Messi Scores First Goal of The Setien Era

28 mijë shikime9

    Lionel Messi finds the breakthrough in 76' to give Barcelona a 1-0 lead over Granada on Quique Setien's debut as the Blaugrana manager.
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    Publikuar 29 ditë më parë


    1. the islander

      Messi right foot goal.

    2. Enio Hysa

      Barca passed so much this game even Messi passed the ball into the net.

    3. balle733

      Trash ass tap-in goal. The pass was classic though.

    4. Kamaal

      Granada was 10 men when scored, nothing to be happy about.

    5. Tay K

      That’s that team football that I love N missed😀

    6. Arnold Rosing

      Que Golazo!!!!! Azo azo azo

    7. ariel ayala

      tiki fucken taka old school barcelona!!!

    8. Seafood Lover

      Who else but the GOAT

    9. Kris

      Another tap in by the great Leogay pessi👏

      1. Brandon Reyes

        damn that was creative. how'd you come up with that, you seem to have a lot of grand ideas.

      2. Brandon Mendo Cruz

        Not all the time Chris

      3. Deaman Gill

        Kris , Go Get a Life Brother.

    10. Samson Sunnyboy

      Happy to see Messi score and Barcelona wins lol 😂

    11. Justin Xu

      That was definitely a beauty

    12. Etheboi3

      What 😮

    13. alexander argue

      the good times are back again for barca

    14. Tino Perez

      How tf he couldn’t block that 😂

    15. Fanilo

      Great defense, Riqui Puig

    16. Infimous

      Ibrakadabra ur out of laliga 0:08

    17. Csokops10

      Messi is the Goat🐐

    18. CSAR392 T/A


      1. Brandon Mendo Cruz

        Not all the time cesar

      2. Csokops10

        what drugs do you smoke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Fusilli _Jerry



      Am I wrong to say that I see Barça coming back to us, we who love our team even when Barça is having a bad weekend you realize we the loyal Culés have a bad week! Quique has awakened the sleeping azulgranas! Happy hunting grounds...

    21. Kbgb 4ever

      Valverde, where u at bro ?! 😤

      1. A Demosthenes

        Waiting for the Champions to start again, he won the league so is Champions or nothing.

      2. ghanausmc

        Paws 4life fick

    22. Magical

      You guys barely won against granada💀💀💀

      1. Magical

        Tino Perez messi is trash in general but, this barking team relies on messi way to much. What im saying is that what will happen to this team if messi retires

      2. Tino Perez

        Magical I mean I don’t think Messi is that great player all they did was build a team around him and the academy they all play how cruff wanted

      3. Magical

        Tino Perez barcelona is trash this season, but they just keep getting lucky with messi. Watch in 3 or 4 years when messi retires

      4. Tino Perez

        Magical I mean 1-0 ain’t shit I’ll tell u that.I support juve and Madrid . but progress is progress Barca really need to learn to finish with what 75% of the ball

      5. Magical

        Csokops10 lol im confused, do you support barcelona or man u?🤣

    23. Magical

      Trash goal and tiki taka

      1. Magical

        Brandon Mendo Cruz benzema sucks ass what you mean? Jovic is young, still has time to learn... benzema misses 8 times and scores 1.

      2. Brandon Mendo Cruz

        Trash jovic, benzema in

      3. oofy in the case

        Shut up

    24. Santosh Pokharel


    25. Kairi HD

      Who is here waiting for a talkfcb match review

      1. Nicolas Idrovo

        Haha his community is amazing

      2. Suhh Dude

        Just uploaded

      3. Andres Cevallos


      4. Jesse Van Kirk

        He is about to go crazy lol

      5. Neymar

        Kairi HD me

    26. Daniel Lau

      A+ for Setien's first beautiful victory. 🤩

    27. Visca El Barça


    28. STAN.P channel

      Barca played well and the quality of football was on point the one thing that was missing was good finishing but ruiqi puig changed the game all of a sudden by making great recovery, run , passes and penetrate into the defense and brought the goal.

      1. Kairi HD

        Yh he was faster and more direct than our other midfielders , but needs to sharpen up on his passing, you can see he has been playing against segundo B team for too long but he will get alot better in time

    29. Edgar Ramirez

      Barca fans saying that this barca team play way better now🤔🤔.. they won by one goal and thanks to the referee who give red card to the Granda player !!! Can’t wait till they go to Mestalla next weekend so they can come back to earth!!

      1. Lincy McGabby

        @book marks 2 shots? I think maybe we watched a different game. Barca created lots and lots of scoring chances. *18 shots!!!* *6 on target, 6 off target and 6 blocked shots.* It was the final finishes that weren't good enough. So you're right about more work needing to be done though. The finishing needs to be better.

      2. Kairi HD

        @book marks look at all the chances created we wouldn't be talking about this if messi had converted his freekicks and ansu had scored his chances, we dominated but u do have a point possession is not everything

      3. book marks

        @Lincy McGabby Yes, 2 shots only 1 on goal. Possession does not mean shit if you cant WIN and WIN definitely without help of having the other side being a man down. More work needs to be done.

      4. Lincy McGabby

        Did you even watch the whole match???🤔🤔🤔

    30. Wesam Rafid

      Fuck Barcelona cause they are dependent on Messi if Messi leaves its gg

    31. Arianna

      We need another striker so we don't just rely on messi, but for the rest the game looked much better !

      1. Nick Ur mom

        @Justin Xu bro he has to go in defence to actully save us

      2. Justin Xu

        We got greizmann but hell he's useless

    32. Carlos Arango

      I'm thinking what is going to happen, when messi retires.

      1. blackpaint

        Kairi HD nah i don’t think so, he’ll probably retire around that age though

      2. Abandoned Fetus

        iTry-Insanity 09 Shut yo bitch ass up. How you gonna hate on Messi but watch his goal lmao

      3. Kairi HD

        @Joe Castillo same here and messi's mindset too he might just retire at the same time as Suarez

      4. Joe Castillo

        blackpaint honestly I don’t see somebody of his physique still playing at 38

      5. Kairi HD

        @JeanYes yh messi didn't play at his best but that is what having a team is there for

    33. Racer sf

      That was a team goal let's go

    34. Claudius Pennoh

      Not gonna lie they all played good

      1. Kairi HD

        @Censay nah he played well not at his best but well

      2. JeanYes

        @Censay he still played good, not at his best... but he played good.

      3. Censay

        Claudius Pennoh rakitic

    35. Frankiej 128

      Things will start to click together they are defiantly playing better

      1. Minecraft Myths and facts

        Sergio Becerra we all know you didn’t watch the match

      2. joel jose

        @Sergio Becerra I said improving not that they are perfect. The problem with that match was their finishing, which needs more work, but can be fixed. They had a lot of opportunities though, and the defences worked really well for once. Also, I've never seen barca play like that in so long, 1005 passes out of which 920 were completed, not much of a rush, the team was composed throughout the game and did not let go. Ter Stegen hardly had to do anything compared to his previous matches. So much change in such little time with setien as coach. Besides the fact that they weren't able to finish well, the team unarguably controlled the entire game. Compare it to the barca vs athleti for instance, barca dominated for most of the match, but they lost hold in the last 10 minutes. I would definitely call this an improvement, but there is a lot more that can be improved.

      3. Sergio Becerra

        @joel jose you cannot say they're improving after winning one game by 1 goal vs a team who is in 10th place

      4. Jayhhs

        Sergio Becerra you clearly dont see it but someone already explained it to you

      5. joel jose

        @Sergio Becerra they are improving, that's the point. Before, when Barca lost possession it always looked as if they were in danger of conceding a goal but not in this match. There was only one instant when it looked like barca was in danger. Also, ter stegen didn't have to bail out the team like in the match against Dortmund. They had good runs, but they need to improve on their finishing, which wouldn't be much of a deal. Besides, it's only the first match under setien, he doesn't know the players well enough yet.

    36. Extaug

      A small win but we dominated the game and the real Barça play style is getting back I can tell withing a few weeks we could potentially see a really strong Barça

      1. Kairi HD

        @Jordan Belford Da 2nd imagine if we set the record in the champions league for the possession stat that would be crazy🤯

      2. Jordan Belford Da 2nd

        I hope this system settles before the Napoli game. Can't wait to see how this champions turns out.

    37. Torres Mft

      Setien ❤👏

    38. Frankiej 128

      Holy shit they dominated possession I don’t think I ever seen that this season

    39. Dark Sirex

      Setien knows how to get more than 75% ball possession

      1. A Demosthenes

        @Dark Sirex So every time Barcelona lost a match was Valverde's fault? la pucha they have 83% possession and scored only once and you call that improvement? Lets wait until they play in the Champions and see if their defense can play against the big boys, then we can call it improvement,

      2. Dark Sirex

        @A Demosthenes Barcelona lost to Granada earlier in the season when they had valverde

      3. A Demosthenes

        Please it was against Granada, other than when they play the big teams, do you ever hear from them?

      4. ShMario81

        Dark Sirex that’ll help us in decisive matches

      5. Dark Sirex

        @Kairi HD exactly

    40. juvestylez

      Nice set up ....

    41. Salaam Abdul

      The medicine man???😂😂😂😂

      1. Michael- Bedolla

        Salaam Abdul I guess it’s cause he saves the team 🤷🏻‍♂️

      2. nicolas decker

        Salaam Abdul “medicine man” he makes everything better

      3. Lamar Matts

        He said MOHAWK man

      4. Aadi Kothari

        Salia Vandi haha yeah his accent is kinda strong, but grown used to it now lol

      5. Salaam Abdul


    42. Abdullahi Abdullahi

      Well he they're again