1,7 mln shikime511

    I didn't have any part of coming up with this whole idea, but saw it last night and thought it was pretty cool. Definitely don't want to see my local pho houses and taco shops go out!!
    Hoping all this won't last long, but until then...

    Stay healthy & ENJOY!!!

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    1. Matt Stonie

      Sorry, took abit to edit this and kinda too late to order food now.. (or maybe not) 🤔 Just wanted to say whats up & check in. More Challenges to come! Stay safe & healthy everyone!

      1. Dony pratama

        Matt Stone makannya satu ember LOL 😆😆😆

      2. King Star

        Matt Stonie no way Man U live in the same area it’s tuff but stay safe man

      3. Bad Bear

        UK don't sell that sauce anymore, since the out break of coronavirus

      4. nuckles2130

        Wtf type of shit video was this

      5. Adventures Of Grayson

        This is unrelated to this video BUT I just learned the world record for eating a burrito is 35 seconds. I'm sure Matt could beat that. She earned in in November of 2019!

    2. Bruce Cain

      Toilet: *Just vibing being a mf toilet* Matt Stonie after downing a big ass dish: Damn I gotta shit Toilet: *Why do you hate me?*

    3. XxMrRoachxX

      I see this crisis as a chance to get cilantro finally go extinct!!!

    4. Jaquan English Wrestler

      Have you ever thought of doing a beef jerky challenge??

    5. Yocelin Suarez

      Here in Kentucky we’ve been in quarantine for 3 weeks now😩

    6. Ian Tang

      Pho is my favorite food ever!

    7. Imani Mitchell

      We Stan a YT vlogger who is socially aware and supports local businesses 😍🙌🏽

    8. Carie B

      Awesome video Matt. I'm still going to work and we are getting our temps taking everyday. I work in a Nursing Home, so far nobody's sick. Employees or the residents. Well, stay healthy and safe. Much luv from Virginia Beach, Va 🌞❤️

    9. The One Above All

      excuses excuses. You havent uploaded more than 1 video a month for years. Dont use the coronavirus as an excuse. that's pathetic.

    10. Brandon Ellis

      Who ever disliked this video has the 👏

    11. youngmedusa

      I was so confused I’m over here waiting for you to eat 😂

    12. May Balatbat

      Thanks! 💖stay safe everyone🙏

    13. GrubWarp

      Eat it bruh

    14. Jolie Yranela

      Me: 3 small meal a day Matt: 1 mega meal a day

    15. Faylee Frazier

      He always knows how to make me hungry I’ll tell you what

    16. Gaming With MC


    17. Blkking 91

      Dude.... Fkn stop before u have a stroke... This is so unhealthy... Your made of steel tho you can do this without getting fat...

    18. Rammus Bot

      Corona Virus When

    19. flavona

      Matt stonie: spring rolls everybody: they're rice paper rolls

    20. Yuhmu V


    21. William Estrada


    22. Mr Memez

      The covid19 out there you need to save that food

    23. Real Muthaphuckin g’s

      Coronavirus has gone too far and we have acted to late. There is no hope 😦 i think

    24. MC MLee

      I do the same thing when I get takeout pho. Reheat that broth on the stove.

    25. Benjie Barba

      “Just my normal order of spring rolls” Us: JUST?

    26. Abigail Barker

      i honestly don’t think leftovers exist in this mans house

    27. Still Loading

      Mans eating like he in San Andreas

    28. Jamily Ishii

      Alguém traduz

    29. Tuân TG

      oh vietnamese foods

    30. BABYJESUS x831x

      What up tho Matt Stonie Jabroni!!

    31. Big Boi

      Matt stonie: eats one noodle ALsel: *now*

    32. kylie ramirez

      woohoo! fellow east bay area resident here!

    33. Milky SpongeCake

      Can you link the address for the restaurants you went too? I live in Stockton and would definitely make the drive out there for those spring rolls and pho. Thanks a lot man, big fan of everything you do.

    34. Mer Bear

      Omg I LOVE PHO 🍲💜 Now I want some

    35. PinkPeacock

      Did he mean Pho a vietnamese noodle soup (im vietnamese btw)

    36. Manuel Vela

      He said coronavirus demonetized

    37. Eric Brown

      Can you do a costco pack of microwave popcorn?? Would be epic

    38. lego master6354

      china cause this problem eating all kinds of nastiness to cause corona china ruin the world all the governments of the world should sue china , china caused the corona virus to destroy the world economy so they can be the only super power , but goes around comes around remember that china , the world is going to use india to make all their products now watch an see

    39. Osaki Family

      In Arizona we have take out Thursday and have a list of local Asian businesses to order from and help out 👍🏼

    40. Engie Wu


    41. animegamer262447


    42. Eren Jaeger

      He didn't finish the... pho'd

    43. Atarioo

      He was really trying to sell us on that last line: "Let's put an end to this Corona Virus -- One Takeout Order at a time!"

    44. HonduDan

      Fuck coronavirus.

    45. Sebastien Desormeaux

      My favorite part of Matt Stonie videos is seeing his kitchen evolve.

    46. Dougiesilva 925

      Hey Matt my name is Dougie! I live in Walnut Creek California and love watching ur vids. One thing I would love to see one more time is a burritozilla video!

    47. Hudson edgar

      the pho in san jose is bomb

    48. Brian Playz

      For all the Vietnamese fans out there finally he is eating Pho LOOL

    49. Idk Man

      Who else lives in California 🌴

    50. GabeTalksToYou

      Is no one gonna talk about how he called cold rolls spring rolls

    51. Karly Karly

      Matt: cor... ALsel: dEmOnoTiSeD

    52. Kevin Jonhson

      Fuck them

    53. Alex

      Do the Joey Chestnut Big Mac challenge pleaseeeee

    54. Mulan Scorpionul

      Dude.. i really thought you would break joey big mac record.

    55. Luis Alvarado

      In Costa Rica a lot of restaurants are closing, more than 1000 have close in 7 days ☹

    56. Ilect

      2 rolls of toilet paper challenge?

    57. xXMaxtuber ThegamerXx

      Yo Matt just a quick thing to say for your safety there people out there kicking Asian ass and spitting in food and drinks which is disgusting...so yeah jus wanting to warn u. Quick tip use lemon and warm water to kill the coronavirus so just put lemon in water drink and microwave till it pretty warm aand it’s drinkable so if you do have it...it will cure it for you!

    58. Carl

      Guys we may be in quarantine but use my Postmates code for 25 dollars off entire order M54DD

    59. Muhamad Galaly


    60. Muhamad Galaly

      pleace food food kurdish take

    61. bigboy

      So this guy is the reason all the toilet paper gone must be all that food he keep eating 😂

    62. D Gamer J123

      How are you doing this but you are still fit

    63. Bryson Beach

      I wonder if he ever gets sick of food once in a while

    64. ét hát a

      Phở và Bánh cuốn của Việt Nam😍😍😍

    65. M3V3T0

      Am I the only one disappointed he didn't touch the peanut sauce is the best part when ordering spring rolls. 🤔

    66. Hà ED

      Pho and Spring roll 😍

    67. kylerivoire

      Washing hands?! Truly the G. O. A. T.

    68. Robert Casanova

      You need to do the goku challenge

    69. Silene 0324

      Díganme que no soy la única persona que ve sus vídeos pero habla español xd

    70. Abdullah Vurucu

      Stomach:no Toilet:no Matt Stonie:Yes

    71. agelu alopepe

      No hoisen sauce? u make me sick

    72. AX7 LEE

      Believe me it's hard to find matt video eating has thousands view, all of them had millions damm boyy

    73. Chief- DaTPark

      Damn nigga are you advertising or selling us your family family heirloom

    74. arealmench

      When he's not trying to break records does he eat normal size portions or does he still have to eat a lot of food to feel satisfied??

    75. Gamer5677!

      Corona virus ends this dude’s ALsel channel

    76. Hunter Mildren

      After this quarantine and food shortage thing is over, please attempt to break Josh’s record! alsel.info/video/video/jKCMoYuH3IiomsQ.html

    77. Random Beast

      Me: eats 1 chip -> fat af Matt: eats every unhealthy thing on the planet -> skinny dude

    78. Matt Phillips

      Quit touching your face

    79. Julle Plays

      This is Matt's bathroom and toilet paper nooooooooooooo. Please dont nooooo

    80. Bill Gatespagar

      I suggest you do a one chip challenge paqui