Journey - Of a lifetime lyrics


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    Song by rock band Journey
    The mist is slowly lifting
    The sound of life misplaced your mind
    You're sitting, spellbound throughout time
    I hope that you remember what you find
    Singin' for the lifetime, yea
    You put it down, all that I'm thinking
    But take a long and distant search,
    When all is right you take for granted
    You can't look down but you're no worse, no no no no, my my my
    My my my my my my my my my
    Singin' for the lifetime
    The countless visions that are drifting
    The silver dreams, you hate to lose
    There's no harm, we've all been waiting
    Well keep your faith, do what you choose
    Singin' for the lifetime, yea


    1. steelersjourney11111

      First Song Off The First Album ,Where It All Started !

    2. R C

      Saw the look into fut tour an next tour nyc 14st .then infinity thru frontiers .then i was gone .to girly driven with next change still talented but not 4me..1st 3 albums .great .n those tours great n 1st perry infinity tour great ..imo.1st 2 tops

    3. FFVison

      5 downvotes because they don't know that We'we all been waiting :-P <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="256">4:16</a>

    4. ManicPixieFangirl

      WOW! This totally ROCKS! It's like a whole different band. I'm definitely going to give Journey's 1st three albums a listen :)

    5. steelersjourney11111

      No Disrespect To Gregg Rolie .He Was A Better Singer Then Most People Give Him Credit .But The Facts Don't Lie ,Without Steve Perry Journey Would Of Ended With Only 3 Albums To Their Credit ,And No Hits To Play On The Radio !!

      1. steelersjourney11111

        @Greg Berry If You Do Your Research On Journey They Had No Hits With Rolie .They Were Good But Not Good Enough To Be On The Radio .The Record Lable Told Them If You Don't Get Any Hits You're Done .So That's Why They Brought In Steve Perry !!!

      2. Greg Berry

        They were on the cusp of becoming one of if not the best progressive rock bands ever. Then they became the nana lala band. And who is to say there wouldn't have been more albums? Santana had his biggest hit ever with Rolie behind the mike.

      3. steelersjourney11111

        The Difference Between Steve Perry Coming In To Help The Band In 1978 And Steve Perry Being Kicked Out In 1998 Was In 1978 They Gained Much More Fans Then They Lost ,Where In 1998 They Lost Much More Fans Then They Gained .Journey Saw What Kansas And Boston Had Started In 1976 With The AOR Sound ,And From A Business Stand Point It Worked .It Hasn't Worked Since Losing Steve Perry !!

      4. waltermitty007

        +steelersjourney11111 Essentially there were two different bands called “Journey.” The first three albums that were without Steve Perry were an entirely different sound and feel. After Steve Perry the sound became much more commercial. This wasn’t just due to the presence of Perry, music had turned in that direction in general toward the late 1970’s and so the change in the band was due to the record label, not the band. I took a jab at post-Perry Journey above, which is more of a running joke I make than any true criticism of the later years of the band. I say it from the perspective of a teenaged boy who listened to Journey and very much enjoyed the first three albums, then along came “Infinity” with a whole different look and whole different sound. It was hugely successful, but just wasn’t “Journey” to those of us pre-Perry Journey fans and we insisted it was a sure sign of the end of times.

    6. Dennis Smith

      Ahhh, the real Journey, before Steve Perry showed up to make it awful!

    7. Six-String Steve

      one of their best. The solo at the end is pure mind-bending space-rock java. Happy 40th anniversary to this, their finest LP! luv from London

    8. bluesmokerH1

      Wow! takes you right back and full circle. thanks.

    9. marcbythesea7

      ABSOLUTELY !!!!!

    10. REGULATOR99

      dandy! ...still got this on 33 1/3 RPM

    11. Jimi Zeppelin

      @Vomtu100 i totally agrer

    12. Jimi Zeppelin


    13. vomtu ddc

      i prefer this side of this band then what made them famous

    14. bauko28

      @legsport1 az egész diszkográfiájuk megvan, és egyébként ThePiratebay-ről.