How to SEW a REUSABLE FACE MASK with FILTER POCKET// DIY Fabric Face mask // BATCH sew Medical mask

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    In this video I'm going to show you how to sew a reusable face mask with filter pocket. This medical face mask can be sewn in 5 minutes! Great mask pattern to batch sew masks for hospitals quickly. These mask are super comfortable to wear by themselves (with or without the filter), over the top of hospital PPE masks and are made of washable materials. No elastic, no pleats to sew, have a flexible nose band and fit the face really well. No ear pain since the straps do not sit directly behind your ear-making it ideal for those 12+ hour shifts. Great beginner sewing pattern.
    Dimensions for kids pattern (from what I've tested) is 9 x 7-following the same directions to sew and assemble.
    Disclaimer: These masks are not going to prevent you from contracting any sort of respiratory illness. They are meant to be used as a temporary solution and will only provide minimal protection.
    Read all about the CDC guidelines here:
    Before beginning to batch sew masks, I highly encourage you to contact your local hospital, clinic or long term care facilities to see if they have specific types of masks they are looking for. I’ve heard many hospitals are only accepting specific masks types.
    Removable filter:
    *these have been the best and most suggested disposable filters options people have mentioned**
    They can be cut to specific size to fit your needs.
    Be sure and check out my other mask tutorials on my channel :)
    (2) pieces of fabric for the interior filter pocket cut 10” long x 8” high
    (1) piece of fabric for the exterior of the mask cut 10” long x 8” high
    **make sure you wash, dry and iron your fabric pieces BEFORE cutting**
    piece of synthetic cotton clothesline 3/16 in cut to 50-60” (the longer it is the more adjustable the fit)
    *Some of these links are affiliate links. This simply means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at NO EXTRA cost to you. As an amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases*
    Sewing machine: Juki Sewing Machine (heavy duty sewing machine):
    Scissors or rotary
    Pins or sewing clips:
    Synthetic clothesline (3/16”):
    Gardening Wire:
    Juki Sewing Machine (heavy duty sewing machine):
    Brother Sewing Machine (Basic sewing machine-great for beginners):
    Singer Beginner Sewing Machine:
    Janome Treadle Sewing Machine:
    Brother Serger Sewing Machine:
    Sew Steady Gridded Sewing Mat:
    Havel Mini Scissors for thread trimming:
    Olfa Cutting Mat:
    Rotary Cutter:
    Fiskar Scissors:
    Cordless Iron:
    Clover Steamless Mini Iron for seam pressing:
    Wool Pressing Mat:
    Best Press:
    Seam Ripper:
    Steady Betty:
    Applique Pressing Sheet:
    Olipfa Lip Edge Ruler:
    Height adjustable sewing tables: (I purchased an inexpensive top at
    Home Depot in the closet section)
    Pin Cushion:
    Clover Quick Clips:
    Mic and Mic stand:
    SD Cards:
    Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer:
    If you are interested in becoming a blogger or full time video creator, this course (listed below) is the course I took from the amazing Lisa Bass, owner and creator of the blog and ALsel Channel Farmhouse on Boone. She walks you through the whole process from start to finish. Her course is super easy to follow and I couldn’t recommend her more.

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    1. Jim Kiley

      I chose to use your mask design but have modified it to allow for better placement and removal of the wire that you are using for fit around the nose, for washing purposes. I start with a piece of fabric about 1" to 1.5" wide and about 4.5" long. on the narrow ends I fold in 1/4" of fabric and sew it down with a zigzag stitch that covers the edge of the folded fabric. Then on the piece of fabric that will be the face of the mask I mark a line about 3/8" down from the top sewing line of the front and back pieces. I also make a mark on the back side of my small piece of fabric 1/4" from the edge in the long dimension. I then lay my small piece of fabric on the fabric for the face mask front, printed sides facing each other, and centered to the mask, over top of the line I made in the mask's face material matching up that line with the line I made on the back of my small piece of fabric. I then do a straight stitch along that line affixing my small piece of fabric the the front of the mask. I then go back and do a zigzag stitch over the edge of my small piece of fabric so that the 1/4" flap of fabric is held tight to the face fabric. Then I fold the larger portion of my small piece of fabric up to the top of the mask and iron it in place such that the print side is now facing up matching the print of the face mask front. Some portion of the small piece of fabric will extend past the top edge of the mask but it will be trimmed off after you sew the front and back halves together. When you then turn this mask right side out you will have about a 1/4" wide by about 4" long "pouch/channel" into which the nose wire can be inserted and later easily removed for washing. It also means that the material you put in as a filter to the mask doesn't have to be trimmed to go around the area you close off for the way you are currently inserting the wire for the nose.

    2. Irene Laama

      My adult XL SZ prefers this mask over Pleated & Olsen. I have been using t shirt cords but have recently discovered that knee high stockings & pantyhose work well for ear use. Thank you for this video. I’m a beginner sewer & appreciate a basic pattern with a true “one size fits all” mask.

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        You’re welcome :)

    3. susan sollee

      First of all, thank you for the selfless job you do as a nurse.👍🏻💕🙏🏻 You did a beautiful job on the mask. I just bought 3, almost as nice as yours for $40.00. You make it look so easy! Sewing is like anything else. To do it well you must have pride and a gift. My friends sister made some for sale. They looked very sloppy! Wish you were selling them-- 🌻👍🏻

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        Oh thank you so much. I did consider selling them. I’ve had a lot of people reach out about it. But after thinking about it, I wouldn’t likely have any free time to be able to continue creating content for ALsel. I’d be sewing 24/7 (not that it would be a bad thing), but I just love creating new things

    4. Charlotte Livesay

      Wonderful instructional video and easy to make mask!!! Thank you for all your efforts!

    5. Cristina Salomao

      Thank you very much for those practical ideas. Greetings from Brazil!

    6. Spyinthesky 777

      Face mask makes you breath in your own CO2 and if made from polyester you will also be breathing in formaldehyde which is used to prepare dead body for casket. Take a can of deodorant spray kind that you can see in the air. The mouth side of mask a spray a quick spray of it. Mask dont stop anything. N95 does

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        But thank you for your input

      2. Homemade on our Homestead

        Face masks are worn for up to 16-20 hours by nurses and MDs performing massive surgical procedures. They are just fine.

    7. PegEgg Eggleston

      Thanks for a great video. I like the behind your neck style, so that when I can, I can take it off, but it's right there when I reneed it (not sure that's a word - tee hee). Your instructions were great, and you did a great job. Bravo and be safe. Love Peg

    8. Deb Howley

      I haven’t seen anyone mention this. Perhaps I’m overthinking. When I watch video of these types of mask I see the wearer untie the mask and leave it hanging on their neck, inside facing out. Isn’t this going to a) expose your mask to germs and b) leave your germs exposed to others? Or should physical distancing make this a moot point?

    9. Tan Teresa

      Thank you so much. I will try to see once the shops are open. Looks easy . This will be my first time trying to sew. Thank you. God Bless you and everyone involved

    10. Thirteen 2020

      More bling please

    11. Wayne 00k

      Hi, Thank you for this instructional video. I wanted to suggest a tip that some who are new to sewing may find useful... When folding over the side edges to sew the pockets for the cord - no need to sew the cord into the pocket (my kids have sewn a few cords into the mask rather than the pockets). Simply sew along the edge like you do - then insert a drinking straw into the pocket - the cord will easily move through the straw and the straw can then be removed and reused. This is a wonderful design that has provided a close fit to most everyone I've shared or provided it to. Aside from using the "shop towels" as filters, I've replaced the cord you use with "para cord". This is very strong and durable - and I've fitted the masks with dual-cord spring-stoppers. These operate with just a press of a small button and have been very operable by young children and seniors with dexterity/arthritis issues. Cheers!

    12. Teresa Sheridan

      What do you use for filters?

    13. Cyntia Micaela

      Is the wire important? I don't have any and was wondering if it will work fine without it? Thank you

    14. Trece C

      As a beginner, I’m definitely gonna try to make this beautiful mask! 🎉 I met a wonderful person today wearing this style and she gladly shared tips on how to make it! 🥳 I searched for a video that would tie everything that she mentioned together, and surprisingly I stumbled across your channel... and it was spot on!😱 As a front line worker,😷🧑‍⚕️THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for EVERYTHING!!! Even taking the time out to show us 🧵🌏 how to make comfortable masks.🎭 And with TLC like that ... I had no choice but to LIKE! SHARE! & SUBSCRIBE!!!🤗❤️🥰😷

    15. Ellen Morrison

      This is awesome! I've been looking at mask after mask after mask videos, and there are sooo many pieces and I can't seem to understand the directions!!. This one I can definitely do, so I'll be pulling out my stashes of quilting fabric (that I probably will never use anyway, lol) and get busy doing my part to help. And the fact that it has a filter pocket AND doesn't bother your ears are a plus plus! Thanks for designing this one, and Bless You!!!

    16. Staci Stender

      I'm at 85 masks and counting with the design for family and friends. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

    17. Anne Evans

      I have since made one of these using soft round cord which allows the fabric to gather up easily (don't know why the flat cord didn't work so well). It's a great design, quick and easy to make and is the best for adjustability when making them for other people. That was one of the things I've been struggling with, trying a variety of solutions but none that I was really happy with. Thank you.

    18. Samantha Knowlden

      What kind of filter do you put in there?

    19. steve o

      Just inherited a sewing machine and as a total novice pensioner (male) I found this so easy for my limited or lack of skills. Looked at other patterns but I needed to learn to walk before running. Thanks for the guidance. I have been using aluminum strips cut from soda or beer cans for nose piece. Just make sure sharp edges are smoothed off.

    20. Me Me

      Doesnt seal over the nose!!!!

    21. Stephanie R Freeman

      How could I make this a little wider, like 1/2 inch total to have more coverage around the cheeks?

    22. deb12866

      What size fabric for a child’s mask?

      1. Homemade on our Homestead


    23. JDzbiznZ

      anyone make the tie part with elastic? how’d you do? how long? and same way?

    24. Ruth Nichol

      I have searching for a design like this for my daughter for weeks now. I cannot express how grateful I am 🙏

    25. Ruth Nichol

      Thanx, this is what I have been looking for 💌

    26. Janette Flanagan

      I did ask a question, but neglected thanking you for the demo of this mask. I have been making masks with pleats and a pocket for 2 small local churches, neighbors, friends, and family. This mask is much quicker to sew and fits well. I will be making these to donate.

    27. Janette Flanagan

      Do the corners of the completed mask really need to be folded in for the string channel???

    28. Riley Diane Waters

      Shut up

    29. Oso Birch Boutique

      This is the best mask pattern I've tried.Comfortable, fitted, fits many faces, easy to sew and no raw edges. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern and the tutorial. Very clear instructions! Thank you for the work you do!

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        Oh thank you so much. I really appreciate it

    30. Angela Henson

      This is a great mask pattern! I made several for friends and they love them. They really like the way it is so easy to adjust the fit, and it is comfortable. Thank you for creating this method.

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        Thank you so much. Appreciate that

    31. Nago7

      I made a couple of these and we really like them. I love how the string goes around my neck, allowing me to carry the mask at the ready. We added spring locks with a button like those used on tent bags and sleeping bags, to hold the two loose ends of the string together. It also is easier to slide the spring lock than it is to tie it. Great design.

      1. Lee Price

        Me too. Makes it much easier to use. Great design. Have made c30 so far.

    32. Sweet Ums

      If the synthetic clothesline/cord ravels try knotting end and hold it to a flame just until it melts & seals itself. Be CAREFUL not to burn yourself.

      1. Judy A

        Can I stop the unraveling by melting the end, even if I've removed the core of the paracord? I saw that suggestion from someone here who recommends removing the core to soften up the paracord.

    33. Cary Branthwaite

      Whipped right through the pattern..very easy to assemble and directions are straight forward. However, my cotton fabric must be stiffer that what you are using (Calico Cotton quilting fabric). The mask I made is quite difficult to tie and practically chokes me. I'm going to rip it apart and redo using only a front and back layer. I so wanted this to work. My elderly father does not always wear his masks correctly. This should be better for him. I'll report back after I attempt again.

    34. Linda Britt

      Hi my name is Linda and I am trying to recruit so where's to make mask for the Hopi Indian tribe. They are in dire need of help. They've requested help from the federal government but all they were sent was body bags. Most on the reservation do not have running water or electricity and they have to drive 60 to a hundred miles to a grocery store. They have 250 medical workers and 15000 tribal members. If you could help, and any help would be appreciated please email me at holi b1205 @gmail. Also if you have the time could you put out an urgent call to anyone you know on Facebook. If you can do either of these two things when you email me I'll give you the address to the Hopi Nation. Thank you in advance anything you can do to help these people. God bless and stay safe.

      1. Janette Flanagan

        May I suggest you find a mask making group in your state? If there are none, I know there are several on Fb from various states. This would get your request out to many people. I know the group I am in has received a request from the Navajo Nation.

    35. The Murrays


    36. Mayah West

      I love your video! I can't wait to start making my masks now! Thank you!

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        thank you

    37. TheCole529

      Thank you!! This was the easiest mask to make with a filter!!!!! 😃👍🏽

    38. Rivka Morgan-Sherman

      Thanks so much for teaching me to sew this mask. You've probably already answered this, but what is the measurement for a child-size mask?

    39. Comfort and Joy

      May I ask what kind of thread you're using? Also could you help me with regard to the proper tension I should use for this project? I'm having a lot of trouble with breaking threads and stitches that are sometimes small and sometimes long. But otherwise this is a very easy mask to make and I am enjoying making them for people! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. ❤

    40. Elaine Suntag

      Need measurements today adapt to 7 year old’s Child’s mask Received a reply but lost it Thanks

    41. Lodi Claypoole

      If you briefly touch the ends of the clothesline to a flame, it will melt and seal the ends. No knot needed. Love this pattern. Wish I had seen it a few hundred masks ago!

    42. Jackie Zucker

      I watched a bunch of different tutorials and decided this was a skill level I could handle. As of now I’ve made and given away 150 masks to my veterinarians office, restaurants and anyone else who need them. I have many more requests. Thank you so much for this great video!

    43. Harriett Jones

      Neat! I gave i another mask made by a friend who followed a UF Prof's design but gave it away to someone whose mask was too old. Then another friend gave me another home made model that looked very good but had a hard wire over the nose area. That hurt! wow.

    44. 0ne0f7

      What are generally a good filter .

    45. Art Pang

      Great mask! I made this for my family this weekend. One thing my kids struggled with (and sadly, me as well) was getting a nice tight knot behind my head. If you tie a fisherman's knot on the two working ends of the rope, you can make it adjustable and it holds very snugly without the need for tying it behind your head everytime! It makes donning the mask much easier and faster with a little bit of extra knot tying at the beginning. here's the knot instructions I found on pinterest: Thanks again! this is awesome!

    46. tcheer9

      Where are the dimensions posted?

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        It’s 10x8. Dimensions posted in the description box and on my website

    47. Linda Plane

      Love your sewing machine! What brand is it?

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        I believe for this tutorial I was using my Juki TL2010Q

    48. Cinder'Buela

      I just bought my first starter sewing machine and need pointers on where to buy material and what I should buy as a starter kit like scissors and stuff, any suggestions?

      1. Cinder'Buela

        @Homemade on our Homestead thank you!

      2. Homemade on our Homestead

        Great question! And congrats-sewing adventures are to be had. So it depends on what your looking to spend on supplies. Some things can get really speedy. I have a lot of recommendations for all budgets.

    49. Eugenie Marie

      Thank you for the video! I am using 54" sports laces instead of clothes line and it works great.

      1. Homemade on our Homestead


    50. Keith Sanders

      I forgot...loved the music.

    51. Keith Sanders

      Brilliant design (no ear blisters, good occlusion all around and allows for inserting removable filter), crystal clear instructions, excellent video production and great resources. Way out of the park. Thank you.

    52. clcotton26

      Do you have to put the nose piece in? Wail it fit well without the nose wire?

      1. clcotton26

        @Homemade on our Homestead thank you!

      2. Homemade on our Homestead

        You don’t have to. Still fits great

    53. The Mickey Bunch

      Love this diy! Thank you for sharing this.

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        You’re so very welcome!

    54. Betsy Warren

      I love this mask and have made several. For the tie, I used a 1.5” strip cut from a T-shirt instead of the clothesline cord. No need to stitch the strip - just pull on it after you’ve cut it, and it rolls up to form a cord. I’ve washed our masks numerous times - the knit T-shirt fabric will not ravel. Another idea I saw somewhere: the wire closer from a bag of coffee makes a fabulous nose wire.

    55. Rasita Winner

      I just worry about filter pocket opening being the centre of a mask making it possible it’s thinner there I would prefer it if the opening was top bottom or side so I may tweak this so it’s not central

    56. Karen Paessler

      Thank you for this great pattern! BTW this video has been put on Facebook by “Video Fun”. They have recorded music over your voice and added some sub-titles.

    57. Cecile Guindon

      What do i use fr filter? You r link for filters does not work. Thnks

    58. Bobbi M

      Love this!! I actually used elastic you can iron and machine dry from

    59. Lorene T.

      This is a great pattern. I didn’t have clothes line but did have some micro paracord. It worked great but was thinner and tricky to grab. I threaded both ends through a single 4-hole button to make the easier. I ran each cord in and out of two holes. Turns out I can just pull on the ends and it tightened up so there was no need to tie.

    60. Anne Evans

      Sadly it didn't work for me. I didn't use a heavyweight fabric but it didn't gather up as easily as yours. Also I've found, not just with this but others I've made, to have the wire in a comfortable place on my nose, the top edge of the mask is too close to my eyes and uncomfortable. I'm going to make another one, using different cord (I used a flat cord) and shape the top edge so it's a little lower under the eyes. When I tie it at the back it catches my hair: as another one did: but now I'm thinking it's because my hair is curly but this will be fine for people I make them for with straight hair I think.

    61. Gary Powell

      Hi! I just wanted to offer a suggestion for the nose wire. I know that if it becomes popular they will sellout immediately, but I used a 3" gear tie, "Nite Ize Original Gear Tie, Reusable Rubber Twist Tie, 3-Inch" sewn in for the nose bridge. They are a bit pricey but not too bad if you are only making a set of masks for yourself. The nice thing is the wire is designed to be bent a zillion times and it has a nice bit of plastic on the ends so it won't poke through. I've worn, washed and dried the masks in hot water and high heat and they are holding up well. Thanks for the instructive video!

      1. Kerri West

        Also the clothesline and paracord have been easy to find as well. I've used them both and its wonderful!

      2. Kerri West

        Galvanized Steel Wire at the hardware store is easy to come by and affordable. I got some for around 8 dollars i think and I still have quite a bit. Its the wire you may use for hanging wall paintings and the like. Works great!

    62. MsCouchm

      Hello, the URL for Removable is no longer working. Can you offer a more detailed description of the filter that you might suggest please?

    63. abrar gujar

      U kan RiteBigWordByDizWay

    64. abrar gujar


    65. Sherry lynne Zayik

      I was wondering if using synthetic rope will do with washing it in the machine and when it comes to sweating especially on the neck..wouldn’t the rubbing give friction and burning.

    66. Anne Evans

      It's a great design. I've struggled making fastenings adjustable to fit different people. Lately I've been adding a piece of fabric with velcro on to loop the elastic through (from both sides of the mask). I wasn't sure about this initially as the first mask I made had ties but I found I caught my hair in it while trying to fasten the ties at the back. But I think as you only tie this once (not 2 separate ties) it may be ok . I'm going to give it a go. Thank you. It's a simple design to do too.

    67. Charlene Leary

      Great mask pattern! Found this when I was waiting for elastic and interfacing, and it fits much much better than the elastic over the ears which can come off easily. Instead of a pocket, I interfaced two pieces of cotton with lightweight, non woven interfacing. I sewed the casings without the drawstrings and fed the cords in afterward with a bodkin. The wire I have been using is boundary wire that I found in my garage, leftover from an electric dog fence. It has a copper core, covered with waterproof plastic. Very flexible, and under twenty dollars for 500 feet.(I have been sharing it).

    68. Tdo Do

      Ties are hard to ties especially with gloves on. It’s hard to stay up too so I used cord stoppers.

    69. Teranew Calif

      Face Masks for sale at

    70. Julie Brooks

      Just finished my first mask for my husband. It fits great. He has no feeling in his finger tips so I used 1/4 elastic instead of the cord. He just couldn't tie it behind his head. I put the elastic through a toggle stopper and he can adjust by sliding the stopper. Thank you so much.

    71. Cynthia Siddall

      I use air vent filters... they are 100% polyester!!! Washable by hand preferred if you want them to last longer!!! 99% airborne filtration...


      This is a good mask. Simple to make~~~~~

    73. Peggy Flowers

      May I post your instruction sheet on the mask makers group that I belong to? Members are asking for it. It's a Facebook group called "Motherlode Mask Makers."

    74. Eileen Taylor

      Great job! Simple, concise directions which decrease my stress levels in getting masks made! I accept your appreciation on behalf of many people who are making masks to help laypeople and healthcare professionals stay safe and healthy during this challenging Novacorona Virus pandemic! GOD BLESS as we ALL strive to stay safe and healthy together! Thank you for sharing your design with us!!

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        Thank you so much. I appreciate all the beautiful comments :)

    75. moonwatcher99

      I have a quick question. I'm planning on making a music video of clips related to the current events. Would you have any objection to my using a few seconds of your video in it? I can assure that 1) I am serious, I'm not joking, 2) I will list full credit to your account, 3) I am intending to use your footage in a positive way, not as an attack, I can explain further if you have concerns. Thank you for your time.

      1. moonwatcher99

        @Homemade on our Homestead I just sent an email. Thanks for your time. :)

      2. Homemade on our Homestead

        Which video? And clips related to covid or what specially? I guess I wouldn’t have any objection but I’d prefer to know the full context of the video first. Can you submit the request formally in writing to:

    76. Faerielady

      This is a wonderful mask pattern. I have made around 50 of them now for friends, co workers and family. Easy to make and wear. I did however attach loops of either cloth or elastic instead of the long ties. I do not like tie behind the head types...I seem to get a headache with it after awhile. I am in and out of hospital laboratories and prefer these to the paper ones that are required inside for some of the places. Thanks so much for this pattern

    77. Malti Patel


    78. Michelle Blumenthal

      This is a fantastic pattern - thank you! I've made countless of these masks for friends and family and everyone at work was given one. One thing we've done is eliminate the tying in the back of the head by using a "Rolling Hitch Knot" - here is a link: You'll use less cord and you'll have an easier time getting it on and off. Here's a very basic video of how it works - please don't be mean, I'm not trying to make a professional video, just trying to help. If you don't like to idea, just move on and do it whatever way works for you:

      1. Paulette

        What a great idea! I can make the knots when I finish the mask and anyone who wants a mask will have an easy-to-use fastener already in place.

      2. Homemade on our Homestead

        Wonderful Michelle! Thanks for the tip!!! Love it!

    79. Susan Rheinheimer

      Where can we print up the pattern? thank you

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        If you need more help, let me know :)

      2. Homemade on our Homestead

        Hey susan, it’s on my website. There’s a hyperlink you click on to print the pattern. It says something like, “click me I’m your free pattern” or something similar

    80. Abbey P

      Wow!! Thanks.

      1. Homemade on our Homestead

        You’re welcome