Neil Diamond “Hands.. washing hands”

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    Neil Diamond sings “Sweet Caroline” with updated lyric for safety during Covid-19 pandemic. Stay safe out there!


    1. Mom's A Prepper

      Thank you!

    2. Monserrate Ruiz

      From New York we love you too! 💕💕🤗

    3. Sherry Knapp

      Omg... still sounds amazing 🥰

    4. Rose Tandy

      I’m sorry but....I found this to be lame.

    5. Astrid Müller

      We love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    6. hopespringseternal70

      might be interested...... 1st pandemic occurred after radio waves introduced all over earth. 2nd pandemic after radar introduced. Now 4 and 5g blanketing earth so....a connection? Also, coronavirus live in coolest parts of the body....nose and sinuses....and are killed by heat.....133 degrees.....3 20 minute saunas an hour apart.....breathing steam through nose over pot w towel..... hyperthermic treatments used to kill cancer too. Much evidence. Just throwing it out there! Food fo

    7. Angela Middleton

    8. Songbabe

      Thank you for the big smile. God bless you.

    9. chris oys

      Thank you Neil !!! So many memories of my father and his love for your music . Be safe and thank you for the positive message .

    10. Pam H

      Thank you for some very hearty laughs. We needed this.

    11. Jennifer Guerrero

      Neil is a National treasure for those of USa who grew up listening to His wonderful songs....

    12. קירסטן I know what's up!

      And next Barbara Striesand will sing, "Don't touch Me in the Morning... or any other time!"

    13. MsShirleyD

      The voice still sounds great.

    14. Michelle Filak

      I miss you! Thank you!

    15. Linda Bishop

      Wow!!!As great as ever😸💕

    16. horselover

      I am I said, that you are one solitary man, and maybe on some September morn, you will be able to bring me flowers again, in blue jeans!!

    17. scarface667

      I would love to stay home and be safe. Healthcare worker here. Tough , scary road we are going through.

      1. horselover

        Thank you.

    18. Patty

      Ahhh one of favorite singers! Thank you for this. God bless you!!!!

    19. Terry Silvers

      Thank you it's refreshing to see you doing this.

    20. WVGIRL

      Thank you!!!! Love you, Neil!!!!

    21. Linda Lane

      I need a song for Chronic Lyme Disease for me and my friends. 😍

    22. Linda Lane


    23. katherine hayes

      love it.i remember being 14yrs old in the 9th grade the whole class of girls singing this song-i did the dadada after sweet caroline!!!! the year was 1971!!!!! thanks Mr Diamond!!!!! you are loved by me and my husband-right now we are going down a memory lane of your songs-we grew up listening to your songs-they are a part of our lives.

    24. Iowna Dodge


    25. Nydia Canas

      He's singing is still amazing. I too would pay to see him perform. 👏👏👏

    26. oceanpower

      Please sanitize, Wash wash wash. Clean hands never felt so good.

    27. Sandra Wheeler

      Thanks for this!

    28. Kelly In LA

      This is so cool! Thank you!

    29. Paul Greenberg

      that's not him.

    30. Ray T

      As always, Neil lifts my spirits. Thanks Neil, be strong!

    31. Lynn Breeden

      thank you so many good times and memories with that song

    32. Sean Pool

      Very good version Neil 👍

    33. Night Owl

      Neil your sweet voice is helping to pull me through this lonely time. Bless you Sir 👏👏💞 Vickie G

    34. Judy Weikum Benson

      I stlill I had albums and cassettes for

    35. E Colson

      Hes awesome! Love his unique voice!! Would know it was him blindfolded! Be well!!

    36. Sam's Signature Series

      "Where it began" Wuhan China.

    37. Mike Peterson

      Thanks Neil!

    38. Mimi 2-3

      Love it! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

    39. sue bee

      Thank you, Neil.

    40. Lisa Moore

      That was super awesome, you have such a warm voice.

    41. Nel Clark

      Awww I just love you Neil! Thank you!

    42. RockerKitty

      This is wonderful Neil; thank you. I've been a fan for a long time. I grew up listening to you, because my parents had your records and played them all the time. Stay safe.

    43. Marie Edwards

      Thanks. God Bless Everyone helping to cheer America.

    44. Miss C

      •💟• That was FANTASTIC! You've rescued the weary minds & spirits of the masses. SO NICE TO SEE YOU LOOKING SO GOOD. Thank you immensely for being an honorable & uplifting leader with that heavenly contribution that reminds us of the fact that the son will come out tomorrow. This is only temporary. God Bless you. And, a million thank you's for all that your music & entertaining has meant in my life. •💟•

    45. Leighthomas

      Still sounds great!

    46. Jessica Kemna

      Love this man ...nice job on this

    47. arrowguy173

      Sweet Quarantine BA BA BAAAA

    48. Stacey Morton-Ofee

      I just had to share this to my nana she’s the reason I’m a fan and is currently in quarantine on her own since my grandad passed to cheer her up x


      Thank you Neil. Listening to you makes me feel like singing.

    50. Karen Exley

      So fun! Thanks so much for cheering us up! We love you too!

    51. gary peacock

      Thanks Neil for being a genuine humble star, unlike so many of today's fake 'stars', and i use the term very loosely. Take care 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸

    52. Linda Rabassa-Witham

      Fantastic - thank you 🙏 from the Uk xx

    53. One Mucky Pup

      Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!

    54. M

      Wash your brains ..... Say hello to forced socialism .

      1. horselover

        Exactly, absolutely. Last thing was the economy.

    55. Alexis Aponte


    56. fus149 Hammer

      This has become so poignant as we lost a dear friend to this terrible virus yesterday. Thanks Neil.

      1. horselover


    57. valar

      I thought those chorus would be, "Sweet Quarantine! Bad times never felt so good."

    58. Dennis

      God Bless you Neil! I've been a fan of yours since you started to really become popular mid to late 60's and I was just a youngun' . Sweet Caroline has been one of my favorites but for the longest time thought you were singing about my home state of South Carolina(which IS sweet Caroline to me). Thanks for the special verses and be safe yourself!

    59. Nadine Jones

      Aw thanks !!!!’ Great to hear you!!!’

    60. TravellingUnderpants

      Well the ol' Jazz Singer still has his magic! Thanks for posting. Stay safe everyone everywhere 😘

    61. Gods Vibes

      Hi Neil, sending you Love from Ireland xxx Sweet Caroline........ Washing Hands..........Sweet Caroline Love You xxx

    62. dores369

      Ok this is gold 😂 Thank God my 8+ hour ALsel boredom session has brought me here.

    63. Claire McNabb

      Pure class lol ❤


      Your a TRIP without a suitcase Neil HAHAHAHA!

    65. jill fraser

      Take care all. Thank you Neil that was fun ❤️👏👍😂🇬🇧

    66. Veronica Orlando

      Thank You Neil for bringing some sunshine to our hurting world. Your voice is still as strong and beautiful as it always has been. God Bless You! We love you. ❤️🎤

    67. Joe Asuncion

      He should have said... "SWEET CORONA..." instead of Sweet Caroline.

    68. Carol Orr

      How can we hurt when listening to you? You are still amazing! Love you!!

    69. Kratom Tree Of Life Talk

      Please write you chords down. My husband is driving me insane trying to play it

    70. 70’sStreetRacer Gal

      Love you and always have since....well....hate to give the year, but we the same age 👍🏻❤️👍🏻😇☮️👍🏻. Peace Out ☮️

    71. El 5 IS On Tour

      So good to see you again thought we would never get the chance after your announcement to retire ..... I put your songs on in the background when I am doing boring jobs makes them more palatable ...There’s One thing we all no the virus isn’t as powerful as a symphonic rhythm that dances in between the words of the minstrels are that man ...thank you....

    72. Billy Angelo Stella

      THANK YOU NEIL, Stay Safe and God Bless !

    73. Mag neto

      He looks horrible.

    74. LapisDemon

    75. I'm not going to Hollywood

      So nice to see that you are well and enjoying your life. GREAT modification on that song. VIRAL!!!! LOL

    76. The cisco kid wasnt a friend of mine

      At :01 is that Barbra Streisand?

    77. Veronique Netter

      Merci à toi , continue, j’ai commencé à t’écouter en 1976... je t’aime

    78. kathleenburns

      All I do is sleep I have to sleep just get weaker and weaker

    79. Old CanadianGamer

      Love you Neil!

    80. Shelli Cole

      God Bless you, Neil! xo