Mustard & Roddy Ricch: Ballin'

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    Music guests Mustard and Roddy Ricch perform "Ballin'" for the Tonight Show audience.
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    Mustard & Roddy Ricch: Ballin'


    1. Adian Underhill

      Straight up out the yajects I'm a big Crip mean while he wearing blood in that preformance

    2. Cortrina Henderson

      Love this song. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    3. _Galaxii_

      *He's gorgeous.*

    4. R Music

      He is good live

    5. Zeeshan The Money Prince

      Nothing like Cordae’s and Anderson. Paak’s performance

    6. D Mor

      Is mustard diddy and roddy mase

    7. sponge lob

      When you realise that mustard wont be doinv anything

    8. Rhea Pelaez


    9. HyQual

      Roddy Ricch: Ha, this is gonna be my year! Coronavirus: *I’m about to end this guy’s whole year*

    10. galaxy kid

      Roddy rich is a. Blowing up i respect him

    11. varun biju

      This song is 50% ee ur 50% hot dog enhancer

    12. MooseOps

      Jimmy should do a fake concert with like Katy perry, but it’s Rick Ashley and have a live rick roll.

    13. Chloressa Wren

      They fucked up at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a>

    14. Shenan Lasith

      Mustard lookin like a ball of tin foil

    15. Whitney Dugan

      that was so sweet when he said rest in peace legend kobe bryant I started crying

    16. Suzana Ferreira

      he sounds good live

    17. carl_clickz

      At least we know they didn't use autotune

    18. Farakaan Thompson

      Mustard out here lookin like a bake potato in i fucks wit it lol

    19. Team FuZix

      Roddy: “I’m a crip” Also Roddy: *wears red*

    20. Micah Singleton

      What did Mustard really do in the video aside from hype Roddy up like.....🧐🤔

    21. Nawach Jones

      Crazy how I now the whole song

    22. Tyler 23

      why does mustard look like a loaded baked potato lol

    23. Gabriel Fonseca

      roddy richard

    24. Dylan Puri

      Who else was annoyed when the lights just kept going dark in the intro when they were moving?

    25. Victor Locks

      Roddy sounds better live than in the song

    26. LittleAntRiver Official

      NASA: we need 1 more astronaut to go to Neptune Mustard: say no more

    27. Moshe Osgood

      The censorship just ruins it

    28. Owen McGriff

      This is my favorite song and they killed it

    29. Bithiah Louise Calape

      let's go!!!!!!!

    30. mclean


    31. Lil Lambo


    32. Francisco Navarro

      Roddy Ricch really an articulate version of Young Thug

    33. D B

      What's mustard doin up there 😂 looking like he came from the moon

    34. DragonBoyGaming ,

      I thought this was racks in the middle

    35. Saleh Turkmani

      The tribute at the end hit hard <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">2:58</a>

    36. Roukell Thornhill

      His harmonizing go hard.👌👌👌💘💘💯

    37. chidinma anoka

      Notice how the audience is mostly white, and they bleep out the n word🤔🤔🤔🤔

    38. Shadow Samurai

      Mustard doesn't do anything in the video Mustard on live performance. HUH THATS RIGHT WHAT YOU DO WASSUP GO GO GO

    39. Gonsham083

      Mustard look like a foil wrapped potato

    40. Xx TheExposeBackxX

      I don’t get the kobe bryant tributes in this comment section

    41. Drizzy Glizz

      R.I.P to all the real right Crips Nipsey, Pop smokes ♿️ alottah blues is shining in down on Roddy Rich. Nipsey would’ve been proud .

    42. Landon Gaming

      Lit rich

    43. Yusef El-Amin

      Why did roddy say “I’m a big crip” but you see him wearing no blue only red

    44. Mo3 Miah

      This lit but why do mustard look like that tho ?😂😂


      My favorite Roddy rich song hands down 💙

    46. Joziah Laryea

      they ruined it bc they didnt say nigga and yea that words

    47. Sparthen7

      oh yeah yeah

    48. lilxscars x

      He accidentally said nigga at the one point who noticed that lol

    49. KINGJ3FF_ 69


    50. Island Girl Ruby

      Ok so I'm lost which part is Mustard's verse?

    51. Joseph Payton

      I'm sorry and mean for real but they dont sound right without autotune and Mustard barely sung but overall I'll give it a 9/10 so it was really good.

    52. Nihxl Deol

      Lil Baby and DJ Khaled

    53. ramadhan juma

      Roddy is an autotune in real life

    54. Dante Bloomfield

      RIP the legend kobe Bryant 💜💛

    55. Greg Amped

      Stylist: How do you want to be dressed? Mustard: You ever see MTV’s Moonman award?

    56. ChachaS2008

      You mean roddy rich & others

    57. Adriyan Chase

      Roddy is Ritch is actually good

    58. Chloe Jordan

      why everybody bulling mustard 🤣

    59. No College For Me

      Wtf is mustard doing HAHHAHAHAHHAHAH

    60. Marisa Ramos

      Like Mustard, The Likes Number in this comment is flying to the moon.

    61. mooreb 14

      Why is mustard even there

    62. Aaron Derise

      What’s the point of mustard 💀

    63. That Dude

      This is how many people think the box came outta nowhere

    64. Mr. Manalili18

      Listen to Mustard <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a> idk why I keep laughing 😂

    65. Nicholas Aaron

      This man isn’t slowing down, his rise is awesome to see happen.

    66. keith rich

      Now that's what U call a clean version'/!!!

    67. Charles Faraday


    68. Roman Garcia

      Here b4 he becomes the best

    69. West Coast Freediving

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> Best Part🔥🔥

    70. Michael M

      Respect to Kobe!✊🏾

    71. Christoph3r Pastrana

      If he is a Crip then why is he wearing red

    72. Cry Boho

      congrats roddy and mustard

    73. dontwear shoes

      bruh mustard looking like a chipotle burrito

    74. Vahag Sarkisov

      Mustard hella annoying in thia

    75. Bombyx Braxton Mbang


    76. yusuf

      Mustard looks like he just finished checking people for COVID-19

    77. sumanth sumanth

      Why his song vaireld so much is just because of tiktok, if u r song want to viral just upload it in tiktok,

    78. Kisha Hall

      Love me some Roddy Rich, love this song! Salute to Mustard!

    79. Randy Johnson

      your songs ar. birent

    80. Zeus

      So mustard is the fake DJ Khaled XD