it's time to get good at darts | bdg

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    the time has come to get good at the darts
    this is where brian david gilbert is: briamgilbert


    1. Maria Annette

      I once threw a dart through the little tail fins of another dart that was actually in the dartboard correctly. Don't ask me how I managed this, I still don't know.

      1. very good youtube channel trust me

        @legueu YES PLease

      2. Jonathan Gilchrist

        It's actually quite common to do that 😁😂🎯

      3. Alex Freitag

        you're good at darts

      4. Ploxpled


      5. I lose twice I leave Like TMM

        You can get really good at darts in 1 minute and 52 seconds! 😂

    2. Fif Gallag

      I’m back after seeing the cover by Conlang Critic

    3. mikea hiooi

      do it normally

    4. Lemonposting

      hes got a point (get it, because darts have points) now pin my comment (get it, because darts pin themselves to the dartboard)

      1. mikea hiooi

        do dartsmiths go to dartmouth for training

    5. LilyTheDoof

      That You, Me, and Dupree doesn't look very socially distant Brian!

    6. QuantumPectin

      May 6, 2030 looks as though darts may be involved now.

    7. Dec

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="11">0:11</a> there goes the security deposit.

    8. Josh

      What a way to revive a channel!

    9. Avakining

      Where’d the jazz paintings go from the nook? :P

    10. Orcarms

      Hey look its PlasmaP

    11. vitriolicAmaranth

      Oh no Dupree and I aren't social distancing correctly

    12. spoges


    13. Allison Martin

      I think it would be fun to vlog and try painting.

    14. Mark Dunlap

      Thanks I hate it

    15. Tyler Kowalewski

      I've had nightmares almost exactly like this

    16. Mary97574

      he's not taking this very well, is he

    17. noonoox

      I am LIVING for that harmony at the end

    18. Mule The Donkey

      Omg you have a channel yes!

    19. Wintergreen

      This is like Redesign Your Logo, but darts

    20. Emanuel Manos

      do dartsmiths go to dartmouth for training

    21. Zion Gomez

      This really reminded me of MGMT, great job BDG!

    22. Midnitte

      I thought I would see a video explaining how all the air travel in Animal Crossing New Horizons led to the world of animal crossing becoming Waterworld, or how Nook miles are a ponzy scheme. And now I'm communicating with darts. 🎯

    23. John Verne

      No one knows who threw the first tungsten knurled slim barrel with variegated flights, but we know who threw the last one. (Though it might have been brass-knurled by that point.)

    24. Migs13

      that cadence was everything

    25. Weeb Beans

      thank you projared

    26. Faustvonholle

      no pain, only darts now

    27. zatchrulz1

      Give people what they want: more songs about darts.

    28. generalZee

      Whatever he had, I'll take 2.

    29. Al

      This . this ended up being the first video by Brian David Gilbert that i've ever watched. And its...Its just like this huh

    30. Vicente Fuentes

      I’m getting some hard Don’t hug me I’m scared vibes here

    31. Poyo 64


    32. LordBlazeFire

      bdg emanates pure Neil Cicierega energy!

    33. bevvy ina

      Man brian looks hot as fuck in this video it's weird

    34. Dr. Dirty Dan

      all his songs have a nice calm focus and a nice simple loop and then it starts rising and starts becoming more complex with different layers and it starts the focus on a very serious and anxious topic

    35. Colin Martin

      So glad BDG shaved that hedgehog off his face so I can end my boycott

    36. Yonk

      my brother and I had such a good time with this video title and thumbnail

    37. Kiri 2


    38. wnnalis cioov

      me: teaching myself how to embroider during quarantine brian: D A R T T I M E

    39. Kate

      you got me with the beautiful choir part at the end. i accept the dartening.

      1. wnnalis cioov

        I need a 1(0) hour loop of that zoom-in at the beginning of brian saying "its time"

    40. Seafaring Simon

      Can I get a "YES DADDY" from the reply section?

    41. Baker Thompson

      I just had a fuckin dissociative episode watching this. Thanks.

    42. Emily Liu

      Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to see in these dart times.

    43. SupraVector

      The outside was a less civilized place, before the dart times, before the Empire.

    44. GedweyStenr

      Do you have your nails painted? If so what color is it because I cant tell.

    45. KCTheNoodle

      Nice to see you’re already losing your mind Brian

    46. Emma

      The slow mental descent into chaos and hallucinations over the course of a few weeks spent isolated is incredibly relatable

    47. Crystal Hay

      The comeback special I’ve been waiting my whole life for

    48. patifrutti

      I don't know why, but this gives me ''Don't Hug Me I'm Scared'' vibes

    49. superfluousdee

      bald brian david gilbert, or baldg, terrifies me in ways that cannot be spoken in words

    50. Alex Nelson

      This is the video that made me turn on notifs and I'm mad about it.

    51. Cheezy Peas

      i have done nothing but listen to those ending chords for the past week

    52. Glenn Geddes

      That took a weird turn

    53. Zak Whipp

      Hey you shaved. Neat. Great song.

    54. Pokélord

      I waited 4 days for someone to want to post the lyrics, but no one made them, so here... "It's time, it's time to get good at darts I've always wanted to but never wanted to work hard At getting good, just like bowling and chess I want the skill but have no willpower to do all the rest But now I'm home and social distancing and everything's fine I have the time to focus on darts during this quarantine And I'm finding all the moves and all the tricks of the trade I didn't know that you could throw a dart so many dang ways There's standard, the quarterback, the 180 Chuck The Vin diesel Tweeze and Weasel and the 12 Point Buck The Christmas Tree, the Ctrl+z, and The You, Me, and Dupree (Oh wow) The hinge and the ninja The ninja is an advanced technique that should not be attempted by amateur dartsmiths. It's time to get good at the darts. It's time for everyone to get good, not just me but you too. The Chancellor of Darts has now made their decree That everyone on this Earth has dart proficiency. The future is coming and soon it's a world of the darts (It's time to get good at the darts x7) by the year 2053, all communication will be done via dartboard there is no more poverty or famine there is only darts the world has moved past the need for currency criminal activities have long since ceased war is just a whisper in the memories of those who can recall a time before the dartening this future can become a reality as long as we understand that the time has finally come the time to get good at darts (Oh come on)"

      1. Pokélord

        @Shadowwolf oh but of course

      2. Shadowwolf

        Thanks. I was about to do the same, but searched the comments one more time just to finally stumble upon this. Thank you for supporting the Coming of the Dartening.

    55. Adam Perry

      Is it possible that this young man is the reincarnation of David Bowie? And that David Bowie was reincarnated 23 years before he died?

    56. Tap.Water

      You call it "really bad at darts," I call it freestyle acupuncture

    57. ChronoMune

      Owen Wilson <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a>

    58. Skepsi Cola

      Social distancing really brings out the best in us

    59. WatchMeSayStuff

      i have a dart board

    60. lizzylizardking

      I see ur quarantine is going good

    61. Michelle F

      I sent this to my friend but I had to preface it with "dont ask questions"

    62. TheArchsage74

      This is very early Weird Al

    63. Nathan Biggs

      He’s either a prophet or a savant, but we’ll never know which.

    64. Octagon

      Aight so acording to that outro: Darts = Massive Surveillance Neat. Gotta learn darts.

    65. Matthew Janzen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="51">0:51</a> that's one of the paintings Brian got during the Sims unraveled(and it's a painting my parents own too). I hope the Jazz Room is still the same

    66. Mere C

      Why would you do anything other than cuddle and/or play chess with a tuxedo cat?

    67. Aisling Addams

      The 12 point buck kills me every time

    68. Angus

      I love how you can see the many holes there are under the dartboard to see how many takes this took

    69. Jennifer Zaragoza

      26 🤘🏼

    70. David Ransom

      In 2053, I will be 63 years of age. I look forward to it because a want a Nintendo 64 birthday cake on my 64th birthday and then I can have eternal peace. I want to be surprised though, so hopefully, someone will see this message and geolocate me and send me my cake. Fingers crossed you guys. I'm looking to you because I haven't told anybody else that's what I want. June 19th 1964, guys. Save the date.

    71. Kawaii George

      Was having a meltdown now I'm getting good at darts

    72. PerusingPanda

      Brian this video is amazing, I know you're busy at Polygon but gd I miss this channel and hope you come back more even after the quarantine is over

    73. Amarius Otaku

      Frick I stabbed my cousin in the eye

    74. County Facts

      Thank you Zuko

    75. JackLamont

      This song just keeps getting stuck in my song and I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it already...

    76. Michael K


    77. Max Davis

      brian i'm trying to transcribe this beautiful work of art but the bass is just too dang low for my feeble human ears to comprehend. please reach out if you are willing to fling the dart that is measure 4 into my heart. thank you

    78. Ash Morley

      Men who paint their nails are 10000000 times more attractive than men who don’t it’s a proven fact. You sir are a rat man but the fact that you paint ur nails has made me fall in love with u I’m sorry I can’t help it it’s because I’m bisexual

    79. Ash Morley

      Mr Gilbert I’m sorry I have the phattest crush on u and I’d like to respectfully request that you stop before it gets any worse

    80. Kaitlyn H

      i feel like this is just a song about how you want to make a video about something and you hyper focus on it and you lose your mind by the end. isnt that your template or am i wrong? what if you did they opposite where you were completely ballistic at the beginning and then were calm by the end? i feel like you would lose your mind trying to not lose your mind.