I spent a day with FACELESS YOUTUBERS (SwaggerSouls, Corpse Husband, BlackySpeakz)

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    I spent a day with famous faceless ALselrs to learn the truth about this secretive way of living.
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    1. AnthonyPadilla

      come back next week for *I spent a day with FAMOUS BEAUTY GURUS* -- thank you so much for supporting me and this series :) ps: SHOUT OUT TO OUR SPONSOR FOR THIS EPISODE! download Raid for free with the links in the description. pps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.

      1. Teutonic Knight

        What is this heresy that is raid shadow legends

      2. Piber _

        even you Anthony

      3. Nonnie Cook

        wheres the go fund me?

      4. Epic Fafnir

        What about left burst

      5. Bridgette Jackson

        Talk about cloning that's why souls don't show himself cuz he's Allen older from mash m

    2. Samuel Bourget

      Anyone else surprised he didn’t have memeulous or kwite in this vid

    3. idontsleeplol lol

      I was expecting memeulous

    4. Cami126

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a> "Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between" As a gendefluid person, this is greatly appreciated

    5. _*Squiggle Mint*_

      did anyone else think memeulous would be here? i dont wanna be alone in this.

    6. Mev

      why wasn't Boris in here?

    7. [Day_ Dreamer]

      Was it just me or did you also just click the video because it had swaggersouls in the title

    8. Ian Said

      "Oh, some idiot thinks my name is Horace" LMAO

    9. JakeTheSnakeBeats

      I love BlackySpeakz but... what?

    10. A7 Animations

      What about kwite?

    11. Sarah Ongethi


    12. Levi Wyles

      Why does swaggersouls sound like the ALselr raccooneggs

    13. Lucian Turner

      Oh shit, I think I might know who blackyspeaks is now..... The voice gave it away for me now... O.O

    14. Queek 14

      You can invite the youtuber King DM

    15. cindy lou

      Blackyspeaks def sounds black

    16. A Piece of Pie

      I really appreciate the "ALsel: ALsel" at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a>

    17. Ottavia Matichecchia

      how can your intros be so scary even if you’re the best human on this heart ?

    18. Evan Kinsler

      "blacklisted preventing them from being recommended to new audiences and reaching all of the people who may be impacted by these topics." It's a bold and agreeable statement but it seems like something ALsel doesn't seem to focus on considering I had THIS in my recommended and now that I clicked on it, I can see your video spending a day with these kinds of people all the time now.

    19. samanthalynn j

      corpse husband sounds hot no 🧢

    20. J. Álexander Hewes

      CompanyMan should be here too

    21. Jorden Peterson

      Where’s ethoslab

    22. Anym

      honestly with what is possible, you could probably figure out Swagger's identity from eyes alone

    23. OppaiPoison

      Its a shame anomaly isnt here.

    24. BONES AP

      I’m happy black speaks is on hear and swagger soles is great

    25. saucey biscuit


    26. Noa Mont

      why is corpse joji?

    27. TheColtonECT

      Should of interviewed h20delirious

    28. POOT

      corpse is draining in da rick owens

    29. POOT


    30. Daiana Xi

      for years been wondering about this after listening to swaggersouls blasting through bedrooms in my home, such an honoured eye reveal

    31. TheStudio

      I think i have heard Swaggersould voice before on some VR channel like Your Narrator

    32. GlitchZz

      if you didn't think about Cryaotic your not an OG lmao

    33. xCurs3

      if you focus on souls face you can kind of see it

    34. Ren

      Would you ever do something with commentary youtubers? Like J. Aubrey, the right opinion, etc.

    35. Nick G

      Corpse sells drugs confirmed. Money and hidden room it proves it

    36. Andrew Monat

      thanks to our sponsor RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    37. HeavenlyEvanly

      Bruh I wish faceless gaming was here ngl

    38. Some Missile Crisis

      *Raid Shadow Legends Sponsors this video every god damn time*

    39. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

      Corpse's voice is like melted honey

    40. Joey Van Logan

      In my head swaggersouls looks like arin hanson

    41. Tatsuya Karasu

      Wow I'm surprised you didn't get word from Cryaotic because he's been on ALsel for years and has never shown is face once 👌

    42. Skriblez

      Swagger Souls identity has now been revealed. His name is Eric Vivian Mathews. If you look it up, you can see his face. It’s gangsta

    43. Zac

      Blackyspeaks is a kid

    44. zac h

      I was lowkey hoping for h20 delirious..😅

    45. CJ Baul

      wheres anomaly and h20delirious

    46. Manny Scalisi

      where tf is h20delirious

    47. The Murder Pancake

      Remember when swagger put his twitter handle Horacesouls

    48. Aubrey VanFossan

      I saw swagger and I clicked- I am a simple person

    49. Monkeeh

      name of blackys shoes anyone?

      1. Monkeeh

        Zac not exactly the answer i was looking for

      2. Zac

        Those are shit

    50. Prosper_Playz

      Where is memelous

    51. Vladimir Toshev

      "My voice doesn't sound like a black dude", literally sounds exactly like Kevin Hart.

    52. #Complicit Kennedy

      Hey anyone else know that you can see swagger souls face through his mask and you could just go into Photo shop mess around for a little bit getting the colors and proportions right and you would have a good picture Of his face

    53. Lifegames

      Only watching this because of swagger.

    54. WinterSplinterM.II

      That one dude has an awesome voice

    55. Magikarp Man

      i love swaggersouls’ voice 😂😂

    56. PigsInSpace 99

      I was hoping to see TheDooo on here😂

    57. Matthew Geilar

      There’s people that knows the identity the government, cia and fbi

    58. RAG BAG

      If you look really closely you could kinda see through his mask at some points

    59. Juicy Wewe

      They should have had H2O delirious

    60. Heather Hartman

      LOVE Corpse Husband!!!!

    61. Paladin Modz

      Speak to Memeulous

    62. Evin Roen

      Idk why but I love the ALsel: ALsel At like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a>

    63. Galaxy Ghosty OwO

      It wouldn't been cool if he got H2ODelirious to be in the video!

    64. Akumari

      Nobody remembers cry 😭 the og faceless youtuber

    65. Regret

      no Memeulous?

    66. joppy

      wheres memeulous

    67. Toxic Zombie Wolf

      Corpse Husband 💚

    68. ItsCool.

      I don't show my face.... I hide it

    69. turdy man

      corpse husbands voice is sexy dude, i wish i have his voice

    70. Your-Basic-Trash-Bag .-.

      That reflection behind them :)

    71. TotallyNOTfelix

      you had one job to get memelous on to the show.

    72. Alice Kristine

      Corpse Husband could wear his mask when going out with me to places and I would love and cherish him so much.

    73. Darth Revan

      I have PTSD and I want to become a faceless ALselr


      Corpse: really deep conversations Blackyspeaks: somewhat deep conversations Swaggersouls: swaggersouls

    75. itsShelbeh

      Swaggersouls dropping in w the yeezys and knee massages

    76. celxsty

      wheres memeulous

    77. Tara Đurić

      This Corpse Husband has one of the best voices I've ever heard. And he seems so calming and funny at the same time, I'm subscribing!

    78. M A A D

      Blackyspeakz sent me here, this is rare 🌊🌊

    79. Devanno Hansen

      oh my god i hope there's h20 delirious

    80. TekoGacha

      I'm dissapointed cause of one reason: TheDooo wasn't in this vid