Millionaire's Shortbread | Basics with Babish

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    This week on Basics, it's time to make the ultimate cookie: millionaire's shortbread.
    Ingredients & Shopping List coming soon!
    Music: "Sweet Berry Wine" by Blue Wednesday

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    1. Amber MaryAnne

      Is there a basic microwave video as where I live we only have a kettle and microwave

    2. Naji Bro

      I dunno why but that looks like diabetes to me.

    3. justsomegamer

      who the hell is this claire everyone is talking about and whats her deal with tempered chocolate

    4. Todd Morra

      Cooling tempered chocolate in the fridge or freezer will often ruin the tempering.

    5. Pretzel A31

      Babish licking on sweet condensed milk is tradution if you lick it more it gives more flavor to your cooking

    6. naughtysanta

      i thought this is a carmel slice well thats what me family calls it

    7. Emily Harris

      I don't know why but calling it millionaire shortbread and not millionaire shortcake is driving me mental

    8. Fraz

      Hello can you please make curry of life from Naruto

    9. Elle Soho

      When are the ingredients going to be posted?

    10. Passive Agressive

      In England we call these A Twix?

    11. Serena Mueller

      As soon as I figure out how to make WETTED FINGIES my ringtone, it’s over.

    12. Kat B

      i love how your show is called basics with babish, but none of your stuff is basic.

    13. bubblegumplastic

      Could you please add the ingredients to this?

    14. Oggy Jack

      Any substitute for corn syrup, I'm dying to make these but I'm a 100% sure that i would not be able to find corn syrup where I live

    15. CrunkCocoa

      an episode on choux pastry would be pretty cool

    16. X O

      So... many... steps lol

    17. H Foster

      Thank you BwB. My daughter will love these for her birthday instead of cake. 2-28. She loves your shows by the way.

    18. FANG

      Did you just made Twix?

    19. Silas Cooksley


    20. A G

      “Something known as docking” also known as “something never to google”

      1. Naji Bro

        Ah, sounding.

    21. Julius Witherspoon

      I bet his neighbors love him cuz he's like bringing them so much food. Great!! Now I wanna be his neighbor.

    22. Ilary On Top

      Ingredients pls

    23. Enkidu505

      How can I replace Glucose or Corn Syrup in Recipes? I love making American confectionery, but here in Eastern Europe stuff like this is no short of impossible to get.

    24. Renee Jane

      Knife ran under hot water makes nice cuts on my caramel slice.. I mean.. whatever you call it 😆

    25. Johanna Viking

      Better shortbread is made with softened butter instead of melted. Sorry I dont make the rules.

      1. Johanna Viking

        This is my absolute favorite cookie though and I was glad your recipe and mine are exactly the same. :)

    26. The Original ONION

      Pecan pie please

    27. Alex Beatty

      Hey Andrew My hubby wants to know why aluminum foil vs parchment? ...we are in the anti foil camp and only use it if absolutely unavoidable

    28. Shravya choudarapu

      Can i use white sugar instead of brown sugar? I live in india and its hard to find brown sugar here.

    29. darkity

      You had me at docking.

    30. James Adamcik

      Does anyone make these recipes? The short bread is way too salty....

    31. Monique Hoffer

      So glad to see someone else can’t resist the sweetened condensed milk.

    32. DeeDee

      this is twix but verry verry big?

    33. 15thTimeLord

      'wetted fingies'

    34. KillerTacos


    35. Jamie Jackson

      Watching this while on a diet is just cruel

    36. Officer-Ant

      Be honest. How many attempts for the tempered chocolate? I think Claire's record from Bon Appetit is 317 attempts. BTW try heating the knife slightly next time to cut.

    37. kent xw

      Bro this is just gourmet "martabak"

    38. Pops' Sup

      Dislike=jealous people

    39. Xdeser 2

      honestly, I think the streaky look is good.

    40. Emma Avery

      Honestly I feel like I could never do 90% of the things cooking channels do. But between “wettened fingies,” licking the can lid, and not tempering chocolate correctly I feel like maybe I could make this one happen. Although it isn’t just this one video- you’re clearly talented but you don’t BS. If something’s not quite right you roll with it and tell us it isn’t and how to avoid it, you experiment with things and show us the results, and it’s funny without being hacky or untalented.

    41. the_smull _potato

      I l0ve your voice

    42. MoldyWater05

      Most of the comments are about "tempered chocolate" and "wettened fingies"

    43. Egg21

      Babish is wearing a fake rolex

    44. XayXay

      Him: docking Me: okay im gonna have to stop you right there

    45. Katharine Fitzgerald

      Who the hell is claire?

    46. Erlend Ruud-Larsen

      «Bish please you already got your millions»

    47. KwaPaN

      I made this and it's delicious, but you could have mentioned that you shouldn't stack these for starage. After one day there wasn't much caramel left between the other two layers :D

    48. RaisouE

      Eat the rich....'s dessert.

    49. TheDazzleCamouflage

      Babs, next time you need to flawlessly cut through a cake, or any sweet thing made of chocolate, fat and sugar, run or dip your knife in blisteringly hot water, wipe off the moisture and use that to cut into it. It will glide through, I promise.

    50. Pruefus

      .........caramel slice

    51. Chris Chihoon Hwang

      Merry Daylight Savings... Day

    52. Syn Kitten

      Hey i'm gonna make this comment as i'm just now making this and I'm slightly worried I messed up after making the shortbread. In your instructions at 0:42 you don't mention but clearly show adding in the raw sugar but seemingly not in the doubled recipe. Not only that but on your site you have raw added into the shopping list but not any amount. is it ok that I didn't add the sugar? About to make the caramel and now i'm worried I ruined the shortbread somehow but looking through your video you never even mention it in the voice over (unless i missed it somewhere.)

    53. julian whitton

      2:38. That’s not caramel, caramel needs only two ingredients sugar and cream; water too if you want to give yourself some breathing room. This shit looks damn tasty though!

    54. Jason Brown

      With our hearts full, our eyes open, and our fingies a-whetted, we pressed onward toward an uncertain future, into the unknown.

    55. Thiere Gamer

      i see a wasted oportunity to make ice cream sandwich

    56. Flash101

      Its basically a fresh twix

    57. Creed Bratton

      Ive been watching since 200k subs but i forgot to subscribe to you until now WTF

    58. Connor Cahill

      Can you please fix that gap in the music in the opening

    59. salah makar

      you should do an episode on mulukhiyah. It is the best soup I have ever tasted.

    60. Mrs. Waldrop

      So, I actually made this. It was absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the recipe.