My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck with a CrowBar

1,3 mln shikime0

    I hand my wife the crowbar and let her go HAM on the body panels. Sending a message that it really doesn't matter what trim package your expensive new truck has because that thang gonna be in the junkyard soon. Retro Customz @retrocustomz1 #happilymarried


    1. Bobby C

      Hollywood spends millions of dollars on props that get destroyed all the time. How is this any different?

      1. Pedro Garcia

        And I can tell you are not a true car guy

      2. HillBilly

        @Trisha Fricke if you can't afford a car, you can't afford the repair bill on a fully custom SEMA show truck... Donating this truck to a family in need would be insanely stupid. Like that home make over show that ruined families lives

      3. YourFace

        @Cody Mason I can burn 100 dollar Bills in front of the starving and homeless too. But it's my money this right?

      4. YourFace

        @Caleb m I didnt watch it at all. Just clicked on it to comment. Yeah I agree confusing times

      5. Claymore77

        @ca Ga You do realize that this is enjoyed by many just like a movie right? It's the same fucking thing. Movies goal is to make money. ALsel videos goal is to make money. Are you really this stupid?

    2. Venom The Best

      Debile takie auto

    3. Luis Coba

      Nice way to destroy a beautiful truck

    4. Thomas Hamlin

      To the kid whistling diesel. Man I'm 35 single dad. U are a dumbass. A dumbass for letting aome strangers opinion matter enough for u to tear up these awesome trucks. I've dreamt my whole life to have the money to buy a ford f350 à King Ranch and u destroy em. Hell next truck u destroy send to my house. I'd take this ford even after u beat it to hell, cause it's better than what I drive now. Thanks foe helping me out if u do bring it to me

    5. Omar Martinez


    6. Ethan Campbell

      stop destroying it NOW you do even know how much money it is dummy

    7. Ethan Campbell

      why is she driving the truck is all ready broken no no no thats my favorite truck on this channel and you had to kill it

    8. Sergio I. Outdoor fun

      Limited just like how much me and my friends and family like his stupid vids

    9. Sergio I. Outdoor fun

      You dumb money waster. You break so many trucks and if you reply to me that you bet I can't make a better video, I can because I don't waste good trucks and instead, I teach chicken stuff and explore for videos, not waste trucks and money you could have used on poor people.

    10. mohammed alarryan

      Yo give me the truck

    11. Robert Day

      Don’t no who’s the biggest piece of shit you are the truck

    12. pootytang203

      Your both are idiots you deserve each other and both get the deucebag of the year award 🥇 must be nice to be dumb and have a shit load of money and do dumb shit congratulations such an accomplishment 👍🏽👍🏽

    13. Raul Contreras

      You, your wife and everyone around you are idiots

    14. Conner Bural

      I watched this I said damn I thought my truck was beat up it has dents I the front by the radiator

    15. French Onion

      Just crash it into a wall pussy.

    16. Sascha Schmidt


    17. Tim Mcdowell

      Wow if this ain't the dumbest shit ever, shit I wish I could afford a 100,000 truck n this fool beating up one, what's the point of this? I guess it's cuz he can just go get another one, I'm sure this pisses off alot of people, done with this channel, I see enuff dumb shit around here I don't need to watch him do it.

    18. Doug Cote

      This video fuckin makes me wanna cry.. But at the same time, where the hell else you gonna see sweet trucks get all fucked up?!. Haha. Only whistling diesel!!

    19. HunterAmanda Majerus

      I think he really loves this truck

    20. Johnny Kovich

      Kinda like u, flexin to destroy a nice truck, ur so badass u destroy stuff people want, nobody cares...

    21. Torry Pope

      Fucktards like you dont deserve to have a truck.You're dumber than your hammer.

    22. Neal Head

      Whislin dick head bye bye

    23. Neal Head

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> will UNSUB...... "ooooh look at me and my $$" fuck off

    24. James Andersen


    25. Bradford Sinclair

      Just sent that fire thing on fire

    26. Nick Martin

      II see you beat it up your truck with hammers and axes and all that shit all the time I know you live on a farm well get the guns out and start shooting they fucken trucks let's see what a 30-30 wood do if it go through both their doors through that aluminum bed Go get some like 3 1/2 inch 12 gauge shotgun shells and see how big a holes you can put in that aluminum

    27. Explosion 445

      Should take off all of the outer skins for a new creation. #powerstrokegokart

    28. Joe M

      So what was the purpose in destroying the truck? Just to make a video?

    29. Dr. Who-haa

      You are bad peoples. Truck abuse 911.

    30. Jarel Medina

      Why do u do this

    31. W D

      It’s his money y’all need to shut the hell up

    32. congaronbo


    33. Josh Beatty

      I fuckin love this guy.

    34. Paul Smith

      What are use doing to that poor truck I don't understand

    35. Alejandro Martinez

      Not cool dumbass kids with money can't believe y'all did that to that beautiful truck go to show y'all did not appreciate the hard work that was put into that beautiful truck

    36. Mason Hughes

      This hurt my soul

    37. Didier Meert


    38. Angel Martinez

      No mames ya quisiera yo una camioneta de esas si supieran como cuido la carcacha de mi gefe como so fuera una de 100000

    39. Zac Moore

      Did anyone else laugh hella hard when he said “one grit sand paper” 😂

      1. Whitey Powers

        They actually make zero sandpaper. One time on a job site I found some laying on the ground. I am not sure what it was used for but it was basically small rocks bonded to paper.

      2. Nick Martin

        Lol yep

    40. bilalk07

      Are you dumb

    41. Gurpreet Singh


    42. XXRYANXX

      Back to his old ways 😂😂 I like it

    43. Kurt Nelson

      New page! Raffle page, Chances to win Diesel truck parts, tools, apparel. feel free to join. ​@t​ Giveaways on Friday.

    44. Tadarious Mitchell

      U are lame u are always breaking something

    45. johnny martinez

      Came just to see your wife

    46. Brandon Cutcher

      I would still buy it just a little cosmetic damage no biggie

    47. Shane Fritts


    48. Shane Fritts

      This guy is doing good for our community by destroying fords because ford is a menace to society so keep it up man 👍👌

    49. scott stout

      What a fucking idiot. One day he will run out of money and hopefully have to walk. This is stupid AF!!

    50. Eli Butler

      You should collab with demo ranch and see how many bullets that thing can stop

    51. Billy Pike

      With those pinned out eyes, I can only imagine how many oxys you chop and snort before these videos. I dont see the point in all this, but that's what youtube is for right? Subbed

    52. Felix Baum

      why? just why?

    53. Bill k Kapri

      Go cart this in about 30 months

    54. Bill k Kapri

      I do this to my dads truck all the time to

    55. Michael Dewey

      I mean after all the damage it's still in better shape than most trucks on the market place

    56. Jake Keene

      Man keep doin what you’re doin, you got the money and want to do that to your stuff and pay to fix it, more power to you. No different than that good ole tv series The Dukes of Hazzard. Just sayin. Y’all get off his butt and let him do what he wants. That’s the privilege of living in America. You have freedom to do as you please, and our vets fight hard to keep that. Keep doin you man. Everyone else, go make a positive influence instead of throwing shade.

    57. arturoo ruiz

      Si no la quieres regalamela

    58. Luke Brooker

      I honestly wouldn’t give a shit about this truck that he’s destroying it’s a ford fords suck ass 😂

    59. BERNIE 2020

      all these haters on here..GTFO

    60. Not sure ???

      I just want to know why are you wrecking the truck It is too funny

    61. Kyle Koplien

      I hate your videos and channel so much!! Seriously this is the dumbest shite I’ve ever seen!

    62. Tyrell Venables

      Holly Crap I just watched your 15 min video and totally forgot about the virus! You are awesome!!!

    63. Robby Rob

      She's a bad mamma jamma lol

    64. solo dolo

      his gonna look back at this when he matures and realize this was stupid and not funny smh

    65. solo dolo

      whats the point of this , not funny at all doh but its promotion for the company i guess

    66. Paul Collins

      One fuck up hey

    67. Wizard Wrecks

      Gonna go broke doing dumb shit like this kid makes zero fucking sense for a YT channel that only has 700k subs why destroy a 100k truck u wont make that off YT in 2 years.

    68. Victor Beltran

      You got issues buddy. You should make videos on destroying your home lol.

    69. Jackson Reagan

      His money, his shit, his business, far as I’m concerned he can do whatever he wants to his stuff I mean I didn’t buy it and besides it makes funny content. Oh and by the way Ryan Upchurch mentioned you in one of his recent videos you should go check it out

    70. Russell Fredrick

      I gotta be honest bro, just kinda bored with the same old thing.

    71. poor pizza246

      This is the only video of yours that make me mad because you guys destroyed this truck is like my dream truck that I wont ever own because I don't got the money like some people do

      1. vliduu zeeb

        What a pavement princess. You guys keep your trucks too clean.

    72. Issy Flores

      if i see this wood id beat his ass!!!!!!

    73. Will Stanford

      You,r so stupid destroying that truck

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Dum asses

    74. Cole Mccarthy

      Children in less fortunate places of the world dont have food, and we are doing this. :(

    75. Shortt Tv

      Destroy the rims next

    76. Breanna Smith

      When you run out of content ideas lol

    77. Ace Salvage

      As a small business owner running my ford truck with proper maintenance, makes me sick seeing some spoiled brat ruin a truck like this.

    78. JD _HYPE

      You payed for it do what ya what with it🤘🏼

    79. Pineapple 69

      I got a Ford ad while watching this.

    80. Bubba Gump

      I guess it wasn't Ford Tough huh! Should a Bought a Chevy!