Is there ANY hope for game streaming? We tried them all.

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    There are so many game streaming services popping up, with so many idiosyncrasies, that it’s hard to keep it all straight. In this video, James takes Linus through a tour testing GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Microsoft Project Xcloud, and Sony PlayStation Now to see which one makes the most sense...except we didn't try Shadow.
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    1. Phead128

      why is angelo from gugafoods on LTT? deep fried wagyu heatsink build please.

    2. Muerto

      I don't think I could ever get into game streaming unless it was totally seamless, especially for competitive games. I tried playing Doom Eternal on my TV coming from my 1ms monitor, it felt so delayed.

    3. Simon Wells

      Great content Linus, just loved your conclusion. Buy it for the games you want to play. As an Xbox One owner that really burns.

    4. MrHanBrolo

      Also you can use for a community made list :)

    5. mayday303

      Destiny 2 HDR is DOGSHIT!

    6. xorkatoss

      Linus I'm disappointed, for Project xCloud(preview) you could have easily connected your s10/s20 to the tv using a dongle and play with a bluetooth controller but NOOOOOO you play on your phones tiny 6.8" screen...really disappointed.... in all fairness Project xCloud looks to be really promising...but for now GeForce Now is the best option

    7. anime pussy

      No. Why? Latency.

    8. Ryan Specter

      Shadow would actually be the closest to streaming a gaming rig as it’s just streaming a plain windows 10 rig

    9. Darren Palmer

      Don’t forget Linus, that you can side-load Project X Cloud on the Shield TV and then gain ability to play on TV 😜 Otherwise great review of options there. I use GF Now and X Cloud as occasional gamer 😜

    10. Eden Keeping

      ps now does have a pc app, and allows you to download the games on ps4

    11. Robert Cristi

      you should try one of those usb mini computer that you just insert into the hdmi port of the tv .... i will like to see how gaming it is working on them... it will be a good option for the people who goes in vacations....

    12. MrSiryeah

      lot me get this traight we was useing a ps4 controller for xbox games ans a xbox controller to play ps games

    13. Thomas

      I have Playstation Now on my old Sony Z2 Tablet.

    14. Wiebe Vandendriessche

      Im pretty certain that destiny 2 is free

    15. Kevin ツTM

      In short... no

    16. VideoGamePlayer

      No mention of Parsec? Are you for real?

    17. Norberto Castro

      NO! Streaming games is garbage

    18. Umut Piynar

      I didn't watch the video yet, but since I am using Geforce Now since the first day I want to share my idea. First of all I'm living in Turkey and I'm CE student which means I am in the poorest section of the already poor country so I don't have a good even mediocre computer. I bought a Dell laptop with 1050Ti GPU with all of my savings 1 year ago and since Dell is selling those laptops with adaptors which are not providing enough energy that the laptop needs. (Dell sells 7577 laptops with 130w adaptors only in shitty countries like mine, they sell with either 150w or 180w adaptors in any developed countries.) So my laptops battery is completely dead after 3 months of using it and now even when I am playing really old games or basic games like Rocket League at low settings I can't play smoothly and %99 of the time I am having like fps drop to 3 and then 60. I want to clarify that I changed the thermal paste with the best available and completely cleaned the cooling system. Anyways, with this shit laptop from Dell I wanted to play games like Destiny 2, Witcher 3 and Squad there was no option before Geforce Now but since its available I am playing all those 3 games from geforce now and its super nice, I am not having problems at all but there are some weird stuff. So since Turkey is a poor country with a poor internet connection and overpriced internet packets, I am using a 4x expensive internet provider with a 4.5G modem (since there is no ADSL/VDSL or fibre network), and my packet is capped at 100GB with 50-60mBİT/s after you use 100GB the speed drops to 10Mbit/s (1mb/s) the weird thing here is, I am having many problems with the 50-60mbits of connection say it image corruptions, lag and many other stuff but once the speed drops to the 10mbits I am not having any problem, completely native like performance. TLDR: Thank you Geforce Now for making me at least be able to play games that I wanted to and fuck you Dell.

    19. Ninja L

      I have 90mbps down on my pc, just uncap the network bandwidth and use a cable, it works great. No need for the 1gb internet LTT has. Some hitches here and there but if I had to choose between no gaming at all and geforce now I'd definitely choose geforce now. I usually had 60fps and on a laptop the image quality probably looks much better than on my 27" 1440p monitor.

    20. General Zap

      Stadia would try to Red Flag you with SWAT over "RaCiSm."

    21. Berzerking Dragon

      All I wanna say is if stadia is making u buy destiny 2 somethings wrong since its free

    22. Saad Hamza

      Watch the latest gaming videos And subscribe my channel guys

    23. Sadullah Aydin


    24. Em Mencer

      Was surprised was not mentioned.

    25. Tim Worley

      sure but australia has a dumbass government that literally just spent millions if not billions upgrading our internet and still are worse off in that regard than 3rd world countries. i dont see streaming being viable for atleast 5-10 years for people like us

    26. Ryan Hill

      "my circleness is a touch behind"

    27. Ron Dela Pena

      I love how James treats Linus like such a Boomer James: *shows remote control* Ya know what this is?

    28. Chickin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> PLAYSTATION ONE

    29. AndrewFortWayne

      Remote Play via PS Vita, Android, and PC. PS Now used to work on the PS Vita. Sadly they discontinued the service for PS Vita.

    30. 777Tralfaz777

      My vote for streaming game is- no. I hate when games need to be online, like the live service games. I will tolerate it if I like the game, but there is no way I want all my games experiencing internet lag.

    31. Xist

      Nvidia GeForce now is the best

    32. Lobselvith_Black

      Game Streaming is a sinking ship! get out now! though maybe it will be better when everyone has Fiber internet.

    33. Eluminary Xarrais

      GeForce now has warframe and the developers are cool with it that is enough for me to give them 5 bucks. I keep an Xbox controller in my car and use it anytime I have to wait on something for 30mine or more.

    34. DreamKOne

      you better check parsec gaming ....

    35. SkiingxMoose

      I like this other dude

    36. NtJuiceyy

      I've had some serious problems with playstation now over xbox, but nvidia GeForce only messed up around every 30 minutes for me

    37. Dave Davidson

      Really so the physical limiting factor of electrons over distance is only now realised, These companies sell so called gaming devices and make quotes about it being the fastest responding device blah blah blah, Then they go and make a streaming gaming platform without a second thought for the speed but those subscriptions and all that money.

    38. Jacob Bontius

      I’d like to see the service shadow tech compared against these to see what they prefer on that front.

    39. louie Looop

      So the answer just get a console

    40. AmpEdition

      Laptop is best choice if you need to travel, they are getting more and more powerful...I wont use any of these services

    41. Cezary Serowski

      this video is a perfect example of how NVIDIA paid for this free add/ video. I'm sorry but this show me how this channel is about revenue for the owner Mr. Linus - I have been a subscriber for a long time - After watching how bias this video is - I will definitely unsubscribe - sorry but I don't care for your paid opinions anymore. bye.

    42. P W

      So why do I have 3 versions of every game I own: the cd/dvd version; the Steam version and the cracked version...?

    43. Jerry Hernandez

      Sorry but if I pause a game and don't get back to it for a few hours, I expect it to be there. especially if I am paying for the service. Just my 2 cents. Maybe they need an unlimited access subscription.

    44. warp00009

      Cloud based "game streaming" has seemed like the dumbest idea since lead balloons since they first started pushing it. It'll always take way more bandwidth to push fast moving screen images across the net than pretty much any multiplayer gaming packets would take - introducing more opportunities for lag and performance inconsistencies. The multiplayer game servers I play on today don't really know or care what hardware I have and what video resolution I'm using - they do their simple job of updating the status information so my local client can then figure out how to properly display it. Much better division of work across distributed computing platforms than trying to do everything on the back end, and then hoping that the network will always be perfect. The whole game streaming concept should just go away, as a really bad idea!

    45. FeanorBR

      Game streaming can be good for turn based games or slow paced ones, but the business model of most is what kills it.

    46. Brandon Jones

      Great social distancing

    47. Ben

      Not interested in adding more points of potential failure to my gaming experience. There are plenty of situations where I game unconnected from the internet, especially now that the Nintendo Switch lite is my only gaming device, sold my PS4 after a couple years enjoying it. Not interested in losing offline functionality. Local storage of the complete game or I'm not buying it, and I don't bother playing games I don't want to keep and replay later. So yeah, almost no interest in this. Maybe they should do like the Sega Channel back in the day. That stored a copy of the game locally, better than a full stream. I'm still not interested, Sega Channel was fun, but I chose buying the games back then too. I wish the market would stop pushing this so hard, feels like it's mostly about copyright control, make it harder to hack. It's cool that you could play a bunch of old games, but even then, I'd rather just buy it cheap, download the full game. Compilations of the best old games would be nice, but again, full download.

    48. masterofinfinity479

      i tried streaming an infamous game on PS4, had so much lag

    49. Dodge Rider

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="360">6:00</a> Linus, it is not your job to determine what is reasonable for me. Haven't you heard about the demonitization virus going around? I'm sure I can game for 16 hours straight right now...

    50. The Last European

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> lol Linus has too many remotes lying around

    51. C Glenn

      At 5ms latency games will be playable.

    52. Rodrigo Sosa

      you should try Parsec sometime, it also let's you play any co op local games with your friends

    53. Death PsSquad

      What's that thing call and how can I buy it on Amazon <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="820">13:40</a>? How's Linus holding the phone with DualShock 4 controller?

    54. Rodolfo Alvarado

      Did stadia pay for you to say this? Founded like it

    55. Closed

      xCloud and Geoforce

    56. Ken Lewis

      What happened to the Shadow?

    57. Matt Murphy

      I have stadia and really like it. The quality has been great, I love using it on my laptop or surface pro and get much better battery life than if I was running way less demanding games. The controller is excellent. With stadia pro, you get free games every month, but they are also free for as long as you have the device, which I didn’t realize at first.

    58. K O M

      What's the game in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a> please

    59. ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayāñ دکھنی

      No way streaming is feasible

    60. djvapid

      Short answer: No. Long answer: No.

    61. Sjjd Endn

      Ilke if you have free version on gf now and you need to wait for 500 people

    62. Joseph Rescott

      I ran Geforce Now in phone cast Gear VR. You can turn any of your game GFN games into a giant VR environment screen, really cool. Only thing so far that noticably heated up my phone (s10+ 12Gb RAM version), and increased delay in a very noticeable manner. So I switched to dex and GFN. I don't think I'm ever buying a console or high end gaming pc again. (I'm one of those "dirty casuals", GFN in dex is great for a casual gamer). Its too bad samsung announced it is going to drop gear VR support... it could have been running 120fps VR games on s20s. I like the mobile VR sets, they scale up in power higher as mobile tech gets better. GFN+samsung dex is good enough to replace all rudimentary gaming and work needs if you want to be able to take everything in your pocket

    63. Truth

      5G uses the same technology as the Military’s Active Denial System

    64. Amiet Eliezer

      You should really involve Shadow Gaming in this video, because its defenitly the best cloudgamingplatform avalible right now.. A full windows machina availible, so no need to buy your games again, it can conncet to ALL your gaming platforms like, steam, origin, uplay, epic etc..

    65. Tomasz Kaźmierski

      "At least on our Internet"... yeah, well... maybe it's not the best test ;-)

    66. George W. Bush

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="747">12:27</a> was fucking fantastic

    67. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="748">12:28</a> They legitimately tried to sing the Halo theme, men of culture

    68. BeReal Bud

      It's all depending on the game. Your video options will be different with each game.

    69. Sham Asaha

      I have 100mbps 😐

    70. Mauricio Llamas

      i can hear the stick hit the wall on the controler before the game character starts moving

    71. Bob tfs

      you guys forgot shadow

    72. Stewerrvideos

      I just wish I could stream my games from my gaming pc, to my mac without massive lag and bad quality.

    73. Simorenarium

      What about Shadow? Is it avaliable in Canada/US and how does it perform for you?

    74. TheMonroe654HD

      Literally any justification from publishers or developers is just trying to get more money out of you.

    75. Salem Fox

      PS4 remote play ? I use it from time to time to play my ps4.

    76. Jiggly Cuber 200

      Private Internet Access = PIA = Pain in a**

    77. ENDERwigginMEDIC

      I signed up for GeForce now two days later they pulled all the games I literally played on the first two days

    78. Jackson Baer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="748">12:28</a>

    79. Rithik Madhava

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="514">8:34</a> Is that street light wobbling? What?

    80. Karl Cabas