Joe Rogan Leaving Youtube For Spotify & $100 million

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    1. monika laosi

      Tomorrow's headline: Google Acquires Spotify

    2. Paddy Mooney

      Yeah isn't he another one that pushes the transgender agenda yeah it pays to push the right agenda,why isn't David Icke been offered big contracts oh yeah he doesn't push agendas

    3. Koen Dekoning

      First time watching this channel. So this is like boomer YT? Why are they non stop laughing at their own jokes? Anyway 750K is pretty impressive guess there is an audience. More power to you guys.

      1. monika laosi

        Money, money, money....

    4. Mark Gamal

      Great for him, but speaking for myself I think I can no longer listen to him, I probably cannot afford a monthly spotify subscription.

    5. randster64

      Jimmy is pissing himself laughing and it's making me laugh too

    6. Jethromcsheepherder

      Everything about ALsel has gone downhill since Google took over. Hopefully this will create a domino effect and rupture ALsel's monopoly.

      1. bilinas mini

        garden? What about Spotify's attempt to monopolize the podcast market?

    7. Ric Pel

      I don't have anything against Joe Rogan or Spotify but this is just another glaring example of how screwed up the internet economy is. Spotify is going to pay him $100 MILLION to sit in front of a camera and talk. How much does it cost a month to be a Spotify customer? Free? How can a "Company" that doesn't charge it's customers a fee afford to pay a person $100 MILLION? Just like ALsel and pretty much every other internet website, data mining, tracking your every movement on the internet, taking and stealing everything that should be private to each person. Privacy is a huge part of being a "Free" person, if you don't have any privacy the last thing you are is free. Advertisers are supposed to advertise, not data mine and snoop in peoples business. They should promote a product or service, not try to guess or even know what a person needs before the person does, or so they think. The advertising industry is so far out of control it makes the insurance industry look like good guys. Their ability to profit obscenely by taking and stealing peoples data and info is more important than the people having privacy to our bought out politicians and government. As wonderful as the internet is and can be, it has been pretty much ruined by greed like everything else.The use of tracking cookies should be illegal, so should internet sites being able to do what they want with any data or info they can take from anyone who uses their website.When you walk into a brick and mortar store does someone meet you at the door telling you that if you enter you have to put on a camera and microphone so they can follow you wherever you go and hear every word you say, FOREVER? If a person isn't consciously paying a fee for use or a service, any value being taken from them is essentially being stolen.

      1. bilinas mini

        Man, this is a rare case where Jimmy has absolutely nothing on interest to say on this particular subject and he spends 14 minutes doing it. What about that Spotify walled

    8. Mike Litoris

      Jimmy Dore A.K.A Mr. Spits On You.. yeah, he literally spit in someones face.

    9. bilishu aliss

      Tomorrow's headline: Google Acquires Spotify

    10. Jedrek Przekwas

      Damn, you look old.

    11. yroohj gouy

      I hate Spotify, but anything that punishes ALsel works for me.

    12. Ernest Brown

      Jimmy you next huh!

      1. bilishu aliss


    13. Karl Lykos

      This is my first Jimmy Dore video and comment. I keep hearing his name from Kyle over at Secular Talk. Let's see what he's all about.

    14. Christopher Kendalls

      I thought Rogan made all of his money on product placement. Getting that upfront money is cool, but I wonder if he will still shout out products at the beginning of the show.

      1. yroohj gouy

        Good for him but I hate Spotify

    15. BigMickeNo1

      Was invented by some Swedish guy who sold it for a "large" sum of money.(I think/could be wrong)

    16. xele fonte

      Joe Rogan is looking like he’s about to outpace his arch nemesis lookalike Dana White in terms of net worth (not close, Dana is worth a billion). Never understood what the buzz about Rogan ever was... who watches him other than Gen X/Millennials who love UFC and all have razor bumps? I watched a few Rogan videos, the interview with Bernie and Elon Musk. That was it. He’s a boring goofball, can’t take him seriously.

      1. Scott Lillijord

        How do you know after watching so little?

    17. Anthony Mary

      This guy is horrible and the troll sidekick is even worse

    18. mardom moar

      Everyone claims that they are doing what they do out of altruism...until some one offers them HUGE BAGS OF MONEY! I ain't paying for his chats, that's for sure.

    19. mardom moar

      Money, money, money....

    20. Slushy

      That's just fucking insane amounts if money for smoking weed kicking it back with Elon Musk and drinking $100 bottle of whiskey 😁

    21. rumtum99

      Gets dmt legalized with a prescription

    22. Suiram82

      Good for him, but this is just Spotify shitting on all the artists they have made their fortunes from.

    23. Jonathan Steigman

      Man, this is a rare case where Jimmy has absolutely nothing on interest to say on this particular subject and he spends 14 minutes doing it. What about that Spotify walled garden? What about Spotify's attempt to monopolize the podcast market?

    24. Russ Polk

      100 million was a steal. Their stock went up 2 billion

    25. Rico Martinez

      Ok Boomer...

    26. NorthNuggerland uk

      So bitter about joes success 😂😂😂 loser

    27. NorthNuggerland uk

      What an ideot you are talking about joe rogan going to spotify for 100 million whilst claiming you do not know what spotify is... best talk about something else then 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    28. TC Tennessee

      Spotify may start out free but eventually will start charging viewers after he gets established.

    29. The Heymanator

      Good for him but I hate Spotify

    30. bilinas mini

      He’s getting paid so much because people like these guys are so bad.

    31. Dustin Shrum

      Jimmy if you did the math compared to you and Rogan's subscribers, your show would go for $9,000,000

    32. Patrick Schaefer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="498">8:18</a> lol lay off the pot a bit Jimmy

    33. rubbersole

      Spotify has video?

      1. bilinas mini

        lol ... Jimmy ... you only have 750,000 subscribers ... PowerfulJRE (Joe Rogan) has 8,500,000 subscribers ... Spotify is not going to e-mail you for a deal ... lol

    34. tim mc

      and of course rather than having the populace outraged at this they will instead be left to say this is great because THEY can now get the same deal if they 'work' hard enough!

    35. bob afet

      Take the money Jimmy but never sell out

    36. Steve Mkrtschjan

      Good morning Jimmy. You and Joe Rohan have something in common: you don’t lie to us. Keep up the common sense videos. Love ya.

    37. Klaevin

      this can only hurt joe rogan. he's very memable. if he didn't have video, the elon musk smoking weed thing wouldn't have become a meme, youtube can be played in the background, spotify plays random stuff and you can't listen to one particular thing... I listen to joe rogan when he's interviewing someone I know or when he is referenced in another video. if he moves to spotify, he wouldn't be referenced in anything anymore. I wouldn't know when he interviews good people... it's just a bad model

    38. fayzan tarik

      Its a good thing I enrolled in biology

    39. pipedownandeatyourputting

      this is a good move by Joe Hogan because ALsel demonetize all videos like the video of my ass hole

    40. OwlNation Legal

      But Jimmy would sell out for $20,000, more evidence he's crazy. He was smart and wanted a third-party presidential candidate who could push the progressive agenda he would have answered more than a year ago when asked, but Jimmy and Stephanie talk a big game and then sell out America dirt cheap.

      1. TheLeen61

        @ OwlNation Legal Thank you. You put it perfectly. Why I rarely come here anymore. This one just struck my curiosity only to see the comments.

    41. John Smith

      Taxes should red pill him immediately

    42. ImAwesome12508

      I can't believe somebody could not know what Spotify is or have never heard of it.

    43. Average Consumer

      The 1st thing Joe Rogan needs to do is to move out of California to a state without income tax.

    44. 1971ahtom

      Just think what this means for you Jimmy!! They might offer you $1000.

    45. Joseph King

      That’s awesome, fk ALsel, hopefully pewdiepie jumps over...yeah yeah I know not possible. But still. KIDS ALL KNOW WHAT SPOTIFY IS

    46. Krayzi Jay

      you tube will eventually be the new myspace

    47. Moonlit

      6 secs in. Please don't have a political slant on Rogan jumping ship. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="192">3:12</a> Bouncing commentary from that lady... meh. I'm out!!!

    48. zeryphex

      lol ... Jimmy ... you only have 750,000 subscribers ... PowerfulJRE (Joe Rogan) has 8,500,000 subscribers ... Spotify is not going to e-mail you for a deal ... lol

    49. Rich P.

      I can't see it being a huge success. ALsel is easy to use, that's why it's so popular. Spotify is clunky, slow and requires an app. Risky move.

    50. mark haas

      Joe will either invest his money in a new business, creating perhaps dozens of jobs, or else he will stick it in a bank, which will create more credit for others to borrow, resulting in dozens of jobs.The only way he won't create dozens of jobs is if he hordes his money in a giant safe like Scrooge McDuck...or if the Democrats win in November and tax most of it for stupid, wasteful programs and "foreign aid". Joe Rogan: the Reluctant Capitalist.

    51. Niclas Horn

      Well ALsel dosent pay creators that good any more and think it is good ALsel being challenged.

    52. alida flus

      Well, when you don't pay artists for their music content, yeah, you've got the money.

    53. Ozzy Bogan Tech

      I will do it for 50, dollars that is

    54. will b

      Get a tattoo of the spotify logo

    55. Damien

      What about the Spotify and Google collaboration? Signup for Spotify and get a free google home mini... ya'll forget about that?

      1. alida flus

        he deserves it

    56. Lily

      Its bad coz spotify mobile sucks! So I'll not listen to it during cycling anymore.

    57. Oksana Simonenko

      Are they high ?

    58. SY

      Spotify is garbage. He shouldn't of signed. Regardless of the bullshit ALsel algorithm. Not signing is what separated him.

    59. marshiznay


    60. anita stout

      Why is Obama rich?

    61. Bobby Samayoa

      I'm about to do a podcast Fwm.

    62. Michael Sullivan

      I’m happy for him.. carved from nothing and self made.

    63. Anders Emil

      Well with inflation 6 million usd when you were a kid would probably not be far from 100 million today. Just sayin 😉

    64. Bobby Wilson

      Meanwhile, the thousands of bands that Spotify streams, get pennies for their work.

      1. Bobby Wilson

        booty cheek bandit Of course you don’t care. You contribute nothing to anything.

      2. booty cheek bandit

        Boo woo no one owes them anything and many of us don't care really

    65. DOOM

      He's not getting paid 100 million, the deal is WORTH 100 million

    66. Step in Time smith

      100 mil for talking about mma and drug use.

    67. Jon M


    68. Clap Saddle

      If Spotify becomes sucessful including video it`s great for Rogan. But it has been done before.. MySpace...

    69. Chris Harvey

      I love Jimmy but I thought today's podcast was a little odd he seemed jealous about Joe rogan's success and he kept jokingly wanting to sell out his own podcast for $$$ money almost like corporate greed which Jimmy always talks against about so I was a little bit confused today. I think Jimmy would have been better off talking about how this new development will change the industry in a big way

    70. G Solo

      he deserves it

    71. Mooemoney

      The fact that spotify will take payment for a conversation which is completely free is fucked up...

    72. Damaree Clayton

      You guys are trash

    73. Mark Goldsmith

      Good for him

    74. exiled

      Where can you get a 100 mill job with no drug test?🤔

    75. exiled

      Ohhhh! That's why hes been talking about leaving California to Texas

    76. Tabor Talk

      What about Howard Stern with Serius? - 100 million fo 5 years ... and that was years ago... Joe is much better than Stern ever was - 100%

    77. Mr Rivera

      Of course it’ll grow.. Spotify is the #1 music app next to iTunes

    78. Zagreos

      Joe Rogan is very short. And his head and face look like a toe. They don't call him Joe "The Toe" Rogan for no reason.

    79. Ciaran Walsh

      The man of the people sold out

    80. Ciaran Walsh

      bad move joe your leaving your people the people who put you where you are