Evil Little Brother Part 4 | Twan Kuyper, Gavin Magnus

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    Hey guy's welcome back, this weeks video is about Me having my sister over for the weekend but one thing doesn't seem to be right! Evil Little Brother
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    1. Fatlum Ahmetaj

      Gavin miss piper

    2. scarlett soriano

      coco is so ,mean i don't understand how you could leave pipper for this coco you lost your mind coco is a acting the reason why she is dating you is because she wants to get pipper back because she betraded coco and coco was mad beacause pipper stoped hanging out with her and hanging out with sophie so i hpe you realise that gavin😔gavin to bad she is using you 😔 Pavin for ever 💕don't forget 😔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😈😔

    3. scarlett soriano

      gavin pipper is better with out you she is free

    4. Momineh Dolatshahi

      Gain is so coco are dem brother and sisters

      1. Momineh Dolatshahi

        I men gavin

    5. Zara Ilieva

      me at age10 girl the same like the girl

    6. Chloe Timmerman

      Wow Gavin you ditch Piper

    7. Samantha Tan

      Wait is Twan and Coco really siblings? Ok im a fan of Twan but im not really a fan of coco....no offenence TwT

      1. Amin Ziyech

        Twan is dutch how can he be coco's brother

    8. angelina naguit

      Te did. Not know gavin is ur brother

    9. anu gantulga

      im sorry but im kinda mad that gavin is here sorry goat fam no hate

    10. Laura Hofreiter

      Gavin and Coco for life!

    11. Tyler Blevins

      Cavin for life

    12. Zemen Abed

      Cavin for life

      1. Tyler Blevins

        Zemen Abed your goated

    13. Apple Honey

      so....piper was coco besfriend and a lot of people want see their together anymore but nobody know the reason why they just didn't talk to each other, its probably cause of her mother and then she met gavin, they like each other and became a cute couple, they broke up because of piper's mother. And they move on, piper has a new crush and gavin too BUT WHY WOULD HE HAS A CRUSH ON PIPER'S EX-BESTFRIEND WHICH IS COCO AND WHY WOULD COCO HAS A CRUSH ON PIPER'S EX-BOYFRIEND and that is why most of people hate "coco" and "gavin" too cause I feel like they betrayed piper. and now I feel like gavin is copying piper's videos

      1. Rose bruza

        U HAVE A POINT

      2. the crag

        Ur righttt

    14. Zakeem Fairley

      Like u need piper

      1. the crag

        @Abby Garciawhy?

      2. Abby Garcia

        Piper is a brat

    15. ItsCryssa Gamer

      2:58 till 3:05 Gavin never did that to piper before😠

      1. Abby Garcia

        So can't do nothing about it

      2. Hana Chmaisse

        It's called acting

      3. ana maria raymundo

        its acting

    16. camoro arlyncastro

      Gavin break up with that girl😠😠😠😠😠 do you miss piper come on it's why piper and you are good couple ☺️☺️

    17. daniplaysmobile Roblox

      Omg he never did that with piper

    18. Losita Apisai


    19. Devie Kate Lirazan

      Part 1000

    20. Aniyah Jones

      Why do you have Gavin and Coco here and eat chips you really I don’t like Coco or cabin and Coco she did not get a wise and Gavin didn’t even know it was papers due boyfriend

      1. Apple Honey

        u really said cabin

      2. Moon Gacha

        Aniyah Jones it’s Gavin

    21. Sandy Diedre Rivera


    22. Aylin Felix

      You should go back to piper and make videos plsssssss

    23. lax nathen

      Part 5 pls

    24. Isa Chavarin

      Do part 5

    25. Ethan Alexander

      So like that was so mean to just break up with piper JUST FOR COCO UGH I'm sad I'm never watching Gavin Magnus but since he just broke up with her and then he turned his back on her thats not fair for him to just do and go off and go out with coco he was "pretending" to like piper I figured that out because I go to dance class and regular school with piper and I'm her bff and I'm telling piper that u found another right as soon as u broke up with her and I don't care how old she just because in her grade doesn't matter by my age and I'm 14 and I think she's 10 11 or 12 she never told me or she's 13

      1. Apple Honey

        @guacamole nation yea

      2. guacamole nation

        coco is 11 lmao and piper is 12 wtf

      3. Apple Honey

        @Abbie Regalado yea ur right , her birthday is august so she is turning 13 soon

      4. Abbie Regalado

        @Apple Honey wait her birthday is August 21st 2007 so that mean she IS turning 13 this year

      5. Abbie Regalado

        @Apple Honey ok got it chill

    26. Jason Santos

      What is Gavin's number I have a Crush on him please!

      1. Hana Chmaisse


    27. Sarah Platt

      I am not happy with that I am going threw alot in the comet's and some of them are not funny enough for me to Laugh

    28. Rodeline Melus

      I hate gavin gavin beacme gavin like piper!

    29. Alexis Jimenez

      I hate Gavin and coco first of all coco did not want to be friends with piper cause she wanted to be with Gavin .And Gavin broke up with piper

      1. Rodeline Melus

        HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. bby_kainath

        @Sarah Platt bro you're late

      3. Sarah Platt


    30. Hannah Toliver

      Coco used to be pipers best friend i miss those moments and pavin

    31. Lucia Alba

      I hate gavin so much why does he have to break up with piper hes such a b*

    32. Viani Torres

      Gavin coo dot loves you piper is cul she is Mad but summ Tim’s You love piper coo not cul 😞🥺😞🥺😩😫😖😣🤬🤬🤬😦😧😮😲😵👎👎👎

    33. Joe Haskett

      gavin is in love wheth coco

    34. Viani Torres

      He in coo

    35. Victoria Gantz

      Oooooo gavin

    36. Mary Vizcarra

      I prefer piper .. they are more cuter together

      1. Bela Nikolic

        I hate gavin.

      2. Awesomeness 34

        Actually no walker and Piper are better because at least he don't cheat like gavin

    37. zena f

      Why are you all ahting! Just because Gavin broke up with Piper! Gavin has his own life he can do whatever he wants! Piper and Coco are two beautiful girls and Gavin is a nice, handsome gentelmen. They are still young and don't deserve this hate! Keep your comments to youself please!

      1. guacamole nation

        omg youre comment is soo f-ing underrated

      2. Sarah Platt

        Shut up

      3. Sarah Platt

        You should

      4. Viani Torres

        Shut up si pit you don’t now coo it will brok gabins hoed

    38. Trinity Okeynan-Rowan

      so cute

    39. Julie Lopez

      I hate CoCo

      1. Viani Torres

        I don’t like coco

      2. Bela Nikolic

        no fr i hate ppl like gavin

    40. Marleny Guzman


      1. Viani Torres

        Mi to the

      2. Briana Bedford

        I am on his side

    41. Marleny Guzman

      Gavin did you brok up with paper

      1. guacamole nation

        Marleny Guzman its because of pipers mom

    42. Patrick Richard

      I’m so. Sorry 😐

    43. becky castro


      1. Viani Torres

        You are crazy

    44. Elliana Jacova

      I think you should do part 5

    45. Andrdz Cana


    46. Megan Maciel

      I hate Coco and Gavin to

      1. Viani Torres


      2. Janna Pajarillo

        I sometimes hate coco and gavin bcuz they betrayed piper

      3. Janna Pajarillo


    47. Debora Espinoza Valdes

      I hate coco and gavin

    48. Jasmine Ester

      I hate coco

    49. Firuz Alam

      my favorite part was when coco said gavin is just her friend and gavin just started to cried I feel bad for gavin

    50. Deara Johnson

      I love you Gavin and coco

    51. Quincy Tjokrotaroeno

      I love you coco and gavin😍😍!!!!chat mee on messingjer

      1. Quincy Tjokrotaroeno


    52. jessica ray

      I love you gavin

    53. Dana Gay


      1. Bridgette & Precious

        For own information he didn't his parents stopped them , search Gavin channel the real reason why they broke up is there

    54. Magnus Hovmand

      Part 5

    55. Sigurd Elvsaas Nordtømme

      Great acting to all of you! I love you Twan! I want more of these series!

    56. Sese Love

      Why does coco act like she’s 20 or something?( no hate)

    57. terrance mitchell

      F with me coco

    58. Kelsey Fuller

      I love coco!

    59. Kim Monroe

      Coco and Gavin are so cute together😍😍

      1. Mary Vizcarra

        Kim Monroe not really.. I think Gavin and Piper are more cuter together..

    60. Irianna Slay

      Every thing was my favorite