Halsey - A Conversation About Bipolar Disorder (Artist Spotlight Stories)



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    In this installment of Artist Spotlight Stories, Halsey and licensed therapist Dr. Snehi Kapur explore mental health and bipolar disorder in an intimate one-on-one conversation. Directed by Liza Mandelup and produced by ALsel Music, the film gives an exclusive glimpse into Halsey’s inner world and personal journey, while offering insight on broader issues surrounding mental health.

    For more information please visit Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance's website: www.dbsalliance.org/

    The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is a leading national organization focusing on mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder. Globally, DBSA can help with resources and information.

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    1. bentang satriaji

      rob zombie


      Dain girl!! Bipolar & endometriosis!! Sure IS one big EMOTION!

    3. Ghecko

      Oh boo hoo. I got hit by a rubber bullet while rioting. Boo hoo for me.

    4. Awesome Dave

      All women have this at least 1x a mth!

      1. yroohj gouy

        Thank You so much for doing this

    5. Bipolar Junkie

      Manic Makes The Music

      1. yroohj gouy

        illness as Halsey but I could find so many similarities in everything she's expressed around bipolar disorder and I'm so glad we have an artist that is talking about that strugg

    6. Bipolar Junkie

      The thing about being mentally ill is... everyone expects you not to be

    7. Mumitul Mimma

      Acceptance, Acceptance, & Acceptance

    8. V Maya

      I found out that I am suffering severe depression and anxiety , I told only one of my friends and she made fun of it and didn't take it seriously, so I preferred to not tell anybody about it .

    9. Jamie Scarbrough

      I actually feel like I have some sort of disorder like for example I could be having a good time with my friends one second and the next I'm out of it like I feel like I'm high. And sometimes when I'm asleep and someone tries talking to me I'll open my eyes and have a full conversation with them, but I'm actually still asleep and won't even remember having a conversation or anything.I've told my mom about it and asked if I could get check to see what's wrong with me but she just says that I'm fine and its normal to feel that way because I'm a teenager.I don't know what to do anymore because it just keeps getting worse and worse.

    10. Vishal Verma

      Love u

    11. bilishu aliss

      saying that I love you so fucking much. Go on this way, you are one of my biggest inspiration. Thank you so so so much❤️❤️❤️

    12. Iván bq

      lo que mas deseo es un ft con S.yatra 💛💛🤗

    13. MariJo

      Thanks Halsey. Just thank you for being so open to help others.

    14. Marjorie Marconcine De Oliveira

      A great video Ashley! Thank you.

    15. JenJenMusicLver

      Your manic version sounds like mine x

    16. JenJenMusicLver

      Sometimes I will be calmly trying to explain how I'm feeling and been accused of having "an episode" it's so hard

    17. JenJenMusicLver

      I was diagnosed at 25 in the midst of being very successful in the career path I was in at the time.

    18. Kate Howells

      I have bipolar disorder, too. It's a hard pill to swallow(No pun intended). I believe it can be a gift and a curse. I try to focus on the "gift" when I'm feeling depressed, but it's hard. Still, it is part of what helps me realize this depression will pass. I have mixed episodes and rapid cycling with my bipolar. It can get very tiring. Halsey is a musician I can relate to on a deeper level because of her bipolar. Like Halsey mentioned, I also feel more creative when I'm hypomanic, but then I burst with many ideas. I can't get anything accomplished as my mania level rises. I'm glad she did this video. We need more awareness.

    19. Valerie Parente

      as a writer with severe obsessive compulsive disorder I've found a lot of comfort in this album and it reminded me a lot of the poetry I often come up with in my most dark phases. It's just so hard knowing that the mental place that gives me such beautiful art is the same place that gives me so much pain. I know I don't have the same mental illness as Halsey but I could find so many similarities in everything she's expressed around bipolar disorder and I'm so glad we have an artist that is talking about that struggle

    20. BaidaArabians

      Thank You so much for doing this

    21. Vidushi Sahai

      The doctor looks like the mom from HIMYM

    22. mpireone

      I was a Halsey fan... now I'm a a bigger fan!! It takes a brave and unselfish person to openly talk about their serious health condition. I hope whoever Halsey falls in love with, can now understand her more and be patient with her condition?! You're such a beautiful person!

    23. yroohj gouy

      I like 1. The longer one is better

    24. Shreyash

      ALsel :- You cannot donate in this country Me:- I cannot even donate in my country

    25. Kristina LaSpada

      Mental health is so important to discuss. Thanks for this....

      1. yroohj gouy

        churning already choppy waters. MSG is in food under over 20 names. It is an excitotoxin, bad for all brains. Keep it out of your diet.

    26. thedange91113

      Navy SEAL training is hard.. (Stewart from MAD tv voice) no pun intended.. 😞

    27. thedange91113

      And then theres being born on Feb 29th.. Like... Who am I!

    28. thedange91113

      Gap teeth R fun too

    29. thedange91113

      Having a lisp is a reaaalllly bad mental disorder

    30. thedange91113

      Therez some bomb ass group art up for sale at Kanye's..

    31. thedange91113

      It's not real as much as it is unnecessary to get wimp slapped

    32. thedange91113

      Speaking of bi polar dissorder, isn't it just PTSD? Kinda like Love?

    33. Tony Furz

      Romans <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> 10 For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!

    34. Matin Rahimi

      Halsey YOU get me feel better.

    35. Mike Mike

      I learned about Bipolar Disorder from watching the best Soap in the World, General Hospital. Cuz one of the best characters from General Hospital is Bipolar. Sonny Corinthos.. He's how I learned about Bipolar Disorder, from a Soap.. See everybody that doesn't watch Soaps, y'all should. Cuz Soaps are good. U can be like me and learn from them. After all I did.. I learned about Bipolar Disorder from General Hospital. It seems funny, huh, that l learned about a Disorder from a Soap, but it's true.... But, HALSEY U are Fuckin' Hott. Sexy & Fine as Fuck.

    36. Lucy Wu

      Love the aesthetics of this video and their outfits.

    37. Billy

      I struggle with this myself... im glad videos like this exist because most people have no idea what BPD is. Thank you Halsey!

    38. #BobbleHead

      Yes... I Believe a "Phish" Concert ...can change the Climate

    39. D Storm

      You are entitled to your feelings unless you happen to be a heterosexual white male who is educated and law-abiding, in which case every victim group in the world blames you.

    40. Penguin Shoes

      I do want you to learn more about what is going on with your brain, but please ask a professional before trying something. Pharmacists are great sources of info. They will know about any potential bad interactions if you take meds. If you want to start something new, get a green light from your doctor. Take notes so you can ask good questions and have answers for reference. You likely can improve what is happening, but seek good quality data.

    41. Penguin Shoes

      BDNF allows you to make 700 new brain cells/day. Inflammation in the brain in bipolar and other conditions blocks it, making you more prone to dementia later in life. Curcumin in turmeric, EGCG in green tea, acetyl L-carnitine, and exercise can help rescue that process. Your body is made of food. Diet plays a huge role in calming stormy seas, or churning already choppy waters. MSG is in food under over 20 names. It is an excitotoxin, bad for all brains. Keep it out of your diet.

    42. Aditya Pandit

      I realize after watching this that I may have bipolar disorder.

    43. Abby Wiltshire

      Halsey is a true advocate. She doesn’t shy away from the darker sides of humanity and that’s beautiful.

    44. Yamileth Sibrian

      Shes crazy

    45. Lindsey DiPilato

      Yaaasss! My bitch! Im bipolar type 1 I go by Harley working hard on my music !

    46. Abbie Roderick

      I’m so glad she said “ what am I allowed to feel” because I find myself freaking out over what is “real” and what is just my bipolar disorder.

    47. Matthew

      Thank you, Halsey.

    48. Pragya Nandi

      I'm so proud of her.

    49. dina lee

      I love your music

    50. Laura Blue

      Halsey - relatable, flowing. Random lady off the street - full of platitudes and stock phrases.

    51. felicia w.

      Thank you halsey ❤️

    52. marsandfruit

      Thank you for this album. For everything honestly. I’ve gone through many mental health issues in my life and they’ve been hard every time. I’m also a dancer and I do make the best stuff when I’m in that state. I also work way too much and don’t like the person I become because I’m just...crazy. Crazier than the sun. Than life itself. So I get it. I get it more than you know. Just remember that it’s okay to be vulnerable. Just make sure you also get help doing so. And create a safe space for yourself.

    53. Danielle

      Love this so much. Would love to see one done on endometriosis as well.

    54. Mary

      I dont wanna die before Melanie and Halsey do a song😭

    55. Allie Carter

      I turned 18 a few months ago and actually just went to a psychiatrist today for the first time and was told I have a mood disorder. Not sure which one yet but thanks for this vid. Helps a lot :)

    56. Andrew Brown

      All disorders are caused by phenomena. If they resort to medicate, that is villainry because they don't know what is in what they administer. Consider everything provided to you is secretly flawed, extra fortified with whatever makes it either stuff that blocks circulation or is abrasive in your body.

    57. Sofia Braun-Valle

      thank u Halsey for being open, vulnerable and accepting about this mental disorder. I am grateful you opened up a conversation that needs to be talked about. The more we know about it the more we can help each other, a community, and within! information is power and acceptance is bliss, I am so grateful thank u!

    58. Giulia Fernandes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="417">6:57</a> "you were right, you liked me cause I was blue, but you touch me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple wasn't for you" wow.

    59. itswhatisee

      How do bipolar people know how to draw the line to their own behavior because i know some of them that are very verbally and physically and even sexually abusive

    60. Nick Garcia

      This is so bad but she looked like chris jenner when I first saw the preview. Sorry halsey!!!

    61. Amanda Thaís

      te amo demais filha

    62. rettungsringer

      I live with bipolar disorder for almost 9 years now. it cost me friendships, my graduation, relationships and tons of money. now I've been living without a phase for a year and haven't been hospitalized in over 6 years this disorder will take my life eventually BUT I did not come for a fight but I will fight till the end!

    63. Adrian Robertson

      Super awesome to see her speaking about bipolar so openly and raising awareness. I hope people also realize how dangerous manic episodes can be. I hope she's going to adjust her medication, because bipolar isn't something that you can just outgrow or fix with therapy. I think a lot of us don't really understand that these episodes put us at a risk to ourselves and others. You never really know when you are going to start feeling suicidal again or when a life event is going to throw you off. I just don't want to see her unintentionally sending a message that dealing with mania on a regular basis is even remotely safe. A lot of people have died that way. If anyone here knows anyone who seems to have big issues with manic behavior, please encourage them to get help. They might seem really high and happy, but they are actually extremely fragile and could easily explode. Not to mention the possible psychotic symptoms and impulsive behaviors. Gambling, hyper sexuality, grandiosity, flight of ideas, spending sprees, drug abuse.... These are things I've done while manic that i'm not proud of... But if someone would have reached out maybe i could've gotten help a bit sooner. Don't believe for a second that an unmedicated bipolar person can lead a stable life without medication management. It just doesn't work that way... Unless you live in a box. Sooner or later someone is bound to get hurt. Now that i've been medicated for 3 years, i've found it to be my best friend, because i no longer have to deal with the instability. Things are easier. Bipolar and schizophrenia are two of the most severe mental illnesses that can be easily cured with the proper meds. Don't let someone go unmedicated. And if you are bipolar and aren't medicated right now, i encourage you to think about the harm that could come to you or others around you during your episodes. Having severe high and low levels of energy is not good for you. Untreated bipolar brains experience early cell death during manic episodes. Too much excitement is very bad for the brain. Because Bipolar combines an impulse control problem with depressive tendencies, the risk for suicide is very high. Remember that these illnesses really can sneak up you.

    64. Yeah ok

      Bipolar doesn’t make people fake like these two people and this vid are, if u get anything positive out of it ur not bipolar ur just stupid

    65. Sidy Samgare

      Oumou sagare laban

    66. Sidy Samgare

      Ramata diakite son derriere concert a wassulo

    67. Arielle Godines

      I'm not trying to be disrespectful to people who have this disorder, but my family tree has a history of bipolar depression, and I'm just so grateful to god that I dont have this.. it's so sad to see people have this disorder and people that I Love have died from this. Whoever reads this, just know that you will NEVER be alone.

    68. tatjana martina

      god I love her so much😩

    69. Keen Lai

      how do i kno if i have bipolar

    70. Olivia Jarvis

      I’m Manic Bipolar and was diagnosed about a year ago. When I told my select family and friends they said “Ohhhh that makes so much sense”. Like bro wtf? And when I was trying to get pregnant and get off my meds to do it safely my therapist said “Are you sure you wanna have baby, it could come out like you, you know.” My GYN said the same thing to me like three times and refused to remove my IUD until she felt I was stable enough... the amount negativity towards Bipolar Disorder makes me just not tell anyone anymore.

    71. Karen Chin

      In 2000 an “incident “ changed my life 😔 I was pregnant a single mother to a toddler, alone and no medications ... it sucks to be broken, alone, and defeated😞.

    72. NaNda Bageka

      شو بحبا لهالزي اعشقكك Ilove you halzey

    73. joe miller

      “how do I know what I’m allowed to feel?” that shit hits different

    74. Ernest F

      Thank You ! Ernest Foss

    75. Chelsea Foster

      Thank you Ashley. You understand. You get it.

    76. Autumn Rose

      I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder whenever I was 13. At times, I didn't expect to live past 20 because of suicidal thoughts. My family was abusive and I didn't have any allies when it came to my bisexuality as a teen. But, I'm here to say that if you just KEEP GOING, everything will be okay if you're actually trying to better your life. I am now 21 with a family of my own. I have my own house, and I just want to see everyone be successful in life. Halsey, thank you so much for getting this message out. ILY

    77. Micayla Berry

      How do you know if you just have depression or if you have Bipolar disorder?

    78. Ernie Liverman

      You're so brave! Thank you for sharing your journey. I also have a mental illness from childhood trauma. The wounds have healed but the scars will never go away. I know you understand this. Please keep sharing, bless you!

    79. kayla shaw

      Amazing 🙏🏻