Grocery delivery is a breeze!


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    Get fresh groceries and more with no-contact grocery delivery. It’s easy! Place your order on or in the app.
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    1. First Edition

      Now people are hording flowers ...omg

    2. Corn Eaters

      They driver steal my package

    3. Denise Oleynick

      What’s it cost for grocery delivery from Walmart?

    4. Trudie L

      I live 30 miles away. No grocery to the door for me. Tried curb pick up, some things missing, made the drive not worth it for me. While I cant get fresh food I can order other things. Fedx, bring it, it has been the best thing EVER! Then when go to sam, I stock up as much as I can for things not being delivered. I scan the items I buy on my phone, pay. only person I get "close" is the person as I leave. Love it.

    5. nancy ruiz

      You would think there would be more compassion and understanding during this time. Take a deep breath and instead of complaining count your blessings! There is a high demand for online grocery services. The demand is real. TO ALL THE WALMART WORKERS... THANK YOU!


      I have been having my groceries delivered from Walmart for the last 11 years. Everything was fine until covid 19 took over. I have to wait two weeks before I was able to get a delivery date. When my order came it was terrible. They substituted chipotle sauce for tostitos cheese sauce. They expect children to eat Chipotle. Those people they have filling the order have no common sense. I have been ordering three or four different brands of the same item. Coffee, dryer sheets, bread, half and half, cottage cheese, clothes detergent etc. they keep sending me their store brand on almost everything I've ordered. When trying to get paper goods. I got a message saying "in store only". So if you're a senior citizen with a special needs child and you can't get out of the house. You're stuck without paper goods because they can't deliver it.

    7. Drgnslyr221

      Last two deliveries canceled at the last second. Not impressed by your service. Will try Target

    8. Michael Jordan fans are the worst NBA fans then

      I was intersetd so I came explanation was given on the now I am not interested in this thing waters.

    9. Carol Sellers

      Thank Goodness for WALMART! AND AS ALWAYS ALsel TOO!

    10. Albert Price

      They skipped the most difficult part-- payment for the order. I would like to use Snap EBt.

    11. John Michael Callahan

      I'm disabled. Can hardly walk thus making a Walmart visit very difficult. I need some things. Can I order wine, beer, dairy products & Cigars for delivery ? Sure would help. Please respond...

    12. NANCY ROSS

      they won't deliver in Athens NY. this is bull

    13. Jim Scribner

      I've tried to get groceries delivered from Walmart to my nephew in Ft Worth TX twice, Where he lives is not someplace you can just leave a delivery on the doorstep. I've had three Walmart orders get lost so far that they claimed were delivered. I have a new cell phone being delivered to my home from Spectrum that Fedex has a requirement for somebody to sign for. I never had any problems with HEB home deliveries in Killeen or Houston. All a driver has to do to get a signature is knock on the door or call somebody on the phone and leave the tablet with the groceries to be signed when the person comes out, Once the customer has his groceries inside the driver can pick up the tablet and still keep all that social distancing stuff. Not rocket science. It just takes a few minutes more of patient waiting. We all don't live on private estates with security cameras to catch a Fedex guy tossing a $1000 computer over a fence like Sam Walden can. I'll pay more if necessary to get somebody to sign for a delivery because there's no point in ordering anything if it never gets delivered to the person you're ordering it for.

    14. Z. Ford

      Thanks for a wonderful service.

    15. Celina Sosa

      Se puede comprar con tarjeta EBT food

    16. Paulette Schiowitz

      Do they deliver to specific apartments in senior high rises or do they just drop them off in the lobby

    17. Nancy Moran

      This type of thing is kind of horrible for people who do NOT have iphones or smart phones or whatever they are called. I have a house phone. One cannot text on a house phone. This world is brutal for people like me, and yes, we do exist, and it's almost impossible to get groceries.

    18. Sue Rahn

      Would be nice if it was available in Gallipolis, OH! How many X's in fat chance?

    19. J C

      Well now that I'm Hearing all these "issues with the Delivery" as a Wise man once said, "sometimes you gotta get out there and Hunt for food yourself"

    20. Daniel Castillo

      I saw this story on Forbes and thought the article would be something revolutionary after all this is the same business that would lock workers in to make sure they're not stealing. Yes, another worthless ploy. We already have stores that do that in my city and the wait is a month in. To top it off the items you do want are always out or their app is incorrect about their supplies. Three checkout out lanes that are never open and their self checkout lanes always malfunction. Did Wal-Mart slip Forbes a fiver? Me thinks so.

    21. P Schmied

      The idea is great the service is good. The implementation is highly questionable, not community friendly or progressive. Walmart needed to be persuaded to pay its employees a decent minimum wage and done so in some parts of the country. But "Walmart" delivery drivers are not Walmart employees and now Walmart expects Walmart customers to TIP these 3rd party contractors on top of the fee that Walmart charges for delivery! Imagine if Amazon did that.

    22. colton 999

      Bunch of incompetent morons,,, restricting how many shoppers are in the store won’t prevent anything,,, here is some commonsense you god damned idiots: you have 2 stores/ store (A) has 100,000 shoppers who don’t have the virus inside the store,,, store (B) has 20 shoppers inside and 3 of the 20 has the virus,,, which store do you idiots think would be the safest to be in??? I can’t wait for the second wave to hit,,, apparently too many idiots unfortunately survived the first wave

    23. Shdonna Bolden

      I do not have any money until the first of the month

    24. Ron n9xyi

      Well that's for lazy people that don't want to get out or scared of germs myself I'd rather pick my groceries up and do it myself

      1. wnnalis cioov

        when most all of it was never picked at the store. Like I said already, never again.

    25. neejoy sola

      And how much did they pay for this to be on trending?

      1. wnnalis cioov

        contacted me about everything the online cart said was in stock not actually being in stock until about 30 min. before the delivery time the next day and I couldn't find any way to

    26. QueenCoCoaMocha

      ****FOR THE COMPLAINERS AND NAYSAYERS**** LONG BUT HELPFUL REMEMBER THIS DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED...I LIVE IN THE LA AREA!!! Bc of the surge in customers wanting delivery and pick up nothing is available time slots or inventory. Use yr brain on this one though! I've been doing store pickup since last year as I am pregnant (almost 8 months) and feel it's more convenient to pick up instead of going inside Walmart for 3 hours. YOU HAVE TO PLAN! YOU HAVE TO GROCERY SHOP ONLINE DURING LOW PEAK TIMES!!!! DO NOT TRY TO GET GROCERIES AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH THATS WHEN EVERYBODY ELSE IS SHOPPING!!! I was pissed about the time slots going from 1 week to two days (as of today 5 days are listed) until I went inside Walmart and found out what the stores had to end up doing. For example, meat out of stock on the app?? That's because yr store only offers 1-2 MEAT PACKAGES PER PERSON...get a slot from 12-4 am the meat should be in stock. If not bunker down and go inside... READING IS FUNDAMENTAL! THE APP SAYS THERE ARE "NO MORE SLOTS AVAILABLE...CHECK DURING THE MORNING/DAY" Meaning...pick a slot in the middle of the night/early morning when everybody else is sleep. Check the regular Walmart app for the items in stock from at least 2-3 Walmart's near you. This also goes for pick up and delivery. Check with each store and see which one has available slots. DO THIS BETWEEN 12-4AM with at least 3 stores. I found that the items that are out of stock are actually inside the store. I order as much as I can online with the grocery pick up app. After I pick up those items - then go inside for those 1 or 2 items that I really need and I make a point of not lingering since I know where everything is located. The walmart app shows if it's in the store so check that 1st and make a plan...GET YOUR TOILET PAPER FROM SAMS, COSTCO??, A NON/SEMI-BUSY GROCERY STORE OR THE DOLLAR STORES. NO ITS NOT CHARMIN BUT AT LEAST YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO CLEAN YOUR HINEY!! I FOUND SO MANY BOTTLES OF CLOROX BLEACH AND NAME BRAND TOILET PAPER AT A VERY POPULAR GROCERY STORE AROUND 6-8PM!!!! If you have to go inside talk to the stock team and or the CSM to get an idea of when the next truck delivery will arrive. I created a welcoming "hello" relationship with managers and CSMs and employees at my Walmart stores and remembered their names. I get the 411 on everything from there. Most Walmarts accept EBT...when you go to the check out select the payments pencil icon...then select the EBT TAB as your payment option. IF YOU ARE OVER 65, PREGNANT, OR DISABLED check with your local stores they have a morning slot for you to shop for your items 1st before the crowd!! HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL I AM NOT SPONSORED BY WALMART I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE JUST A MOM WITH COMMON SENSE

    27. RedHotTamale91

      Is it free delivery? Notice y'all don't mention how much delivery costs..... This is a time where every penny counts for most people and we can't afford to pay for the luxury of grocery delivery when we can drive less than 5 mins and get it ourselves...

      1. neejoy sola

        When are you going to start delivery in La Junt Colorado?

    28. Jeff Pruett

      And you have to pay a delivery fee which I would pay but the fact that the groceries are 35 40% more expensive it's not worth it

    29. Jeff Pruett

      This might sound great on paper but it's not it's significantly more expensive to buy it online than it is in store and if you work for them they won't let you attach your your discount card to your order either way they make more money

    30. Helen Porter

      Do u deliver in phelan. I live on blacktop

    31. Jay Jeckel

      Just about everything you've done has been the opposite of helpful. Closing formerly 24hour stores at 8 pm? Great, instead of avoiding people by shopping late at night, now I have to come in during the few hours you're open and mingle with all the other people. Making people line up at the door? Great, something that would have taken 5 minutes with no human interaction now requires standing in line for ten minutes surrounded by people. Maye just stop trying to "help", since all you seem able to do is make things worse. Until this crap is over I'll be shopping at stores that don't actively increase my chances of getting sick.

    32. C Mae

      This is an idea/concept I've been dreaming of longggg before this covid pandemic. I order products monthly from walmart online to have them delivered to me by fedex/ups, but I wish I could get groceries too somehow. Problem is, currently right now, pickup and delivery for groceries are still unavailable in my area. :( Hopefully though this will change. Walmart-- I think it's fantastic that you are pushing for this and making things go in the right direction, it's going to help many people who typically may not enjoy or even be capable to properly go grocery shopping in person. If I had to request anything it would be to open up time slots out in the extended future so that if we don't mind waiting or want to pre-order groceries a week or two ahead we could have that as an option. I hope you guys invest in company vehicles for people to deliver in, to be honest, I think this is going to really change things up if you do. I'll check my local Walmart location next month and keep my fingers crossed for updates. Thanks!

    33. xoobo vola

      Did they mention...corooonaaa free

    34. Gary C

      it doesn't work

    35. alisuo toko

      Getting groceries delivered from Walmart “Dis finna be a breeze”

    36. Barbie Koopa

      I love Wal-Mart curbside pickup and I highly recommended. I promise they can be trusted picking out your groceries they always do me really well and I've been buying groceries from them over online now. I only wish they would do delivery also to my home. I live on the outskirts of a small town that is on the outskirts of a larger city. It would help me tremendously during these trying times since I don't drive any longer. I wonder if they have any plans on expanding their routes. I have no problem getting FedEx, UPS & other delivery services out here. It's not like I'm on other planet or out in the boonies, although during this situations this situation I kind of wish I was!

      1. Barbie Koopa

        EVERYONE that is employed at Walmart in any other business like that that is considered an essential business, I thank you so very much with all my heart! I wish I could just hug each one of you and keep you safe there's no way I could ever show my gratitude but if you could stay in my heart right now he was so very grateful, humble and awe-struck woman. You guys are in my prayers every morning every night and all during the day! Stay safe, stay strong, stay American, stay human and stay God fearing. I pray you feel all our love and gratitude. And I pray you are treated with the respect you deserve during this trying time.

    37. Roger Arana

      Next available delivery slot is 03/07/2026 @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="683">11:23</a> pm....

      1. alisuo toko


    38. Midge Benitez

      It's been like a month. My husband & I are both at risk and there is no way we'll go to into Walgreen. And we were signed up for their Unlimited Delivery. We have no service.

    39. Jason Sapp

      Dear Walmart you are going on blast every where for investing in China right now! Greed gonna get ya

      1. xoobo vola

        This is for lazy people, stay fat America

    40. A.I. Privilege

      Yeah, I tried this service a few weeks ago from the Walmart near me and it's a big fat never again! They delivered about 20% of what I ordered (4 small items) They never contacted me about everything the online cart said was in stock not actually being in stock until about 30 min. before the delivery time the next day and I couldn't find any way to cancel the order. So I paid $9.99 for one time delivery of a half bag of groceries. They had my cell number and never tried to use it. I never would have bothered with the delivery when most all of it was never picked at the store. Like I said already, never again.

    41. okow tina

      A breeze for everyone, except the workers.

    42. Dotti Rucker

      When are you going to start delivery in La Junt Colorado?

    43. Trevgauntlet L'énigme

      I'm surprised Grubhub, Delivery Dudes or Uber aren't doing this.

    44. AngryWeirdo

      fuk you walmart you govt subsidized trash

    45. shimmyhinnah

      Come on fatsos, stay hone on your fat butt. Here’s just another excuse not to move off your couch.

    46. Crypto Currency

      What a great app! Https:// has ondemand services as well, check them out they are in LA

    47. No Thanks

      Walton family are some seriously disgusting human beings

    48. amazontoysnet g

      Coronavirus is also a breeze

    49. mikea hiooi

      time slot doesn't always help.

    50. RyanExx

      How is THIS on trending?

    51. Robert

      This is for lazy people, stay fat America

    52. Allen Xiang

      Does not deliver to my location, and no available pick-up time slot.

      1. mikea hiooi

        compromised immunity and no one to help them get groceries. 😷😬☹️🤔🤯😵😠

    53. Brinlee Hitz


    54. Robmoney 4life

      They should have also put up an advertisement looking for drivers cuz it seems like they might need them

    55. Justin Lowe

      Wtf is this

    56. Richard McFadden

      Fuck walmart and the whole corrupt walton piece of shit family

    57. Gay ass Jit

      What if the delivery guy has corona virus lmfao

    58. Yuma Core

      I've tried getting a spot for delivery for THREE WEEKS. I am using Instacart now. Very happy with Instacart.

      1. Madman1 Rug

        Service fees and tips add up thou. I use it for the first time 2 days ago and it arrived the next day to my home from Sams's Club via Instacart Express.

    59. Axel Kasai

      This is because of virus, isn't it?

    60. M.Q.S.

      WhY iS DiS TrEnDiNG ????

      1. Axel Kasai

        Corona virus

    61. Steve Lee

      Not a breeze if your orders get cancelled.

    62. User 1101

      Do they take Food Stamps?!

      1. QueenCoCoaMocha


    63. Sam ram

      i bought masks from and donated to local hospitals. THANK YOU GOD for giving me the chance to help others

    64. Angelina

      This commercial got my hopes up for some groceries then I read the comments...

      1. QueenCoCoaMocha

        Trust no one

    65. VBV TV

      Enjoyed your video. Very informative. Has anyone seen the video that will break your phone if you watch it? It's on my channel but I'm afraid to watch it.

    66. Wendy L Geiger

      Thank you for all your hard work, but I'm serious here - I'm more than disappointed, Walmart won't allow SNAP EBT online orders for pickup or delivery, even for those with compromised immunity and no one to help them get groceries. 😷😬☹️🤔🤯😵😠

      1. QueenCoCoaMocha

        There should be an EBT tab for that

    67. Alfatlawy Farqad

      i have the app

    68. FrostFist ace

      Just make sure your not putting working class Americans at risk for sales.... my heart goes out to the 2 Walmart employees in Chicago who lost their lives.

    69. Blaze Duskdreamer

      You're delivering now! Awesome but how's that effected in the current situation. I was getting delivery from Shoprite but now my daughter has to bring me to the store. I have not been happy. Are you using your own people or Instacart? Because Instacart charges quite a lot and depends on who you get as a driver how your service is. What's the fee?

    70. TheOne

      Lol Amazon had this but a little earlier

    71. Britton Suggs

      All delivery times are booked for the past 4 weeks totally pointless and the customers/employees inside will not honor 6 foot rule. Thanks for all the panic attacks.

      1. QueenCoCoaMocha

        Order after 12 AM hun

    72. Eddie Najera

      So how much was this ad?

    73. Leoalexgeo Arias

      Has not been available in my area or any store around it alway says not available today or tomorrow ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

      1. QueenCoCoaMocha

        Order after 12am

    74. Mai Redd

      There's never any delivery time available...totally useless...

    75. Mumu Khan


    76. The Baddest


    77. nivro

      I like this I don't have to get up the couch XD

    78. Elite Street

      I bought masks from to donate to hospitals

    79. Josue Perez


    80. Annie Oaklee

      Just now, after I wrote below message, I went back to the email and clicked on "help". I got 'Error 1016' message. I think they have some glitches to work on!!!