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    IT FEELS SO SURREAL AAAAH!!! hi everybody! strashme here - the FIRST EVER instant influencer !!!!! i have some really exciting videos lined up for my official debut BUT i wanted to give you guys a reaction vid in the meantime ❤️ it has been an honor competing on the show and i love ALL the contestants dearly. don’t forget to subscribe, thank you SO MUCH for 400K+ subbies!!!!!! this is the beginning of a new and exciting journey, we are just getting started!!
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    1. Americans for Truth

      Show us your barking spider.........

    2. Raimy RA

      my fav part <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1561">26:01</a>

    3. DanPlaysReal

      Whats the background song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="694">11:34</a>

    4. Ailsa Ni

      I luv how she’s just casually wearing Marvle pajama pants

    5. Prisca Mbindu

      Who else thinks Ashley looks like Yasmin from Bratz?

    6. A Mason

      How many subs did she have before the show?

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Of course she won she is amazing

    7. Waldine Portelus

      Congratulation I came to support you and subscribed to your channel

    8. Poppy Chapman

      Am I the only one that wants pizza now 🍕🍕🍕

    9. KaterinaTalantliva

      does Mario date James?

    10. Rajni Williams

      What earlier today she literally had 500k now she has 616k omg

    11. Eleanor Dawson

      at the beginning of the video: peacefully whatching at the end of the video: rolling around on the couch and making a strange noise. Lol

    12. Daniel c:

      She should do some Antonio Garza type editing `😂

    13. MicroSinger

      the eyebrows

    14. SD Party-

      I think that you sould do like a candy look

      1. SD Party-

        that would be relly fun

    15. Rey For Ever

      You are so pretty and cool congrats on the won

    16. Vilija Valatkaitė

      Ooh those brows aren't even sisters I' sorry I just can't stop looking at them

    17. Lisa Fenstra

      This video was great but I want to see you do a tower of your house. Does anyone else agree 1🤗😋😘😍😆

    18. Evlin Cygan

      Ashley has for sure been showing more of her raw and fun personality since instant influencer, and im so so here for it.

    19. Teddy Bear

      Congrats! You deserved it. I knew you would win from the very beginning you would win.

    20. Jenna Goldberg

      Idk how anyone could say mean things about Benny he is so sweet ♥️

    21. Miaa LopezZ

      What was your son reaction

    22. Brielle Hochman

      Of course she won she is amazing

    23. Tamsin Dave

      Ashley and Kailin- THEY ARE SUCH A GOOD BESTIE COMBO

    24. Theo Hernandez

      Ashleyyyy you're just gorgeous. ❤️❤️❤️ Hope to see more of your make up creativity.

    25. Halimah

      look at this girl jumping up and down just because she is eating pizza ?

    26. Ylayy 4L

      Congratulations 🎉🍾

    27. Astrid Andrade

      Her uneven eyebrows annoy me😭

    28. Autumn S

      can u recreat one of james looks

    29. Michelle Yochem

      Congrats again hun. I'm soooo lookin forward to see what u have in store for us in the future.

    30. Ashley Ryan

      Where did you get that shirt. I want it so bad. I understand why you where that because if I wore that shirt I would feel creative af as well.

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        “i look over and BOOM SANTA CLAUS”

    31. Nyree Stancliffe

      Just subscribed ahhhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂🥰🥰🥰

    32. starry _ moon

      i actually discovered you from instant influencer

    33. Vera Gala

      THe intro is what excitement looks like 😂👏👏

    34. Emily Bautista

      Her eyebrows omg 😭

    35. Marlies van Gerven

      Make a look like james

    36. Your local crusty child TM

      Congrats ash!!

    37. Riley Carlson

      I was rooting for you from the start! I too am a mom and I loved the looks you did. Congratulations!! Hi from Washington 👋🗻

    38. Bárbara Prado

      mostly with some reacting i’ll skip parts but with ashley i didn’t, i was enjoying the whole time!

    39. Jalynn Flores

      Ashley: get zip tie idea Me: cool Ashley: TELL ME THATS NOT THE UNIVERSE Me: fall off couch because she scared me when she screamed

    40. All Things Art!

      Omg I love ur personality and how care free u are on camera and with ur fans. ❤️

    41. Emi Celiku

      this whole winning is getting on her head too much!!!

    42. Zinnie Blessed

      I cried watching this, especially when she was announced as the winner😍😍😍

    43. Isabella Morgan

      #offme I’m so happy with James decisions although I was a bit sus about some of the calls but overall so proud Letsgooooooo QUEENNNNN💕💕

    44. Sena Kim

      “i look over and BOOM SANTA CLAUS”

    45. Southernbelle 704

      I just want your makeup deets on this episode soooo gorrrrge I was yelling nooo don’t wipe off when you were about to start your viral look dang as I was writing this you just said the same “ you hate to wipe it off”

    46. Beauty & Da Trap

      This is amazing!! I was here before instant influencer. Hella happy and forever rooting for uuu!!!

    47. Lupita Alvarez

      Every time I watch this episode I always cry!! I’m so proud of you! You have great things coming to you ❤️🥺

    48. 「Itz_RoseySunset」


    49. Anna Marie

      Will you continue to stay close to Kailin and Benny? I would love to see a collab with you three.

    50. Lily Brown


    51. ·Moon Feather·

      TBH Benny made me think of him as a baby and I too thought he was adorable almost like my baby sis but I’m 14 and I still think of him as, I guess I could say, a baby bro..?

    52. Chloe Bernhart

      why is no one talking about her hairline like gurlllllllll pop offffffffffff :)

    53. Hélio Arnaldo Massingue

      I dont like this girl, really

      1. Scarlett Cohan

        Why not?

    54. Anthea Chan

      um not to be mean, but her eyebrows be uneven

      1. Scarlett Cohan

        That's mean

    55. Angelica Montoya

      GIIIIIRRRRRLLLLL! You is making me HUNGRY! Lol :)

    56. Nolia Sosa

      Ahh I love your soul girllll! you are amazing.

    57. Michaela Y.

      I really liked the video but whenever you talk I feel like it would be better if you paused and talked then just talk over the audio

    58. Emily

      You and kailin were my fav 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    59. Frannie Liat

      Can you post your sons reaction to you winning??

    60. James Summers

      I love that Ashley looked like flash back mary and james was prolly having ptsd during their sit down.

    61. Druid


    62. Charlotte McKenna

      go girl

    63. Druid

      I love how supportive and protective all the contestants are of each other ❤️ No hate/drama all love

    64. Finn Meere


    65. Aly Belle

      Can we get a petition “BRING ASHLEY BACK AS A JUDGE!!”

    66. Mar 77

      You got all of us as a reward AWE....love you girl!!!

    67. Rocio Guzman

      Benny literally became my spirt animal

    68. Micaela Runion

      Okay but the girls on this show are BADDIESSSS💕🤩

    69. Dorothy vaughn

      You have such pretty handwriting

    70. Athena Marie

      Hey girl so I'm a brand new subscriber from watching the show!:) just wondering y u have 1 straight briefly and one arched (and the arched one appears to be heigher) was this on purpose? I prefer the straight brow on u it really matches u and ur personality 👍 just wondering 😁 no hate! U r super beatiful

    71. vbddfy euuyt

      Ashley: You’re gonna regret that later. Benny: I’ll be fine with my 50 thousand dollars. Ashley: PeW pEw PEw 🔫

    72. WolfLover 3014

      I love that you have a motherly instinct around Benny, that’s so cute

    73. Dawn Webster

      Me watching ALsel - 👁👄👁

    74. Skye’s Channel

      You and Kaitlyn should make a video together

    75. Allely South

      The Costco water.... Oh my gosh that's the best water I've ever tasted I love Costco I screamed when you held that BEAUTIFUL BOTTLE

    76. It’s Liz

      I’m bursting !

    77. Xanthe Jones

      I can’t wait for Ashley’s winning look to go viral

    78. Cora Dunbar-Raines

      Really liked yours but I like Benny’s

    79. Gacha_Music Studio

      :_: edit: i forgot to say --->(READ MY COMMENT)

      1. Gacha_Music Studio


    80. Taylor Lea

      BOOM SANTA CLAUS WOAH 😂 I’m dyingyyyy