Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]



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    Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. Sanguinius

      28k 46 year old Eminem fans disliked this video

    2. Euljan Zamora

      He’s way better with this kind of genre i must say ♥️

    3. Matty C

      Wooo lets reboot the millennium.

    4. AlexRenae2

      Megan hasn't aged a bit, my lord! Vampire!

    5. James Edmonds

      Opened rock hotlist playlist and was shook to see MGK but I am not disappointed at all, I think this sounds a lot better than his rap (obviously a personal genre preference) and hoping he sticks to this style or at least makes a couple more songs like this

    6. Butt Cheeks

      Ohhhhh yassss 90's early 2000's rock vibes 😝🤟

    7. juan david garcia sepulveda

      seria algo muy bonito donde se llegue a confirmar que son pareja :3

    8. Davis Hernandez

      He need to give up rapping, and start singing!

    9. Nishan Limbu


    10. J B

      If I didn't know anything about either of them I might have enjoyed this.

    11. Kyle Swecker

      Damn, Em smacked this dude so hard he went *pop*

    12. Alex Rush

      Holy shit. Emo survives in 2020, and MGK delivered it. Good shit

    13. AaronXA

      Getting hella Miley Cyrus vibes from Megan

    14. Poison Viperr

      I have been listening to this song for over 10 years I feel like, I think I am from the future

    15. Davi Bezerra

      This like a Foo Fighters and Green day mix song ...

    16. Sixela Lewis

      As a bisexual, I can say this video is absolutely perfect 👏

    17. gonzalo viveros

      Wuau , me agrado el tema y sobre todo verla nuevamente a Megan Fox . Y por lo visto no ha cambiado sigue igual de hermosa ;)

    18. SouthernBelleWhisper

      I think it's funny that Eminem and MGK both have had Megan Fox in their music videos. XD. Gosh I love MGK so much.

    19. Dante Sparda

      MGK officially left rap after horrible album sales. Well, good for him. Dissing your idol for clout did not worked as he expected.

    20. Josh Green

      Big respect to Travis Barker influencing MGK in producing these bangers

    21. Squeet

      .... Is this an all American rejects cover?

    22. C ?

      ♥️♥️♥️♥️ but why do you die in the end 🥺 love the song all of them!!

    23. chloe b

      i’m so happy i’m bisexual

    24. Erica Melchor

      Video is cute Lol Megan fox ... and all I saw was Jennifer’s body .. killer 🥰😍

    25. Joshua Field

      Someone call the fire department cause this song is fire 🔥

    26. Wings of Ashes

      I thought he was a rapper?

    27. Breezzey

      Not seen Megan since Charlie Harper dripped tiger juice on her Hiv positive

    28. nonnhec ovlac

      hate to admit this but i prefer this punk rock genre rather than his rapping

    29. Pigeons4Life

      What about Ladiesman217?

    30. Breezzey

      Brian Austin Green hates this kid i'll give it 1 yr Max

    31. tomuch chedder

      Somehow I'm proud of u man

    32. Mariah Turner

      I would love to see her in more movies

    33. KyuisPlays

      I swear she’s from Transformers 🤯🤯

    34. Zachary Gibbons

      Dude. Heavy late 90s early 2000s vibes. 90s kids thank you for bringing this sound back.

    35. Dandy Humilde de Querétaro

      What do you think that Brian A. G. Felt after had heard this song? 🤔

    36. Serena Kienel

      i actually love this, especially the 2000s vibe it gives. please stick to this style, i love

    37. ARMIS M

      Killshot u punk 😄

    38. p m

      When Eminem destroys your rap career so you switch to punk😂😂

    39. night king

      I actually kind of dig this song because it brings me back to the days when i used to binge watch smallville. Man those were good times..........shit.... okay time to binge wath smallville again

    40. Aregli Dine

      Eminem really destroyed his career

      1. Alain Charbonneau

        How ? He's a millionaire living from his music + plus he had a rap record last years ! And a bunch of rap during quarantine. Get out of your bubble

    41. Brandon Post

      Kells, when do we get the acoustic??

    42. krumpchaos

      Great change up 🤟🤟

    43. cicciarelliam

      About time he makes some good music not rapping

    44. yoel cohen

      Shes cheated on her husband with this dude... damn loose women

    45. jrsal

      Avril Lavigne did this same thing already

    46. Amanda Keel

      Nahh he can rap to. But I love this side to

    47. AriaMarie

      this and I think I’m okay are SUCH bangers

    48. ItsJustKimber

      This is fucking epic

    49. Thomas Woodruff

      Get money MGK, get money.

    50. Robin Vasquez

      He’s so awesome.

    51. Dillon Hall

      Eminem really did a number on him but this Kelly isn’t so bad

    52. Maria Valle

      Megan Fox has no loyalty. She went from being in an Eminem video to a MGK video

      1. Alain Charbonneau

        That was 10 years ago ! Grow up !

    53. Ruben Encalada


    54. Stephanie Marie

      Total Jennifer’s body vibes.

    55. Miguel Jackson

      Does Magan fox age? like she looks the same.

    56. Miguel Jackson

      thought he was a rapper

    57. Kisha Cayanan

      I saw megan. Immediately clicked.

    58. Con808 V

      Song is dope. Might be the first rapper marshal made switch genres but if mgk can make a rock/rap album he can break the billboards. Opening for fall out boy worked out for him

    59. Cody Sorensen

      This is a banger

    60. Jam Jam

      Early 2000s nostalgia! Holy fuck

    61. CryptWRLD

      I normally listen to r&b and rap but mgk got me listening to rock and I'm here for it 😂

    62. Bradley C

      What's the chance we can get another song with Wiz Khalifa? Possibly featuring Kid Ink? That would be epic!!!!!!! Just sayin

      1. Anthony Romero

        Kid ink ??! He is a nobody nowadays ..

    63. Adriana Torres

      Those megan fox dont age or what shes beatiful like the first time i saw her on that horror movie

    64. jennukka Helvetti

      Damn, Megan is soooo gorgeous! 😍

    65. we are not your kind

      Blink 182 I Love the way you lie

    66. riley parks

      I’m here because Megan fox 😳

    67. DJUniMekaju

      Ooo, I like this style. It's old-school and new-school at the same time. 😎

    68. Andrew Rogers

      Hey he should have went this route to begin with lmao I was wondering what happened to him after eminem destroyed him 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠☠☠🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    69. Sammi Mercer

      She left Brian for him? Bad choice.

    70. Savana Mitchell

      Did he pick Megan fox because she was in eminems music video or...🍵

      1. Alain Charbonneau


    71. ScarlettHonda OfNC

      Megan fox?

    72. Rohith794

      Megan fox looks gorgeous at 34 years old with 3 kids. Does this woman never age or what?

    73. John Kolinoff


    74. account

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> bruhhhh mans is huge

    75. Dila karakış


    76. kim baby

      Should've turned the notification on.I love this song.

    77. Machete Lee


    78. Henry E.F.

      Eminem really changed him

    79. Randy Kittelson

      honestly decent sound you made for once.. Then I realized i was just looking at her the whole time and zoning out the music

    80. Michael Mascolo

      What's funny, mgk dies in the vid and right after that, a chipotle commercial comes up. I bet the meat in the burritos is his career. Ill stick to taco bell thank you