1. Brad Mondo

      I think green is gonna be the hair color of 2020

      1. Katherine Kupner

        omg green is my favorite color, and ive had almost every color but. WHY HAVE I NOT TRIED THIS!?

      2. Maddy Recording Randomness

        Brad Mondo wtf I have green hair since forever

      3. E Baker

        Brad Mondo been green for 2 years and living for every moment of it

      4. Mary Weber

        Brad Mondo green haired lady here and yesssss My favorite colorrrr Just bond repaired my hair, bout to touch up the color, and gloss treat my hair next week 😊🙌🏻

      5. TheRealR!0T

        I’ve had green hair for years now

    2. Mirage DeLing

      I'll admit I used artic fox phantom green and my hair was like green blue

    3. Princess Reckless

      In the first clip, her tips turned blue because she has such light blonde hair and adding in the factors that you mentioned of it being porous, it more than likely softened the green hue in the pigment and brought up more of the blue pigment instead (I DIY dye my hair so I could be wrong)

    4. Slava

      Eww you act too gay 🤢

    5. crazykenna

      Me watching this video waiting for a flashback of that time Brad dyed his hair to look like a Sprite can ...

    6. Rika Minozaki

      Am I the only one who laugh when I saw "I just want to be Midoriya" 🤣🤣🤣

    7. Zoe Syverson

      Watching this just makes me want to dye my hair green again

    8. Things And stuff

      No one: Literally no one: Brad: punches the air

    9. Kenslei Spry

      brad: i don’t like the blue-ish me: 🥴i meannn i kinda like it

    10. MsWitchlight

      It seems to me that the phantom green in the first video got was a very blue heavy green and because her roots had a much more yellow tone in it the roots actually added to the total green tonality but because her ends were as light as they were most of the yellow was gone so it just picked up the blue tone.

    11. Eleanor Richards

      Green dye turns blue because green is made of yellow and blue, and the blue pigment is stronger than the yellow, so sometimes the yellow doesn't stick and just leaves the blue behind

    12. Eleanor Richards

      When I did arctic fox phantom green it turned blue too :'( on white blonde hair that was very healthy

    13. azusa aoy.orihara

      i think that her hair ends turned blue because the green that she used had 60-70% dark blue and they were ash gray(?) and the beginning is green because of the blond colour. i think?

    14. E Baker

      So I tried going blue and purple a couple years ago, and when my hair was mostly purple my friends and I decided to DIY bleach my hair because fuck it right? Well turns out bleaching purple hair turns it GREEN .. no word of a lie. So we just threw some blue arctic fox on top of it...when the blue fades out of my hair, it always goes green. Every single time I’ve redone the blue it’s gone back to green so now I’ve just started grabbing the green shades in the Arctic fox and I’m living for my poison ivy life. 💚💚💚💚

    15. Becky Louise

      The 2nd girls hair turned out so good! It was beautiful ❤

    16. bell chemy

      yess that s it brad I think it looks good anyway :)

    17. bell chemy

      she wants to make her roots have an even base with the rest of her hair the second one :)

    18. bell chemy

      brad it makes sens that s blue kind of green so because the hair had some yellow it turns green but because the botton is white no yellow it turn blue not green without knowing she used an hebrid color she should ad yellow at the end it would look more even :)

    19. Merp Merp

      Lol I’ve had green hair for a year now and I honestly think green isTHE hair color this year cuz I’ve seen it every already

    20. Kat Louwen

      I desperately want teal hair with charcoal purple roots but I can't get anyone to do it for me. Hair dressers see my thick, dark af hair and just cannot be bothered. I've been turned away so much I don't know what to do or who to trust anymore.

    21. andy

      brad: [explaining at the end of the video what i figured out at the beginning] me: i'm a hair genius also i had mint green hair for a while and i loved it so much

    22. Sasha T.

      The blue/green one was dope, i had a phone case like that 15 years ago 🧑🏻‍🎤

    23. Moriah Graves

      Brad doesn’t know who I am yet tells me I look beautiful and I believe him 😂

    24. Just Jayden

      THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO..... Prepare for a hair sob story So you can see by my picture that I am a natural blonde, and I was really aware of it’s beauty and what it implies about me and how my life is. I was conscious of it and for simple terms it really was “where my strong was”. So naturally, I wanted to know if my identity was built around my hair, I found a lot of people fetishized me, or had deeply ROOTED hate for me because of my hair and eye colour, there was just lots of things that my hair played a role in lol. I’d gone a few colours like lavender, I did a strawberry blonde that washed out, let up red that slipped right off in 2 months (because I never saturated my hair and I always shampooed the first night and never took cold showers because I didn’t want to give up the blonde) however. University happened, the ultimate identity crisis. I ordered a bottle of arctic fox aquamarine, and I fell in love. I mean it’s sooooo flattering. But recently as it’s been fading and I was trying to start my back to blonde journey, I realized what a journey it was going to be. And with my ultra fine hair a lightening process could be the end of my hair period lol: People respond extremely well to the color. I get really disgusted looks now and then (mostly from boomers)but it’s so much better than those same people trying to touch my blonde or making really slimy comments about the fun blondes have. It reflects the color that I feel, it flatters my eyes and my skin tone, but deep down I know I’m a blonde and I miss it. I still have washed out minty dirty green hair with 4 inch roots of blonde, I’m probably patiently going to let the roots grow and play with the tips, but this video just really made me feel seen, like someone understand the emotional journey that is blonde to green, and that hair is just such a beautiful form of expression. ♥️ thank you for doing a video for us ♥️

    25. feather firework

      I just Love your haircolor it’s sooo matching to your eyes and skin tone omg

    26. Shayne de Wet

      I wish your brand was available in my country. Glitterati sounds awesome!

    27. GorgoneMedusa666

      i love green hair. my left hair side is green and the right hair side is yellow and i love it so much and i will never change it ♥ ^^

    28. Snickering Snake

      My girl just wanted to be midoriya, anime fans unite!

    29. Monique M

      💕 🤜 🥰

    30. Bren Fisher

      If any body was wondering when the screen said Midori that means green

    31. Stacie Barber

      As an apprentice hairdresser i love your videos ive learnt so much thank you x

    32. Jazz Sophia

      Green is my favourite colour! We need more green appreciation

    33. meri

      I used to have green hair and I loved it 🥰 It just quickly faded....

    34. Violet

      I love green hair!!! Emerald or forest green are my favourite colours to dye it! - I am so happy you made a video dedicated to green hair :)!

    35. Ninizen

      IF you have platina blonde hair and you go swimming in a pool with chlorine you can get green hair too for some reason

    36. Ninizen

      I had the wierdest thing happen to my hair when I tried to strip the black color so I could dye it red (Ive done black to red several times) but I used a color remover and had a really good result, like a orange/yellow ish color. So I decided to bleach some of it so I could get a really fire red. When I put bleach on it some of the orange parts it slowly turned BLACK AGAIN ! Like I was a leopard 🤣 🤣 I called My sister who is a science teacher and asked her how its possible to get black hair from bleach and she told me that the color remover opens up the hair follicle so the dye and get out, when you then rinse the hair for an eternity it should close the follicle again. But if I bleach it, it opens up again and the pigment thats left in the hair can get visable again, hence why it went back to black. I felt enlightned 🤣

    37. Tiny Coult

      I thought green was the hardest colour to get out of the hair??? 💚

    38. Dg Noorfarta ag jair

      Was thinking of dyeing my ends green... just the ends..

    39. Mystical Kumquat

      The 2nd girl killed itttt. She looks so good!

    40. dukedoll1

      Brad: *grunts* Ad: when I had acne.

    41. dukedoll1

      I really want to go deep emerald green ❤️❤️❤️

    42. kballisawesome

      Porous hair grabs blue tones and doesn’t take warmth well (yellow), hence the green coming out blue

    43. Lindsay M

      I’ve spent this whole video trying to figure out what his shirt say

    44. kimshairnation 0228

      I think maybe the reason the ends are blue is because the dominant dye in the color was a blue, and since her ends were porous they soaked it up. Just my thoughts idk tho

    45. Whitney Ormond

      3:15 OOO girlie fook that's gorgeous

    46. Whitney Ormond

      Your videos fuel my life 😂💕💕💕

    47. Cristina Saso

      Love the way your hair is styled in this video

    48. Kaitlyn Allen

      I'm a natural blonde and I like to dye the left side of my hair fun colors and am thinking of doing green but my hair is waist length and thicker so the one half takes about 2-3 ion tubes (I use that brand because of the color array, ease, and I do want it to fade eventually to make room for the next color)

    49. GalaxyNights Cosplay

      I’ve had green hair before! Do it, it’s so pretty.

    50. Mai Siddiqi

      brad: “i’m kinda interested in-“ ad: “free free free free free free free free free”

    51. Tomioka Giyuu

      “I just want to be Midoriya” Don’t we all want to be a cute nerdy broccoli

    52. Eme Rebl

      I mean Billie Eillish am I right

    53. hee hee

      I want blue/green hair, like the Billie Eilish look (not saying this as a a billie stan, saying this bc I’ve always wanted a similar color and I’m using a girl we all know for reference) but I’m scared that I’ll hate it. So I’m staying safe for now 🙈

    54. amugo margaret

      When Brad said "she looks so hot" I was like... Hol up

    55. aurumheaven

      Thanks Brad for being sooo excited and positive you are a breath of fresh (h)air for youtube! Love you!

    56. Shalyn Conley

      I did my hair like the second girl with the emerald green. I mixed phantom green with a little bit of black, because my hair is quite a bit lighter than hers starting out. I did the dark blue roots as well. And it turned out SO AMAZING. I love it so much!!!!! 💚

    57. Renee Ramirez

      Your hair is looking good today Brad

    58. Lulu Sosa

      Omg I really love green hair it's just amazing I've already dyed my hair green in the past and I really miss it

    59. lis dc

      Brad: Asian hair is very coarse. Me: 🤨

    60. Daeja Black

      Suddenly I want to dye my hair this color