SWEETEST Puppy Love Moments from Dance Moms (Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime



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    Celebrate Valentine's Day the Abby way in this flashback compilation featuring the cutest crushworthy moments from Dance Moms and Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. #DanceMoms
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    1. Lifetime

      Love Dance Moms? Stay up to date on all of your favorite Lifetime shows at mylifetime.com/schedule.

      1. Ava’s Life

        Lifetime is amazing and great

      2. Puppy love


      3. Regina Rospenda

        Yeah good job Abby

      4. krista Dalka

        I Love dance moms

      5. Ka'nylah Bradford

        @Imogen James +a

    2. Sky Gaming

      Trinity and Travis should have been in this 😂😂 cause Travis had a crush on trinity 😂

    3. Alinia Raween

      If I was Brooke Me:omg no My mom:SWEETIE WERE GOING THIS IS A NO!!!!!

    4. Camila Clavijo

      Is it just me or is Brandon kinda cute...

    5. Chloe Fowler

      The way jojo said he’s super cute was so funny

    6. Carrie Harrington

      Kevin looks like an older version of gino

    7. UrbanRose

      Matchmaker Abby

    8. UrbanRose

      Poor Jeno

    9. Shobha Rathod

      I just love the song at the last but could someone tell me the name of the song

    10. Shobha Rathod

      I mean u can understand what she is coming from right No.. 🤣

    11. chocolate !!!!

      Poor Gino :(

    12. brittani depontes

      Kendall : I am such a big fan of matty b and he is cute but he shorter than me so it will never work out.

    13. Just a Fangirl

      Brooke: Abby always says no boys no boys but this is the second date she has sent me on Me: what is with Abby sending Brooke on dates

    14. charlotte collins

      mackenzie was so cute aww snitching on her sister sister love

    15. Stephanie Crowe

      Who else is watching this with a pack of ores that is almost gone

    16. Stefani R

      I love Dance Moms 🦋🦋

    17. Sarah Allison

      Nobody: Absolutely no one: Jojo: He is supa cuoot

    18. codie gacha

      I am dying at jojo's part "hes super cute"

    19. Sleep Is for the weak

      Brandon sounds like one of my friends and i was uncomfortable

    20. Janeilla Onfroy

      JoJo deserve to get a kiss 😘😚😚

    21. Kailey ShARp

      brandon looks like the younger version of the guy i like 😂

    22. Tamara Bridwell

      I hate this 😠

    23. Leslie Carpenter

      Wouldn't everyone want to go on a date with Zack Efron

    24. ïdïot*

      Im SINGLE ;-; I dunno

    25. Peyton King

      And Brandon 😞

    26. Peyton King

      I really feel bad for Gino though he actually looked kind of happy after the kiss and then Maddie ran away and he looked devastated😞😞😞😞😞😞

    27. Raelyn Vredeveld

      I would not have officially counted that as my first kiss

    28. madysyn duncil

      pressly and brady are for real it so cute it just made me smile

      1. Cora Driscoll

        Yo literally tho

    29. Terriana Mixon

      He’s really cute

      1. Terriana Mixon


    30. Antonia Greenward

      Jojo 😂❤️

    31. Miss Naya

      Ginos face broke my heart when she ran out...

    32. Soloman Charles


    33. Kelsey Fuller

      Love you Maddie!

    34. Andrew Singosho


    35. SageAclipse 256

      It's funny how Abby sends brooke to dates and Brooke she basically can't say no

    36. Avigail Arad

      Abby : NO BOYS! Also Abby : Sending Brooke on dates.

    37. ldb.21

      Kendall: He’s way shorter than me so it will never work out Tall Girl: YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS HARD - Kendall: 👁_👁

    38. Kawaii Krazy

      hEr fEet aReNt pOintEd. Bruh. come and see me dance. I cant even point my toes. :/

    39. Høney_ Bear

      When Brooke said Abby sended her on a date already the grown man was like 🌩

    40. Michelle Soares

      Are we gonna ignore pressley's super adorable and cute earrings and she looks so good wearing it.

    41. Michelle Soares

      The way brooke laughs is so cute.

    42. Michele Mickey

      Nobody gonna talk about Maddie "if it was Zac Efron I would kiss him! " 🤣🤣🤣

    43. Breanna Lindley

      I kissed a boy on the cheek at 9 years old

    44. Minnie Mouse

      Poor Gino LOL Jesus that’s embarrassing

    45. Demon Wearwolf

      Brooke gets sent on dates so much 😂

    46. Keva Diva557

      The one with the 2 girls in love if I was put in a that part I would’ve been lik can this relationship be real

    47. Olivia Davis

      What's it with abby STOP with the dates

    48. Mrs.Queen ofgachavids

      Kevin looks like he’s 40 and the girl looks like 15

    49. Olivia Davis


    50. Mrs.Queen ofgachavids

      Not to be rude but some of these dances and costumes are kind of inappropriate for some of these kids at some of the ages.

    51. Lindsey Dunbar

      Abby's making them act like 21 year olds

    52. Kevin Leemon

      I could not Evan imagine how sad and embarrassed that poor boy must have been when she ran off stage

    53. Hunnie

      Don’t you just love it when the moms act like tweens or six graders?

    54. Darci Drozda

      Let’s have a contest! Like= The originals, Comment= The new crew!

    55. Xxgacha BunsxX


    56. Xxgacha BunsxX

      I would not do that duet if I was Maddie beacuse in my opinion my first kiss has to be special

    57. Brittney Bolt

      BROOKE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️KEVIN


      Miss Abby say hit or miss

    59. Victor Vasquez

      Maddie:If it was Zach Effron I would kiss him. Me:wHaT tHe HeCk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Analina Venezia

      Mackenzie just puts out a piece sign randomly for the cameras.

    61. Kate Perkins


    62. Laura Stanley

      Even tho Brandon is so cute

    63. Laura Stanley

      Omg poor Brooke was so awkward

    64. Chlo

      Maddie went from This: 🙂 To this: 🤢

    65. DolIor

      Dance moms is such a mood

    66. Riley Swift

      Them: the boy’s like the girls when they go on dates and are all like so this might have been I good idea!! The girls no not really

    67. Erin Plunkett

      Kelly: I jUsT cLeAnEd OuT mY cAr

    68. Rosemary’s Life

      Maddie: “I don’t wanna kiss Gino” Jill: “My little Kendall would look great kissing Gino!”

    69. Tiffany Lee

      jojo- I cant- bruv- “He’s super cute” I-

    70. Nora’s story

      y was I expecting actual puppies?

    71. *honey & peaches *

      This is how many times Abby sent Brooke our on a date with another guy. 👇🏻

    72. Nightmare Wolf

      I love Brady's voice!!

    73. Emily Hatton

      Who is whatching whilst corona ?

    74. Jeremiah Young

      Brooke:Abby sent me on a date a while ago Me:*chews on chicken nuggets* Kevin:😏😳😐😟 Me:*chicken nugget falls out*HAHAHAHA

    75. Sugar Rainbow

      "if it was Zac Efron I would kiss him" Me too!

    76. bleh :c

      JoJo talking about TRAVIS got real sassy

    77. Mioshye Gushiken

      Omg how many times has Abby try to match make broke xDDDD

    78. Mioshye Gushiken

      Omg the one with Brooke and Brandon was--

    79. Reid Elmenthaler

      Maddies sister is a snnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiich

    80. ok great

      Okay but why is Brandon kinda cute...