Gray VS Esdeath (Fairy Tail VS Akame ga Kill!) | DEATH BATTLE!

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    1. SynSable

      You know, after watching this, I wonder if there is anyone out there who actually is strong enough to beat Esdeath.

      1. Ezelle Fruster

        The only other ice user I can think of is Aokiji.

    2. Xyzidor

      Lmfao ! 😆

    3. CMRGilligan

      Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark) vs James Bond (Goldeneye): Mad Max (Mad Max) vs Joel (The Last of us): Turok (Turok Dinosaur Hunter) vs Sergeant Rex “Power” Colt (Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon)

    4. Jacob Smith

      We need a mechagodzilla battle royal Showa mg hesiei mg and melenium mg

    5. Pc games

      Ok was this actually fair tho. They said she could only make the snow storm if she stocked up enough power, yet she did it like a regular ability. She also had the abilty to STOP TIME. Unless your a JoJo that's pretty much game over

    6. Dante Hinton

      I love fairy tail, but Esdeath would kill Gray!!!

    7. Rafael Girao

      They have to do Ippo (Hajime no Ippo) vs Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)

    8. Josiah Walls

      Can you do cheetah vs black panther!

    9. Bena Nishad

      Please Indian subpar hero Shaktiman vs goku upload vido

    10. Jarell Reloj

      When are you guys gonna do My Hero Class-A vs Assassination Classroom Class-E??

    11. Johann Martinez


    12. firestorm 0108

      Another crazy blue haired woman 😂

    13. CHAKU

      Come on boom stick u can do better should’ve said Looks like esdeath put gray on ice

    14. FunZies

      Hmm, I don't know. I think you guys might have severely underestimated the superior might that is Fairy Tail's _Plot Armour_ and _Power of Friendship._ I don't hesitate to say Fairy Tail's cast can beat Goku with it.

    15. Alina shah

      just so you guys know there magic potential is run by there power of friendship they have and how much they wanna push them selves to the limit for there friends .-. and if gray wasnt saving someone or trying to help his guild mates he wouldn't go all out

    16. Kristian Schumann

      Are you saying you CHOSE MACHAMP to fight Goro over FOUR-ARMS from BEN TEN!?!?!?!? Heresy.

    17. WoulfShadowGaming

      Hey now that new evidence has come out can we revisit your very wrong Zoro v Erza? lol

    18. cool ass corncob

      Ice man should fight whoever wins this he’s “omega level” apparently lol

    19. Ameer Pretoruis

      Let me ask you this, dear viewer, if you have watched Fairy Tail, do you really think Grey is dead? I highly doubt it. I demand a Part 2. THAT ending means nothing to me. We have all seen fairy tail battles. I dont care About Esdeaths 'numbers' in ability strength. Fairy Tail Characters have put a fight against extreme odds. So honestly... this battle ended off pretty much in a cliffhanger. So give us a part 2 and do some more research on your fairy tail bois.

      1. Eyebrawler

        Nah, Gray’s dead

    20. Tiger Fire

      Gray:MY COUNTRY! Leonardo:MY PIZZA! Tatsumaki:MY EGO!!!

    21. I Don’t Play Games !!!!!!

      Couldn’t swore I saw luffy in this episode

    22. Newbie

      I feel like goro should fight sagat instead

    23. Larsen Hunsberger

      I really wanna see a fight between Jake Long the American Dragon and Danny Fenton the Ghost Boy

    24. Xavier Hicks

      Yeah y'all bullshiting that fight was clearly one

    25. Justine

      Yikes for ezdeath i kinda like her when she do stuffs big yikess i feel bad Also theres a warning that there gonna be a big snow war

    26. boda Bakry

      If you are gonna say Gray is on the same level as Natsu aand Erza which he is on by the way then Note that Natsu Ignored time stop powers and 100 year quest is the sequel manga with have the characters grow even stronger TL,DR Gray would have won the fight by virtue of that and the fact he is still getting stronger in the manga .

      1. cyberblader1

        Natsu burned through with his flame, which gray does not have

    27. Cristian Rojas

      Make Krillin vs Gon ! Or Gon vs Killua!

    28. Golden Caliber

      Hoping for akame ga kill reboot

    29. M. Mirza

      I always disliked Fairy Tail for how generic of a Shonen Anime it is and how „the power of friendship“ triumphs over all. But sweet lord Jesus, when i watched Akame Ga Kill, i now knew which Anime is now the King of being generic. Akame Ga Kill feels like something that a 14 year old „edgey“ kid created after it tried to make a hybrid Anime with the complexity of Jojo‘s Bizarre Adventure, the Brutality of Berserk and (ironically) the designs from Fairy Tail and sweet Lord Jesus was the end result s*it.

    30. Alibaba Saluja

      So like are we just gonna ignore the fact that Gray is comparable to Natsu who moved through stopped time? No we're just gonna ignore that? Okay how about the fact that Gray curbstomped Invel who could manipulate divine ice that FROZE other ice which gray also learned. They really only did superficial research on both characters.

      1. Ezelle Fruster

        Isn't that just making ice ontop of ice though? Just like saying fire that burns fire, it kinda doesn't make sense. Also just because Natsu can move when time stops doesn't mean Grey can. They may be equal but they're still two different people.

    31. ricardo paz

      You guys are really out of hand. This one guy met someone once in a bar and that person knew someone who could destroy an entire world. So by proxy this person can break the speed of light 5M times over and unleash the power of 10 bazillion tons of TNT. Are you guys really trying anymore?

    32. Eman Plays

      Bakugo vs Inosuke would be epic! The battle between the Hotheads of anime

    33. BD TM EP PK


    34. Gabriel Segovia


    35. Javoris Little

      Hey guys I got one. How about hawks from my hero academia vs angel from xmen?

    36. Icey Jxy

      make a separate vid showing the calculations cuz where are yall getting these numbers

    37. jeannet amador

      Nooo my precious grey😭😭

    38. Nerd Fanboy

      They should do one that has the witcher geralt of rivia and some other medieval bounty hunter

    39. Christopher Van Ochten

      Machamp hands down! It's not even funny how hard he's gonna kick mortal kombat ass.

    40. KlimSinep

      I already knew time stop would be the Ace in Esdeath sleeves. But nope, they decided to retcon the whole "can manipulate other Ice powers/magic". There is no such thing as "ice power being much more powerful than that". It just goes to show that AOE attack = more power = sure win. Whereas AOE attack which is also an Element where Gray is Immune to or at least does not affect him the way a normal people would is also used against him but not for him since he can manipulate or eat it. Im not rooting for Fairy Tail/Gray here. But the numbers and powers are all wrong. Even Esdeath time stop is Ice based. Not Time manipulation so yeah....definitely crap and overlooked. ( i watched and read the series, all of the Teigu's power are based solely on what is made from, no exception.) Much like in Avatar vs FMA. Manipulation beats creation anytime

    41. Treyto Beast

      It crazy cause ice shell doesn't kill the user it just turns the user body into ice

    42. Bobby pendergrass

      Natsu has left the chat.

    43. Irene Almada

      do naruto vs deku

    44. Tony Arrington

      I swear, the girls always win smh

    45. Eric Walden

      Hello Death Battle. I'd like to recommend a death battle between Damien Wayne from DC against Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars. I think I have an idea of who would win but I don't know. I'd appreciate it if you did this one.

      1. Alperen Yılmaz

        They don't read comments. If you want to make suggestion use the description.

    46. A_Random_Dragonet

      If you did one with sting you could probably get Michael to voice it

    47. Lonnie Stoker

      When can we hope to see Luck Vs. Killua? (Black Clover Vs. HunterXHunter)

    48. Kenny Sundwall

      You need to do ban from seven deadly sins vs hidan from naruto

    49. Sanjay Haughton

      Guys... It’s. Esdeath!! When we see that big chested demon we run in the opposite direction people!!

    50. Nightmare2018

      Did.. did they basically say the next episode is going to be Pokemon murder. I am wanting to be surprised but I'm not seeing any other ending than a fatality

    51. cbcastle Castillo

      What if you did a witcher and Shadow of Mordor fight?

    52. 666GrizzlyBeast

      Do Baki and Kenghan Ashura

    53. Jacob Carpenter

      im not trying to hate or anything but gray could have won, gray is way stronger than esdeath. i've seen both animes/manga's and im not picking favorites but gray is way stronger than in this video

      1. Fairies Flame

        Have you seen the manga of Akame ga Kill? Even using the manga, stronger characters like Natsu, Zeref, Acnologia or Dimaria can beat Esdeath.

    54. Marion Mason

      Can you do other advertisement like reddit

    55. Erick Figueroa

      No freaking way I thought Grey would win?!

    56. Fidel Vacunawa

      Lol Gray was a Ice Demon Slayer every God,Dragong and Demon Slayer eho fought the same element on them were 100%immume and cannot take damage Lol another science theory but lack info If oyu watch how Zero immume to ice elemen from gray you can see that Ice demon slayer was more powerfull than Esdeath Gray had more firm Ice than esdeath as thay use ice domain.

    57. Mr. Hazama

      Remember kids. Just because this is a good guy vs bad guy match up, doesn't mean the good guy always win in cross over vs matches~

    58. James Clark

      So I figured Esdeath was going to win because of her time stop ability. So in that regard I'm glad she won. But slayer magic (straight from the wiki, btw) makes you immune to the effects of that magic (assuming it's of the same tier or below, and, for reference the tiers of elemental magic are, God, Dragon, Demon, and... you know, base element). Esdeath would most definitely fall under demon tier, considering it was demon blood that she drank to get her power. That said, all I'm saying here is, good job on getting the right answer, it's just you got there the wrong way.

      1. James Clark

        This effect of slayer magic is referenced in the first episode of Fiary Tail btw.

    59. Kolton Cheatham

      I watched the battle yea but GORO VS MACHAMP?!?

    60. The diamond kerorians

      Put giroro in a death battle

    61. Ryzki Fajar

      Yugioh vs Vanguard Death Battle

    62. Cal

      I’m surprised clayface vs sandman hasn’t been done yet...

    63. The Aussie Idiot

      Please make a death battle with Sinbad from the "Adventures of Sinbad" and "Magi" series

    64. Gee Dee

      I have a cool idea: Katara vs Lapis Lazuli.

    65. Hippy Man

      Ahhhh, I can the Gray fans bursting into tears, sadness, and rage. The ultimate Yandere Waifu trumps! >:3 Edited: Also, yeah, I saw what y'all tried to do at the beginning! KNEW that s*** wasn't gonna work on her!!!!! F*** all you Fairy Tail Gray Bandwagon fools for thinking Lady Esdeath would fall for that!

    66. phenrilwolf

      What about Mahapadma vs Aurora Execution? Maybe(just maybe) Camus or Hyoga from Saint Seiya could be better rivals for Esdeath.

    67. Drewjitsu14

      Toguro (yu yu hakusho) vs Raoh (hokuto no ken)

    68. Cristian Rodriguez

      The Predator Vs Kevin Mc Calaster

    69. Sean Burgett

      You a death battle I want to see? A death battle royale against the Griffin Family from Family Guy.

    70. Name

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> he looks like luffy

    71. Adam Adeyinka

      This is bull gray should have won but no one will say it because everyone hates fairy tail

    72. Volend

      We need a Spongebob vs Patrick deathbattle. There's a reason a sea sponge and a starfish are best friends.

    73. Ahmad Hadimaulani

      Why not Yukihime A.K.A Evangeline A K McDowel from Negima and Uq Holder?

    74. Peebles Hamster

      Hey guys at Deathbattle! I love watching you guys and it definitely improves my knowledge about superheros, television, and general gaming lore. But I have a few recommendations for death battles that I think would be pretty interesting - Ironman vs Batman -Jace Beleren (magic the gathering) vs Doctor strange (Marvel) - Mario (Super mario bros) vs Steve (Minecraft) -Geralt of Rivia (The witcher) vs Raiden (metal gear)

    75. Chomper

      Honestly was expecting Gray to win sense he could just eat whatever she threw at him : /

    76. Jamin Sim

      I'm surprised Death Battle is still sponsored by Blue Apron. Wasn't it confirmed to be a massive failure?

    77. Aiden Johnson

      So they give esdeath three days worth of power and gray the on the spot is that fair?!

    78. Crystal Lamortte

      I wanted grey to win but damn she’s crazy op. But grey would have died anyway by using the lost iced shell

      1. Crystal Lamortte

        Fairies Flame yea he could but this was all about ice and gray but it was great to see

      2. Fairies Flame

        @Crystal Lamortte Not, only that, since they consider the movies as well. Natsu's Half Dragonized form from Dragon Cry was capable of overpowering and defeating Animus who had the power of the Dragon Cry. And the Dragon Cry can reach the entire continent of Ishgar. Natsu can also counter out time manipulation from Dimaria and Fairy Heart Power Zeref.

      3. Crystal Lamortte

        Fairies Flame well with the 100 years quest natsu has a guaranteed win

      4. Fairies Flame

        Natsu would have the better chance at beating Esdeath anyways. I mean, Gray VS Esdeath is basically putting a kinda main character (not protagonist) against the strongest villain.

    79. AvenOG Gaming

      Gray should have won

    80. White comiX

      Will there be a 4th ice themed death battle