For a Lifetime lyrics - Ryann Darling

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    1. Marina Gamayao

      You are the love of my life for a life time I love you my Mahal👫💪🙏

    2. Margie Baez

      Such loving words between two people who truly love each other ❤️💋❤️

    3. Jayachandra V

      I want to hug you and kiss you can I sir



    5. Regine Beds

      I'm waiting for you.and save all my hug and kisses for you.... A true love..for lifetime....

    6. Jamie Cee49

      It's the little thing's that makes our Hearts Meet. It's like I can hardly Breathe when you say my name...My Soul found you and fell in love. And now I can't get you out of my mind. (I don't want too)..You whisper to me Be Mine For A Lifetime.💖🔥💖🔥🌹🌹🌹

    7. Савків Людмила


    8. Савків Людмила

      А где любиш отдыхать??? Горы, море, что любиш? Прогулки лесом, прогулки по городу. Что нравится.

    9. Samuel Beserby

      ...(tears)...missing you...

    10. yw

      가사가 너무 아름다워 가슴이 시리다

    11. Martine & Mary Hernandez


      1. Ansh Gupta


    12. Delma Romero

      Very lovely words and music 🌹

    13. Pak Yee Chow

      Only you can satisfy all my needs, why cant you be loyal and focus to love me only, we are so happy as before, why you destroy everythings step by step since Sept And stop putting me around thus we can gaze and love on forever as before. You can nurture them, i m Princess cant be moved or used thus i m completely useless. I need you . I truly love you. You promise will be by my side whenever i need you. You previously want me be your wife snd we wake up loving every morning till we die. My heart for you is eternal and constant and have never change. Have you change heart after living a long times with these new females. The only reason you now let me stay there with them is age. Thats not fair, we are same.

    14. Florina 2018


    15. KJ Fgg

      I am in love, what can I say❤. I can feel every letter said in my heart!! Hopefully it will not get broken!!

    16. Donna Reid

      OUR LIFETIMES babe.....💯💋💋💋 Y❤️U and Me 💋💋💋

    17. Ellen Mendoza

      I have waited for a long time to have you as my own “Love” “future husband” but its sad coz I no longer feel like you still want me nor love me the same to be your “only woman”... specially when you take me for granted and set me aside while talking to another woman.

    18. Tree Lemmon

      Our walls came tumbling down . Now hand and hand we soar. My soul found you and fell in 💘. They ours. Here we are for a lifetime. Xxx

    19. Trudy Worley

      Theres only one person who has made me feel like this! ❤

    20. Victoria Monah

      You will not be without me. Prayers for both us. Have faith in us. I have faith in us. Do you remember how many times I prayed on you and me and our prayers were answered because of his mercy? I believe in us dont forget that .no matter what. We will pull through.wuv u ur forever ur bunny. J.M

    21. Anastacio Santos

      I am hear this love song that tell something and us remind me

    22. ciasiabyajyaj channel

      Hi it's good and please help me too


      MY DARLING 1. UUURRR SUCH A wonderful SOUL.. MY intelligent 1... I WILL ALWAAAYS BB TRUE 2 UUUSSS. TAKE Care ❤ OF UUUSSS ❤ 💕 MY Divinely 1..Dont stresd Or overwork. Takr time 2 smell Dee ROSES BB GOOD 👍 ?& ALL Dee BEST. 4 UUUSSS. ALWAAAYS UUURRR s_&_ MINE'S. 💋 💋 💕 💕*******

      1. Ansh Gupta


    24. Randy Montemayor

      2020 i love u always i love honko i love you forever i love you so much i love you😭😭😭😭😭

    25. Randy Montemayor

      2020 i love u always i love honko i love you forever i love you so much i love you😭😭😭😭😭

    26. Randy Montemayor

      2020 i love u always i love honko i love you forever i love you so much i love you😭😭😭😭😭

    27. Randy Montemayor

      2020 i love u always i love honko i love you forever i love you so much i love you😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Ansh Gupta


    28. Hana Sione

      Ohh love so beautiful❤❤💯🔥

    29. George Michael learns to rock

      Ryan. Nice

      1. George Michael learns to rock

        Still Rmgumsu

    30. Diana Hayse

      This is what I want with you...right now we could be loving each other. Instead of, tapping keys. We could be tapping into each other in such special ways. I LOVE YOU!!!

    31. 章薇薇


    32. Donna Reid

      ♥️T. F❤️R. M♥️E. 💋

    33. Linzi McGee

      January 2020 such a beautiful and breathtaking song what more could you ask for apart from true love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    34. Sandra Iglesias

      For a lifetime...

    35. Tree Lemmon

      Its a home Ive never known.A place that will last. I love you more and more. Be mine for a lifetiem. I can hardly breathe when you say my name. Forever and ever and for. A lifetime. They ours.

    36. Srikandi Warion

      Yes, I hear you my (R). We know deep down we are the ONE for each other, despite how many relationships we'd been through, but the bond between us never gets broken, and will always gravitate to each other. We spiritually already married, and so as in our past time. Our love connection is incomparable. There won't be purer love than the love we have for each other.

    37. Abdinasir Muse


    38. Janine Akrap

      So beautiful

    39. Hana Sione

      ❤❤I love you too my love❤❤💋💋

    40. sinta ibramoKha

      All my heart for u 😭😭😭

    41. Margaret Brazill

      A lifetime will not be enough for our love., but is a good starting place!!! Please come as soon as you can. You are the love of my life!!!❤💚💛❤❤💙💚❤💚💛💋💋💋💋👄👄👄👄👄👄

      1. ThankYou NEXT

        An u so disappoint me...I dont no y u continue to do this... u need to move forward with ur life with her.....if pooh n me stand up as 1...u would have no choice...but to let me go. An be wear u r happy at...n we all no it's not here....look bighead think about it basically I believe both of us are in actuality saying the same thing....u talking to get other female we as individuals DO NOT FEEL LIKE U ARE GIVING US RESPECT....I no she feels some type of way...the same type of way....its not cool an it's not right...just the same way u had nerve to say to me the day u die is the day I'll represent u get a tattoo with ur name on u won't...thank u though....God represents me all day that's good enough for me in my its time u move forward....u need to go an be with her...u do her right n she will do u long as this is what ur doing ...her n me both r gonna feel some type of way at u....u no I am anyway at u....its not right n on my end ...that's a low blow...cold n shity ...wrong as besides bighead when I leave here n get that apartment u not allowed to come...if u was to get caught living there ..what u think gonna happen...they already told me ....I'm out ....I'm moving asap for a reason....i love u dearly ...but one of got to since u dont wanna step...I'm move around.they want me away from u n my peeps....they said no one was trying to help me ...holding me down n weighing me down...n there were doing this to get me away from being held back..cause very one got their hand out...but ain't trying to see me do better or lift a finger for me...n y'all done worse me out...,I'm on vacation the next 5 yrs....i ain't taken care of ppl i love that ain't gonna take care of me...i make just enough money for me n me bighead listen to ur heart....just no I'm always ur friend n love u more than life its self....but it's time u go were ur heart tell u too....gods got better plans ...have faith....besides how u want me to put down my habit...if everything ur doing i have to if i read....u no I'm draining it out b4 the tears roll...think about it...this ain't no life for me... or the other person...dont u see , shes got feelings too...quit being greedy I person is plenty enough ....

    42. Queen Shawn

      This song is so beautiful it makes me cry. George I will spend a lifetime with you baby. I love you so much you are the love of my life babe

    43. BILL Pelkey

      Honey I'm ready for a lifetime with you.i love you come.❤💏💏💏💏🙏❤

    44. Dianna N

      Beautiful song and wonderful video ✌🏻✨🍀💖🙏🏻

    45. Casey Myslive

      I'll always be here! For now anyway. Can't you see that I love you!💖

    46. neil walker

      I love you Julie ,my one true love 👩‍❤️‍👨

    47. Bridget lee

      Yes, 😢😓💘

    48. zuleikha ahmed


    49. Martine & Mary Hernandez

      This is Our Lifetime💍🔐👣 I don’t have to miss or hope WE Our Living Our Best Lives As Happy As WE can considering what WE are going through but no matter what it will ALWAYS BE TO OUR FULLEST LOVING EACH OTHER🧠💜💚🌎🐞🐸

    50. JLDV 28

      Ang ganda naman

    51. Yen Yen

      To my better half Mr. Gregie Patijan thank you for the love everyday. Iloveu forever mylab, be mine for a lifetime😘❤️❤️❤️

    52. Naeem Ahmed

      Mn chura kr ly jao dunia sy door ok.

    53. Messenger4Jesus

      This is amazing besides the "magic" reference. You can't have magic and prayer in the same song. You can't serve two masters. Witchcraft is what we as born again Christians fight against daily. The magic part ruined this song for me.

    54. Diana Hayse

      I love you. Please help here. If you love me...come forward. For our lifetime that's left.

    55. Calvin Soafo

      im forever urs

    56. Margaret Brazill

      You are stuck with me for all time and beyond. Take the billion kissses i send with this message!!!!❤❤❤💙💙💙💚💚💚💛💛💛💜💜💜💖💖💖💗💗💘💘💘💝💝💝💞💞💞💟💟💟

      1. Ansh Gupta


    57. Margaret Brazill

      That sounds wonderful, for a lifetime. I am anxiou for it to begin. All my love and kisses and hopes and dreams come withis message!!!💘💘💗💗💗💟💟💟💙💚💚

    58. Sugunya{annita.ann.} Noydong


    59. Vendetta Lifewelive


    60. Tree Lemmon

      Everyday with you is magic. Its the little things that make our 💕 meet. With each glance I love you more and. BE MINE FOR A LIFETIME. Forever and ever and for lifetime. Theyre ours. FOR A LIFETIME I LOVE YOU S.

      1. Elabeta Bernaciak


      2. Elabeta Bernaciak

        Kocham Cię tęsknię za Tobą i myślę o tobie całego serca kocham Cię przyjadę do Ciebie strasznie Ciebie kocham z całego świata w sercu Cię mam za Tobą i myślę o tobie całego serca jak możesz przyjechać po bilet

    61. dj joramu MOVIES

      like this song alot

    62. Cheri Lones


    63. Tree Lemmon

      Forever and ever and for a lifetime. My Soul found yours. Be mine for a lifetime. I love you FOREVER. My Soulmate

      1. Pak Yee Chow

        Tree Lemmon I love ZyGor

    64. Anaick Madjouche

      I have a boyfriend ,his name is Wesley and I am in love with that man ,he makrme me to be happy everyday , I imagine my life with him forever , a life time 😚😍😍😍I just can't wait for the day he will be mine forever ,god thanks for Putting my way towards him

    65. debra hill

      Such amazing and beautiful love song💖💖💖💖💖🥂

    66. Im the one

      pa hug din ako idol

    67. Met Barbon

      I lov'it!!😍

    68. Bindu Suresh

      My love and my life,love a lot. i know v'have waited n prayed .lifetime v gonna b toghter.wanna c u everyday not ur message but ur face babie.where were u r,stil i am waiting for u.

    69. Darlene Lane

      Beautiful song n such loving lyrics)

    70. subh s

      Expressing true love is like insulting yourself and i hate that

    71. Peggy Bare

      ♥️Mikel & Peggy Together for our Lifetime we’ve waited & we’ve Prayed 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    72. Eva Elena Pal

      I love you

    73. Christina Lubumad

      Wahahahaha please this song makes me laugh. I loved being single for a lifetime. Plus nobody can love me the way My Heavenly Father love me. Peoples did things I don't like but I know they will feel it too. I was blessed and it's my choice to be by myself.

    74. Uma Rani

      Prayers 💐💐💐 will deliver us ❤️

    75. Wilson& Léa


    76. Rajashekhar Karajagi

      Once in a lifetime we come across such a beautiful song!

    77. James Hendris

      I love to watch it again and again

    78. Roel Bacus

      Wow nice song

    79. Lydia Miguel

      It is fantastic to relax and hear all this beautiful song's i recommended to everyone.

      1. eppi


    80. Geraldine Gaggia

      Yes I will marry you. I love you so much!

      1. Hillary Thai

        You need to ask me whether I want to first,sir.

      2. Ben Bristol

        Wow this song is so touching ❤