How My Brother Took Over My Life | Juanpa Zurita & Twan Kuyper

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    1. Juanpa Zurita Comedy

      Thanks for watching! Comment on what kind of video you want to see next!

      1. Elvia Conde

        Los amo brooouuusss💞💞💞💞💞

      2. Ana Sofia Suarez Crespo Huerta

        yo si te quiero Juanpa, mejor vente conmigo porque yo me rio de todos los videos que subes, quiero ser tu amiga y a lo mejor hacer videos juntos y nunca te voy a cambiar por nadie mas.

      3. My life as mia

        Im an aries too

      4. Liliam

        Te quieremossssss🤩🤩😘

    2. SoccerHD 7

      The chiefs would’ve been better

    3. Ben Plays Games

      Ewwww Patriots

    4. Gio Gamer

      Lemme finish that sentence on the end for you. SON OF A BITCH

    5. Diwan Sherif


    6. Kanyinsola Oladunjoye

      Is he ur real brother?

    7. Brianna Huertas

      Patriots suck

    8. Kady Lacc

      The ending was the bestttttt Should prolly do my skl work but binge watching your videos is more fun

    9. Kady Lacc

      Sometimes Juanpa reminds me of Harrison Wells (HR )

    10. centigradz

      Don't worry Juan you are still the good looking brother.

    11. Shatabdi Saha

      I stopped keeping friends

    12. Kayla Subero

      Omg this video is so amazing, I died at the end, lol

    13. Savage Boy

      Is that your real brother

    14. 23mateo k09

      I AM PISCIS!!!1

    15. Bakhora Shavkatova

      I am aries

    16. Jan Arsov

      Fu£k juanpas brother

    17. Darryl Paris


    18. Drashti Sevak

      Junapa u so freaking cute and interesting bpy♡♡♡★☆☆★★♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥

    19. DevilishWolf_Edits

      "Think you look better than Juanpa Juanpa OK BOOMER

    20. Laura_cz :D

      Wait a minuet. At the end he said son of a (bitch). And they are brothers! So je is also son of a..

    21. The Weird Georgian

      it is hard to watch this when you hawe anxiety

    22. Hamna Ohi

      Throughout the video, I think Juanpa felt like the head on his shirt

    23. Aziah Clancy

      Pisces gang

    24. Aquiouse Bubblegam

      Ok,I know this is off topic,buttttttttt I really like your outdo XD

    25. Tonicookie 10

      Stop..STOP..STTOOP...IM A PISCES TOO ♓️ lmao

    26. Anisha Sequiera

      I sooooo feel it Juanpa cause that's what just what happened to me now

    27. In The Nik

      I'm picies my B-Day is on Feb 20th

    28. Citlali Star

      its ok Juanpa I'm a Aries to

    29. ali javaid

      twan chicken legs

    30. Alexandra Nguyen

      This is how many people are Aries 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼

      1. An Ayoub Animation

        0of guess theres only one. unless you liked your own comment

    31. Rayan Abu Saad

      Your the best

    32. Jai Jai

      OHMYGHOD! I'm a pisces too.

    33. tanzim.s Khan


    34. pandaloveracw

      I’m a Aries too.

    35. Asinate Draunidalo

      Is that really his brother?...they really do look alike

    36. Rubí Marie

      Who is watching this video in December 12?!🙂🤭am I the only one ?😇

    37. Kyo _ŁįFę

      Im taurus!!!😅😅😅😅

    38. Daniella Castro

      ❤️❤️❤️love yall🇲🇽🇲🇽los quiero mucho ❤️❤️😂💞🇲🇽❤️💞

    39. Wrestling Logan 2

      I want a second part

    40. LST Ander yeat

      One of the stupidest videos the rest awesome

    41. Kaidance Pahl

      At :32 Twan: you look better then juanpa😂😂😂 Juanpa: doesn’t do anything Coment who you think is the cutest Twan Juanpa Juanpas brother Anwar Rudy I think juanpa is the cutest out of everyone!!!!❤️❤️

    42. Satisfying ASMR

      Juanpa please see this and comment on it I know you won’t btw

    43. FishlipGill74

      Is that ur actual brother?

    44. Abby Blessing

      Juanpa Zurita just saying.. you are cuter then your brother..” don’t tell them I said that!” Shhh!

    45. Paloma cuartass

      Sep soy latina :D

    46. Princess jessie Rosquites

      Can I see brent rivera on your next videos pleassee🤗

    47. Auresa Reçica

      I'm a pisces to♓😂😂

    48. Deepshikha Sharma

      When he called his bro son of a b he called his mom a b.... right?

    49. Jazzy Baby

      Twan reminds me of PewDiePie

    50. Irin Rahman

      I’m an Aries too

    51. Jordan Caldwell

      adam you look funny.

    52. Jordan Caldwell

      that person with the hat looks like you juanpa

    53. Jordan Caldwell

      is twan your brother or is the other your brother

    54. Shelton Mon

      This is still my house.. LOL

    55. IsabellaPlayz

      I’m also APRIL! April 10, 2009 -me

    56. sam mielle gonzaga


    57. Keylee Johansen

      I’m an Aries 😂

    58. Mohammad Mohsen

      Such a loser wearing patriots hat.

    59. MyMy Williamson

      Juanpa what day in March cause my birthday is March 29th

    60. Kimarah Cajuste

      Is it only me or are they green