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    Today I'm making bomb AF Hot Cheeto Noodles! This honestly took me by surprise.. it tasted soooo good! I really did not know what to expect when I thought about filming this hot cheetos food mukbang but I was so happy with the way it tasted. I guess I really am a cook. WIFE ME UP! I decided to cook some noodles and make them flamin' hot cheeto style of course, with a little latina touch. After cooking them, I tried them out and did a little chisme mukbang moment at the end. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and got some good laughs! try it out, I swear you'll love it!!!
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    1. Louie's Life

      Try it out y veras que I’m not lying sstupida!!

      1. Nia Lopez

        Louie's Life a little...moment 😂😂❤️

      2. Alejandra Rodriguez

        omg pls do a collab with @Makeupbypita plzzzszzzz

      3. Sponge SSS

        Oh me watching this well shiting in the bathroom for 30min straight

      4. Rafael Velazquez

        Look at my comment

      5. Reality Sweet722

        Go to it's Darius Page , he act just like you...go checc him out ....

    2. Monica Costello

      Omg Looks good😂

    3. Moon Light

      Louie: I need to wrap it around like a 100 times. Me: can barely wrap it around my stomach because I’m so fat

    4. Camila Vlogs

      Why am I hungry for that now

    5. Vanessa Rangel

      whereee you buy the noodles at????😩😩

    6. Yeraldi Perales

      Lmfao pinche estupida!!!... you is so freaking funny 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀

    7. Jahir Salgado

      Wassup James Charles

    8. Yajaira Camargo

      I love how you say estupidas !!!

    9. Jackie Rodriguez

      I love you so much and you are the baddest perra

    10. Briana Aguare

      It's true ramen is better than maruchan sorry it's true but I love u

    11. desiree__23

      I just ate them and they were ass!! Sooo nasty 🤢

    12. Angelica Sanchez

      You don't have hair so why are you flipping your hair but really a you also really want to put on a bun if you don't have hair I'm not judging you

    13. El Robert Rodriguez

      The next thing you should make ceviche!!!

    14. rathoee heree

      Bruh why does every mexican family have that same white plate😭😂✋

    15. Zuri M

      cook with ur hombre !!!!!!!!!!

    16. Angie Labra


    17. Yanice Reynoso

      I bought those for this

    18. Linda figueroa

      His reactions to being surprised ❤️😂 I can’t !

    19. Yarely Espinola

      Dam that shit look soo fucking good

    20. Ashley Lopez

      Hi can you do the Mexican flag 🇲🇽 eye makeup tutorial

    21. Babymarie

      Where did you get them at?

    22. Nia Lopez

      When he said “STOOOP” to the soup that GMFU 😂😂💀 btw I LOVE ❤️ YOUR VIDEOS

    23. Alejandra Rodriguez

      yu and makeup by pita collab YESSSSSSSSSSSS

    24. Lupe Mango

      So is it better than maruchan

    25. Michelle Guerra

      “Little bob esponja momentttt” 😭😭😭 Louie is meeee

    26. gacha girl gacha girlies


    27. Marixa Flores

      That's looks good 😍and spicy 😱😤

    28. Juli Viveros

      Raw noodles are the best 🤤🤪

    29. {*Nove_TheDuMb*}

      Maybe you should try with takis

    30. •Łeslie• Z

      My mom tried those and she loved them. She at the whole packet, and she said it wasn’t even spicy while I’m over here having chorro‼️

    31. Carr John

      If you need something cheap but worthy, try I used it few times, and I like the papers. My tutor liked them too.

    32. It’s Just Angel

      yoatzi is meeee lmaoo she’s like “it’s alright” like when my mom makes food I’m like “I kinda didn’t like it” then my mom says “ah pero como quiera te lo comiste cabrona” 😂💀💀

    33. Ruby G

      You should um sing Porque no mames u sing mad good!😭😭

    34. Haloway

      Ur funny asf 😂😂🙏🏼🙏🏼

    35. america zepeda

      How are you so good at making punching sounds

    36. MS Power

      Could you do a video with Wendy eating Show

    37. Britney

      “Para no desperdiciar” 😭 you know you a real Hispanic if you say that

    38. Joanna Bautista

      My husband eats them with the sauce only an egg and hot Cheetos . Sounds gross to me but he likes it

    39. Ximena A

      Omg I just love Louie😭❤️

    40. Hannah Schoen

      “Put some more”

    41. Denisse Ruiz

      Lmfaoooooo “where is the chicken “ that was me too 😂😂😂😂🍗

    42. salvador Hernandez

      6:58 me trying to run to in gym 0_0...uwu

    43. Jackie Salado

      so ur gonna make me hungry at 12am when i deadass have no mfk food in my household?!!! aight

    44. Joelene Valiente

      Louie is meeeeeeee eating the raw noodles 🤤🤤

    45. I0S B0T BTW


    46. Cielo Ceballos

      I have those noodles in my house and when I say it’s spicy bitch it’s hot asf!! I couldn’t finish it

    47. Makeupwithe

      Hey louieeee instead of using the skinny hot Cheetos and crushing , get the puffy hot Cheetos and crush them and it will be easier and faster , luv you 💋

    48. Elvia Gerardo

      He said spice things up a bit im guessing he dosen't know what he's messing with ! i fell bad for the toilet

    49. Adabeliz Concepcion

      Louie is the new version of Dora LMAO "Pot" "olla" 😁😂

    50. Keziah Ortiz

      You should make champurrado next Louie 😁💕

    51. Katie Chela

      A lil tik tok moment

    52. Yuliana Pascual

      No one: Me:eating maruchan😋💖 watching louie say his bestie likes the others better then maruchan 💔😤

    53. Dani vlogs


    54. Areli Velazco

      No one: Louie: pretending to have boobs 💀💀 23:22

    55. Areli Velazco

      It would not be a louie video if it didn't have hot Cheetos 😂

    56. Angela Sanchez

      Sin que esté cocida thas how white ppl eat they noddles

    57. Alondra Avila

      Y’all should try them with limon and valentine there and good like that

    58. Gregorio Ornelas

      My favorite part a little Bell moment ❤😂


      Did anybody else realize that yoatzi used the napkin that Louie used for his nose at 24:31

    60. Jenaveve. Coronado

      3:28 me at 3am getting a late night snack trying not to wake my parents up