Huawei P40 Pro Impressions: What We Should Copy!

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    Fist impressions of Huawei P40 Pro! The ultimate camera?
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    1. Marques Brownlee

      What would you take from the P40 Pro for your dream phone? Aside from the matte "silver frost" color because it's incredible 😍 Also shoutout to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Get 70% off NordVPN! Plus an additional month FREE at: (Promo code MKVPN)

      1. Pinkrose

        Wow 🤩

      2. 5e6 Julian HADDAD

        Audiozoom or person remover or golden snap or remove reflection or 40w wireless charging

      3. Raghav Patel

        @S. A. and you send data to CCP china. Those Mafia will use you.

      4. S. A.

        Well, when lots see lack of google services is a cons I see it as the biggest pros, Thank you Trump, now I can buy phone without having google spying on me !!!

      5. Raghav Patel

        Boycott made in china goods and services Move manufacturing out of china. Boycott made in china goods and services

    2. Davo

      Huawei sells more phones than Apple without the American market

    3. Sameer Ashi

      Is it me or does the camera unit look like its floating over the phone?

    4. Prince FD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="222">3:42</a> why 69 cents

    5. Herb Honcho

      It would have been dope if the Camera actually looked like it does on the thumbnail! Wishing we can get something like it in the future.

    6. UltimateStorm315

      hey Celia just triggered my Apple Watch and iPhone together loooooooooool

    7. gugunanak134

      Do a review of p40 pro+

    8. Alec006


    9. Sierra William

      Man seeing all those specs, I really really wanted to know how it handled video and audio recording.

    10. Lee Andrew

      why do Americans pronouce Huawei as Wawei its not a silent H bro

      1. Johann Äpfelburg

        That's how Huawei wants em to pronounce it. I think they kinda just gave up.

    11. Jamie Hujan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="221">3:41</a> nice!

    12. alex dandadzi

      What is visionary photography?

    13. Saleh Amer

      Huwaei forever ❤️❤️

    14. Bokin Lego

      There you go. Like any other cheap ALselr, resorting to click baits by editing the thumbnail. You've edited the camera module in the thumbnail into tricking ppl that it actually looks like this. Tired of these stunts

    15. A V

      me looking at this phone with my iphone 6 .................... ummmmm yea china can spy on me all they want i ain't doing SHIT and give me that upgrade

    16. Ian Visser

      When I see an IR blaster, I see a low light monitoring device...

    17. cjeam

      Don’t need to copy it, in my country you can buy them. 🎵 _Land of the freeeeee_ 🎵

    18. RyanKin


    19. L D

      I really hope crazy Trump can stop the sanction of Huawei coz I want to use this phone in US. I don't think decupling of US and China technology will benefit anyone 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    20. yang yang

      though i am a chinese using Huawei, i can still use google service🤣🤣.you can find some tips on the internet to install google in Huawei.It's a hidding option

      1. Johann Äpfelburg


    21. Alpesh Hadiya

      but still I love huawei p40 pro instead of Samsung s20 ultra... always..

    22. shera ghag

      This phone is a fuckin Ventilator thank go for that gave me muchl needly breath

    23. Adam Almqvist

      The Back of this phone is insane, I really love the feeling in the hand. Its, plain and simple amazing.

    24. Dhiven Govender

      Does it make a noise when you tap the top right hand side of the screen as well as the area around the camera on the back? Like a rattling noise?

    25. Shashang Shrestha

      its the p40 pro + that has 40w wireless. not p40 pro. rookie mistake

    26. soltee Gurung

      Marques obviously like the back of the phone coz it has got massive bump.....🤦‍♀️

    27. Khadija Ahmed

      This review is just biased I can't

    28. renan brayner

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="309">5:09</a> minecraft villager sfx

    29. Sebastiaan Nagtegaal

      0.5 where that the oculus touch controllers?

    30. kevaun lewis

      Why did they copy Samsung

    31. Impact Digital

      You'r first video I had to unlike. Just because it's a competitor to US, didn't had to give negative review for that. Google began developing it's android for more than 10 years but Huawai managed to do that within a few months. My next phone will be Huawai to see their new OS.

    32. Wells Daniel

      We need to stop USA from bullying any companies they do not like.

      1. Wells Daniel

        @Marco Lau Found the US doggy

      2. Marco Lau

        Found the CCP troll

    33. mystérieux anuvab

      gibe india link bro

    34. Dronzrock

      I wonder why OnePlus claims that OP 8 Pro has the fastest wireless charging.

      1. Dronzrock

        @Param Arora ya, because Huawei P40 pro is not released over there.

      2. Param Arora

        Probably in America they do

    35. Kay L

      Now they don't need to copy those good features, as huawei will disappear as a competitor [Happy Trump Face]

    36. abhi4ify

      How much the times have changed.. An entitled American shamelessly encouraging global mobile phone manufacturers to copy from a Chinese mobile manufacturer

    37. CIGAngeles Xhang

      if you watch a video about Huawei P40 on Bilibili (just understand it as a Chinese version of ALsel), the comment section would be like shouting and debating, about 'copy' and stuff... very touchy yes

    38. Hassan Yamin

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="544">9:04</a> and you quote " By saying hey celia , you don't want to say that they are copying anyone " but still you're telling others to copy their tech!

    39. Colm Corbec

      Me looking at the camera: Boy it's thic!

    40. Saad Zeb

      Looks greattt

    41. 6shiru

      Huawei is always better by far !

    42. Wang Sea


    43. Osazeme Enodolomwanyi

      Lollll ... biggest focus 😂😂😂

    44. ShionS

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> sounding like a minecraft villager

    45. Wrulol

      Just going to tip toe around the whole Huawei spying scandals?

    46. Haidar Rifqi

      Are u going to review this phone? It's been a month now.

    47. Asif Kamal Nabil

      So it's a solid balance phone with high performance. I need it, without Google no problem.

    48. NoChill Tracks

      No One : Marques : Please Copy That.

    49. Vass Kallal

      why do people pronounce huawei like Uawei? the H is not silent lmao

    50. David Uwem

      Marques Brownlee just killed Huawei with this video 🤣🤣🤣

    51. Mass Knowledge

      Jus got mine.. Pre order.. Done with my UNBOXING video.. I guess Huawei is the king of phones if it has Google on it.. He he..


      Hi iam from india I watching your Videos daily when u upload the video I like tech news and mobile unboxing video

    53. Johnny C

      TBH, Why should Huawei care about copy the look of iOS? In the situation that the US govt already blocked them. Why Not?

    54. Tristan Escaba

      Marques: we should copy this Also Marques: *mocks that Huawei copy all the time*

    55. S. A.

      Well, when lots see lack of google services is a cons I see it as the biggest pros, Thank you Trump, now I can buy phone without having google spying on me !!!

      1. S. A.

        @Hagen It has worst

      2. Hagen

        S. A. The USA doesn’t have concentration camps or a social grading system...

      3. S. A.

        China ok, USA No 🖕🖕🖕

      4. antonio seabrook

        Nope, but now you have the Chinese government spying on you, you're welcome. What a pro!

    56. TheCreepingDeath1984

      I'm sorry... Why wouldn't you buy this? I got the p30 pro and it is so amazing

    57. Kevin

      Chinese gov money will probably always be longer than Apple the companies money so you will probably find great huwei features and tech but pound for pound Apple will probably always remain superior for many reasons. It's the greater product, that's why they copy; because they acknowledge superiority! But if they were more unique they might even be a great product on its own! Good luck!


      It's good phone.. I was made more clip test game on this device and it so smooth, graphic so beautifull. It's ok. You can watch video on my channel

    59. Jesús Mendoza

      Where did you import your p40 from? Like what website should I use just to be safe??

    60. Bryan Diel

      Very good phone but with no GMS its pretty much useless..

    61. Nh K

      Yo, do not advertise Huawei stuff unless you want everyone’s privacy (cameras, mic, passwords, etc) hijacked and sold to black market thru their hidden backdoor program,,,

    62. Dat Fish

      debrand well have to come up with a new skin, called the Huawei skin, and no it's not for the Huawei phone, it's for the other phones to make it feel like the Huawei lol

    63. O D

      Ohh you should copy anything this phone has. and then, OMG, Celia pronounces just like Siri!! This guy is such a prick..

    64. Michael Caro

      Review from a lambda user : one week at home with P40 pro To start, i am disapointed, i have during the last year : P30 pro then MI9T. I decided to sell my Xiaomi to purchase P40 pro. Design : Huawei takes slightly consummer as stupid. This should be sanctionned. The overal look of the front is far, far far away from reality. The edges on top and down of the phone are in reality massive. The pseudo marketing advantage of " 4 edges screen " is nothing but a fake argument. As previous user of P30 pro, i can assure you their is no visual difference when the phone is inside a bumper. In front, their is this big, massive hole, which to be honnest at first sight thought it will not disturb me, but finally, i keep watching this hole instead of watching my screen content. It's crazy to have all tendency in the smartphone market to reduce this hole, and Huawei comes with a 1000+€ phone with the...bigger hole in the market ever. Arguments are " this hole has 3D camera to have highly accurate and fast face recognizion". My MI9T had a better face recognition. When i woke up, still lying in the pillow, the MI9T could turn on with face reco. Here the p40 pro does not suceed this. Okay, this is less secured, but to be honnest, the day someone stole your phone, he will suceed to take your data, in a way or other. The overall feeling at hand : this is the first phone i can handle with one hand without being afraid it slides away. The overal grip is very good. The screen : not highly excited about it. The colors are less pleasant to eyes than the AMOLED screen of my previous MI9T. The brightnees is not so good. Under sun, you can not answer to a message. On the car, the sun gives no clarity for map direction for exemple. The 4 edges bumper makes something weird and ugly. The corners of the screen phone are... strongly rounded. This makes a screen with a oval shape. It's enough to cut some parts of keyboards touches. The enter and the num pad down the keyboard are 40% cutted. This gives a slight feeling of... conception error. The camera : Disapointed again. Okay some pictures are nice, but so many marketing communication increase so much consummer expectation ! Their is nothing unbelievable with this phone. I liked the macro mode on P30 pro, Huawei put it away. The video quality for the commercial software is not AS good as marketing review on internet. A lot, lot, lot of pictures are blurred. The minimal distance between phone and object to have a focused image is really huge ! I would say, you can not take a proper picture of your dog if you are less than 30 cm away. A lot of pictures are blurred too if the object is moving. Some parts are focused, some are not. Making for example my dog with perfectly focused eyes but totally blurred ears. Google Service : no surprise, their is no GMS here. Not a big deal honestly, you can succeed to find correct alternative Personalization : f***; it's a 1000+€ phone and you need to pay 1-2€ if you want to download themes ? Lack of personalization with icons. Positive points : battery life ( of course with such low screen brightness !) / communication clarity / network reception ( i feel like Huawei phones have better network connexion Other negative points : the tendancy of Huawei to reduce maximum labels in order to save money ( no gorilla glass, no stereo speakers, no brightness on top, no AMOLED) but still selling phones on top. My P30 pro screen was soo fragile. A slight contact key-screen and it's done, you scratched it. In overall, DONT BUY THIS PHONE, way too expensive. I returned it.

    65. AK

      MKBHD: Manufacturers should copy Huawei Meanwhile Huawi: Copies the whole Android and IOS operating systems and IOS weather app and voice assistant

    66. AK

      What you forgot is that every message every call every photo you have on this phone is going to the CCP for surveillance and Huawei openly accepts than

    67. Timmity3

      Doctor Who is NOT only on Netflix UK. Don't live in the UK, have Netflix Doctor Who.

    68. Ali Hayek

      You talk a lot guy!!

    69. ph5

      this phone is fatter then me. and i got really fat in corona times.... welcome to 2020. LUUL

    70. Guna Seelan

      Hey celia

    71. Dr. Reality Researcher

      I bought it an totally recommended. Seems you are becoming more business man rather than fair reviewer. Goodbye channel

    72. Robo Does Tech

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="451">7:31</a> battery :):

    73. Lily

      I couldn’t find a case for my old huawei so and I broke it, and forgot my password, so haha 🙃 phone shopping 😏 not sure it’s essential tho.

    74. Edyson Chan

      siri aroused easily, im going to dislike this video

    75. Junayd A.A

      The “Karen 990” 😂😂

    76. Eric Zhang

      5g speed is way ahead than other brands

    77. Mustapha Mus

      We alll know you are iphone's bitch

    78. Topu

      Huawei P40 Pro has an amazing high-res 90Hz OLED display; it has a fast-charging and great video quality stabilization ;) However, this mid-flagship doesn't have Google Play services, Night Mode is crap, and poor 4k60 videos ;'(

    79. krey404

      Everyone has copied Huawei /..... That's why they were banned, they couldn't compete !!

    80. Brock Treese

      Is the p40 pro better than s20 altra

      1. anti virus

        Absolutely offical google service, unsaftey