*New* Roddy Ricch Ft Future & Rick Ross (2020) "Bloody Bottoms" (Explicit)


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    Remix By MixRhymez Featuring "Roddy Ricch" "Future" "Rick Ross"

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    "Roddy Ricch Ft Future & Rick Ross 2020"


    1. MixRhymez

      MixRhymez Mashup featuring: Roddy Ricch, Future & Rick Ross Follow MixRhymez: Instagram: instagram.com/mixrhymez/

    2. Gunhee Shin

      Roddys verse is from out the streets by o-pun

    3. Cold Hearted

      Did anybody else hear cardi b right at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a>!!! PLAY BACK AND LISTEN IN REAL GOOD, SOUNDS LIKE CARDI B WAS DELETED BUT SOME WAS LEFT AT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a> SEC

      1. Hussain Malik

        Oh my I didnt hear the first time

    4. Tylek Entertainment!

      Check out my artist jashanah new songs..

    5. vin Che

      Damn you guys ar fast

    6. Alucard Dadiz


    7. Amy Hill

      Turn up

    8. Thubelihle Zondi

      this track is crazy

    9. Da Otha1


    10. one delivery

      Fake 😭

    11. Liza Strawberry

      S.s sayz yalls keep it solid

    12. Denise Ballard




    14. Travis Bower

      Rick Ross😳😳 no sell out


      THAUGHT LIL HOMIE WAS GONE SLIDE everybody else slid 1000

    16. Leroy Greer

      Beat blappin

    17. After Party

      Roddy is the best rn

    18. JOE WALKER

      🔥🏦💪+×✓🎵 On ♿!!!...

    19. Ace Hardy


    20. India Griggs

      Super mf future 🔥

    21. Connie Britt

      The damn background had me wipe my screen tfff...I'm not that gassed I'm I yall

    22. Ains Mas

      Rick Ross is the only reason i came here, rest is trash. Quality is pretty shit tbh

    23. Dank Queenin

      No wonder why I couldn’t find it on iTunes lol 🤦🏻‍♀️🔥🔥🔥

    24. Poodie Shoes


    25. Emoni Ceyon

      Only 22 comments 😭

    26. D G

      He stole tht back to back line from the baby smh

      1. Ekay ATL

        D G you know how many people said the same back to back ? U sound dumb

    27. Cool trees Cool tree

      Young treezzy tree aka baby treesus In the streets adjust The rhymes The sheets Justin trees Finds And grinds it fleek Damn tree ain’t got no fleas Wait let me get down on my knees And see what my dogs doing in my tree Hey and my street you better stay outta Sorry was talking to my dog real quick

      1. Richard Fibish

        U sound like such a Lame

    28. Cool trees Cool tree

      Get this Tree here Tree hear everything God set me off on a path You can’t count on My rath Mad But my math dead on Trillion bread Song On my head Gone Street It’s tree Trees baby trees that’s me in the 313 What you know about the d been shown up out the streets With the keys Fuck the stories It’s out the beats Store trees In my home town Grown out to Cali Bitch just look Palm trees Bitch can barely inhale me Blow trees Shit I’m on the go I see My cargo Go arosss the sea This the boss that speak Wait tree log Shit I’m on the free It’s god damn tree

      1. Amber Woodby

        #Deep #Truth #LoveThis #Right #Deep 😎🥰🦋🚀🗽🧐🌬💨💫🖖

      2. Exile

        Are you high

    29. Cool trees Cool tree

      Get this tree here

    30. DJ ANT GUTTA

      alsel.info/video/video/iJB5ia6pxnhmfq4.html new hit song thanks for the luv💪😎💯🔥💨

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    32. mrjohnjackson isjesuschrst

      racks -thoughts - double wrap

    33. Evens Valcin number #1

      Young nigga doing is things

    34. shawny Strawberry

      good one

    35. fatima barak

      You could already tell this gonna be straight fire

    36. Bink !!!!


    37. PAPI CHULO

      Dope AF!!!!

    38. Shyneka Hart

      Ok ok

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      One if the first niggas hurr...hit dat like button💪💯💯💯

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      SC: aladdinalsaad

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        KidRich Live who gives a shit