Mike & Laurens Reveal Heartbreaking News to the Roomies | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

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    After settling into their new home, Mike and Lauren sit down with the roommates to let them know about their recent miscarriage.
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    1. Cassie

      I feel sooooo sad for Lauren after learning she miscarried. My mom went thru that the baby before I was born miscarried...it sucks. It's a sad thing

    2. ⛧ worship satan ⛧

      why are they so rich

    3. hen ko

      Mike is so sweet for always wanting to include Angelina

    4. Jimmy Irwin

      To be fair, I didn't know what the MOMA was either.

      1. Cassie

        Im so sorry

    5. Cherisse Tillman

      Love Mike and Lauren relationship. Funny how they're shocked about their house when they all can afford to buy a house exactly like that. But Jennie can relate because she too had the same experience

      1. mikin lirou

        Lauren is ONE person. stop making her name plural. It’s annoying

    6. ireallydont know

      Out of all the roomies Mike has matured the most... so proud of you Mike!

      1. hen ko


    7. Holly Spence

      Thumbs upping the video for mike and laurens strength. Not for Angelina and her pointless wedding because we all know she’ll divorce him soon enough to get with vinny

      1. mikin lirou

        Im so sorry

    8. Holly Spence

      Omg Ron is soo useless in this entire new Family Vacation series... if he’s not in some kinda of woman drama then he’s just kind of there yelling BRO

    9. yellow meloe

      Mike and Lauren have you tube channel . Subscribe and support them.

    10. Yung Chum

      Angela's man looks like a Guido version of Pete Davidson.

    11. Blanca Nieves Art

      So this show just has a permanent filter on it? 😆

    12. golf4fame

      At the end of this episode, they dedicated to someone ... the picture looks like the wedding dj. Does anyone know who this was??

    13. Alex Dalorto

      Shut your mouth.... you dirty little hamster 😂😂😂😂bro what

    14. ICUinthedark

      Really?REALLY? People are still watching these clowns? This group needs to take a cruise with the Kardashian people on a one way cruise on the Titanic.

    15. Nina Bello

      ronnie got tight when vinny roasted him😂😂😂

    16. ilikepiratesroar

      Wow, impressed to see people talking about miscarriages openly. Very impressive, what a cool strong woman.

    17. ilikepiratesroar

      Mike is looking really good and younger

    18. Serene Laughter

      “They’re actually my real glasses.” Idk why that was so funny to me 😂

    19. Ursula Pansini

      Im so sorry

    20. Nicole Fraser

      Lauren is ONE person. stop making her name plural. It’s annoying

    21. Tricia Evans


    22. C.J.C

      72 hours late the end is here

    23. Maxwell Lynch

      Why is deena there? She’s useless. Notice Vinny’s body language? He’s curling away from her.

      1. Laura Curry

        Did you even watch the show? Deena was on the show longer than Angelina.

    24. Caroline G

      I love how Mike put a S at the end of his words.. He’s my favorite, him and Laurens ☺️

    25. mikin lirou

      Mike has grew up alot and I love him so much for how mature he is now

    26. jake bradford

      remember when the psychic told the roomies not to rush the baby making, it will happen naturally, and they gave mike a baby making kit

    27. drakon slayer

      There are a lot of comments but can I just say how cute Mike's dog is ?

    28. Brandon Roman

      angelina had such a glow up!

      1. mikin lirou

        I love the way they say “saw” 11:09

    29. Dawid Gruchala

      Duuuuuude* Chris gotta do something else. He’s like a Hybrid and Jew. That face dude, he makes moooneeey

    30. Like a good neighbor...

      Jenni should try to be single for ONCE

    31. Ptao Tom

      Angelina looks like she has dentures and she’s trying to hold them in 🤦🏻‍♀️

    32. Launa Jim

      House goals 😻

    33. Launa Jim

      “And have little situations” lol so cute 💗

    34. Sky Lake

      They are truly such an absolutely beautiful couple. I’ve never seen two people more meant to be then them.

      1. Ptao Tom

        Mike has grew up alot and I love him so much for how mature he is now

    35. Brandi Whitlock

      I can’t stand Ron anymore !!!

    36. Willie Santos

      I like Mike's direction and how he's moving 👍

    37. Ana Fragata

      My condolences 💔

    38. D. L

      Kudos Mike!! Making Angelina feel like family. And it’s awesome that the rest of the family is into it.🖤

    39. Bri San

      Tax evasion pays

    40. soinhu foitu

      Been watching this show since my late 20s... from the beginning.. Mike is a completely diffrent person.. So sweet n nice, just like lauren..

    41. Poppy B

      At least they all took their shoes off 😂

    42. Guuaaappp 21

      Theres nothing in those cups at mikes house im convinced 😂😂😂 fake sippin that tea lhfh

    43. Sacha S.

      I love the way they say “saw” <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="669">11:09</a>

      1. soinhu foitu

        I feel for Lauren so much. Just keep praying, God has a plan you guys. ❤️

    44. Stressed Panda

      Mikes really almost 40 talking about him and his wife are a young couple 😂😂

      1. Stressed Panda

        Brandon Roman how do you know I’m “pressed” if you didn’t read it? I said only kind things about you ❤️

      2. Brandon Roman

        Stressed Panda do w.e, idc haha. But I’m not reading your essay ✌️

      3. Isa

        @Stressed Panda whoa my guy.... that was a little harsh... I was taught by my mother to never go after anyones age....cause oddly enough thats the one thing in life we cant avoid and we literally ALL do....lol

      4. Stressed Panda

        Brandon Roman I think it’s safe to say you receive a discount everywhere you go. I’ll make sure I continue to social distance and wear my mask so the elderly, such as yourself, can spend the rest of your days in the ALsel comment section being easily triggered.

      5. Brandon Roman

        he still is young and so if his wife. You should re-define your definition of young, kiddo

    45. ShockZ _

      if Sam saw ronnie do the shining impression I’m sure she’d have nightmares

    46. Xx412xxbluntz

      Go to jail for taxs come out still buying million dollar cribs.

    47. Donetta Kirby

      That's so sad that Lauren had a miscarriage, I know they really wanted a family. They are like the best couple! It's not over tho, they both are young they have time.

    48. Ashley Hand

      The luggage idea was pretty insulting. It’s a backhanded gift because we all know why they would give her that. It’s not nice. It’s actually very mean spirited. If I were Angelina and they gave me that gift, I would laugh it off just to not cause drama but I wouldn’t take it with me when I left.

    49. alida flus

      Mike has grew up alot and I love him so much for how mature he is now

    50. Marie Blackwell

      I love Lauren's top and wish her and Mike all the best

    51. arica k

      This is my first time watching this and I had a dream the other day that they did and interview and someone asked “would you adopt” and they said yes

    52. Larissa Chaffin

      My heart goes out to her, going through a miscarriage is the worst thing someone could go through. I remember having mine.

      1. alida flus

        Where’s Pauly ?

    53. Christopher McHale

      She was a garbage bag when she first arrived and never changed.

    54. Ash M

      herrrrres ronnie!!!! 😂


      Strippers huh? What a loser


      Keep trying Or Get someone else to carry ur baby Some ppl / women cant carry Or have otherissues God bless them💜

    57. Ella Tallulah

      Ron annoys me. And having a miscarriage is extremely painful. I feel for them, Lauren especially. She seems like such a sweet person. She will make a great Mom when it happens :)

    58. Lauren Herndon

      I feel for Lauren so much. Just keep praying, God has a plan you guys. ❤️

    59. mixio hili

      He’s grown up a lot. Really wish the best for them.

    60. RSM 4vr

      This was me moving into my home after living in the hood all my life .. I still don’t know how to work the garage opener 😂😂 it’s ok tho

    61. Bella Martinez

      “No more garbage bags” IM SCREAMING

    62. autumn mahoney


      1. mixio hili

        Why Angelina look like an octopus

    63. Mike Shaw

      I like the new like but the old mike was a savage lol

    64. Natalie Cruz

      Thats really hard. Thats tough to go through I wish them both the best especially lauren!

    65. delanie

      mtv. you are brillant for frahmenting js the way you do from cable network to youtube. grate work feel like im updated and never had a worry about missing js thank you!

    66. Erik Bravo

      Where’s Pauly D?

    67. Icy Skies

      Where’s Pauly ?

    68. April Neal

      i missed it, why is jwoww uncomfortable around pauly d?

    69. monika laosi

      Loosing a child hurts a lot... today is my sons 4th year of passing away. So I understand how emotional and how much pain it comes with

    70. amanda Lambert

      Atleast she can get preg right??. I have pcos 7 years iv tryed my husband has 2 kids b4 me that im raising but its not the same. No matter how much i love them its not. I watch my friends and siblings have kids and me nothing.. I want a baby so bad but unfortunately iv never been preg and i just cant get preg Some of us will never experience having a belly or looking into a little babies eyes that looks just like you and that you made this beautiful being. Enjoy your kids

      1. amanda Lambert

        @Alejandra Sasaki I read you bio.. Your a medium??? You do readings?? Im just curious. I lost my brother 6 months ago Was seeing if you can feel anything just off of my profile Or phone calls??

      2. amanda Lambert

        @Alejandra Sasaki btw im a strong jerseys shore fan I love laurens and Mike. So please dont ever mistake me for being shady towards my girl laurens

      3. amanda Lambert

        I wasnt beong smart when i said it. Lol I was simply just saying atleast she can get preg. I even said right like thats a good thing.. I on the other hand can not.. Im saying she has a stronger chance now. So sorry if you took it the wrong way Have a good day

      4. Alejandra Sasaki

        It’s insensitive to say “at least she can get pregnant” it’s a really hard thing to go trough. I struggled with infertility for 4 years before I finally got pregnant I also have pcos. But I suffered a miscarriage while trying. It’s hurtful so just be careful with your words. Hope you get your miracle baby soon.

    71. Paige latu

      Ps: Where’s Sammie? Lol

      1. monika laosi

        as opportunistic. More than likely MTV's choice. I'm not trying to throw any shade or be insensitive it just comes across as really scripted. I am sorry for their loss and can't

    72. Paige latu

      Man I’ve missed seeing them altogether! 😍😍


        Man, same!!! 👌 lol 😆❤️

    73. Krissa Louvae

      Mike and the family are being cool....there's a reason Angelina missed a lot.


        Yea I feel like that too honestly but at times she should of been there

    74. Phoebe James

      I’m happy for Mike

    75. hannah ervine

      Lauren is so strong, the amount of unconditional love that she has for Mike is so sweet

    76. d b

      i like grown up mike. hes cute.

    77. Brad Kannry

      Why Angelina look like an octopus

    78. Charlie Martinez

      I love mikes house that house is clean asf it’s fresh and it looks professional it’s beautiful and he has a good amount of land too!.

    79. Gabriela Sanchez

      Such a amazing couple

    80. Deysy Carrillo

      How does mike hit his head 🤣🤣