Lil Mosey Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex



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    Lil Mosey goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about lining up for Air Jordans, how his brother got him into sneakers, and why the Balenciaga Triple S is his favorite sneaker to wear everyday.

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    1. Complex

      How many pairs of white air force 1s do you keep in rotation?

      1. Chad Cayabyab


      2. David Rojas

        0 your music TRASH

      3. 917zay

        @Nnamdi Divon Anene same man

      4. BaltyBicken BBC

        0 cuz those shits trash

      5. McCheezy

        Hayden B or any of the 2hype guys besides mopi because he pretty much just likes vans

    2. 3jacksonderek

      Why does society make people like this famous?

    3. Melih Ssngs

      Where can I buy pharell willams

    4. Bryan Rojas

      This Nigga 🗑🗑🗑🗑💩💩💩

    5. Mr.Bombastic

      I cant tell if he was joking about her scanning sth twice or not

    6. Cunfuze _

      Next video «Complex goes sneaker shopping with Zlatan»


      those Roadstas are FAKE AS HELL! why would you do mosey dirty like that?

    8. Monte Timu

      Deserving is an understatement😤

    9. _xtanha_

      whys he so finee

    10. EPZ

      Anyone notice mosey had British cash

    11. That Guy Luis

      Another Lil trash can.

    12. Xucro_cuz

      Bruh these niggas overcharging tf

    13. Guunky

      he might be african american but hes objectively not black, he is white

    14. Kierenmarriott 01

      You need to get iann dior on the show

    15. Deruzzi

      did he wake up like the man

    16. Kiru Blvd

      Cant believe they sold lil mosey fake bape runners

    17. Revixe

      I respect this man no unnecessary spending❤️

    18. okow tina

      I thought i was the only one who think the “did u scan that correctly” joke was awkard af💀😭 Coronavirus is getting Bad stay safe 😩

      1. okow tina


    19. Big Tarantula

      I hate this kid why do i keep seeing him?


      Shoreline Mafia Goes sneaker shopping! Make it happen Joe

    21. Elijah Angel

      3,000 for 4 pairs of shoes ? Hell naw !!!!

    22. laysay yasyal

      bring lil tjay on this

    23. Finn

      "little mosey"

    24. 2Tone Baby

      they double charged him

    25. Offsolo

      He said “you sure you scanned the correctly" Scan that again or sum😂😂😂😂😂

    26. Xevuki

      mosey should’ve went to cool kicks

    27. Galilea Torres

      Where’s Charlie damelio she need to be getting some shoes

    28. Sawyer Dean

      Yall think moseys up next😂

    29. Towelie

      How they gonna sell him some fake ass bape roadstas 😂😂

    30. hamed zadran

      Bro that kiss nest to his 👂

    31. hyprstorm

      The Mustang was a propeller aircraft, not a jet. Just saying...

    32. Woube Kebede

      Now time for Carti

    33. Rosey Pink

      Mosey is 🥵❤️

    34. Carson Wiebe

      The host is blacker than Mosey

    35. juniorrr _

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="418">6:58</a>😂

    36. juniorrr _

      i know y’all heard 5 scans when mosey was paying and she was scanning the shoes

    37. IWishIWasAShippe

      Sold him fake Roadstas...

    38. Infinity Life

      I thought these set in America why did he have pounds on him?

    39. Cody Crofts

      Sorry- $300 tax???

    40. slim thick

      He broke asf

    41. Fiureball FireballXV

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="282">4:42</a> Imagine lil pump in that hallway with that girls bra on that he posted on his insta. 🤣🤣

    42. ole one eye

      She's the cutest little girl.....what's her name again?

    43. Ethan Wheatley

      Nobody gonna point out the British pounds he had on the counter?


      Joe: so i heard your momma slapped you once on your left buttox because you got kicked outta school and now you have a scar there. Tel me about that... Mosey: 😳 how the fuck u no dat?

    45. ismael2wavyy

      Jus to let y’all know the bapes he bought were fake

    46. Bash NS

      Who or wtf is this nigga i never heard of...gottamn. anybody can be famous nowadays

    47. Jovaniel Crespo

      You sure you ain’t scanned that twice🤣🤣😂

    48. Justin McCormick

      The Bape shoes are fake lol

    49. sebastian

      he did get scammed them bapestas fake af

    50. xxxlilbaby45 all day

      He got played

    51. Booya

      I was in New York and my parents brought me to stadium goods and we couldn’t go because they where filming mosey

    52. Carlcom

      Music video: Viewers: Fuckboy rat-lookin ass bitch Sneaker Shopping: Viewers: I respect him, he chill af.

    53. Itz Natebot722

      What the heck he’s got a kiss mark on his neck xD

    54. Josh K

      get oprahside on sneaker shopping

    55. Diesel Bunch

      Chance the rapper plzzz

    56. jelle

      Who is that? Is he still a rapper

    57. Wavy Kay

      Y’all played this man on them prices 😭😭😭😭

    58. Cody Gonzalez

      Someone said the Bape Roadsta are fake?

    59. Tube Gamer x

      He was so angry 😡😂🤣

    60. Abiola Olagunju

      Today he clearly woke up like da man

    61. BBB


    62. cancer_ bourgeois

      After the purchase, his whole mood went 😑

    63. Dwang675

      Fucking wild that they sold him fake roadstas. SMH

      1. Dwang675

        7:41 the sta print on the back is sooo off

    64. Yameen

      Why this man carrying English notes too?

    65. Airsoft kid

      Lil Mosey has a hickey on hus neck.

    66. gold gummie

      They need to get mrbeast in here I bet u he would spend over s $100000

    67. Powerhouse/Beast Cz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="463">7:43</a> he know he got scammed he regretting it so bad😂😂

    68. Powerhouse/Beast Cz

      His face when he heard the price😂😂💀

    69. Oscar Kuzmanoski


    70. DiamondTheKontrollerGirl

      Check out my GTA5 gaming channel and show some love please 🎮💕

    71. Akshay Khera

      Why’s he paying with english money ??

    72. Penguin Kid

      Is... that a hickey?

    73. Milas Carney

      Make ksi do complex shopping

    74. Justin Morse

      they robbed the dude

    75. Derek Rosales

      why does joe know more about mosey than mosey knows about himself

    76. Lorenzo Alvarez

      Why does mosey look like a corn tortilla

    77. Rëmä

      If only xxxtentacion went shoe shopping

    78. Pablito Uwu

      Get lil uzi vert

    79. Deavstated

      who agrees that mosey blew up 2 times from the same song

    80. joshie jr

      I went on StockX and found all the shoes at size 9.5 for $2,644. They rly just scammed this man out of almost 1k