My Parents React to my Instagram Pictures (Part 4)

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    Quarantine means my parents are back at it with their favourite hobby: roasting my instagram pictures. Enjoy my mom and dad emotionally scarring me for life as they react to my thirst traps.
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    1. Lilly Singh

      Thank you so much to everyone that joined and chatted with me during the premiere! I'll still be here in the comments responding to you!! Stay safe. Love you x

      1. Luca Scheffer

        You are asome Lilly

      2. Luca Scheffer

        Scotty pimpin that does not make sense

      3. Scotty pimpin

        Comments with love from lesbos that want to munch Lilly's box. Talent isnt a prerequisite 👈look it up, geniuses

      4. Scotty pimpin

        @Luca Scheffer and its you're not your. The irony

      5. IndianTechSupport

        "if you don't leave comment , I'm gonna tell Ur mommy daddy you smoking"

    2. Pearl Noronha

      "you never know how to button ur shirt, but you always know how to PUSH MY BUTTON" 🤣

    3. Steve Thomas

      I stumbled on this babe by accident. She’s corny af!! What a weirdo!!

    4. Cekooo

      Channel is dead

    5. Joseph Moorer

      Lilly, I wouldn't pull out

    6. alcohol and roses

      These reacts are getting even more funny lmao

    7. Ritu Sharma

      Does anyone else miss superwoman ? Lilly singh is great but superwoman was love😔

    8. Black And White Gaming

      Remember llsuperwomanll? Good times...

    9. balam the knowledge

      I love how you kept making youtube videos because you knew your show was gonna bomb, give it up already with the horrible humor.

    10. Tahani Kamilah

      So that's how dinosaurs went extinct

    11. pooja savarkar

      Love you😘 Lilly

    12. beng frik


    13. Tony Stark

      Are you sure you're not related to Diljit Dosanjh?😮

    14. C.J Rex

      If life gives you lemons make a shirt. - paramjet Singh 2020

    15. I am waiting For you

      Do right now or I tell your mom you’re pregnant 😂🤣

    16. Shreyashi Shah

      Isi bahaane apne saare pictures dikha diye😈😂.

    17. Shreyashi Shah

      "Pehli baar Niles Misra ka real face dekha😍.I used to listen to him on radio."

    18. Prema Kupusamy

      Look at me my name Lilly I want my mother to beat my face

    19. Prema Kupusamy

      Lilly: Yo whats up guys Its your girl Superwoman Manjeet:Hello I am Manjeet Singh chandigarh section 17 When he does something weird: Hello, hello

    20. Aaron Boatman

      Isn't this the lady who wants all white men dead?

    21. Moody Niessuh


    22. Michael Ngala

      Daaymn I appreciate ur hardwork(Kenyan fan)

    23. Wolf Queen

      Normal People: *"Should I post this or not...?"* Lilly: *Posts picture and then roasts it*

    24. Wolf Queen

      I hate that Paramjeet can roast people better than me.

    25. purnima behera


    26. Gini Gure

      Guys add my TikTok: samira_gini

    27. Saptami Darne

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="251">4:11</a> thats me to every person i saw wearing jacket like that 😅😁😂

    28. Jeseentha

      Paramjeet and Manjeet getting more sassy, savage and funny day by day 😂

    29. Adam Walmsley

      Who finds this funny? Genuine question..

    30. Roan Shetty

      Please react to Adam's family

    31. Miss Rose

      This couple always make my day ❤❤😂

    32. I Purrple Cat

      "Not Charles James dumbhead it's James Charlie" XDDD😂😂

    33. Gomathi Murugan

      Damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    34. Lata Kirii

      paramjit is on fire😂🔥

    35. Ishani Mohapatra

      "ON WEDNESDAYS WE PRETEND TO HAVE MONEY" !!!!!!! I am dying!!! 🤣😂

    36. Chloe Spiteri

      Sometimes I actually forget they are still Lilly 🤣🤣

    37. Jenny boro ARMY

      "I like circus too, that's why I marry a clown"😆

    38. Chumma Kili

      Wont ur parents change cloths lilly 😂😂 😂😂 wearing same dress on all videos

    39. AgrataPlayzs

      Why does your father look like a girl-

      1. Joanna

        “And shake everybody hand huh? I don’t care”😂

    40. Sloth_qween GL

      Lilly's dad: for WHaT?!? Me: that is what me dad said!

    41. R Odette Gross

      LOL!!!!! 😅

      1. Joanna

        No one: Manjeet: Drinking in ocean? You don't remember what happened to Nemo?! ......... I died of laughter. Only Manjeet could pull off that line.

    42. Shaurya Shreysi


    43. Jack ASMR

      This channels dead

    44. Aleena Thomas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="6">0:06</a> WAITT THEY WERE 2 PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    45. Aravind S

      Hello from Singapore, Lily. I am a follower of yours, and I think you have a phenomenal sense of humor. Your colorful identity is the most special ingredient of your vibrant identity. I believe that that mysterious kind of cosmic energy that you radiate will keep the flag of your zest flying high, at full mast always. Please remember that even when the sky of life is grey, your happiness is the blazing sun that the dark clouds are too afraid to swallow and that your soul is a rainbow of seven hues and more.

    46. Naira Louis

      What happend to super women...

    47. Jasmeet Kaur

      I work 30 hours a day There r 24 in a day 😂

    48. Xavier's Fake Life

      this is gold

    49. Word of a Rebel

      This is the best video of the year! 😂😂😂

    50. Fahiba Shantona

      Okay i need to know. Is ur moms and dads real name paramjeet and manjeet

    51. Cindy SG


    52. Unicorn Tweets

      How do you text on the live chat

    53. Dexter Diamond

      When they named indian movies names with some slight changes, don't know why, but i felt proud knowing those movies. lol im too into Bollyowood

    54. Jose Garza

      Yoooo i would be simp for this chick. And i don't do that fo no one 😌🤘🖤

    55. AT C


    56. Yashoda Hansraj

      No one: Manjeet: Drinking in ocean? You don't remember what happened to Nemo?! ......... I died of laughter. Only Manjeet could pull off that line.

    57. Kayla Reneé

      “And shake everybody hand huh? I don’t care”😂

    58. Asma Dut Mathem Dut

      I like circus too , this is why I marry a clown

    59. Ishrat Shaikh

      Hey if you would ever read this. I love your OG vids like this and I guess all your fans and fams too.... ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Keep them always going... ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Only you can nail every heartbeat of dialogues😘😘😘

      1. bofooit gojo

        No capping

    60. Nyemiah Hale

      “InsTanTGram” I swear I heard that😭😭🤨

    61. kiran deep kaur

      can u kake more reaction vidios please

      1. bofooit gojo

        I heard shawnnn!!!! 🤨🤔

    62. noanRUA

      God the sheer level of roast in this video is amazing 😆😆

    63. amina aml

      "There s also a goat in this picture " 😂

    64. Abc 123

      Best line: I work 30 hours a day with only 1 hour sleep 😂😂😂

    65. Neeva Sanghavi

      No one gonna talk about how they rockeddd Indian Masara's intro.

    66. Damien INSANE-O

      guess it's back to youtube after television rejected you like a bad organ.

    67. Nickayla Ramjohn

      Lillys prants are very good

    68. dave earl


    69. Zdenek Peter

      Love this video😂😂

    70. meme M.J

      😆 “ 9 million people don’t have better things to do “

    71. Fafa XxSouyoonu

      Why are my parents like this smh

    72. Divya Bharti

      I don’t Like Lilly ‘s parents i love lilly

    73. Lena C

      “When life give you lemons, make a shirt”- Paramjeet 2020 literally the best advice ever 😭

    74. Mia

      I am so addicted to TikTok that I double-tapped the screen and played back 10 seconds. I am disappointed in myself... smh

    75. Shimmy Mendes

      I heard shawnnn!!!! 🤨🤔

    76. Emily is awesome

      No capping

    77. Aditi Tanti

      "You don't remember what happened to Nemo" 🤦‍♀ I'm dead😂😂

    78. Lea Sanches

      i died laughing 😂

    79. nik nak

      She’s so much better as a ALselr! Love you lolly but I feel your personality more on ALsel then the tv.

    80. BrewBread

      Lily Singh videos ≠ Good