Everything Wrong With Knives Out In Whodunnit Minutes



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    Knives Out, Rian Johnson's follow up to The Last Jedi, was a universal home run with critics, and a hit with audiences alike. Because it's f*cking rad.
    But we do what we do, so we did what we do, and here is what we did...
    Thursday: Animated sins AND a brand new CinemaSins intro video-bumper!!
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    1. Guillaume Carle

      Lol Johnson went from universally hated to universally overrated in two movies well done.

    2. Jacob Frye

      After watching Th3Birdman's video criticizing this video. Can see how much nonsense this video has in making its pointless and mostly invalid remarks

    3. sirGRYZLY

      What does he mean with ex machina?

    4. Jack Veal

      When Marta leaves the party at the beginning of the film, you can hear in the background her car struggle to start. So when it doesn't start later it isn't such a coincidence!

    5. R Sands

      Ana de armas was amazing here. Honestly, I have no idea who she was before this, but after watching this movie I became a fan. Heck, I followed her on IG lol

    6. ragingfiip

      Is this the least amount of sins a movie has ever received on this channel??

    7. Sher Gaurav

      I take it he really loved the movie HAHHAHAHHHAH

    8. dyllock105

      At the end you remove 5 sins. And go from 71 down to 67...

    9. Mark Henson Perez Gunawan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="575">9:35</a> think Harlan was relying on the police just chalking this off as a suicide immediately without a second thought. Which could happen.

    10. elfo

      I read every single comment on a cinemasins voice tone

    11. Dolphin

      In the "Good Nurse" part. Actually she is. There is alot that you have to put up with legally when dealing with a patient , regardless of personal judgement of the situation.

    12. The Library of Babel

      "Harlan started out with a rusty Smith Corona..." at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a>. 100 sins for reminding us of the very thing we are watching this video to distract ourselves from.

    13. Landyn Powell

      This has less then pulp fiction

    14. Chase Wages

      You missed the biggest fucking sin. The Go they played was TERRIBLE.

    15. Emily An

      Hopefully the actress who plays Marta in this movie, Ana de Armas watches this CinemaSins because they are absolutely right she does deserve an Oscar Nomination.

    16. Kenneth Stoddard

      Sin 53 removal this laugh

    17. Kenneth Stoddard

      Sin 13 Jeremy sin something he likes cliche

    18. caleb cook

      Also Harlan wrote what he thought his cause of death was in a notebook moments before his death, sooooo where’d the notebook go?

    19. Josh Studios

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> Looks like a dick lmao

    20. Blue Blade

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a> you're *forceshadowing* that EWW The Rise of Skywalker is coming soon, aren't you?

    21. Aaron Rodgers

      The only funny part of this video was Jeremy pretending he knows anything about nursing

    22. Kevin RJ

      Your bad jokes count as sins? The sins are subjective nitpicks, and you expect every movie to uphold your thought process of how the logic works. Trash

    23. Sydney Bezanson

      this was such a good movie. One of my favorites

    24. George Heilman

      One of the best blooper reels from this channel, and that's saying something.

    25. Adrianna Brown

      Just got done watching this movie 30mins ago, and have to say, I loved it!

    26. Yozeez 380

      Did anyone else ship Blanc and Marta or just me

    27. Dom Russell

      First sin was a 🍆 joke lol. NOICE

    28. Salma Hafsa

      I watched this movie high. It was very interesting

    29. ETHANBOT5000

      I love this movie so much. I can’t think of how they will make fun of it

    30. ETHANBOT5000

      I love this movie so much. I can’t think of how they will make fun of ot

    31. Music Lee

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> Actually there is a reason Blanc wants Marta by his side during the investigation. At the end he tells her that he knew she had something to do with the death of Harlan because he already saw the blood drop on her shoe at the very beginning wich definetely and obviously had something to do with the death of Harlan since we're talking about a possible murder here. And this is probably the reason he kept her present during the investigation.

    32. Todd no last name

      I realized this week that Daniel Craig looks a lot like the way Guy Gardner, one of the Green Lanterns, is often drawn.

    33. benbabando

      The sin where the blood on the shoe travels across the room, Harland slits his jugular artery with the knife, the pressure in that artery is intense and could, would, and (in the context of the story) did throw droplets that far. Great movie though, extremely well made, and this channel is always fun and informative. You do great work.

    34. Logan May

      here’s the thing, every flaw with one of these characters makes them feel so real and authentic. human beings are ridden with mistakes.

    35. Maria Nikolaou

      Sin #2: the shadow is a cross hanging in the middle of the car's interior, we see it again towards the end of the movie.

    36. Ptao Tom

      Hopefully the actress who plays Marta in this movie, Ana de Armas watches this CinemaSins because they are absolutely right she does deserve an Oscar Nomination.

    37. jonatikaWwe

      LOL @ how much he LOVES this movie 😂😂😂

    38. Joseph Henry

      5(or 4) sins should be removed for an appearance by Frank Oz.

    39. kat Royal

      Daniel Craig's accent is horrendous. The one British actor who can't pull off a believable american accent.

      1. kat Royal

        No movie is without sin

      2. Ptao Tom

        Sin yourselves because this movie is perfect. I said what I said

    40. Gary King

      The funniest scene in this movie was the Nazi kid whacking off to MauLer videos.

    41. Rdskinsfan27

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1005">16:45</a> I'm glad he didn't use the sound clip from Lose Yourself

    42. J&M Productions

      My little headcannon was that the cops where the only people in the movie that where aware of how dramatic and strange the whole situation was. Everyone else in the film has a big dramatic character like something out of a murder mystery play. The cops reactions are much more normal. And it kinda explains away a lot of the weird convenient plot devices, because it’s supposed to be a set in this weird Reality that’s straight out of a highschool theater.

    43. Logan May

      this is the best movie that hit the big screen in a LONG time

    44. Ray Khan

      What movie had the lowest sin count? PS If it wasn't the room(hi Mark) I will be slightly disappointed

    45. Juan Aguilar

      Rian Johnson confirms that "No iPhones for Villains" is now a clue: alsel.info/video/video/b3B-m5WPuZt6ga4.html

    46. Mia :}

      Sin for one of the characters being named something something corona.

    47. Kogulan Uthayakumar

      Why dose the police do nothing

    48. Brent Carroll

      Okay, I was hoping he would mention something but didn't, so I'm gonna ask the internet world: It's established that the morphine takes 10 minutes until death. Chris Evans stabs Fran with the morphine, props her up, finds Marta, goes on the police chase, GETS ARRESTED, Marta drives to the cleaners and Fran is still alive enough to tell her who killed her? That's the only problem I have with what is otherwise a fantastic mystery film.

    49. Hamlet M

      One of the very few (very few) things that bugged me about this movie was the injection of current politics. Like it felt super forced, and was completely unnecessary. It also dates the movie. If they had not put the forced political jabs and dialogue into the film it pretty much could be anytime. Not a fan of Trump or any political figure period. Just pointing out how eyer rollingly forced it felt.

    50. Lux el infernal88

      "...FoUrTy sEcoNdS oF SilEnT lOgOs!" God damn it Jeremy! can you start a video with something new?

    51. dull icecream

      Imma have to disagree with that sin removal for the what you called subtle.

    52. Felix Fox

      When he said he was gonna remove 5 sins he only removed four.

    53. masterofmythology

      I just couldn't get over Daniel Craig talking with a southern accent.

    54. Joan Grace

      Sin yourselves because this movie is perfect. I said what I said

    55. Dylan Kindermann

      The shadow was the cross from the rosary she had hanging on the car mirror

    56. Julia Wburn

      at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="996">16:36</a> he says I am removing 5 sins when there are 71 sins already. That means thee would be 66 sins after removing 5....but he only removed 4, leaving 67 on the sin counter. EXCUSE ME!!!

    57. Lukas Herzog

      @CinemaSins when you remove 5 Sins (last scene) from 71 it should be 66 not 67. You may now go sin yourself!

    58. LukeSkyMaster

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="126">2:06</a> welp, guess he lied

    59. Markevion Kennebrew

      Ahem...Ranson, thank you

    60. J W

      About 57 minutes in, Marta walks all over the footprints in the mud in order to destroy the evidence of her having walked there, and then says "what? what? I couldn't hear" when Blanc tells her to stop moving. This is obviously a lie, but she doesn't vomit. *ding*

    61. Bleedat

      How dare you

    62. Jank Paul

      Katherine Langford was underused in this film. Still a pretty damn good film.

    63. Cheeze Stradtmann-Carvalho

      Rian Johnson put 2 perfect movies together within 2 years wow

    64. TheVegasbabyg

      This movie was good but I was really impressed by Ana de Armas. She was so much better than I expected because the only other movie I’ve seen her in was Knock Knock. I have to say though, she was the most competent actor in that one.

    65. Uncommon Sense

      The second sin is a hands free microphone build in the car.

    66. partyboat123

      Why haven't you guys done the movie 'Lighthouse' with William defoe and Robert Pattinson?!?! Same director who did 'The VVitch'

    67. Dan Marks

      71 - 5 = 66 NOT 67. Jeremy Sucks at Math

    68. Kenz D

      This was an excellent film

    69. ArtificialWay

      I swear I thought of a quarter of these sins while watching this movie but moments like “Paraguay, Uruguay...” and the southern draw of Blanc made this film impossible to hate on.

    70. seihanda

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> he named the recording Thrombey from "the thrombey suicide case" He must has multiple cases so name each recording to it's victim is easier. Naming it from multiple suspects/witness for each case made a lots of unorganized recording name

    71. The Random Panda Man

      I love it when cinemasins do movies they think are amazing.

    72. TheArlesdaleEngine

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1098">18:18</a> did they just redub a scene from the film with audio from that same film?


      At the end there were 71 sins, he said he would remove 5 sins and then only removed 4 making 67

    74. JKGOD

      I think you like this

    75. John Striker

      NO THANKS! lol I'm not watching anymore Rian Johsnon movies... xP

    76. Andry Ushka

      This is the best movie I have seen in the last 3 years. The humor, the mystery, the details and the last scene. It's absolutely brilliant! No wonder CinemaSins liked it.

    77. Vegetable Father

      5 sins to cinema sins. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="998">16:38</a> he said removing 5 sins but only removed 4....

    78. ThatWaffleEater 1

      67 sins? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's the lowest one yet!

    79. k k

      This was probably the best movie of 2019 idc

    80. Lukas Fellon

      I love the fact that at first I thought it was Jamie was the first person I thought did it... then realized why she was wearing so much red. Damn red herrings