Lit Yoshi Feat. Fredo Bang - Again (Official Music Video)

Fredo Bang

Fredo Bang

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    Lit Yoshi Feat. Fredo Bang - Again (Official Music Video)
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    Directed by: ShotByJolo shotbyjolo
    2020 Bang Biz Ent. LLC

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    1. Terraj Valant


    2. Biggie Cover

      They would make a good duo ‼️‼️‼️💯

    3. Omar Armendariz

      I think he's referring to Lil Fin WHO was a LEGEND IN SOUTHSIDE BR, whom died shooting back & known shooter. Factz TBG OR SIT DAAHHNN

    4. Mob

      Yoshi needa stay to Shooting He sound like its his 1st song.

    5. Teezy B

      Idgaf WaT Nobody Say Yo Supplyin Dat FuxKinn PreSUre

    6. John Tatum


    7. Yung India


      1. alida flus

        "i aint got no heart he with tha opps i put this bitch straight thru my cousin face" -Fredo 🔥🔥 thats crazy him and boosie cousins

    8. Devarian Noyes

      Lil yo yo

    9. Shotta Effect

      Get this recommended 💯💯💯💯💯

      1. Shotta Effect

        I feel you alida

      2. alida flus

        Wish you was alive to see when his partner slimed him off😂❤❤❤❤#Smokingdump

    10. Shotta Effect

      Nemo Need A Fitted😭#inthenameofgee

    11. i like to laugh

      Dissing Boosie.. naw Fredo..

    12. Gang Gang

      Man i swear lit yoshi is tbg version. of webbie reincarnated

    13. FIRZT TEZ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> Fredo diss lil boosie

    14. aola wili

      Days why I twist his friend...

    15. Childish Duke

      Did he just say "fuck a song,I'm trying to spin on Ben"??

      1. A D

        spin up in

    16. David Pinto

      Choppa bullets in the wind watch em twist your big friend 💨💨💨💨

    17. SLankyy On YT

      put em onna shirt @Fredo 💯✊🏿

    18. FTO killbill


      1. aola wili

        I whooped his ass 🤣 his adlib

    19. Antwone Forbes

      This supposed to been at a mil

    20. DRACO 8

      They acting like yb

      1. Tremaine Giddens


      2. A D


    21. Og Shawnda

      , yoshi and fredo need to blow blow , they deserve it 💯

    22. Shotta Effect

      Wish you was alive to see when his partner slimed him off😂❤❤❤❤#Smokingdump

    23. Boss Man

      "i aint got no heart he with tha opps i put this bitch straight thru my cousin face" -Fredo 🔥🔥 thats crazy him and boosie cousins

    24. Dwayne Mayes

      Pull up in full Force !!!!!!

    25. Dwayne Mayes

      Yoshi snapped

    26. kingcarti13 paige


    27. Travis Mannix

      Fredo building TBG up fr put in mad work in a year or less idk

    28. Tyler Wright

      Yk baby joe will smoke u like he did to the dread-head....

    29. Tyler Wright

      If you gonna send shots say his name or put the @

    30. Jake H

      Yoshi should go-head & dress up like tha joker & get yu a Harley Quinn fa one of ya video shoots.. Dat bxh would go stoopid...

      1. Jake H

        Honestly both y'all smile talking shit, soo either one y'all could pull it off.. Btw Fredo, stop dissing ya fans on live cuz they ain't as rich as yu. Ya fans, is Ya money...

    31. Jake H

      Wutz tha real reason fa using finn name???

    32. Humble Hitta

      I whooped his ass 🤣 his adlib

    33. Baby Mula

      Can’t stop listening

    34. GeeziS fromtha40s

      Too fye had play this shit again

    35. d w . Baltimore

      Gon b 🔥 summer

    36. John May

      I can't stop replaying this shit over and over again

      1. Kieran Jeffery

        Og i dont see how this dont got 1million views yet

    37. Will Jay

      Rip gee and quick

    38. Will Jay

      Big dawg pressure

    39. Jayden Krong


    40. Meek Williams

      The LIVE version was harder 💯💯💯

    41. il hudo raps

      Shit I ain't gonna say too much like I usually do all imma say is I'm pleased for y'all I ain't no gangbanger but when it comes to music im fuckin wit tbg all da way and dis shit hard and ya ain't even trying just talkin ya shit

    42. Georgenson Sagaille

      RIP lil fin Billy the kid

    43. Cale Vega

      y'all sleep y'all need to get that MOST HATED merch that shit 🔥 and fresh...BANGMAN!!!!

    44. Paul Thaniel

      This That Shit fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

    45. tion mccain

      Dis a young boy instrumental step on shit

    46. Eric Hill

      Can some one do lyrics

    47. T2 Goat


    48. Jonathan Gillis


    49. The_kidd Smith

      The more i listen to this shit lit yoshi sound like webbie on this

    50. Ben Frankz

      Rip gee money

    51. Robert Hall

      I'm really digging this songs. Y'all both rock that bitches. 👍💯😷🙌🔥🔥🔥 I am the only one bump y'all in Rochester New York I mean a couple people playing. But to be honest. But that's just because of me. These niggaz up here playing NBA youngboy. And other shit. I am bumping fredobang whole CD. Tbg. I know gee money would have been the head honcho if he was still.

    52. KingAdrian 713

      I’m tryna get the big dawg 🔥

    53. mafioso zayy

      I can’t stop listening to this 🔥

    54. Terrian Love

      I don't care if he with the opps I put a bullet through my own cousins face lmao he talking about Boosie am I the only one that caught that

    55. Blubber

      You tryna rep off me u betta step lil one I get down🔥🔥🔥. Dat to BoosieBoyBee clout chasin crash dummy ass

    56. ßåmmy Ņumbañíñ


    57. TYwanarouga 12

      Who he whooped in parish

    58. Nadia Jones

      Funny Mike

    59. Naptown Tweezy

      Saying Fin name only gone piss BBG off yoshi know what he doing lol

    60. Courtney Crayton

      Wht i like abt fredo is tht he rap abt life, and he gt lil yoshi on tht positive road with hm

    61. Cecil Bryant

      Hardest song this year

    62. Evan Stewart

      I had to play this bitch again 🔥

    63. Clee Torres

      He went hard as a mafk

      1. alisuo toko

        Fredo not holding nothing back he already said he don’t care if that his fam you with the ops lay with the ops

    64. Matthew Garcia

      In the name of G

      1. alisuo toko

        like if yoshi went HARD IN THIS SONG

    65. Desi and Alesyia Harris

      Yoshi > meechie

    66. Mar'quis Martin

      This shit make me wanna catch a body😈🔪🔫

    67. hardwork paysoff

      He wit the opps, I put that shit right thru my cousin 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 talk ya shit BANGMAN🔥🔥🔥🔥

    68. Lawzo Killz

      @:50 LL Gee

    69. Que Hills


    70. Ymc Altillarytwan

      Da bangman is da Baton Rouge lil durk

    71. Ymc Altillarytwan

      Rip fin

    72. Johnny Green

      If Gee And Quick was here they would Be the Faces of TBG shit imagine if Marley G was still here that's real Pressure 🔥

    73. Fzone 12

      I usually don't listen to rap anymore, but this banger hit different. It's just so clean and has a good vibe going on. Much love! 🙏🏽❤️

    74. alida flus

      BLVD quick said TBG a problem in he was right

    75. Gwak Gwak

      Yoshi like yeaaaa them doors bout to open up

    76. Lazarric Bennett

      So y’all gone act like he didn’t Diss Boosie

    77. Montrell DB

      “ He with the opps, I put that bitch right thru my cousin face” he talking about boosie??😳

      1. alida flus

        you gone rin into a opp but if u let it die down sometimes that shyt will be over. It comes a time in a man's life that he has to grow up and watch u gone luv yo enemies bkuz

    78. JBTHAGOAT lpbz

      like if yoshi went HARD IN THIS SONG

    79. Desert Gardening

      Fredo not holding nothing back he already said he don’t care if that his fam you with the ops lay with the ops

    80. Gavino Corona

      Fredo bang said " I had a bag on me since 15 ,what yall pussy waiting for" he's talking about youngboy cuz 2015 that when youngboy left TBG and created NBA and tgan he start beefing with gee money and hangman and the TBG gang

      1. King Chambers

        @A D 😂😂😂

      2. A D

        You're 100% wrong, but nice try lol