Florida City Official Calls Out Mayor for COVID-19 Response | NowThis

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    An outraged city official called out the mayor for trying to cut off people’s power during a pandemic.
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    In US news and current events today, official Omari Hardy accused this Florida mayor of Lake Worth Beach for negligent inaction during a heated city commission meeting.
    Hardy says his request for a March 13 meeting regarding the city’s plans to deal with the pandemic was denied. Residents also called
    out the city’s response to COVID-19 via letters.
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    1. Theresa Clark

      He needs to run for mayor.

    2. Sheila Gibson

      The Mayors and city health departments are the front line. Isn’t managing these types of situations in their job descriptions. Didn’t they set up, practice and implement their Incident Command Systems. With the previous outbreaks, why weren’t they prepared?

    3. ModelTpaul1

      Woman is a goner...

    4. Sean Chung

      It seems that doing the wrong thing is still doing something. A "major" health crisis and you would choose to kick your constituents down, while they're at their most vulnerable? Some leader. The idea that she can't see past this mistake speaks to her arrogance, her incompetence and her straight up inability to perform her one and truly only duty and function as an elected leader: to lead ALL your constituents and have their best interests at heart, especially their health and safety. I'm hopeful that she will find herself unemployed in the next election cycle and the one man fighting passionately for the people of the community will assume that mantle. We need more people like him, regardless of political ideology to be in places of power. And the world (one small piece at a time) will be a much better place for everyone concerned. Kudos to you!! 👍👍

    5. Lillymay Parker

      Women shouldn't be an any leadership, why, because look what happens. Smdh

    6. Chevydude 671

      The commissioner should be the Mayor. His momma raised him good. Great person with greater morals

    7. Chantaeisqueen

      This is a man that cares about people! ❤️❤️❤️ Remove the woman from her position, because she did not act when she needed to.

    8. Chris Westberry

      Put aside the all political big head political members of the state of Floridia. The virus called Covid 19 is being transported to your state via New York /Jersey/ Canada residents of constant travel on this country’s interstates. I see them everyday, up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Floridia plates everywhere. Show some common sense snowbirds. Or go back to land of ice and snow. Thanks

    9. Taru Taru

      No woman, you are done.

    10. Michael Taylor

      THIS guy has my vote any day of the week!

    11. Van Vu

      I hope Major Triojo gets fired! She is an atrocity. Someone should put her in a permanent recess!!!!

    12. Tess No last name

      Good on him

    13. 94JAVS

      I hope to see this guy as mayor of that city next year....

    14. Flawless venus

      👏👏👏I'm with him

    15. Chris Grozelle

      Fire that lady immediately .... throw her to the curb

    16. shadow Tsunami

      she backpedaled because the cameras showed how much of a monster she really was and of course for public relations purposes (BASICALLY TO REEL IN FUTURE VOTERS IN THEIR NEXT ELECTION) she turned the power on but I think what really rattled her chain is when that black commissioner Omari Hardy stepped up and put her in her place. Sad even in a time of crisis they still hold a grudge against blacks and lower class citizens while we are all dealing with this monstrous C-virus!

    17. Cookiebird606 SS

      Made me tear up when he talked about what could have been their last check

    18. Charles Owens

      Finally, someone who will publicly call-out these political thugs!

    19. Fuzz Zeballs

      she wont be voted back in

    20. BladeRnnR _1970

      I live in Ohio and I’m still voting for this man!!!!

    21. Reuben Prasad

      I am not american but dam that mayor..... the man that goes all out to fight for the people , that is how the goverment should be

    22. Adithya angara

      I'm not American, but watching this gave me goosebumps. If that guy is sacked, you have failed yourselves America. Well... Technically twice cause of trumps election but we've all learnt to ignore that.

    23. nolacraasquerosa

      eventually will start fighting each other like animals,,,its going to get worse before it gets better...get ready people..

    24. Jolanny Molina

      He is so right!...this people don't care till is one of their family member.

    25. bocoy noiu

      She is OUT OF THERE! Disrespectful and the people Voted for her, Let This Be A Lesson...

    26. vikas daware

      When situation demands You have to register your protest against the wrong doer . He had that courage to do so . Respect from india Maharashtra pune

    27. Rain Valentine

      Nobody mentioned about Wifi. People love Wifi. 😥

      1. bocoy noiu

        I didnt do anything..! Well said!!

    28. Abdullah Assad

      Insert. White people are terrible comment

    29. Pete Russ

      Please give the job of Mayor to Commissioner Hardy as he has such a good sense of responsibility to the people in his community, whilst the rest of them are prepared to cut off citizens water and electricity supplies in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and thus risk the lives of both adults and children... Shameful!

    30. Balaji Raman

      That moral anger was awesome to watch.

    31. and who are you?

      There's a reason that Florida is nothing but a joke Almost as bad as Cali

    32. Ned Hesser

      Can someone explain the steakhouse comment?

    33. Afg

      Thank you American African

    34. Matt Stuart

      This guy for mayor

    35. Jose Henriquez

      Hey whats wrong with banana republic future mayor 😒

    36. JOL JOL

      People rember this hero,, they rember her too.

    37. Calvin Williamson

      Only a no good hating racist would dislike this video!

    38. Jasen Michael

      This is really stupid of her

    39. Sir Kay

      I've dealt with her kind and still do, come to Poland and 90% of "government job positions are in the hands of her kind. And you wonder why in many societies people don't want women leadership?

    40. Michael Stevens

      He gets my vote for next mayor and I dont even live in that state!!!

    41. Emmanuel Gilbert

      Omari spoke the truth because he care.when he speak the truth that lady ran away .

    42. Dent Box Hero

      It always get ugly when you smack politicians in the face with the truth of the matter. In the situation we are in you don’t walk out from an argument. If it gets ugly then let it get ugly until you come to an agreement. Her walking out is the same thing as walking and turning her back on the people.

    43. Best of Anime

      I didnt do anything..! Well said!!

    44. Stewart McCleary

      She couldn't handle the truth, thankfully the camera was still running

    45. Josh Boalton

      Lol their are some incredibly dumb, and ignorant people in charge. How do people like this even get in their anyways?

    46. Stackdeck123

      Look like she's a want to be Hitler. She careless if they live or die. Just running around giving orders. It's like she in her mind has the power just to make up new laws because she got but hurt.

    47. MATT ZAWAR

      She is Cow she want to milk millions for her self and her dogs !!!!

    48. Wyatt Lutt

      That mayor is done for. Incompetent public officials make me sick. Get her out of there.

    49. Moxie Tovani

      His tone is spot on for the circumstances.

    50. nina _____

      I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. Exactly, madame. You spent more time bleaching your hair!!!

    51. Flik Cof

      Sack the mayor.

    52. Christopher

      I thought this was a SNL skit.

    53. Larry Ramos

      Great job Omari Hardy! You must be ready to stand up for the people when they need help the most. Thank God for your leadership.

    54. John P

      Not from Florida. But maybe if y’all keep voting him in power one day he can be the president. Imagine having president that’s actually cared for his people. He would be great.

    55. Mckay Fam

      Florida please make this man your mayor. He obviously cares more then the next one.

    56. Matt King

      It was like this all over Florida because of Spring Break. All those towns didn’t want to risk losing their tourist dollars so they ignored the crisis. And their local officials should be held accountable.

    57. Poet Victoria Hunter

      She said you're done,threatening his job. Blacks always get threatened to be fired if they stand up for what's right at work. 0

    58. Arctic Gold

      Shes a useless waste

    59. Alexxii

      Wow shes a beast...discusting woman

    60. Kevin Harris

      That is what good leadership does. This is not about protocol and procedures. This is about the safety of the American people that have voted these leaders into office. You want the title, then walk in it....lead

    61. Raham Solano

      He is a King

    62. Katherine Katherine

      This guy is awesome ! Thank you for standing up! To hart less people like this!

    63. Kaleidoscope

      The man shows passion and a willingness to serve. She on the other hand could care less. Get rid of her

    64. Y34 W36

      I hope more people die on thier so they will realize that man is the right person to vote hahaha

    65. Olivia Kirby

      This is total BS. Amoroso was NOT in danger of losing his job, he was pulling this drama queen stunt in order to GET a job. He's up for election for Mayor. I'm not saying he wasn't right, that's indisputable - but he did it in such a way to get maximum media exposure with the electorate.

    66. Isaac Rodriguez

      Hardy for mayor 🤘🤘 he real man of the people

    67. Muah Muah

      Usless mayor learn something from him

    68. ez icarus

      Good man 👍

    69. Hey I'm Squish

      She’s done. Not him.

    70. Jabba Hut

      The woman is so annoying and thick!

    71. Mohd Hanif Abu Bakar

      she is the real virus in society.what a pathetic

    72. Darren Rodgers

      Well spoken

    73. golden glow

      she's a snake all they need is our votes..

    74. Ricky Singh

      God bless the guy. That current mayor needs to be kicked to the curb

    75. Rick Ibarra

      There are always those odds that make it even. Those odds are heroes.

    76. Warren Holly

      Yes these weirdos are everywhere. She is having an affair with the guy that thinks OAN is real news. Stick a hairdryer to your nose and inhale. He says it works. Lol the kooks have the keys

    77. rick mao

      America is rotting to its bone, it needs a revolution

    78. Claire ___

      She was mad reading that letter. This has me so sad

    79. JOJO __Y.O

      Good for him. Thank you

    80. CrazyUncle Tan

      Comissioner Hardy for Mayor! Who is with me???!!!