I TRIED THE TATI BEAUTY BLENDIFUL here are my thoughts...

Laura Lee

Laura Lee

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    Hey Larlees, todays video is a review of the new Tati Beauty sponge. This sponge is supposed to be great for creams, liquids and even powders. SOOO a magic sponge? We shall see :) also sorry my mic was a little loud so it sounds a bit off in some parts. Thanks for watching xo Laura
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    1. Laura Lee

      My earrings are not an extension of my earlobe ... I thought that was apparent, but apparently not. 😂😂

      1. Meghan_Blaze

        😂😂 the fact you had to address this!!! 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

      2. Donna DAlessio

        Laura Lee lmao, ok people what are u thinking

      3. Well Tube

        Wow, I’ve never seen your videos before I thought you had one of those earlobe modifications.

      4. Tootie Ramsey

        Omg I just saw it I wouldn't have noticed lmao😂hilarious girl that's why we love ya!

      5. Emily Bicknell

        No it just looked like it love you though!!!

    2. Rand Ghz


    3. Leslie Aviles

      You’re fantastic!!!!

    4. Knox Garfallen

      Honey youre the last person i trust with the truth

    5. Leigh Barry

      A very affordable sock puppet... just laid waste to the brush industry.......

    6. Tessa goode

      As if you would ever give an honest review

    7. shera monica salvador

      Why you so tense throughout the video?

    8. Jessica Lea Garza

      STFU ITS AWESOME!!!!😍🤩

    9. David Leal

      I NEED this!! 😱😆🙌🏽

    10. Umalkhayr Abdirahman

      It's applause fast the foundation while beauty blender make u uncomfortable 😣

    11. Stephanie Brinkman

      I’m not even through the whole video (yes I’ll keep watching) but it makes me feel so much better that your grays are showing bc I look just like this right now! I Need to get that root touch 😅 also i just ordered the blendiful 🥰 I’m so excited!

    12. Marinelle Facundo

      I really thought that it was an extension of her earlobe

    13. Lindsey L

      Bought one bc of you Laura! Thanks!

    14. nikibabes169

      I just got this and now I am Siked to use this 😱😱😱 insane application

    15. Kc ALtribe

      Subscribe 💥

    16. Erin Pritchard

      I've been holding off... I'm ordering it right now.

    17. Bridgett Hall

      That looks amazing!!! Totally ordering!!

    18. Karah Josey


    19. Carolina Platas

      I have been using a fiber cloth like this for along time. Didnt know it was innovative! Lol

    20. Breanna Antonucci

      Ok but why did she only put foundation on one eye ?

    21. Aurora Castillo

      Onestly is anyone going to spend 18 dollars for a shitty piece of rag??? Don't waste ur time hating on me I won't answer.

    22. Aurora Castillo

      I stick with the beauty sponge...

    23. amra hujdur

      havent watched you since that drama,i even forgoted how u look like bruh

    24. Anjali Ray

      Ok so the actual demo starts at 5:38 -.-

    25. Sam King TV

      Who made those earrings, Sue them 😂😂😂

    26. SHARON KIM

      Imma buy one now

    27. Mayara Daquino

      I like you’re review. You look honestly and genuine

    28. Fabi x Makeup

      Okay but why are you in a rush 😂

    29. Ruth Nicolae

      I bought them ans i love them! So easy to apply your whole face!

    30. Alexis NoName

      You look like a horse

    31. Alison Parton

      Your earnings look like your ear lobes have melted into them and now I can't unsee it

    32. Elem Erçırpan

      Damn I need this Blendi things too

    33. Cookiekiller2002

      Subscribe song?

    34. Kari M

      I think your skin looks FABULOUS!!!!! Best base I've seen in a while.

    35. Toby Gonzalez

      Your makeup looks flawless using this! Wash it and tell us if it still applies the same please:)

    36. turkishdelight2013

      Same as a self tanning mit

    37. Kailey Grubb

      I literally ordered this because of ur video and it just got here this evening and I am SO EXCITED to test it out in the morning. I have like 20 mins to do my makeup before work and this seems like it will be everything! Will post an update tomorrow!

    38. Jillian Grace Elizalde

      “I’m really careful with my undereye” *violently swipes the sponge across undereye* 😖🤣🤣

    39. Here2tellU the truth

      I never tried using my house cleaning cloths to apply my makeup. But they’re the dupes I already have so I’m going to try them

    40. Stephanie Wilt

      This is the first video I've watched of yours and I'm completely hooked I have now subscribed and you are amazing! So fun to watch!

    41. Donna DAlessio

      Wow, I think it looks really flawless and that was quick.

    42. Innerbeauty Iskey

      This makes me want to buy it

    43. Erin Mowery

      I can not wait to get mine

    44. joy malone

      This was the second review I watched about this product and that was enough. Paused mid video and bought the sponge.

    45. Jadelonga

      Your energy seemed at like a 1000% but I loved it 😂❤️

    46. tiki bumbum

      She legit looks and sounds like roxy from inisiatable

    47. Kaitlyn M.

      Has anyone with textured skin tested this? Point me in the direction of that first impression video!

    48. Ocean Saraf

      I thought Laura got gauges

    49. Stephanie Limperis

      You forgot foundation on your right eye .lol

    50. doll parts

      This gave me so much anxiety. Just how fast and rough she was putting the makeup on made me so uncomfortable for some reason.

    51. Beautiful LadyD

      Nooooooo you’re wiping it offffff

    52. PopInk

      How do you clean it? I'm really concerned cleanliness of it. Is it an effort intensive process? I like products that work and are easy to clean..

    53. Trish F

      They rip in like a few uses-Terrible product.

    54. Hannah J

      tati’s skin always looks so smooth and like perfect in her videos and if this works for her it will work for me!

    55. shira levy

      you make me laugh!!!!

    56. Beatrice Räikkä

      Ong why are you so loud?? Wtf

    57. Andrea Kelly

      She looks like she is removing her makeup!! And who drags there eye area like that 😩

    58. Life with Spice


    59. Glenis goodchild

      I forgot she existed

    60. Yvette

      New subscriber! I saw you in a video you made two years ago on your natural makeup look and I loved it! ♡

      1. Susan Darby

        But you're not subscribed, lol.