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    1. Macall Springer

      Why'd I want to cry watching the final dance..... I love them 😭🤣

    2. Macall Springer

      "I like when they touch bodies" 🤣🤣

    3. Lindsay S

      Get you a man that looks at you like Scott looks at Heath

    4. Marissa Billingsley

      I loved this omg! 💕

    5. snoopikitten

      Mariah is SUCH a great teacher! I'm about it

    6. LindasLifeNl

      "Good job, hot stuff ♡" 😍

    7. Dylan XYJ

      fkk im late... :((

    8. Be Yourself

      That’s actually sooo good

    9. Nichole Figueroa

      I love how she was genuinely upset that her head almost hit the floor and then she stops herself from being short with him.

    10. Tbh Jlee

      Heath : stands up WOHOHOOHO

    11. Scooter Guy Tells the truth

      Dance has gotten so shit over the years. It went from this elite level artistic expression all about pushing boundaries both mentally and this.... the Internet ruins everything

    12. Natalia Rivera

      They’re so cute 😭😭

    13. Kaylan Inmon

      My boyfriend goes “are you watching a video about sex positions?!”

    14. Angel MoonArt

      I alway feel so jealous when ppl who don’t dance AT ALL have great pointed feet! Like it’s takes so LONG for dancers to get there and the ppl who have it Naturally don’t know how good they have it lmao

    15. Angel MoonArt

      I haven’t watch Vlog Squad videos in like almost a year but now that I’m back I’m so happy that Mariah and Heath’s relationship is still going strong!! Also I’m assuming they got a new house and it’s GORGEOUS!!!!! I’m so happy for them!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

    16. Vitaly Var

      You both did really good

    17. Setira Taylor-Wray

      idk if you’ll ever see this but I love you guys together it’s just a ball of great energy that is just amazing ❤️

    18. DarcyAdelaide

      causally watching OMG ITS ***THE SCAD TUMBLR GIF***

    19. The Dancing Bell

      "good job hot stuff" get you a girl like that

    20. Julz Banoie

      I love how excited heath gets 😂

    21. DStich780

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="535">8:55</a> why did I notice that ???

    22. Megan Cole

      The end result was so good!! I love Heath and Mariah's relationship, so cute!

    23. Avery Barron

      why was this actually really good.

    24. Saranya Mandapaty

      If they don’t dance to this at their wedding...

    25. Peyton Wagner

      I can’t stop watching at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="610">10:10</a>. I just keep rewinding it

    26. Judy Leddy


    27. Rhame Foster

      Heath's In Love in love 🥺💖

    28. Alexis Moreno

      You guys are so cute together!!!😭😍😍

    29. Anna Jękot

      mooooore please! I had so much fun! Love you guys

    30. Arni Tandon

      no one: Mariah during a pandemic: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a>

    31. Rebecca Soria

      Sooo wholesome !!! I legit love them together! (insert crying emoji) + this video was great! Please do more!

    32. Mee Too

      Literally so cute 😁

    33. Kacie Magee

      we all need a healthy and goofy relationship like theirs! 🥺

    34. Kara Colin

      Mariah is so supportive, when he did his lil leap she’s like ‘😏oh, okay?’ 😂😂😂

    35. KD B

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a>

    36. vegeta

      Y'all are my favorite couple on ALsel.

    37. Mason Jackson

      Heath was obviously a praying mantis in this past life 😂

    38. M. Vega

      This was awesome!!!

    39. loodiddles

      So cute!

    40. Jackie Sanchez

      This was litchrally so good

    41. Peyton302822 302822

      SO CUTE🐰🐻

    42. Cathy Ackroyd

      I don’t think you two could be more perfect for one another! I definitely had a big smile on my face watching this!

    43. Ashleigh Bullard

      I would love to see you and the vlog squad take a two steppin’ class! And y’all all dress up for the part! LOVE YOU GUYS!

    44. michyla venkadu


    45. Cindy Sauceda

      Ahh!! Y’all are so freaking cute and funny together!! Love y’all!!!💕💕

    46. Demarcus lopez

      I literally watched 2 videos of your channel.....I think I love you.

    47. Vanessa Hernandez

      sooooo do you still like trump/this country with the pandemic and how america is currently handling it??

    48. Breana Valera

      *smacks booty* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="535">8:55</a>

    49. نواف الجميل

      tiktok is just for horny teens

    50. The Life Of Sam

      This was so funny and so cute ❤️

    51. Alena Syla

      omg there you are that part killed me

    52. seushii

      this is so wholesome ugh

    53. Noel Luna

      literally 5 seconds in and im already laughing lol i love these two together so much

    54. Kunal Kataria

      Y’all gotta make more videos like these

    55. Erica Jara M

      Heath i’m coming for mariah 🙏🏼

    56. Ashton Angulo

      mariah is such a good dance teacher 🥺

    57. Alyssa Frederick

      I’d watch so many of these. I want more please!!

    58. Briana Larsen


    59. Amber Burbo

      He ending was so good wtf??

    60. //Elsa 513//

      Aww this was sooo cuteee

    61. Amalia Pereira

      I laughed so hard with Heath moves and excitement!!

    62. Gisselle

      aww I love this soo much I wouldn't mind more videos of you two dancing :')

    63. PocketFullOfPhlegm


    64. Angelica Rodriguez

      I love this 💖💖


      You guys had me smiling the whole video

    66. K S

      Mariah is such a positive influence on Heath. He looks so much healthier than he used to look

    67. Emily Marie

      i love how private mariah is about their intimacy 🥺🥺💕💕

    68. jess thompsam

      My friends in primary school making dances at lunch

    69. Vic_Unleashed

      Mariah’s booty 😛pawpin

    70. Arika Suarez

      Heath let me just say how far you’ve come health wise and physically. I look at past vlogs and I’m like WOW. That is an amazing transformation you did and I pray you keep it up 🙏 you look amazing & your personality has grown so much!

    71. Rachel Roberts

      my fav couple for real

    72. Gabby Trulli

      thank god for maariah we love a wifey

    73. Dayana

      Ok but I’m genuinely in shock. Yall did do good wtff 😭😭

    74. Sabrina Broccoli

      The cutest couple. I love you guys so much ❤️

    75. Angela Dominguez

      Y’all did so good!

    76. ZanderPander

      Mariah is such a great teacher, UGH 😩

    77. Jamie Dufault

      Mariah’s editing is impeccable 😭 I couldn’t see half the video bc I was crying laughing

    78. megan farez

      love how at the end he finally got his wittle kiss ~

    79. Gia Caraffa

      Literally smiling the whole time 10/10

    80. Sebashian