Going on Our Honeymoon!! | Lele Pons & Twan Kuyper

Lele Pons

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    1. Lele Pons


      1. Clara Honey


      2. gacha girl

        Are you two actually married

      3. Βασίλης Ζαπουνίδης

        I love ur channel .btw i'm greek

      4. Montana Dempster

        Love u

      5. ruth kirwan

        No thank you for watching my video

    2. Lala Mac


    3. Super Rosetta


    4. Rhaelyn Sarah

      I’m dying I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing and I’m supposed to be sleeping and I’m dying of laughter

    5. Gracelynn Lawrence

      Lele: BE A MAN Twan: I can’t

    6. Puipuii Hnamte

      Is twan is your husban

    7. Fiona Hao

      Please tell me this is a skit...

    8. Angela Rice

      Wait you guys are actually married?!

    9. Ms. euphoria

      0:25 Lol put in subtitles 😂😂😂😂

    10. Baljeet Kaur

      I don't think this is real

    11. tiara brooks

      You got married for real

    12. Marta Villalba

      Lele pons cuando tiene su hija

    13. Park Jimin

      Cut the cameras. *DEADASS.*

    14. omq_itz_wolfie OwO mhm


    15. Venus Gonzalez


    16. Pink Diamond

      *”B E A M A N”* -lele

    17. Ms. Potato

      Do you vote for: -Hannah and twan Or -Lele and twan

    18. Heaven Rushing

      She sais caca

    19. solider 2009

      (c" ತ,_ತ) honeymoon=wrestling match

    20. Layan Helmi


    21. Gacha Purrito

      Omg! When Lele said "Be a man" at 3:01 I literally laughed so hard

    22. Ann Buslon

      The question is are you guys really dating? I’m so mf confused 🤕

    23. Me yes the one and only JJ Gacha and drawing.

      nOoOo stilll but lol

    24. Sarah Figueiredo

      You guys would be such a good couple

    25. Kader Kader

      I love Lele she's so fun and don't love Twan as much ans I think he's more famous thanks to her

    26. Esther Yan

      Is it just me or does twan sorta look like pewds

    27. Laccey x Xxxtention

      My favorite video

    28. Delina Tsehaye

      I can't stop laughing when she said twan

    29. Trisha Talamayan

      Wait I'm confused if this is really real life.........😓😓

    30. instagram cat love cats

      FID YOU JUST FART like if you were like WTF HAHAHAHH XD

    31. Renata Gululupe


    32. MiciSirghi

      So did they get married

    33. Eva Martín

      Más videos así 😂❤ son los mejores

    34. RR Du


    35. Shiny Star

      Hi Lele!!

    36. KamilaPlayzRoblox x

      1:24 my reaction: OH RUSSIAN OOOP (I'm Russian)

      1. Isaak

        i am russian too :D

    37. Rajdeep Kaur


    38. Cat Crew

      Can I get likes for nothing

    39. MahMouD Dust

      1:05 TWAN!!! . . . I died 😂😂😂

    40. ALEXANDRA Santiago

      Is this real?

    41. Erika Tamayo

      Are u dating twan please tell me u are a great cuple stay togetor

    42. milk mebrahtom Ddt

      This is soo funny😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😃


      Was that real or a skit I’m confused

    44. Flipher8

      You are so awesome i love you guys

    45. Brenda Presko

      You too are so cute together

    46. Matthew Moranico

      Well, there you go. They kissed

    47. Cryptozite

      That woman on the airplane was saying I don’t understand what your saying and she said a baggage

    48. •HüññyxBéár •

      omg Lele this was so funnyyy

    49. Emallee Palmeri

      I love u guys

    50. Abigail Pierce

      Haha that happend to me, I was using the bathroom and the plane was landing 😂

    51. Eli Merkuri

      E e uh wow o-o

    52. Pizza Rolls

      *"I'm sorry I'm just getting complaints"* Lele: *"From who"* 😂

    53. Hope World

      I don't think it's a real video.

    54. Hope World

      What! Lele is married and also have kids 😨😮😮😮

    55. Yardley Reymond

      Lele is so un quiet I will never go on a plane with her

    56. Yugyeom IsDaddy

      0:07 hana's in jail?

    57. Nicole Sanchez

      3:43 😂

    58. Kenneth Crupi


    59. Sarah Grace

      “”Be a man” really cracked me up

    60. Sarah Grace

      “Be a Man!”