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    1. Professor Hulk

      Whoever doesn't like this song has no clue what in the fuck they're doing.

    2. Zac to high

      This beat is fvcking 🔥🔥the bar he has is amazing

    3. Mike Haywood


    4. xXx Taylor

      That was sooo cool.

    5. Jeff Warren

      😮Beautiful lyrics,beat sicker than the Corona Virus,and visuals that make u have to smile at least 3 times in awe, make this one of the BEST music videos of all time.Yeah,I said it. BTW The Shark Tale clip was ...OFF THE HOOK.

    6. All timer

      Joyner makes music for intelligent individuals, yup...

    7. Mi View

      Impressed that he didnt use cuss words to make a song. Bet will is impressed.

    8. Tahp

      wow. just wow.

    9. TZ ;D


    10. Xono Light check this out The beat ,its the same

    11. Cappizzi 808


    12. Manzo

      This is my best song ever❤️❤️❤️ I listen to this music like 10 times a day🙏💪🏾

    13. Shavel Huell

      Lol. Joyner actually looked more like Neil DeGrasse Tyson in the pursuit of happiness shot.

    14. Furious Stylez

      Damn 6.6k ppl either don't lik Lucas r will lol damn I thought it was a dope video n tribute. But if will smith goes with in 3 months they will probably blame u smh

    15. Eternal Darkness

      No god damn Ali movie screen time in the music video? Or is it because Will played the role of someone else? Yes Muhammad Ali?!?! 🤔

    16. Motlatsi Raolane


    17. Shyno LegacyTv


    18. Keith Smith

      People just dont know the creative energy this took ...from the song to the video.. shits dope #fuego

    19. Phinox Ali


    20. NateDidit Beats


    21. Cooling Red

      You did this one 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    22. brazon lee

      So we just not going to talk about the fact that Joyner Lucas said Shark Tales with an s welcome to the Mandela affect Joyner Lucas that's how I remember it to

    23. xSlowPoke33

      *"Me: when someone sees me outside during this quarantine"* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> #stayhome

    24. Ghost Aloco


    25. MehKoiter

      A rapper from Pittsburgh named Frzy did a tribute to Will Smith in 2019, both of these are really good. If you wanna watch his its on his instagram.

    26. Illyrian Kerchiku

      I am missing a DeadShot reference tbh

    27. FMF Sassk026

      Maaad this shit litttttttttttttt

    28. Omari Dore

      How can ppl dislike this??????

    29. Andy Goodings

      Joyner lucas looks like a rap version of yoel romero

    30. McWaxBlunt

      Greatest song out rn. Will is a big inspiration too many people. Awesome

    31. TCrob

      And m&m is gonna cry this song ain't about him.

    32. Daniel Raskai

      He forgot the "Ali Movie in 2001 by Will Smith "

    33. Skull Taker

      “Homies my idol and don’t even know it”

    34. Jason Little

      The dopest tribute I have ever seen in my Life!!! JL is the Goat!!!!

    35. Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

      Will Smith has done a lot of legendary things in his life and movies and TV shows, but it goes vastly underrated smh...

    36. Alvin Mills

      Underrated Eminem meets Dave East

    37. Endi Shabani

      Joyner was a goat since the beginning just y’all didn’t give him the recognition he deserved but here he is back and i like this new style snd vibe this man gives you chills,anger,happiness and gets you lit trying to rap like him and is just amazing how he turned out to be what he said he would. MUCH RESPECT TO JOYNER.

    38. 7TH 4N4LY5T

      In terms of musicality this song is whatever for me, but this is honestly a beautiful and well-written song. I hope Will Smith responds to this in some way. Honour your idols while they live so they might be humbled by their impact on the world.

    39. brainchild8626

      Wow he actually got Will to do a cameo?...Or THATS SOME BOMB ASS CGI!!!!😂😂😂

    40. Max Power

      joyner you are original bro nice song

    41. William Woolhouse

      You killed it period

    42. ScB Evasive

      I'm upstairs listening to my Will Smith CD

    43. Trisha Moore

      His flow is cool.. love how he used all of his movies in the song!!!

    44. J. J. Marley

      what, no love for *HANCOCK* ?!?! superdope video regardless

    45. Senior Bota

      Damn this nigga is soo creative

    46. Justin Verh

      When he shot the robot it did the NLE Choppa

    47. Ronald Dennis

      How do y’all dislike this

    48. Wade Ragsdale

      Joyner you are my Will Smith 👌

    49. Cotton-EyeJoe

      Independence Day!!!!! where u at?

    50. PerksFN

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="161">2:41</a> • gave me chills, maybe wills next🤭


      6,4K dislike ?? WTF !!!!!

    52. Traverse

      I hope you ain't too drunk for the rapture. 💯

    53. Free Real Estate

      9.9/10 "No Hancock"

    54. Brashawn Williams

      Just gained a new fan!! 👐🏾🔥💧

    55. naffa 12 check my latest kanye West video

    56. Jonko Unnos

      he sold his soul

    57. Future Prediction

      Let’s be honest, we all have wanted to be like Will.

    58. Douglasse Rui João

      Esse gajo é muito mau ✌✌😎😍🤓👹

    59. BX SLiMx NY

      “I gotta lead my people to salvation. We ain’t got no time to waste.”

    60. Rohan Sukhraj

      This is AWESOME! Please don't check my channel! (LOCKDOWN SONG)

    61. Xodal

    62. hussain mahdi

      He is a true Artist

    63. Jessica Holmes

      Man: Did I miss something? Curry: Yeah, apparently cash back with Rakuten

    64. zach cozad

      Good shit

    65. DarknuttyAndKilami1

      Pursuit of Happiness is a Masterpiece! Best Will Smith's Film by far!

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    67. Gacela Garcia

      congratulations genius song.....Dope I love every word of it.

    68. Ndip Gaston

      I am in Cameroon in central Africa. I am so so inspired by Will Smith.

    69. Tamanika Hill

      Joyner did it again!!!!!👊👊👊

    70. UNDEAD Prod.

      He forgot about Hancock😭

    71. Urukundo Angelo

      The beard changing, nice detail

    72. UCMYEVO

      Uncle Phill (Will remix) - Joyner Lucas ft. Will Smith, up next. Yeah I said it! 💪🏼💯 #JoynerLucas #barz #heavy

    73. Think Blue68

      Give them atoast,well there still. ALIVE). 😬 Still with u K.O.B.E!!🙏

    74. Jessica Thomas

      The Fucking GOAT!!! Aye I Haven't Been Disappointed By Joyner Yet

    75. Random Juansense

      Thank you.... just thank you for this masterpiece.

    76. Henry Joseyjr

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #CrankLucas break

    77. Clemens K

      Beat slaps

    78. Krystle Pearson

      Very creative 🙂

    79. D'shawn Cherry

      Now this what i call paying homage. You deserve it Mr. Will Smith. My childhood wouldn't be the same without you!!!

    80. solitarymaninblack

      Get the song here