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    Wow that was a wild day !!!
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    1. Ava Ahmad

      I ship u and lele 😆

    2. Taylor Goodnough

      Love the blue hair!:)

    3. Nylah G

      You should pick a color and eat everything in that color

    4. Cody dylann


    5. Avery Swain

      Do more of these types of vids

    6. Avery Swain

      It kinda makes you look pale

    7. Hannah Perrot

      Twan: Alright you savages. You chose Lele. Me: Bruh. I thought you married Lele. Why do you sound unhappy to FaceTime her? Twan: It was a skit. Me: Oh. I still find your unhappy tone to talk to Lele offensive. Twan: Idc Me: Just WAIT till Lele sees this! (Jk I'm so sorry this just came to my mind no hate xD)

    8. Tamyra Allen

      I love love you’re videos and blue hair

    9. tru_ mystic


    10. Emma Garcia

      Hi twan ik I'm like late but um ur like my fav youtuber and like I love ur videos❤

    11. Iris Alonso

      Twan I like your blue hair

    12. Kaidance Pahl

      I just got an ad before this and it was sad. The mom explained a story of how a little girl got cancer and the girl was like she 4 or 5. It was just so sad and it...... This was me: 🤭🙁😔😣😖😫😢😭😭

    13. Aniyah Frabklin

      Can you do more of these video’s

    14. nina bina

      He s so Hot Twan

    15. Life with Memi

      Do more

    16. Betty Powell

      Why in the heck would you serve your car when you can’t even serve your car you mean sell your car you serve food

      1. Betty Powell


    17. April Hinton


    18. April Hinton

      Is Elle your girlfriend I thought Hannah was!!!!!!!!

    19. music New!

      Love ur vids!!!!!!! YAY! (pls read)

    20. Fidel Daou

      I love your hair

    21. Huds Shah

      When he dyes his hair he looked better with the blue dye

    22. Cathy Ernest

      do purple

    23. Helduciis 2

      do more videos, like these

    24. Laura Hernandez

      Good Twan

    25. John Barber

      Do more real videos pls

    26. Wyatt Townsend


    27. jhoanna fuentespina1


    28. Danny

      Who thinks that he looks like herculis

    29. Ariella Playz

      The Kuypers


      i think lele is in love without blue


      this is the united states of twan america 😄😄😍😘😗😙😚

    32. Alex

      Why does he look like pewdiepie 😂

    33. Elliott Britton

      Do permanent blue it looks really good on you

    34. Just. A. Nobody

      It's fake but nice!

    35. Lil origelinl

      Kuyper gang

    36. Lealani Ashmore

      I dyed my hair blue but it washed to fast

    37. MR.willy derby

      good job on the video keep making good ones

    38. Blondie Blonde

      I like your hair color

    39. buwaneka S

      Twin brother of the Pewdiepie 😂

    40. Athena Urie

      Mama Mia I wanna do the same hair

    41. brandon elgersma

      Do you have a Crush

    42. faustina brown

      You look like hades with blue hair

    43. Just Me

      is twan another version of pewdiepie?¿

    44. Denise Conradie

      Plz make more

    45. samuel cardwell

      Dim man your cool

    46. Sulaal Barre

      Heyyy my favorite youtuber luv u❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💞💓💗💖💘💕❣️

    47. 100% Fay

      Maak een keer een Nederlandse video

    48. 100% Fay

      Ik wist echt niet dat je Nederlands was

    49. Kacy Kinder

      Zenxo was the time of my day

    50. Jessica Dominguez

      Why u have a little apartment u should live in a mansion cause u r amazing♥️

    51. Destiny Whyte

      Mix Turn your hair to blue and purple

    52. Bisi M

      The blue brought out his eyes then I saw descendants 3 and I was like he looks like Hades but the blue does bring out his eyes

    53. Ana Sano

      Hi Twan I love you so much 💖

    54. The Legend

      Did you see when he woke up 😂🤣

    55. Unique Hart

      love the hair

    56. Lylas Vlogs

      Low key😍 Loving the hair😍😍

    57. Nuckle Licker

      I look at Twan in awe and blame God for not making me an Eye Chocolate ❤❤ Twan

    58. Nora Arrieta


    59. Star Bright


    60. Lotte ten Broeke

      Hey I love you! Btw, I just got my puppy YAYWYDFHWHDUAYEYAYAYA