if Apple Watch commercials were honest



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    What Apple doesn't want to tell us about the Apple Watch....
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    1. RØB

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      1. Gabriel Deschamps

        Make one about apple’s Mac Pro stupid price

      2. Jamil Udin


      3. iLeslieJay Doraemon

        Ping Lister He's just joking

      4. Giftcard Giveaways

        @îcê Ocean your life is a joke swine

    2. Martin Ivanov

      Giveaway no no no i dont need this expensive shit

    3. Martin Ivanov

      Small ,easy to brake, hard to use, same disign😂😂

    4. Kirbo

      If Apple Watch commercials lied

    5. Layla Yoseph

      Andr- rob: dying me:i have a android

    6. xenon w0

      Rob job ... 🤓

    7. Kara Jo

      _My Fitbit and I are quaking_

    8. Gaziza Zholdybayeva

      Andr- Andro- Andro- 😂

    9. CNC KyRoGue

      how to be rich... buy apple watch...


      Dudeee.. The content is too good and real🤭

    11. Mesha klink

      You made a whole series shading apple, you use apple products, and giveaway apple products You need therapy .......

    12. Ziad Mouhout


    13. Max

      Apple watch

    14. Lalaloopsy

      This is hilarious af

    15. Mr. HorsemAn


    16. Boss D


    17. 高子翔

      cool man

    18. michael chen

      Your so handsome

    19. Aarjav Pinara

      Apple Watch

    20. toniitaylor

      ceo of apple

    21. Kemanee Harvey

      bro, they even got Noah boat? im doneee

    22. danver yabo

      This is so funny

    23. Kylie

      hey i saw you at Allen HS in Texas!

    24. Giddie P

      guys, im here from ph and he looks like Paolo Contis. just search it on google he is a popular artist here in ph.

    25. pradeepchinna

      "We are everything Fitbit ever wanted to be." Shit got me rolling.

    26. crd- weird gamer

      That call had me cracking up

    27. Ghost Face

      That spice Adams laugh tho

    28. Maple lord

      Watching this on an Android phone (Samsung to be precise) lol....

    29. Crazy Rich Wumao

      omg @0:53, that gagging bit left me gagging for more. can you do one on apple pay. my uncle is about to take a job at apple working on apple pay.

    30. Mr.SweatyBoi

      This is how much people want rob want to make a new video of if kidzbop did rap 👇🏼

    31. 4R45H RHYNO

      When he said Apple Watch Circle Edition 4 Pro Sports Series 2 Band Loop Titanium 4 Color Style 5 HEALTH *I felt it*

    32. Game Melon

      Plot Twist: The apple watch is a paid actor

    33. sammi r

      But you see alot of broke people with apple watches 👀👀

    34. clorox wipes

      "easy to breaK."

    35. golden dre

      The funniest one

    36. golden dre


    37. None Of Your Buisness

      kidz bop pt 12 plz

    38. Suraya Smahomed

      Apple is the worst

    39. The Blue Bois TBB

      It's good for school when u don't bring ur phone at school

    40. Liana Lipscomb

      Just admit it this was in everyone's recommend

    41. Bossgocraxzy Forever

      Funny but true and accurate at the same time lol 😂 🤣🤣

    42. Kristal Morales

      Apple Watch

    43. nina l

      ceo of flexing his apple products

    44. BTW ImPlayingCOD

      Drop a samsung microwave, remove the Samsung logo, and put an apple logo, no new features and put it on a bigger price and it will sell more units than the Samsung.

    45. trackpadgamerhd

      I love his advertising how he makes you realise how much the product actually sucks then gives it away. 😂

    46. TooRainy

      A apple a year makes you money go away.

    47. Hassan Kh

      U should make one for the iPhone 12

    48. Brayden McGurl

      He has fitbits on his wrist

    49. NV - 04BD - Rowntree PS (1493)

      Liked subbed bell is on as well can I pls I have AirPods pros

    50. Hopiskyc

      Rob Jobs, he robs jobs

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    53. CatLovesToPlay

      Umm, I use Fitbit...

    54. Servel Quintanar

      Apple Watch😂

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      O want it

    56. Darvin Toc

      alsel.info/video/video/rG19oaqS16eYlLY.html. I hope you like it. Share, subscribe, feedback and all that good stuff.😁 Thanks in advance and God bless you.

    57. Just Stop

      ' Easy to break,hard to use, same design, the APPLE product has taken the world by storm' This part freaking kill me..

    58. That one guy

      Well jokes on you, how many did you just buy

    59. uniwersal studios

      dislike for andro-*pewk*