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    1. Prince Ea

      I'm soooo excited to announce my Life School! Looking forward to connecting with you guys there.

      1. vanessa :3


      2. Vertical-cub

        Prince Ea your so smart

      3. Karter 2433

        I’d rather go to school than pay $9 to get automated messages

      4. r0nni3_w YT

        I love you and all but I can’t pay but still love your videos and you okay goodnight or good morning or have a nice day or night just goodbye

      5. Noah Thomas

        I would join if i didnt have to pay

    2. The Cheese With 1K Subs

      Me: washes hand after useing the restroom My phone... Great Job, keep it up!

    3. WondersoftheWorld

      Honestly I can't wait to start receiving messages. the two most important qualities to obtain in life is motivation and drive. with those two traits you can do absolutely anything. I know I completely struggle with those things so I start the morning off with one of prince EAs video to put me in that mindset. getting a short unique podcast from EA each morning is totally worth the price. its giving me something way better than what Spotify premium could. Thank you!

    4. Kermity

      ok next step become president of the united states

    5. Daisy The Bee


    6. Keeton YT

      Im so happy your starting a school! We love you Prince ea!! :)

    7. Only OG’s remember when trees were everywhere

      Prince EA, Why not teach people in your videos. Good thing is that it's much simpler and you get paid more than $5 a month. Aside of that, your videos teach me so much. Keep it up EA :)

    8. Whatever TV

      Ea's hands:⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️↕️⤴️🔃

    9. Blanca Velasquez

      you did the video the day of my birthday

    10. TheSavageProdigy

      Well this is great and all, but I don’t think 9 dollars a month is worth getting messages on life. Just saying, schools are free, why can’t this be.

    11. Joh cct

      Sep 3 2018:what is school for? Jan 13 2020: I'm starting my own school Me: wtf?

    12. Kloa

      Absolute scam I don't need you to send me a bot message saying good job you ate your veggies

    13. The beast man

      You are the smartest man alive you should run for president I would vote

    14. Money PIE

      I like how he doesn’t mention you have to pay

    15. Micah zetrova Moseley

      Hmmm, I was going to make a long post about you ea but I think it's not necessary since people are already noticing things about you

    16. Jonas Kupė

      how do his vids get so much upvotes smh

    17. Mike West

      You are a garbage cult leader.

    18. Loayerer Loayerer

      What is school for? its you thats gonna create it

    19. MarvinMonroe

      Idiocy pure idiocy

    20. Nico Nico


    21. aran video40

      U said u quit in 2020

    22. Titn

      School won’t be Six cruel hours of our life’s anymore

    23. Killer Wiking

      ı'm from Turkey, I love you bruh

    24. Friend Zone

      Help me, I'm feeling like I'm nothing. Everyone push me back and say me. U r the biggest failure. I hate my life and I hate my self

    25. YOUSUF Koshi

      And i am going to the first student

    26. Random smartness

      Make sure you teach a concept by comparing it to other things(its a lot easier to understand this way then just being told "Dont be sad,life will be ok").

    27. games brains

      Prince ea: i have a suggestion. GIMME MONEY

    28. Popcorn

      𝕐𝕖𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕜 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕡𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕖

    29. MaximusAutismo

      At least public school free dawg, fuck motivation and life tips are free online too who would buy this?

    30. Dan Vornovitskii

      This is the worst idea you could come up with. Robbing your fans (herd) with automated messages. Stop being pretentious. Everybody can google „mOtIvAtIoNaL QuOtEs” for free.

    31. Daniel Johnson

      I get more useful quotes from fortune cookies than some fake guru.

    32. DFuze Vurse

      Thank you so much 😂😂😂

    33. DFuze Vurse

      Im freeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    34. FOX'S Apprentice

      Prince EA is a gift to humanity

    35. D4RK

      paying to be motivated is dumb, might as well just go to school and be depressed. happiness shouldn't be payed for happiness should be given!

    36. Bxmz FN

      Me:see prince Ea starts a new school Friends:let’s go home now my mind just exploded with modivation Me:ok lemme dive da bus

    37. Ethan And the gang

      So this is just away you can make money huh that sucks

    38. Sokun Hort

      Him:im sending direct messages from me to u Me:OH HELL YEAH

    39. Old Luke

      Rather go to a free school then one bad school that I have to pay a fee for just to receive “ motivational” texts. I hope no one gets scammed by this “ school”.

    40. Black Knight

      Anyone who falls for this snake oil salesman is just plain brain dead.

    41. Andre

      This is an amazing idea. But the fact that it costs money is going to limit a lot of people. School is free, education is free, learning life skills is also free and should be free. I get that this is a big project and it needs to get money to have it be done, but a subscription service probably isn't the best way. Especially since _most_ kids could just ask their parents to know the basics of life skills.

    42. monson riley

      Change only comes about if you change hearts, or bring about change in a way that inspires. #princeeaforpresident2020

    43. LowRhyan 567

      Why you inst the president?

    44. Pilot404

      Can there be a free version too? Maybe just once a week?

    45. Pilot404


    46. Pilot404


    47. Infinite Cringe Life


    48. ryan sargent

      If you have an issue, use a tissue.

    49. Michael C.G

      Lots of use are 13 to 16 and dont have €9.99 a month if it was free i would 😢

    50. Michael C.G

      Why does it have to cost money

    51. Shahd Roshdy

      U r more tgan just perfect 😆😆

    52. franky CutSCENES

      xD 9$

    53. bebel

      him: i made my own school me: thank god, cant wait to do it *only $9/M for a limited time*

    54. Vihaan Singh

      You should run for president sir then you will make the world better

    55. Milion Beast for life

      Nine dollars every month Bruh

    56. Anthony K

      Your ideas? LMFAO, you taking someone else's quotes, and claiming that they are yours is hilarious. All you are is another fake guru much like Jay Shetty who does the exact same thing. I am sure that if you went over both your videos, side by side that you would find at least two dozen quotes that both of you are claiming to be, your ideas that you came up with originally. But as usual, sheep are easily led/misled. 🤣🖕

    57. Char Char


    58. Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez

      Dr Downvote and TheQuartering sends their regards: You're bad!

    59. Justin Gridley

      If I remember correctly there was another person who acted as a motivational speaker let's see.......oh yea his name was L Ron Hubbard what did he do.. make dianetics and oh yea Created The Cult That Is Scientology. Come on people dont fall for this scam