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Mac Miller

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    Directed by Anthony Gaddis & Eric Tilford
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    Special thanks to the friends and family who helped make this vision a reality.
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    1. Drica Oliver

      Sinto sua falta te amo 💕 sempre e sempre

    2. MinoritiesRlazy

      Mac n cheese miller

    3. Captain Dennis

      It ain’t so bad...

    4. Tiota

      I just fucking cried

    5. chaitanya reddy

      Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

    6. Chase Burns

      He is still out there dreaming.

    7. euphoria _

      I thought hes dead???

      1. Tony C.

        euphoria _ He is dead this album is posthumously

    8. SirMcWaffle

      :(((((((( Missin a brother in life dawg

    9. Pon lNDY

      ถึงฟังไม่ออกนะ แต่รู้สึกได้เลย ว่าซึมเศร้าขนาดไหน

    10. محمد الملك


    11. DETEBE

      This sound like a rolling stone, and will be in top 100 rolling stone

    12. MusicLife 100%

      Follow me 🎇

    13. Dillon Brown

      When I seen this I balled like a mother fucker, so blessed to get the notification and see this master piece, I've been a fan for years and I'm blessed to see this and know Mac looking down and seeing this ha R.I.P Mac.

    14. Ruben Reinaldo Perez

      This is the first time I miss somebody I never met so much. I began hearing Miller's songs just a month after his death and I didn't know. When I knew that his was dead I was like: "Why good people leave this f*cking world? " Then this album, hits so hard. I'm 16 but I'm old enough to appreciate the work put into this album and how special Miller was. It can make me cry while I'm listening to his songs and then it can make me smile. I don't believe in God but I hope he's in a better place that this world that nowadays is a piece of sh*t. Rest in peace bro 🙏✌

    15. Ahlona A

      I lost my youngest brother a few years ago, it must be blessing hearing this from macs family

    16. Mèo Gáy Tiếng Chó

      Thank you Miller. You make my life better

    17. RocketBunny _

      Heard this song tonight on my drive home from a long 16hr shift. Such a great song❤️ Thanks Mac😌

    18. skertous

      Repose en paix !!! 😇😇😇😇C'est le genre de personne pour qui on se prend d'affection sans les connaître !!

    19. Taylor Edward

      What an incredible song. Oh my god. This is fuckin incredible. So powerful

    20. Omar Elmasry

      the music sounds familiar ??

    21. Austin Maupin

      I just noticed that the Mercedes in the video was the same one he crashed lol

    22. dopl

      How tf ..

    23. Choppa Gang

      I feel every line everyday.

    24. dave15710

      Love and miss you forever

    25. August Heckmann

      I feel like all of these videos were made with the intention of us all rolling a fat blunt and living in Mac's world for this last time. To remember the way he can make us feel and all the happiness he brought us. Thank you Mac, thank you Jon Brion, and thank you to the McCormick family, your son touched millions of lives.

    26. Madara Uchiha

      Here as a member of the community Mac brought together and left behind down here. I love you guys and will always respond to fellow fans messages!👌👍❤ In Atlanta, Ga

    27. Powndland Jesus Matt

      The very mind set that allowed him to write such powerful music was the mind set that killed him. True creative genius requires true sacrifice.

    28. SLOW

      Piano song name??

      1. dueeh nyyu

        We love you, we miss you. Rest easy, "Most Dope."

    29. ilikedrumstep

      it kinda reminds me of i'm not the only one by sam smith

      1. dueeh nyyu


    30. Cocaína

      1:01 “Why does everybody need me to stay?” It’s more than that mac. rip

    31. wyatt phaneuf

      Told this to a very small amount of people, but 2-3 years before miller’s passing my wake up alarm was “smile back” & Donald trump” & it’s never been the same since, ily Mac & I’d never though I’d miss someone I never met as much as I met you, but your à a big hero in my book

    32. ItzzJamar

      Imagine having the audacity to dislike

    33. Juan Ayala Lugo

      Love Mac 2013

    34. EricVevo

      This was posted on my 12th b-day :/

    35. Quon alien

      The beatles vibes from this vid💖 miss you so much mac

    36. OnlyOneMe

      No more No more No more No more ..

    37. XIS BOY


    38. Chuck KTCLuTCH

      This whole album makes me feel his problems and it’s so heart aching to hear his voice and I wish he didn’t have to go😖😢 Rip Legend🙏

    39. Ethan Muck

      Yo its so weird that you like there music more when there gone :(

    40. Javier Talamantes

      Does anyone know where 2:52 is from? attach link if possible. Thanks

    41. UncleKhab

      When a passed friend tells you ' it ain't that bad ' you better listen.

    42. Micheal McClain

      If this song or especially video doesn’t make the greatest track and video ever we boycott all awards I know Mac wasn’t bout them but damn this deserves to be ingrained in history

    43. 박상현


    44. Dillydallydahooo

      We love you, we miss you. Rest easy, "Most Dope."

    45. Utös Utös

      The middle of this video is as I was 28 years ago when the creator took me for a trip...🌌

    46. Jay R

      make a whole movie with im in the studio!!!! fkn fire!!!!

    47. Julius Spencer

    48. Julius Spencer

      yall check this. i dont rap but i do write. check out this new piece about addiction

    49. Julius Spencer

    50. jess smel

      I miss you so damn much mac. Get teared up every time I hear you now. Loved you for over 11 years.

    51. diego puscan


    52. jerod fisher

      This was his farewell. His album circles in general but, this song specifically. It almost sounds like he was ready to go, like he was at peace. We will always miss you Mac. Till we all see you again.

    53. Jada Fobister


    54. Lia

      i miss him🥺

    55. Seafoam Studios

      This was such a great release. If you like this song, check out the cover on my channel! :) RIP Mac Miller

    56. Rage Guerrero


    57. Halle Alaniz

      I love this song

    58. George Hill

      Been listening to Mac for a good 6 years and I have never heard a song that wasn’t incredibly written. Sad af that’s he’s gone I always will be ‘ 1 man could save millions of people but millions of people couldn’t save 1 man rip mac you were a genius

    59. Andy Marquez

      When he’s walking into the light at the end got to me af!

    60. H G

      this song takes me to a different universe. it gets me so high every time I listen to it.