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    1. Ella Nina Mazzucco

      Hehe his outfit kind of reminds me of Santa

    2. NessIsTheBest :D


    3. Marcio Dasb

      This guy's amazing! Nice to meet you, Tony!

    4. Swagless Ghoul

      What a legend, much love

    5. Coolguy McGee

      imagine disliking

    6. Perfect Fresh

      Best of luck to you, Tony.

      1. dcoog anml

        Send love to this man... Love you❤

    7. rhasty

      looks like santa does exist after all

    8. Sasuke Uchiha

      Wishing you peace and happiness!! I’m so sorry for the grievances this man and this situation has caused you, i’m cheering you on!!

    9. Slammzy

      Get this man a gfuel sponser

    10. Lone WolfXX

      Stay strong Tony We Love You❤️

    11. Katherine mustang

      finally, someone appreciates Ethan through all this hate

    12. Lynux Oliver

      I just want to hug you so bad

    13. 0FFL1NE

      Hey man hope all is well! Take good care and focus on the positivity! Keep your head up Tony!

    14. MidOrPidor TV

      Arent you accused of catfishing outside of the keemstar story? So thats why you acted so struck but it because you felt the guilt

    15. Christer Tell

      All my love to you! Don't let this garbage human and his stupid or manipulated fans bring you down.

    16. Sparrky

      love you Glory. Hope you're doing well, and to each person reading this stay blessed.

    17. Burnik Lover

      With all the shit he’s done, keemstar probably has a vip ticket to hell

    18. Matt Garza

      WE LOVE YOU TONY!!!!!

    19. Brooke Mellanby

      Sending you all the love, I'm so sorry you are getting so much hate, you do not deserve it at all. Keep being the absolute sweetheart that you are. 🖤🖤🖤

    20. Peyton Drews

      Papa bless

    21. Mr. Dexter

      All of us that spend any time on the internet on youtube, twitch, gamning what ever ... BE MORE LIKE TONY! ...

    22. Steven Paul jobs

      Send love to this man... Love you❤

    23. Cael Sullivan

      This man deserves a Medal of Honor

    24. Alex Conner


    25. lilnoodz

      we love you

    26. No Friends

      Gfuel needs to cut off keemstar and support this guy :)

    27. Quality Ace

      This guy is an inspiration, keep doing what you love and ignore whoever is trying to drag you down

    28. Blast Gaming

      I love you Gramps ❤️❤️❤️

    29. sailing around the world

      Good day to you

    30. Issac Gonzalez

      I want to play RuneScape with you!

    31. FuchsiaButter

      Sir, you're a wonderful man and I hope you have many more years to come. To see you so happy brought a smile on my face, as I've been having a really bad month. Continue to have fun in RuneScape, and never stop being so damn awesome. ♥️

    32. PuzzaIsAlive

      I'm gonna get tons of shit for this. But no, h3h3 did not change your life. All he did was re address an old situation.

      1. Radiation Register

        He cleared his name thus reducing the amount of hate he gets. This makes him happier and changed his life for the better.

    33. Logan SC


    34. Betz Gaming

      Have you ever played borderlands? It’s a great game and looking for a squad to play with

    35. blink

      hes still alive and well :)

    36. Lewku

      I don't know anything about RuneScape but I hope you get a load of rare drops the next time you play it.

    37. That Guy

      Idk how people could threaten this man, I barely know you and you still inspire me, stay golden and I’m glad I saw your story from h3h3, I’ve never despised anyone as much as keemstar knowing that he doesn’t actually care about you

    38. Ryan Hanthorn

      Wow, glad karma is coming back around and good people are getting blessed and evil people are suffering the ill-effects of their folly. Glad to see the scale of justice tipping back in favor.

    39. TrevorTheTree

      No matter what side you're on or if you support H3H3 but Ethan fucked up bad. He's started the second ad-pocalypse thats gonna ruin so many careers on this terribly managed website. Woohoo

    40. Matthew Clifford

      H3H3 trying to cover up the shit that he has done.. no hate to you obviously thankfull that you got help but sadly it's from someone that's trying to cover up loads of shit rn

    41. BarbequeBiscuits

      How could you dislike this video?!!?!?! Must be those losers from KKKeemstar's Clan... Or whatever those 10 year olds wanna call themselves. And RSGlory, I'm glad you're finally getting the justice you DESERVE!!!!

    42. Yirmi753

      You just earned yourself a new subscriber. Nice channel bro!!! I’m here from Ethan’s channel and you are amazing!! 😃

    43. Hinrik Torfi

      He is so nice I feel bad how much hate he got and trolls were rude good u feel better buddy :)

    44. Yung Buck

      keem is gonna regret hurting u or anyone he has hurt in the past.

    45. Link.-.Slayer

      I’m sorry I don’t trust an old man wearing a crown

    46. Tamás Hedlicska

      I was wrong. There is hope for this world.

    47. Yokuutsu

      MY HEART

    48. DragonSlayed11

      #1 Grandpa on the Internet. We all got your back king 👑

    49. hot potato

      You're a great man!! I cried a lot, with h3h3 video. Keep up the good work!

    50. Dystyxes

      Peak ALsel Content FR - Grandpa shouting ya hoo at 2.30

    51. Lxndo Fn

      Ur the best, keep up the great work!!!

    52. Bamboo Gameplay

      This guy is amazing ! Such a Friendly genuine guy. Keep up the good work man. Love you!

    53. Canadian Frankie

      LETSSS GOOOOO H3H3 papabless

    54. ChaseYourSon

      you deserve every good thing that happens to you.

    55. Morgan Iclion

      Yes! Thank you everyone! Tony finally got his justice! We love you Tony!!

    56. Senor Gato

      Who the f drinks coffee out of a solo cup?!?! Get this man a g fueled sponsored coffee mug now!

    57. Davide Maxigingerking

      Keep being this sweet and wholesome! You're great

    58. avaritia0

      Tony I hope you have a great day and continue to stay positive through this. Just know that anyone that has a brain doesn't support Keemstar and can tell you're a genuinely good guy. How can someone bully an elderly man, an elderly gamer at that. That's so cool! Just keep doing what your doing! 😊

    59. Tara Ryan

      I'm so happy you're finally getting the love you deserve!! 💖💖

    60. Adison Pingel

      I hope you did well during your trying time.

    61. Shane William

      This is so adorable

    62. Darc slumpdog

      You’re such a wholesome man! I hope you’re doing well! :)

    63. Alex Velazquez

      you're a gem stay positive!

    64. Nate Le

      You dropped your crown, King. We love you, keep hustlin’ man.

    65. V Hunter

      You’re lovely! Keep spreading good vibes! :)

    66. Furious TV

      I suddenly got a transfer on my bank account my life as suddenly changed for the better ! Thank you Thank you !

    67. Fally

      Your nice dude!

    68. Anastasia

      We love you Tony!

    69. GrunchMonkey

      This is so wholesome I hope you and your family are safe and well Tony❤

    70. nothingg

      So happy to see you doing well after all these years! Cheers to many more years of prosperity and happiness!!!!!!

    71. Feinsanity

      Something doesn't make sense

    72. Gavin Griffiths

      Keem keem @keemstar

    73. Isfar

      Dear Tony, your are 64-66 years old. It's time you had your break. And I am glad the legend H3H3 gave you that break. Thank you Ethan. Good Luck Tony

    74. RedDerppp

      Tony I heard about you from H3H3 and I love hearing what you did because a sack a shit called Keemstar accused you of something you didn’t do and your response really reflects on everyone and the piece of shit can’t even admit that he destroys people’s lives and you are a very good man what this world needs are people like you I can’t believe he did this. Ethan did the right thing doing this and you never should’ve had this I saw the video of you in tears about what keemstar did it makes me so damn mad that he would target someone that is completely harmless I feel so bad that it’s you I know that so many people care about you and keemstar couldn’t give 2 Fs about anyone Everyone is sorry I couldn’t believe what happened we love you so much and I just found out about you and I’m so sorry. We love you keep doin it 👍🏻

    75. Anonymous

      Tony, im glad that shit getting good for you, you deserve better, keemstar is a wanker and h3h3 is the Best. Good luck man

    76. ThatNoobPlayer

      This dude needs to get 1mil subs honestly

    77. Zavontai Noel

      This is beautiful

    78. Martha Dump truck


    79. Laviolstte

      Someone get this man a GFuel sponsorship

    80. everlazz01

      PAPA BLESS TONY 🙏 sending love to you and your family ❤️