WATCH: New York Gov. Cuomo holds news conference - 3/28 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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    New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) speaks to reporters amid the coronavirus outbreak. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on ALsel:
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    1. E WOODS

      Thank u reporter for bringing up the tweet by u knw who! 😂 🎬🔔The most HILARIOUS professional mollywhop on national live tv I have ever witness by a politician!! 💀😂 I laughed sooooo much, Cuamo had evidences, jokes and punches! And the WINNER ISSSSSSS..👂😂 Somebody put his statements in the history books please! 😊 I don't live anywhere near NY but I watch him for leadership, understanding, empathy and laughter😂! He said he will never run for President, butttt what abt joining as Vice President tho??? 😊 Somebody ask that question fir once. Maybe he will say yes! 😊 America neeeeeeeéeeeeeeds this guy! If he ran for any damn position, I would vote for him. 💖Love this guy! Stay safe y'all 👏and see 👀y'all on the other side! 😷🙏

    2. J Singer

      There wouldn't be such a huge budget shortfall if NY wouldn't fund free college for illegal aliens and pay raises for the Governor and Legislature

    3. zainnee

      For all people who discount political experience over business experience and voted in Trump instead of Hillary. As you can see all the governors are stepping up to providing real leadership. The reason why Governor Cuomo is doing such a great job in leadership is because he has experience as a politician from all the jobs he had from previous civil service jobs in NY. Anyone who is still believing in Trump after this clearing have deep seeded hate for “others” that take away their perceived privilege when that perceived privilege have them living off the social welfare they gripe about not getting. It’s literally voting against their own self interest.

    4. Lisa Smith

      Andrew Cuomo for president hashtag Andrew Cuomo for president that's who should be running for President. Joe Biden he's not on the Frontline fighting for Angel promo is fighting for us he should be present that's why I vote

    5. Tiffany Smith

      We are his constitutes too. Upstate, North of the Thurway, don't deserve to suffer, because of NYC not LISTENING. You get the benefits of the Big City, time to reap. I ❤ NY. Remember us up here.

    6. Matt Foley

      Hey Andrew, just give NY COVID-19 patients those solar panels you purchased with funds intended to replenish the state’s supply of ventilators. It won’t help them breathe, but they’ll save a bundle on their electric bills.

    7. RJ King

      Is it true that this virus only kills people that want opened borders and sanctuary cities?

    8. DaveB

      Cuomo for president....

    9. Becky Weaver

      Says “this live event has not yet started”

    10. ireri hubbard

      You don’t care 🤷‍♀️ about New York All you care is about the money 💰 and make trump look 👀 bad Don’t fuc used this time to get to him Is people getting sick 😷 Trump do what is best for New Yorkers you are the president

    11. hossein owj

      does anybody know why this guy isn't the president of this country instead of the 🍊 💩 ?

    12. Jeevan Mammen

      Stop saying Cuomo is presedential. This dude is cutting Medicaid in the middle of the pandemic

    13. OLDMAN

      This is WORLD WAR III The only war, that the entire world is on the same side. Shots fired from 21gauge needles. Heaviest guns in the theater

    14. John Fasano2

      We have a brain dead govn god help us in new york please someone just make him stop

    15. Peter Masone

      Trump is a next level piece of crap from another galaxy

    16. Mind Bender

      The Democrat controlled New York state is the most infected state in US, and you wonder why. Very beautiful New York city is ruined, I hope people gets better, and elect their next officials to be Republicans.

    17. ujjval patel

      I still don't understand why american leaders are being stupid.... it is well known fact that China, south korea flattened the curve by a complete lockdown. In india, our government announced lockdown when there were 500 cases and we have 1.3 billion people and we have a democratic country just like America. Why do they prefer economy over people?? That's not how you sustain economy... If people are not healthy and dying.. there will be no economic growth no matter what... How hard it is to understand this point?

      1. marchevka22


    18. Jubilee Pup

      He really does have banana hands!

    19. E911Eagle

      He speaks for under an hour, WTF and you are the WP! Your as bad as Frump! Get your SHITE together!

    20. Greg Giesecke

      Stay in New York and stop coming to Florida, you morons.

    21. Selena Cross


    22. Mancheeze The Great

      You can't bag a person for days you silly person.

      1. cindy loula

        Uumm...that's the point.

    23. Mancheeze The Great

      NY is a disaster. He can talk for hours but he's not helping the hospital staff with ventilators and masks. This guy just loves hearing his own voice.

    24. Corina Hsta

      Cuomo 2020 he is more presidential candidate!

      1. summermojo

        Awe Trumps doing a great job. Better than Obama would of done in this Crisis. A lot of the Democrats have made a mess in America. Just look at California so many problems before this they were leaving. Trump 2020

      2. Miss Reece

        His father’s son for sure

      3. Brian Turner

        Yeah like 2 years ago when Fema told him to order 21,000 respirators, to prepare for a pandemic like this, and he lead his state to ignore those recommendations.

      4. David Lombardo

        No doubt. This is leadership

      5. Helen Patterson

        Ever since Trump has become president almost anyone seems like they could do it better. Any SANE person looks good to us. It's so exhausting to witness Trump's ineptitude and pettiness that we can't help but appreciate folks who unselfishly and intelligently act on behalf of the people.

    25. Jeffrey Lai

      Taiwan is not part of prc

    26. John Schwartz

      A simple wealth tax!

    27. milo74156

      This will happen to all states it’s planned perfectly

    28. John Hill

      The entire nation was unprepared. If Trump acted like this, I would feel better.

      1. John Hill

        @ycart tosey Lesser sin than Trump spending a month denying there was a virus.

      2. ycart tosey

        new york encouraged its people to go out and spend money mingling with others. look at de blasio and the health commisioner in clips . they lied while people died.

    29. Drake Andrew


    30. Thomas Paine

      Huh, a progressive Democrat politician wants the president to subsume private industries despite those industries largely voluntary cooperation. Sounds like and end-run to socialism to me.

      1. L. J.

        Cuomo is not a progressive. He is and has always been a moderate Democrat. And, he has leaned many times toward 'the right' while being unliked by his constituents for doing so.

    31. Chuck Zhu

      It's so dangerous now that China is opening things up; cases and deaths are vastly understated, as with any bad stats. Please do not rush to open up accepting travel from China. Thank you governor Cuomo to be a fact-based and logical voice (and mind); as common sense as it may be, it's such a rare quality these days...

      1. Mancheeze The Great

        It's not China that we have to worry about now, it's the rest of the world. It's too late now anyway.

    32. beethovensg

      Gov cockmo

    33. DOC DOC

      united state financial reseve is now a skeleton after heave defeat from syria, afghan, venezuela, yemen, iraq, north korea and iran .....sad a nation like .

    34. Don France

      Thank you Mr Cuomo !!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. kristen cross


    35. Steven Williams

      Instead of using manual respirators by hand, why not attach some mechanical device to squeeze the device on the push of a button, on a set pulse, and battery operated. Sadly, is it because there is a patent for the design of the manual ventilator (two two-way valves and a bag with a mask) that stomps out any and all derivatives.

    36. Drake Andrew

      New York Governor Andrew Cuomo For PRESIDENT OF THE USA 2016....?

      1. fender


    37. J b

      Cuomo going to get us all killed


        The hell are you talking about

      2. wick3rman16

        jason burlew how?

    38. Krypton

      COVID only site - Good, stay focused & prevents spread. God please help NYC. I'm not a Coumo fan, but he is doing the best he can in a situation he's never dealt with.

    39. Ish Schuurbiers

      Best technology to eradicate the virus, is to live a clean, healthy and equal life. Equilibrium for all intentions Equilibrium towards our old and outdated believe systems. Equilibrium towards understanding who Morher Earth is and her purpose. Equilibrium towards miss guided concept of a Godlike attitude . Equilibrium in Economic gains from humanity as a old form of slavery. Equilibrium towards the knowing of our true physical and non physical origins. Equilibrium towards our internal and external intentions and actions. Equilibrium towards respecting matter. Equilibrium towards respecting all minerals, fossil, precious metals, stones, gas, water, forest, and specially other species. Equilibrium towards our oceans, fish and all the oceanic species. We have drained the Planet and our Mother is unhappy she is deactivatating many souls, for transmutation purposes. The question from her is, what have you done lately with your Soul. I bet everyone of you know the answer to that. So go within, and bring to alignment your core, because mother, already started cleaning her core. Removing the OLD and creating the New Earth. Advanced Metaphysics and Quantum Knowledge. FREE LECTURES

      1. sammiejo

        @Ish Schuurbiers Kept my state of West Virginia free from the virus till now ;)

      2. Ish Schuurbiers

        @sammiejo dont be silly, use your logic.

      3. sammiejo

        Or just wash your hands....

    40. carrothk

      Groupon bulk deal for State Governors!

    41. Colm Corbec

      Looks more like a president if you ask me.

      1. Corina Hsta

        Colm Corbec this is what I say I used to be mr big heads voter but after this my vote changed would like to write Cuomo in the ballot! He shows sincerity and compassionate to try hard for his people that lives matter while trump sits and wants to pack churches on Easter to cause more spread and worried more about the stocks and markets!

      2. Arjan Stam

        Just mailing a friend, and telling her the same. He'd be *infinitely* better than DumpDumb Donald.

    42. Susan Devoy

      MAKE ECONOMIC PROVISIONS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE HIGH RISK FOR SEVERE COVID19 TO SELF ISOLATE HOME FROM WORK if they work w the public in essential jobs! They are THE MOST LIKELY TO NEED VENTILATORS. We need to keep them healthy as long as possible so there will be enough ventilators for everyone. Elderly, immune compromised, cancer, lung disease, heart disease), THEY MUST SELF -ISOLATE. THIS WILL FLATTEN THE CURVE OF THOSE WHO NEED VENTILATORS. ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO WORK W THE PUBLIC AT GROCERY STORES, WALMART, ETC. I DONT KNOW WHY THIS ISNT THE CENTERPIECE OF THE CORONAVIRUS BILL. My sister is a 53yr old high-risk woman w autoimmune disease. She is a check out person at Whole Foods. She can not self-isolate and help flatten the curve. She needs that paycheck. Whole Foods will allow her to take unpaid leave, but she has bills to pay like every one. How many elderly work at Walmart? This is obvious guys! AND ITS WAY CHEAPER THAN A $45,0000 VENTILATOR YOU MAY OR MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PURCHASE.

    43. Fghnkml Fghkl

      Andrew Coumo your name is in Jeffery Epsteins black book you wonder why he defies President Trump at any moment

      1. wick3rman16

        Roberto Gomez this comment makes no sense..

    44. WHY

      Cuomo is on his daily talk show again. Busy running for president using a crisis. As a Long term Governor, he did not prepare. For the people in NY hopefully FEMA can step in to fill the GAP left by this irresponsible Governor. Cuomo you are a liar. . You were told no stockpile ventilations in 2015 by your deputy and you didn’t fill.

    45. Denise Romantica

      At what time it starts?

    46. peacefulheart

      All states need to follow suit and learn from how NY is handling the situation, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.😇

      1. Mancheeze The Great

        THey're not prepared. That's the point. NY is overrun with cases, no PPE and not enough ventilators.

    47. Sharla Evans

      He knew he didn't have enough ventilators in 2015....BS he never heard of ventilators...he was told in 2015 that if they had a pandemic now NY would not be prepared. He had 5 yrs! He did nothing and now he is outright lying about it. Disgusting!

      1. WHY

        Sharla Evans he is a liar! He said he only got 400 ventilators from FEMA in his daily talk show. Then poor pence was confronted and said federal gave him 4000 already. Cuomo was asked about that by a reported. He was caught in a lie and said he was hold on to those 6000 to distribute to where needed later. It is fine he wants to wait to distribute. But it is so wrong to lie about him not been given those by federal.

      2. Sancti

        No government was adequately prepared for this. That's why much of the world is under some form of lockdown right now. Governors are briefed on myriad possibilities. They can't prepare for all of them.

      3. L

        Sharla got a link?

      4. WHY

        He is a liar.

    48. Deodat Lawson

      Why does each states have to bid and compete for medical resources ?? Aren't everybody American and in this together ? What's up with the internal pricing schemes, they should all be treated equally regardless of states and everyone must be accounted for.

      1. Captain BP&J

        Capitalism bro.. It built the 1st world

    49. peacefulheart

      All states need to prepare now, this could gravely affect every state by April, even in less populated states you could run short of supplies and medical facilities.

      1. Mancheeze The Great

        It's already happened in NY

    50. tcnascar1

      This guy is no leader -whining and pointing fingers. Basically NYC has folded like a lawn chair under Cuomo!!! Its NY for goodness sakes!!

    51. Don oT

      The mistake was keeping airports open after January 30 and not having enough medical supplies - you can prepare and get 1.5 x ventilators, or react now and plan for 20x - big miss. Prevent virus from spiking by stopping all travel for 21 days, now you are the epicenter, you'll need to close down for 120 days - big miss. Measles, whooping cough, sars, mers, etc .. always different in nature - question is why was a good plan not in place and the public not better educated after a decade of recent outbreaks and a century worth of data - biggest miss.

      1. Tom Bombadil

        Countries like Thailand and Japan never stopped travel from China. They are fine. This whole thing is just hype. How many people die from flu every year? NYC hospitals are NOT overflowing with patients, despite these supposedly large numbers. The governor is talking about some imaginary apex of cases that will overwhelm everything. ok great, and when it never comes they will say "good thing we destroyed the whole economy and removed everyone's freedom, because it worked". BS!

      2. Mancheeze The Great

        Because the rich don't want it to. Economic reasons. They refused because money is more important than people's lives.

      3. Elizabeth Henning

        Closing the borders makes almost no difference once the disease is here. Nearly all new cases are from community transmission, not travelers from elsewhere. This has been true since late January, _before_ Trump started banning flights. All 50 states have been infected for a few weeks now. Scapegoating NY is stupid and unscientific.

      4. Ellen Smith

        think it's fairly obvious that the RATE of contagion is what is new about this other virus has behaved quite this way in history. At least none that history books are telling us about...

    52. J R

      The conference starts at this time click it, you know you want to.... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3215">53:35</a>

    53. Mind Tube

      What i still don’t understand - how come ppl are still so laid back ... slow presser, no urgency, no serious lock down

      1. Tom Bombadil

        @Mind Tube I have answers for why Wuhan, Why Italy as well, but I don't have time right now. I hope the article I linked is an eye opener for you :)

      2. Mind Tube

        Tom Bombadil taking china's report to justify anything would be waste of time - coz their reports are inaccurate. Why are they unable to stop it in Italy, Iran, Uk, US, Spain, israel, Germany.. Let's not take anyone's lead - why countries are not coming up with their own solution to stop the spread? Why Wuhan, why not beijing... Why NY why not Texas, why Iran why not Saudi... These type of questions can only be answered by thoroughly investigating passenger movements during that time. The spread is following a hub-n-spoke model, one person can become a hub for 10 others and then that becomes a hub for a whole community ... So why it skipped certain countries and cities - maybe the answer lies there. And like you said, everyone is following China's lead... US didn't follow lead... Not in shutting down now the tests provided by WHO ... Where are we now? Every country who have been shrugging it off - is paying a price now... And same is going to be the case of Mexico n Brazil as well

      3. Tom Bombadil

        @Mind Tube Not all experts agree with the official narrative. My #'s are all from official sources. Mass hysteria vs rational thought. I'm not laid back, I just know how to run the #'s and think clearly in a stressful situation. Politicians just want to show that they are doing more than anyone else, and don't want to be attacked later on by the second guessers. Epidemiologists probably want to enact a lot of these policies every flu season already. China probably used this as an excuse to lock down Hong Kong, because they were dealing with an insurrection. We're taking their lead. How could this thing have skipped from Wuhan to the whole world, and the rest of China barely saw any spread? Any logical analysis has to include the fact that the disease would have been spreading before they even knew it existed. If it got to the whole world there is just no possible way that it skipped the rest of China. But like I said, China has not seen the outrageous impact that would have happened if this thing was really that serious. It really doesn't add up if you think about it for a minute.

      4. Mind Tube

        Tom Bombadil I'm assuming all experts are wrong then. or maybe they are all paid to say those things... It was nothing a month back, now 2 billion ppl in some form of isolation.. what was a flu two weeks back is now a pandemic ... What was only a dozen ppl is now more than a 120K ... The same laid back attitude got us here.

      5. Tom Bombadil

        @Mind Tube They only test serious cases, it's selection bias. Official estimate is 90% of cases are not counted. That means death rate is 10x lower, in-line with normal flu. Thailand did not implement any of these measures, continued to allow travel from China the whole time. No problem, not overrun with sick or dying ppl. The aggressive measures are "working" against a phantom problem that doesn't exist. I have not been abducted by aliens yet, which is proof that my tinfoil hat is working... get it? 2500 ppl died from this thing in a month, but 200,000 ppl die in a typical month and 4500 of those are normally from the flu (although it can fluctuate wildly). So far it is not even a blip on the radar.

    54. JOHN CRETE

      Let's hear it for Fredo #2 !

    55. Jaye

      Learning a lot from Govenor Cuomo , have a lot of respect for him. He is supplying the leadership we need to see.

      1. JJYY


      2. Jonathan Becker


    56. Richard F

      Somebody getting rich from the sales of these venterlaters

      1. Richard F

        sammiejo well hope it helps , you should try and get a n95 or n99 ,p100 ,p2 ,p3 respirator when you need to go out and eye hand protection. Love from the uk :)


        Richard F - that's the whole point of the wartime act. In a free society if youre going to mandate a business's production choice, you had better at the very least over-compensate them.

      3. Ellen Smith

        They were expensive long before this happened...and a lot of govt's are putting restrictions on price gouging...

      4. sammiejo

        I bought an air purfier they didn't get any from me >:P

      5. Krypton

        Rich or not rich, does it matter? People are dying, let's help them.

    57. Susan Devoy

      MAKE ECONOMIC PROVISIONS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE HIGH RISK FOR SEVERE COVID19 TO STAY HOME FROM WORK if they are forced to work w the public in essential jobs! They are THE MOST LIKELY TO NEED VENTILATORS. We need to keep them healthy as long as possible so there will be enough ventilators for everyone. Elderly, immune compromised, cancer, lung disease, heart disease), SO THEY MAY SELF -ISOLATE. THIS WILL FLATTEN THE CURVE OF THOSE WHO NEED VENTILATORS. ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO WORK W THE PUBLIC AT GROCERY STORES, WALMART, ETC. I DONT KNOW WHY THIS ISNT THE CENTERPIECE OF THE CORONAVIRUS BILL. My sister is a 53yr old high-risk woman w autoimmune disease. She is a check out person at Whole Foods. She can not stay home to protect herself and help flatten the curve. She needs that paycheck. How many elderly work at Walmart? This is obvious guys! AND ITS WAY CHEAPER THAN A $45,0000 VENTILATOR YOU MAY OR MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PURCHASE.

      1. Susan Devoy

        my love songs yes, but statistically high-risk are much more likely to need a ventilator and stay on it longer 10-21days. To save the most people we need to keep them well as long as possible. This will free up ventilators for the young and healthy who only need them for a short while 5-10 days. It helps everyone.

      2. Susan Devoy

        peacefulheart to conserve ventilators, if they work w the public, they need to stay home.

      3. peacefulheart

        I agree, it something that could be done.

      4. peacefulheart

        People at high risk in their work environment need to be paid more, maybe it's time to bring up these issues and demand to receive more protection and more compensation.

      5. my love songs

        People of all ages are getting sick and dying.

    58. Jason F

      Maybe if you reporters would start drilling TRUMP questions that are backed by his own words as proof and your jobs and corner the bumbling fool into submission. Do your jobs and represent we the people!

      1. 60 Hertz Eder

        Don't be a cutie pie 🤣

    59. Dizzz127

      Starts <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3216">53:36</a>

      1. Aaron Stutsman

        Thank you.

      2. Nisha Hazel

        Dizzz127 thank you

    60. Jo Zee

      Well I’ve been sitting here for a long time this is going to start or what?

      1. J R

        The conference starts on this time in the red playback bar located on the bottom of the video window when you put your mouse on it or rather over it called hover/on , hover/off. click it, you know you want to.... 53:35

      2. mitvoid

        Just skip to minute 53 by saying: OK Google, skip to minute 53. ("Skip 53 minutes")

      3. Chris Romano

        Jo Zee it starts at 53 minutes

    61. Mystera Fever

      This is a system over load. NY city should have been locked down to a point to stop the spread. Now they get to spread it even more. He want's to put over follow on upstate hospitals ,but is stock piling every thing down state. Upstate to me is anything north of Saratoga. The camps are already filling up. This is how it spreads they won't self Quarantine. I know some upstate residents are not happy with their actions. That just shows the true NY city attitude totally different from the upstate. Proud ADIRONDACKER. UPSTATE NEW YORKER STRONG.

    62. Roland Wouters

      If I hear what you are currently dealing with, I can only hope you will get it fixed faster than ASAP. We fixed these things in the Netherlands at a much earlier phase in the virus build-up and we are still hoping we will make it. Get your military in, build a central structure on distributing your patients and get your medical students to design and build your ventilators. A fraction of the cost, because you do not need the full spec ones for Corona patients. There is truly no time left.

      1. Roland Wouters

        @Peter Masone Yeah, pretty ok, although we complain that our trains are a couple of mintues late, some 5% of the time. Go figure.

      2. Peter Masone

        @Roland Wouters Not only beautiful and fun country, the most efficient public transit ever.

      3. Ellen Smith

        @Roland Wouters do you have access to numbers by any chance? In other words, how many these students were able to make and how fast they got them in place. Did ur federal govt have to quickly pass laws to allow this to happen? I would assume there is some board, similar to the U.S.'s FDA, whose regulations would have to be met. Fascinating. Love to know more about it...

      4. Roland Wouters

        @Peter Masone Great that you have experience with our country. It makes it lot easier to understand other people and not so much believe some things that are written in media. I too have been to the US quite a number of times. I know America does things quite different from the way we do it. I think we all have our reasons to be the people we are because of our heritage. We too can learn from the American way, for example your seamingly endless positive belief in being able to get anything done and rise to the challanges. But indeed I feel there is a cost to the free market model of healthcare. We introduced a system based on not quite the same principles, but we have seen our expenses rise from 46 billion in 2000 to 100 billion in 2019. That might not seem much but our GNP is only 770 billion in comparison to your 20000 billion. It is not all due to commercialization but it hasn't helped either.

      5. Roland Wouters

        @Paym Weaver Dear Pam, thank you! Even though in Europe there is quite a bit of frustration about your White House leadership sometimes, make no mistake we do wish every American all the best in this terrible time. We are very fortunate that our surrounding countries are very willing to help eachother out. So we even move patients to Germany for example who have one of the biggest numbers of IC beds and ventilators per inhabitant in the world. I cannot stress enough how important it is to test each and everyone and isolate each person infected. This will hugely impact the so called R factor, the number of people each person infects. You need to get it to 1 or less, so the virus will be stopped in its tracks. This is what our policy is focussed on. I have been to the States quite a number of times (many Europeans have) and in my experience I was allways blessed to meet great people! We hope you will stay strong and safe...

    63. Vivian Florez

      Yes, we pray for the people, he is such a caring and brilliant man one,can tell he is caring person looking our for mankind. MAY GOD POUR HIS BLESSING UPON HIM.

      1. Krypton

        @Goodle In God never said we would never have problems, God only said He would be with us always through the problems.

      2. Krypton

        God can & will is the only One Who can & will help us, it really shows how much we need God in our life. Keep encouraging people.

      3. royal highness

        Patti Naz did you know the severity of this situation? Do you care? I don’t see you doing daily news conferences and doing everything in your power to help our state. So shut up and respect the man for what he is trying to do.

      4. Goodle In

        If he care for you why he let it happened and underestimated the situation.

    64. GoMads

      Are you gonna take the mark of the beast just to go wait in line for food????? THEY ARE GOING TO FORCE YOU TO PROVE YOU HAVE BEEN TESTED OR VACCINATED TO GO IN THE STORES!

      1. Amy Longpre

        @GoMads you said "stores"

      2. GoMads

        @Amy Longpre Cuomo said during his news conference "once we determine immunity, we can begin to return people to the workforce"... that means test you BEFORE you can go back to work

      3. Amy Longpre

        Source? :)

    65. Chappelle168

      This guy should be president

    66. Bro.J Faith & MMA

      I'm a little concerned that Cuomo did not have more of an opinion regarding a quarantine in New York he obviously had to have heard of the president suggesting that but his response was as if he was totally oblivious to the situation? If Donald Trump tries to pull some kind of quarantine off I bet he will use the National Guard to force the governor's or mayors to comply 😲.

    67. Nimrod Quimbus

      And they accused Trump of over reacting in the beginning when he first issued travel bans.

      1. Nimrod Quimbus

        @Edward Emmick well, speaking for yourself is a step in the right direction, now, You just need to think that way too. China denied and and murdered anyone that talked about CV before they quarantined. And when they told everyone they were going to quarantine a week before they actually did it, which allowed everyone to leave. China's quarantine was ineffective.

      2. Edward Emmick

        @Nimrod Quimbus Love your name. I made several statements, I think we can beat this. As we have no leadership from DC we need to understand we will also have no help. My wife and I have quarantine for two weeks. I have gone out for food and that's it. I can sit this out for some time but I see it getting bad. China did not have Marti Gra or Florida beaches. Any body went to a crowd during a pandemic probably won't be noted for the intelligence. China quarantined and took drastic measures. I understand the lock down was about two months.

      3. J R

        @Fritzie Bartootsie stupid pootin, come out come out wherever you are....

      4. Fritzie Bartootsie

        Stupid Liberals.

      5. Nimrod Quimbus

        @Edward Emmick untrue.

    68. Benjamin Franklyn

      Stay home This virus will separate the incompetent from the smart ones. Wear goggles ,gloves and a mask to go out and clean everything you bought. Carry a bottle with Clorox solution great than 0.5% ratio with a cloth or paper towels.

    69. suzracer12


    70. suzracer12

      Knock Knock Hello are you there Sr.

    71. suzracer12


    72. Penn HMWiatt.

      Seems like all this guy does is hold press conferences. Stop wasting time whining.

      1. Jaye

        We love his press conferences! New York is the epicenter of the globe on this illness. We need to hear from him. Listen and learn !

    73. suzracer12

      Weeeeeeare waiting

      1. J R

        The conference starts on this time in the red playback bar located on the bottom of the video window when you put your mouse on it or rather over it called hover/on , hover/off. click it, you know you want to.... 53:35

    74. ala ska

      Watch the videos of all the TDS minions telling people to go to large gatherings. PHONY BASTARDS.

    75. Purple Rain

      Cuomo, need to take over and be America president, plus he can read

      1. suzracer12


      2. BeBa Lazu

        @ purple rain: Agreed!!

      3. Majestic1985

        Purple Rain lol 😂

    76. C w news now

      Again again and again trump has delivered on his promises now it's time you fks thank him

      1. Dahlia Bundus


    77. Michael Ortiz

      Treasonous trash trump Execute the motherf_cker

    78. Surg Rubin


    79. Surg Rubin

      FART !

    80. Surg Rubin

      Super FART

      1. Nimrod Quimbus

        farti'n horse will never retire, a farti'n man is the one to hire.

      2. my love songs

        Superfart sandy!

      3. Nimrod Quimbus

        Farts deserve more airtime than a Democrat.

      4. Avery Ravenseye

        I also find myself in agreement with this comment

      5. MetroidSlime

        Surg Rubin I agree with this comment