Mark and Ethan Go Casket Shopping

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Unus Annus

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    In yet another step towards preparing for the inevitable end, Mark and Ethan go shopping to find the perfect casket.
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    This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
    Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
    Memento Mori.
    Unus Annus.

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    1. - ᴛʀᴀᴘ -

      Mark really b out here trying 2 sell us caskets better than any salesman could ever do it At least now I know where to buy a quality one if I so happen to need it 😔👌 Also, Isabelle not knowing anything and saying "I'm sorry" and Mark and Ethan going with it----- Watching these dorks gives me LIFE

    2. Nani!?

      i think ive been high for the past 22 hours.....I can't even tell anymore but i drank some thc tincture and ive been in this euphoric haze for so long i cant tell if I feel normal or not

    3. Gaytheist Dreams

      Does anybody know what number the SCP Mark mentioned was?

    4. Emily Tyner

      How’d they meet her?

    5. David Grimard

      Fun fact: Most casket companies are owned by a mega corporation. Locally owned ones are usually fake.

    6. JoAnna Videen

      This woman is very strong willed to keep a smile on her face while dealing with two fuddy duddies. 😂😂😂

    7. Robloxgamer321

      I feel bad for the casket makers because its used once and then buried never to be used again.

    8. Grac3e Strange

      They should plan there own wedding Sorry I had to

    9. Scooteroy

      A Tim Burton casket

    10. Italian Noob


    11. Allison James

      If you want to hear about more natural funerals you should connect with Ask A Mortician. She lives in CA and runs her own funeral home.

    12. Panic! At The Disco Fanatic

      Marks so awkward through the whole video

    13. Angel's Universe

      Mark: Death isn’t something we should focus on- Also Mark: *creates an entire channel with the theme of death*

    14. EpicDuty

      That are some nice caskets. And I love me some nice caskets. Those beautiful caskets are really striking. Specially under all that earth. See them all the time while being at the graveyard.

    15. AD Samuelson

      She made me think of edna mode? Just me?😂

    16. tetankaluv

      Being subscribed to Ask a Mortician really puts this into a different perspective...

    17. Mr. Owendrake

      Marks words of wisdom

    18. Veda Maharaj

      Still waiting on that delivery

    19. pugslife 987

      is ethan dying?

    20. Henry Chavez

      I honestly like that they asked genuine questions I though it was going to be a cringefest. It seems like she had a great time talking to them. And the slogans were a nice touch.

    21. Al ex

      Anyone else wanna see them do a video with Ask A Mortician/Caitlin Doughty

    22. DeepSeaSqueezeTree

      She spittin straight facts

    23. James Cromwell

      I think that was THE most awkward interview/tour I've EVER seen xD

    24. YouTube Idiots

      This video was posted on my birthday, and I am very grateful for this fact.

    25. Slimepoint

      Vampires are living in luxury

    26. Raven Wolfë

      This entire video is basically Mark being awkward and moving the mic every which way to get the lady's voice ;D

    27. OwO Shaelyn

      Isabelle is such a wholesome old lady 🥺 Shes so cute, she needs it to be protected

    28. Random Person

      This is just sad

    29. Dezzy Darkly

      Isabelle was probably smiling the whole time because she constantly deals with people in mourning, so having two happy guys who are interested in the process and who are excited to buy her caskets is a nice change! It's probably fun for her to hear all of mark's jokes and slogans !

    30. CurtThePotato

      18:54 I lost my shit, had to rewatch this part like 4 times.

    31. Aura Fox

      Ethan and Mark make local Casket Maker very uncomfortable.

    32. Virgil Dyson

      This girl: I’m so sorry for your loss, it makes me so sad to hear that Mark and Ethan: so should we tell her...

    33. Burger plays B

      I want it know if they got the caskets back yet

    34. Sea Potato

      This reminds me of that cereal episode from good mythical morning

    35. Mīmuzuu

      Imagine Unnus Annus ends and the world then starts collapsing because of climate change

    36. Ventodivino87

      Despite the fact that 1 they're actually managing to teach us things, and 2 the fact we need to recognize the strenght that this woman (and Quinn from the escape room) had by dealing with a couple of idiots... I was actually thinking... what if someone downloads all the Unus Annus episodes, store them inside of an Hard Disk or something like that, just one, and that person makes it travel to random people like a cursed tape... What would happen?

    37. Momma Bree

      I think they should have gotten 2 one for each of them

    38. MaddsMadeThis

      Mark dead and in his coffin; *this isn’t from ABCcaskets*

    39. EnolaElorie

      you should work with AskAMortitian this fine year of Unus Annus!! you kinda have to!!o.o

    40. Hannah Mcpherson

      Ol lady looks like the scientist from the Incredibles.

    41. Melanie Horowitz

      Mark looks so good in that outfit ❤️, I hope that’s not inappropriate to comment for this video

    42. Trendy YouTube Title

      When I die, I literally want my body to be kicked in to a 6 foot hole

    43. Paradoxal

      A casket store is just a spicy bed store

    44. Sikstene 16

      This is a 20:00 commercial for ABC Caskets and I love it, you guys definitely deserve to be sponsored by them.

    45. Tribal Wolf Studios

      She looks like she makes super suits on the side

    46. Krystal Aryanna

      With all respect but she reminds me of Edna Mode xD

    47. jessie snider

      Mark looks like such a dad in this video

    48. OnyxFox09

      I want a Casket to sleep in

    49. NathanTheMan

      This Ethan is how mark describes off-camera Ethan, so now we have proof he is real.

    50. IndigoIceDragon

      10:22 who else doesn’t like velvet | I personally can’t stand velvet 🤣 \/

    51. Darandala

      I always thought those "corpse boxes" (I will just go with that term) were only called coffins. With the exception of the Egyptian sarcophagus. So I learned a lot about coffins today. Neat.

    52. The_All American

      On January 1st 2020 there should have been a video uploaded with the duration of 20:20 👍🏻🤷🏼‍♂️

    53. thomas swinney

      The old black cascet looked like dracula was going to come out of it

    54. Kaylee

      Tell me why this lady reminds me of a real life Edna 😂

    55. Generic Wolf Fursona Frost

      I want them to actually buy the casket they described. But I really don't want them to because caskets are expensive. And their idiots.

    56. Read More

      *Edna Mode*

    57. Read More

      She reminds me of Edna Mode

    58. Gacha_Banana _OG

      Mark/Ethan: 26 - 23 Lady: Okay *keeps asking questions without questioning their stuttering*

    59. Grace Stein

      You should use the casket for the last episode that you get “buried” in before the channel dies

    60. More Tapatio

      The smile she makes everytime u shout out her store😂