Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls go from bright red hair to blonde with the help of bleach and color remover.
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    1. Brad Mondo

      Hope you’re all well 💙

      1. I love joe And dianne

        Thank u xxxx

      2. Kary Askew

        This was posted on my birthday! Loved it :)


        Great luv u💗

      4. Smokii K

        Anyone else’s week felt like a year? Im so over 2020 already 😂😂

      5. B. O.

        What I read: "hope you're all wet 💙" ..... well then.

    2. Chelsea McIntosh

      can we talk about how brandi was literally driving and giving us a overview of her hair lmao

    3. Artemis

      I feel blessed to be a natural blonde after seeing these girls spending so much money and time trying to make theirs blonde 😂

    4. Electrical._. Winchester

      Literally after using the third step of color fix on my friend (she had a greenish tone)... it was blonde and very even and nice. STEP 3 TURNED IT BACK TO GREEN AND WE WERE SO CONFUSED

    5. Danni B

      You should do tik tok hair fails

    6. It's a Kay thing

      My hair is naturally strawberry blonde. If I dye it brown it will be an Auburn and nothing lifts well on my hair. The only thing that lifts amazinglyyyyyy is bleach 😭😭😭 I will be super blonde with no brassy tones and I look really good blonde so I’m Gucci

    7. Chloe Harris

      Sometimes I swear you and your brother switch places.

    8. Jenae Rosette

      Help my sister is using t18

    9. Kai Kramer

      How about your hair... Doesn't suit u...

    10. Melissa Louise Madden

      Girl get your fucking hands on the steering wheel you absolute goon

    11. Stephanie Marie

      I went from red to blonde, took 8 hours but I went to a hairdresser. Went from red to platinum.

    12. Heather Rock

      Omg this makes me wanna cut/color my hair at home but I’m pretty sure my hairdresser would cry 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

    13. Beth

      Hey brad love your vids! I currently have Red hair and really wanting to go to vivid purple. What processes should i do instead of going straight for purple hair colour?

    14. Heather Pahl

      lmaooo I currently have a ginger red that’s fading and I wanna go back to brunette during this beautiful quarantine. I was literally thinking about how I should record myself doing this so you can drag my color removing technique to hell 😂

    15. Kyleigh Ray

      Brad: Can we talk about how amazing her roots look? Me: Can we talk about how’s she’s in her car driving with NO hands?????!!!!!!!

    16. N. M.

      Am I the only one getting stressed about the girl filming her hair while driving lol

    17. Danielle Monahan

      I love the vids that you make with your brother! You guys are hilarious together!🤣🎉

    18. Jelena Lazarevic

      Have you seen MOUNIR hairstylist? Whats with him coloring 3 diferent color at the end of bleaching hair? He just got little gray... ( sorry for bad english writing) 😉

    19. Brently Sarvis

      I went black to red at home 😂

    20. AnGeL_WiTh_SiN

      Honstly what scares me most in this video is 3rd girl putting 40vol bleach on her roots 😣

    21. TheHellthirteen

      I’m still surprised every time I hear that the toner is a permanent colour. I have never used a toner that requires a developer.

    22. TheHellthirteen

      Is the “don’t bleach twice in one day” thing maybe because you aren’t supposed to use bleach the same day as washing your hair so if you just washed bleach out of your hair, you’ve stripped all the oils and what have you?

    23. TED

      Where in manhattan can you get a bleach out for 160 dollars? I am knowing I am giving up my platinum hair because I am moving back.

    24. Anne-Christine Hansson

      Ohhhh,,,,,,all respect to all young beauutiful hair that need adwise but i would be so glad to be adwised to a Grey natural Grey hair. I coloring mine but maybe not right color.

    25. Fabella Tourette

      The vitamin c treatment only works on specific fashion colours! It made my pink a peachy blonde, my purple a dusty rose colour and didn't do shit to my lime green

    26. TheHappyCake

      In the intro whenever he gets up I get so confused for a second I'm like hey you just said let's get started where're ya going?!?!?

    27. James White

      Can we talk about that girl looking into the camera while DRIVING

    28. James White

      I like the bangs 👌 Brad

    29. Angelica c

      I love your videos sm! They literally teach me what to do n what not to do when doing my hair

    30. zxzzna

      ok that's my new favorite type of video

    31. melisasmsm

      React to blakehomie dying her hair?

    32. Sasusaku rules

      We gonna skip the fact the second girl filling while driving and she ain’t got no hands on the steering wheel

    33. DC88

      Just watched this video on fb.

    34. AnimaSola3o4

      JFC can we talk about how she's filming while driving and using both of her hands to move her hair around while staring at the camera, not the road?! 👀

    35. Heww. yeah

      i'm pretty sure going green to blonde would be sooooooooooooooo much harder

    36. Sienna802

      Hi from France ! I like your videos because yes it's funny That they mess it up, but you also explain everything keeping a watchful eye, And kindness ! Nice !

    37. טל בכר

      What is it toner actually ?

    38. Jennifer Grabener

      Her hair is so long my first thought was "she isnt going to have/use enough bleach" 🙄🙄🙄🙄 this is why it cost so much when u go to a salon. They have to use MORE PRODUCT on long hair. So please if you bleach ur hair take that amount I feel is "good" and multiply it but like 5

    39. Taylor Goddard

      I did it during my maternity leave Went from faded red, through to yellow orange to white blonde It took me like 4 months maybe, giving my hair the right time to repair between bleaching.

    40. Way Fun

      Brad we all love you ..... I want you to cut my hair

    41. John

      Red is the new lesbian color

    42. Alien Abuser

      You bangs are cute ✌🥰

    43. Katsa the Celestial Kitten

      I’ve seen the vitamin C method work better on curly natural hair

    44. Austin Wilson

      Can we talk about how she’s driving and filming at the same time!!!?!! Wtf?!

    45. Jeanette Alexandra

      The second girl driving in the car with none of her hands on the steering wheel because she's showing everyone her hair was the scariest thing of this whole video

      1. arnold smith

        She's dumbx and she actually killed someone and then to jail until her mummyh bailed her out

    46. Duckie Power


    47. Nicolle Ramos

      Brad, please react to Nilda Santiago, video DO PRETO AO RUIVO, she's a brazilian youtuber, it was a disaster sequence

    48. Giana Grace

      Im a cosmo student, will i watch these and judge people for doing this at home?... yes. will that stop me from doing it at home?... no. But i absolutely love your videos and your commentaries ❤️❤️

    49. Debbie

      Everyone is worried about her hair. ( female #2) I’m worried about how she let go the wheel and the car is still going 🥴😭

    50. Jocelyn Kies

      Soooo, this is so random, but I need advice. I am a girl with very thick brown/dirty blonde hair, and right now I have hair that is relatively long, but I have wanted a pixie cut for a few years now, and I finally have the chance to get one, but I’m not sure what to do with my hair. Do I go super short, at kinda long but kinda short? If there is anyone out there with experience with long hair, or pixie cuts or anything, I would really appreciate some advice!

    51. Vaans

      The longer I'm self isolating the more I want to something to my hair. I need people to tell me not to.

    52. Morgana Cannon

      I just feel like im watching teenaged Jennifer Lawrence

    53. Tori

      brad, i would literally let you do ANYTHING to want to my hair. i’m so bored with it and idk what to do.

    54. Cristina Pappaterra

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="898">14:58</a> CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING?!?!

    55. Emilia Coffman

      My understanding was that it was the volume of developer used that affected how light the hair would get when bleached?? At least that is what I was taught at school.

    56. Maria

      Hi Beautiful 💞

    57. Suloisin B

      Did anyone else want <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="910">15:10</a> girl to hold onto the steering wheel.

    58. Tanisha Joseph

      lmao i did this once, my hair turned out pink xd wasn’t a big deal for me i wanted my hair pink anyways

    59. Rhu Riv

      Please take care Brad :)

    60. Aire Vax

      Funny thing is that, I grew up literally right next door to the last chick, I wonder how she is doing these days.

    61. Shaii Atkins

      I honestly love you 😂😂😂

    62. Lisa Levesque

      I love her results!

    63. tempy everclear

      What would happen if you put toner on a ginger copper orange/red directly before bleaching?

    64. LizaLovesYou

      Ok but real talk, the girl with the undercut is BEAUTIFUL OMG

    65. taylor futch

      i had gorgeous blonde hair and i went red with box dye. bleached it 4 times in one day and fried all my hair off. now im stuck rocking a bob with bangs and back red 😭😂😂

    66. Deandra Johnson

      How have I just found this dude?!

    67. D G

      My hair is still crying from my blonde moment

    68. Annie Fordham

      Can we talk about how the second girl literally drove her car without her hands for a solid 20sec like how did she not die wtf 😂😂😂

    69. D's World

      How can you tell if someones hair is compromised?

    70. Tricia Perez

      Honestly I wanna thank Brad Mondo for his videos, watching your videos has taught me so much about doing hair that I thankfully havent had to go through any horrible hair fails. Thank you Brad!!!❤❤❤

    71. Cassy Surrette

      Li Li is that you?

    72. Cassy Surrette

      your voice is relaxing

    73. Alya Talal

      Joana plz !!!!!

    74. That1CatLoverGirl

      this is what I heard... a lot- *skip* of toe- *skip* naaaaaaaaaaaa *skip* Nulllllll I laughed so hard.. ~~Yes I liked my own comment... whatever... (ALSO: BRAD IF YOU ARE SEEING THIS I LOVE YOU!!!)~~

    75. Sarah Wood

      Brittany Lowkey killed it ...👀

    76. Leigh Mishamigo

      The ring on his shirt gives me Tiger King PTSD 😳👀

    77. Dreary Lane

      The Color Fix processing lotion is just peroxide which will bring that colour right back when the molecules that are shrunken swell back up, she's correct in not using it especially before the 4th or 5th wash

    78. Char Retkowski

      The 1st girl looks like Leeloo from "The Fifth Element"! LOL

    79. London Aaliyah

      Like my hair is strawberry blond😂

    80. London Aaliyah

      The first girls hair is what mine is naturally but a little more yellow😂