrick

      Every time shit be going good it don’t last 💣🔥 prayers up I did the opposite I hate I let’em down 💯🧢 4eve 3900-1600

    16. Tyler Guillotte

      No cap hardest in mob town no cap 📍

    17. Tobirama Senju

      Welcome home Nocap🦈💙

    18. Lil Mekhi Bennett

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> facts

    19. Bigg O

      Welcome home

    20. Alejandro Marcano

      This shit goes stupid hard this joint smoking 5x harder NOCAP🔥

    21. Cease

      Straight caca...💩

    22. Tony Buchanan

      Protect Nocap 💯

    23. HonestlyJay

      My boy out now

    24. Lul Jaysmoov

      Free Nocap

    25. jmoney the goat

      This go crazy

    26. Yxng Boi

      He hoMe now

    27. Evil Twin

      Damn I been sleep folks hard af

    28. TeeJay

      Nigga do uk how many caskets is a million ?

    29. Brandon Smalls


    30. xSphinxZz


    31. Chief Zion

      Seem like the ones that always leave be the ones I'm attached to. #NoCap Alabama to Memphis 🔥💯

    32. Ayye O


    33. Abu

      After listening to your verse on "idk why" I needed to see what the fuck that was about. You really out here getting millions on absolute garbage. Can someone explain this?

      1. Sir ronam krap lll


    34. Kaptain Kitchenlgk

      This nigga crazy

    35. Teejay Quon

      Cuz this song make me cry thinking about all the fallen soldiers rest up 💙🙏

    36. duckeater

      Mobile Alabama check

    37. Ceejay2X

      “Even though that I’m a rapper I can’t come back and get another chance”-Chance the rapper 🤧💚

    38. Tg Do it

      He speaking the truth ‼️

    39. Teo Noriega

      Free TheBackEnd Child

    40. Yoda Bang

      🗣 Free Da Hood 🧑🏾‍⚕️ Free NoCap

    41. Vibenn Rich

      Home R 2nd Base Really None Of Tht Shit Really Safe Right Now !!! Felt Tht

    42. Lucerito Meza


    43. Kianna Pierre

      Seems Like The Ones That Leave I’m Attached To

    44. Cruz 574

      Free the main bird 🦅 he goated up🐐

    45. Willie Howard



        Willie Howard Yooo tbh I’m just tryna be heard just give it one listen if u could my g like if u rockin 🤟🏾 appreciate u‼️

    46. HBC Baby

      Ill b up dea soon cap🦅💔 #freethebackendchild

    47. micheal faraday

      No Cap goes in soo hard, never disappointed. But haters are using *AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM* to get more views. Thumbs up who agrees with me

    48. Hodgee3

      Slept on

    49. Digos HNDRXX

      I could say this on a lot of rappers pages but there really needs a be a Grammy for the streets just to really acknowledge rappers make great music but aren’t mainstream enough for the white media.


      Free no cap but wont give you my freedom hat at all

      1. QUARTATON

        Just dropped a message on the video


        QUARTATON Yooo tbh I’m just tryna be heard just give it one listen if u could my g like if u rockin 🤟🏾 appreciate u‼️

    51. Kream Beezy

      Boy Went Dumb on this 🔥🔥🔥, Ny Here Showing love.

    52. Quante Wright

      Hardest bars in the game right now there’s no argument

      1. Big Facts

        Nah nigga his flow is trash I understand wtf he sayin he ain’t go no hardest bars in the game rn plz stop

      2. Quante Wright

        Big Facts to dum understand his metaphors that’s why he wack to you 😭

      3. Quante Wright

        QUINCY MINNIFIELD bro you heard Cap part lol he to raw

      4. Big Facts

        This nigga trash ion even know why I clicked


        Quante Wright I agree bro aye u heard more problems the new one that bihh raw asf

    53. fwMaiine

      Free the backendchild


        fwMaiine Yooo tbh I’m just tryna be heard just give it one listen if u could my g like if u rockin 🤟🏾 appreciate u‼️

    54. Nay Fuller

      This shit hit different 💯🔥

    55. Kyuxn

      Am I the only one from the kid LAROI?

    56. Reddi’s

      “My mumma told me thuggin is gone cost you, I’m thinking fuck that drugs gone solve my problems, I can’t afford that but I’m still taking losses.” (Mumma was right)

    57. Hot Tea

      Thuggin it’s gone cost you I’m thinking fuck that 🖤🐐


        Hot Tea Yooo tbh I’m just tryna be heard just give it one listen if u could my g like if u rockin 🤟🏾 appreciate u‼️

    58. Neo Yt

      he look like a fuckin bulldog :'D

    59. India Byrd

      Free u Cap 😢

    60. Bhm Facts

      FREE 1600

    61. Inapproachable

      This song sound like a reversed song

    62. Amora Croom

      when u get out anyway

    63. J Lorenzo

      I always fuck with NoCap beats, u be knowin he finna spit from the soul. Take time out ya quarantine schedule and give my shit a listen. STAY SAFE 💙🔫

    64. SL_toxic1

      Fly hie backend child like this he’ll come back

      1. jxcrt12

        SL_serpunt he’s not dead

    65. Dusty Richter

      Chin an inch away from his forehead

    66. Dusty Richter

      Add Autotune, tattoos look semi gangster and your famous.

    67. Raythegrate HME

      Nocap make me wanna post on insta

    68. farron mcloud

      Dont lie. Scanlss. I all are good stamp I heard. On here Prior ob loo ligation Tell do me caught.let go. K

    69. Cam_Cam Cadet

      This guy has dog shit ass bars

      1. sebastian segarra

        Cam_Cam Cadet fr

    70. Grip Town

      Free no cap up next to blow🔥🔥💯

    71. Jorge Guillermo

      Whos here waiting for nocap to be free ! Like this

    72. Ricky Vato

      Hood doctor but I'm loosing all my , patients 🛴🛴🤐🤐😥😥

    73. OBXY CLAN

      Who else knew he was from Alabama 🤔

      1. OBXY CLAN

        MOTION FILMS bet


        AUDII GAMING Yooo tbh I’m just tryna be heard just give it one listen if u could my g like if u rockin 🤟🏾 appreciate u‼️

    74. FFL TC production

      Always BANGER 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 straight facts 💯💯💯💯 PS follow me on sound cloud FFL-TC just started thx 👍 stay safe

    75. gfl grindin for life

      When he gettin out of jail?

    76. Oisin Ide

      Who came here cause of loski

    77. leon s Boyd

      Keep him locked up for making shit music


      Real pain music 💯💯

    79. D dee

      Everytime shit be going good that shit dont last. No Cap

    80. Richard Ramseier

      I’ll buy a spine , I’ll do anything to get my niggas back ❄️😤