Gunna - WUNNA [Official Video]



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    The official video for Gunna's "WUNNA" - Out Now!
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    1. Debashish Jena

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> Glitch caught!! LOL how can it be gunna in the screen when the phone is facing camera haha

      1. Jerry Bailey

        Thats Lil Durk on the phone!

    2. Blue Got It

      This was not an hit with out the beat

    3. Db purp

      Sauce mine

    4. YamiKage

      Yeah i dig the beat better!!

    5. Luis Rojas-Rosas

      your gunna wunna skip this entire album, might as well listen to something else

      1. gerizzyYMcrew

        @Luis Rojas-Rosas what made it fall flat to you?

      2. Luis Rojas-Rosas

        @gerizzyYMcrew its not a joke, im deadass serious. gunna could've had a great album here, but for me, it fell flat and seemed like gunna gave no effort

      3. gerizzyYMcrew

        @Luis Rojas-Rosas no you're not

      4. Luis Rojas-Rosas

        @gerizzyYMcrew im being 100 percent serious

      5. gerizzyYMcrew

        nice joke

    6. King Ky

      This shit like a damn spell

    7. FYAH Muziq


    8. Mariam Teresa

      I thank God we have Gunna@andyrotaq.

    9. Andrae Meo

      Like if you’re here from Lala’s video

    10. Micheal Cash

      Top fires 🔥 dude for your orders and delivery of top quality fires 🔥 hit me snap or IG on exotic plug

    11. Micheal Cash

      Top fires 🔥 dude for your orders and delivery of top quality fires 🔥 hit me snap or IG on exotic plug

      1. dolimi jotoo

        Crime stoppppersssssss 😂

    12. Nahom Tesfay

      What tha fuck did he said black then Akon lmfao

      1. Jerry Bailey

        His AP watch is blacka than Akon

      2. dolimi jotoo

        i forgot he be making his own music

    13. Trvpx

      “I still got my foot on they neck” hit differently now a days

    14. Chris Hush


    15. K Cube 420

      Gunna is the Music 🙏

    16. Ark-Angel

      its hard tho

    17. Fadood

      song after phase 2 and phase 3 re opening around USA. GUNNA WUNNA STUNNA SUMMA HAYYY BENNIII HANA AYYYY

    18. Joel Scott


    19. Qadir Chishti

      Fake as hell...gunna a snitch doe

    20. Zadirose

      Demaciado Goteo🔥

    21. The Monette Family

      The closed captions are life.

    22. souleymane diawara

      you guys fw gunna? ❗️❓

    23. Hellena34 aluk

      we jus gon ignore the fact he actually called lil durk lol

    24. Big L 90

      Gunna e foda mano

    25. Anthony Walsh

      new favourite track atm. cant wait to give this the car test

    26. LOCK DOWN

      Black lives matter we stand together against racist people/cops

    27. Gabriel Calhoun

      i forgot he be making his own music

      1. dolimi jotoo

        « Lota of dirt , i can Call Durk »🤯🤯🤯😂

    28. Shotta _

      Crime stoppppersssssss 😂

    29. 6 AM


      1. dolimi jotoo


    30. WeehRT

      🔥 bumbu rum + gunna = vibe

    31. Chris Maher

      Run it back turbo

    32. SOUFFLE 2x

      If u actually peeped LaLa ur nosey... I didnt peep her i saw a q and a...

    33. BlackRainbow

      think wunna is the only song that can be chill, melodic, and hard af all at the same time

    34. Gwenael Petit

      Validée en France

    35. Pedroo

      This song remembers me of speed it up. Most people don't like of this style but I get good vibes listening to this and speed it up as well.

    36. Kysheanna Jordan

      😩😩 this shit slide

    37. logan 100

      This song grew on me like a mf

    38. Jake Frost

      Man this song is straight jokes but the production!

    39. Alice Burt


    40. Gelato -

      Idc if he snitched his music slaps 🔥

    41. Taf Toc

      quarantine live show was FYRE

    42. Etim Damilola


    43. Maxime FERON

      « Lota of dirt , i can Call Durk »🤯🤯🤯😂

    44. Sisa Mcombothwana

      Takeoff would takeoff in this...🙌🏿🔥

    45. Lilyung Official


    46. Emmanuel Stanley

      What’s his nationality?

    47. Eye Control

      Needledrop got me here !

    48. afutla qian

      "I still got my foot on they neck" damn that didn't age well at all

    49. Keith O' Dera

      The evolution has just but began

    50. AWA

      I've never been high in my life but I think I would feel the vibe !

    51. ZAMIN 85

      when he said heyy, i felt that.

    52. Felipe Bastias

      Why the intro part is different on Spotify?

      1. afutla qian

        Who else payed more attention to the lyrics?😂💔

    53. Oso Major Entertainment

      Dang that slaps

    54. Kid Murda

      I THINK THEY GOT THE LYRICS WRONG AT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> !! I COULDV'E SWORN HE SAID "FROM THE SLUMS,GOTTA KEEP YOU A GUN"

    55. Owen Richmond

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a> did not age well

    56. Cordise Thomas

      Surf a wave🌊

    57. Tayshia Knox

      Tsss just over a 3 mil in a week tho 🔥🔥

    58. warren hobbs

      this is what im talking about dope track

    59. Janis Daugavietis

      My Brain at 3am:

    60. stealth Ja

      🇯🇲 stand up‼️✊🏾

    61. Mo

      My favourite song of 2020


      released on my birthday thanks for the gift gunna ... God bless you who read

    63. Sir Charles

      Tough 🔥

    64. Nashby Ralph Saint Jean


    65. AFFRO24

      This song is awesome!

    66. thoma capo

      Its a shame this beat deserves better, Bring that back Turbo colab this beat with lil Baby.

    67. OG Flow

      Who else payed more attention to the lyrics?😂💔

    68. Amari Williams aka llw

      Gunna: comma, comma , comma, hey!!! Me: mumma, mumma,mumma, hey!!!

    69. Lex Cooper

      Gunna: still got my foot on they neck, finna put em to rest George Floyd: this mf spittin

    70. Dancehallmojo Music reviews


    71. It’s da Miracle Baby

      I’m tryna look for lala😂!

    72. Ron W

      I dont think I wunna hear this song again.

    73. c miiror

      he made this song on rhyme zone lmao

    74. c miiror

      the beats fye and his voice is smooth on it. but the whole song is like him just saying words rhyme one after another lol

    75. Alihada Hadali

      NO substance whatsoever.

    76. Alihada Hadali

      That's a Fact.

    77. William Fassett


    78. Judy Wangari

      Enjoy "Rackz - Bandicold Freestyle" latest

    79. Sam P

      Such garbage music it’s crazy how people like this bs

      1. That guy D.R.E

        Beat you like the beat though😏

    80. toddfleming1983

      This is fucking trash