Michigan dam failure caught on video



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    Footage captured of the Edenville Dam embankment failing to hold back floodwaters on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 in Edenville, Michigan. Video Courtesy Lynn Coleman
    WATCH: Scene of damage after dam failure - alsel.info/video/video/jH1nlGWe26ucetQ.html
    STORY: Feds warned years ago Edenville Dam couldn’t handle a historic flood - www.mlive.com/news/saginaw-bay-city/2020/05/troubled-dam-breaks-sends-floodwaters-hurtling-toward-midland.html

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    1. Bethlehem Eisenhour

      Strange how they thought that little bit of land would hold all that water.

    2. Zk8et

      theyre a goats

    3. wnnalis cioov

      Hopefully Michigan can fix all the dam breaches faster than they fix roads

    4. Brad Kearns

      Que music... “when the levee breaks”

    5. davis davis

      Democrat infrastructure

    6. Sam Es

      When Mother Nature decides you need a new river...

      1. wnnalis cioov

        EGLE did you hear the screaming of the clams ? Obi Wan Kenobe heard them …."like a million little clam voices all crying out in terror and then were suddenly silenc

    7. Victor Freeman

      Looks like some one cut some of the dam away then planted grass on top to cover it up ☠️☠️☠️🤫

    8. Crank Case

      I can't believe that dam held for a week....how about a little concrete, rock, steel?!

    9. Just A German


    10. bilishu aliss


    11. bigpileofpuke

      What I say when the condom breaks

    12. Michael DeSilvio


    13. jpsholland

      The question is WHERE it goes.... I dont want a homeless dam on my property.

      1. bilishu aliss

        America's infrastructure is failing all over,good thing were still the worlds worst police force

    14. alitlweird


    15. Roy Benavidez


    16. Morning Glory

      Crazy how this is old news in this awful year

    17. Mike Webb

      I love how this is in fact America 🇺🇸

    18. A S

      @Ed Bassmaster -"Would you look at that?!"

    19. rcarlisi63

      why did you stop filming???

    20. 985bully

      That’s some dam good footage.

    21. milchuck

      Isn't there usually rocks, cement, or some other very hard substance used in earthen dams to help support the structure? This just looked like dirt.

      1. Bill Karle

        That's the problem with earth-filled dams. They usually have an impervious core of densified clay, or compacted concrete, and may have some armoring, such as rock or a concrete slab, on the the uphill side. As this one is so old, it may have just been compacted dirt or clay. The problem is when water starts overtopping the dam, it effectively liquifies the soils on the back side of the dam, which is used to support the core. Once it goes, the dam fails. That's why it is so important to have enough spillway capacity to keep the water from overtopping the dam. For a much greater example, look at the Orville Dam in California. It started with the failure of the concrete in the spillway, which forced the operator to shut down the spillway. When water started to come over the emergency spillway and erode the back face, the operator was left with little choice, but to open the failed spillway back up, and hope for the best. Then there is the other case of the partially collapsed Derbyshire dam in England. It is another earth-filled dam which came extremely close to complete collapse due to spillway failure and overtopping situation. So the US does not have the monopoly on dam failures. Yes, we have a bunch of old dams which were built back 50 years or more which have not been upgraded. So we will continue to have the risk of having dam failures until enough money is spent to upgrade the infrastructure. I wouldn't hold my breath though, as the politics of the situation will ensure that never enough money is spent on it. There are far more lucrative political agendas to spend money on; and hence, we will continue to suffer dam collapses.

    22. Rick S

      EGLE did you hear the screaming of the clams ? Obi Wan Kenobe heard them …."like a million little clam voices all crying out in terror and then were suddenly silenced". Colonel Kurts heard them…."The horror....The horror" …."EGLE you think that if you can just save 1 little clam that you won't here the screaming anymore " ? Even if you overwhelm the dam and cause it to blow ?

    23. Ouno

      Don't this this distract you from the fact that Mr Krabs daughter is a whale

    24. OFFSIDESwithLSUfreek

      That' a dam shame.

    25. wkdravenna

      Dam !

    26. Cross

      Someone needs to learn how to build a dam

    27. Matthew B

      There it goes

    28. Nefarious Darius

      America's infrastructure is failing all over,good thing were still the worlds worst police force

    29. vonschleppin

      You would think in a state that is one gigantic peninsula they might know a bit about water. Apparently you can't drink it and lakes just up and move.

    30. Subramaniam Iyer

      Did anyone sue the administration for negligence and damages? This is evidence isn't it?

    31. louis mason

      I think he summed it up pretty well...although he could have added “now we are f--d!”

    32. Shrubchucker

      "I'm not gonna shit me pants"

    33. shawn corrigan

      Any fool knows a earth dam is NEVER supposed to be filled more than 2/3 full, the earth becomes saturated. the plans all require many overflows, spillways and other emergency mechanisms for rainfall loads. its all required by law. this failure was a failure of leadership and i am talking about the communist governor . the government forced the levels higher for different reasons, why isn't there a massive outrage over this huge failure, Whitmer is too busy taking barbers licenses and kissing up to Biden to take care of the state !! or maybe she wanted this to happen for some sick political reason. who knows,the fact is this was a management failure period. the dam performed, look at the video the water level is at the top. that should NEVER happen to a earth dam !!

    34. Andy Andy

      That's one hell off a mole .

    35. Betsy Larsen

      Omg beavers could’ve built a better dam than this.

    36. Darren Freeman

      That’s the dam?

    37. Benjamin Trif

      You had 1 job Jim pour the damn concrete !!!

    38. Hello Sweetheart

      And here it comes, raising Muskegon river in Muskegon 3ft at least, overnight.

    39. wurly164

      Folks learn how to film in landscape

    40. joe woodchuck

      At least the dam failure took pressure off of the spillway.

    41. Frank Lesser


    42. Bargoth Dragon

      Nature knows no bounds.

    43. AC1DTR4P

      Idk if it's just me... but when grass gets taken apart like that its satisfying

    44. Gregory Vierra

      Did it go?

    45. J Rex

      That’s just awful, stay safe Michigan!!!!

    46. Bill Ferner

      But the governor was more concerned about D.T. doesn't wearing a mask.

    47. Rogeball PB

      That's it? Just a few seconds of the breach? Where is the actual draining of the lake?

    48. patrick k

      Are Michigan trees normally still that bare in late may?

    49. mr67gta

      Grass was maintained beautifully. The dam not so much.

    50. ken ho

      u call this dam?

    51. Jamie .Farrell

      Is that....just dirt? I really hope this isn't an official video of the dam. Because a 6 year old can see that dirt, grass, and earth in general doesn't hold back water.

    52. Music Islife

      I'm no engineer but where is the concrete and steel?

    53. Big dummy

      Must of been built by the same guys who built the New Orleans levee

    54. Joey B

      why didn't they put their finger in the hole to block it?

    55. Dan Francom


    56. Dave Smietanski

      Dam that stinks

    57. Lori D

      Too close for me.

    58. g saintzzz

      Nossa! Em quanto os gringos tem isso a gente tem Brumadinho na cabeça...

    59. D-Rock

      good thing he was there to open his pie hole as per usual and let us know the fucking obvious

    60. Donald Pedigo

      ... GOOD RIDDANCE ... I hope that Dam is never rebuilt ... The Tittabawassee River Needs to Run-Free ...

    61. Eddie The Eagle

      5min later.."there i go!"

    62. Kenneth Burtch

      There it goes

    63. songboy765

      MILLION MAD MARCH at the State Capital in Lansing, MI -- Bring your signs such as "FIX THE DAMN STATE, RECALL wHITLER" and "DEMOCRATS DUMPING WHITMER" and "WHITMER IS NON-ESSENTIAL". It will be a PARTY as usual.

    64. songboy765

      Gretchen wHitler, FIX THE DAMN DAMS !!!

    65. Matt H

      “There it goes!” What I said after a case of beer.

    66. phdfxwg Fischercat

      Dam if I only had my kayak !!!

    67. Joel B

      Democrat dam

    68. Craig Schultz

      The dam was in trouble to begin with but the nail in the coffin was the lakefront home owners who went to court to have the lake level raised. I wonder how many wish they hadn't won.

    69. ses S

      Meanwhile the governor is getting drunk on her holiday weekend and spending all her other time campaigning for the slave vote.

    70. Dave Johnson

      He probably thought after posting this...”no way someone can tease me” Net: Hold our beers

    71. TopSecretVid

      wasn’t a matter of IF...It was a matter of WHEN.

    72. Henry Bockelman

      Should have updated your infrastructure instead of spending that money on dumb shit


      coronavirus and this. God punishment on imperialist usa

    74. Alvaro S

      Pre-stone age engineering

    75. Reece Hayes

      How did they keep a dam that steep so we'll mowed

    76. Epic Gamer

      Dow chemical is worth over 60 billion dollars and they pledge a paltry 1 mil, whoa. Creepy Gretchen, more rain in the forecast, might want to hurry with infrastructure repairs you've neglected to fix. Oh I see you're too busy waiting by telephone for Biden to call you to DC. Michigan not sorry.

    77. Mira Kamada

      Over 100,000 Americans have already died of Covid 19 due to Trump's colossal failure as a leader. So why do I have to see these obscene ads for him on ALsel? VOTE HIM OUT!

      1. Mr Horse

        lol.....you are a buffoon

    78. okow tina

      Bro how, I live in Michigan and had no idea this happened

    79. Jason Schwartz


    80. Atle Kultorp Hesmyr

      Humanity and "simple" natural forces -- "when will 'they' ever learn...?????