Ed: "I Do Not Believe in Love" | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days



1 mln shikime627

    Can Ed and Rose's relationship survive broken trust?
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    1. Shabana Mahmood

      Looks posessed

    2. daizy mae

      I understand where she's coming from.


      Yes she is with him definitely for the money


      Are you serious this beautiful young woman with this guy these people need a reality check

    5. Kelen Helvetia

      so Pretty girl but her face expressions are creepy AF :O

    6. june clark

      She has a ugly face

      1. Brian Willis

        Better than missing a neck

    7. Terry Manning

      Ed and Rose's relationship is just weird and creepy.

    8. cholodude97

      Those looks she gave him, oh man she scared me through the screen lmao.

    9. Elzhi Rocker


    10. layzy24


    11. Evening Whispers ASMR

      Gosh I can’t stand this man.

    12. Rauza Kimaro

      I feel sorry for the guy 😕😕😔

    13. Raqui M

      He is irritating.. like take yo ass home lil dude

    14. Malphas Mikaelson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> This is the look of someone who kills you while you sleep.

    15. Melissa Alnardo

      I cant! I can't ! This couple is so ridiculous I am cringing 🤣

    16. Lydia ruiz

      U can tell she's going to slap his ass

    17. Makahiya Medicine

      Her or his/him

    18. CALL ME OG

      He’s a living chode

    19. Sharon Rook

      Stop being crazy, you might find love

    20. OkayAngel

      Oh boy these two are a riot!!! Ratings too I’m sure lol, poor guy!!

    21. punydudeguy

      simp alert

    22. Mame-Enthusiast

      Danny DeVito is that you?

    23. Mr. Hank Hill

      He don't believe in necks either

    24. Jessica Falcon

      What a creep. Can't believe I was rooting for him.

    25. Symbol ism


    26. ELLE JAE

      Wrong move, never talk about the past.

    27. calpitoc

      Holy shiit, that look she gives him. Daggers

    28. Jroc2k Beats

      Shid, I wouldn't trust her! I don't trust women period.

      1. Massa

        That's why you don't have one

    29. yougotservedyo

      for a kid she got a lot of baggage lol, if he wants to know he has a right and if she doesnt want to share then she can leave. that's how it works, not all people can accept you at face value

    30. Our Family Robinson

      She always looks at him with disgust and ignorance I don’t know why he just does not see it and just leave her she’s nasty

    31. America First Paleoconservative

      This girl is ugly and demonic looking. Why would you go after a girl like this?

    32. Micaela Sosa

      He doesn’t think someone can like him, so he treats her like a hooker

    33. Kana Mem

      she is talking like this deaf character from Koe no katachi,funny language

    34. Blitches

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> how my girlfriend sounds when i make valid points in an arguement

    35. Remmy Sanders

      I wish someone would spoil me like theses hoes




        Clearly shes using the living sht out of him to LOL

    37. Jay Julez

      Looks like those old dirty sugar daddys trynna pick up a Bangkok prostitute to have a relationship.

    38. Nurse_Izzy_Gonzales1989

      He got so many issues about her and she never even ask him where his neck go lol

    39. Rebecca Morrison

      He is suchhh a fkin AHole!! Seriously ?! Why is he so entitled ? He’s literally driving her nuts she looks ruined !!!

    40. marie.k

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> *I don’t speak “tagaleg”* Had me dead!😂

    41. queen ice

      Rose find someone else. Dont put up with tweedle dum & tweedle dee's older brother. LOL.

    42. hk

      hes actually such a gentleman stop coming for him just because he hasnt got a neck, he treats her with respect and kindness and yes we all have insecurities so what? how would u feel if someone kept continuously pointing it out? shut the hell up and let him be

    43. Monkey Dope

      Bruh where his neck at? Wtf.

    44. mandy olga

      Baby girl, run for your life. U deserve better

    45. I Own Me - You Own You

      There's a difference between love and wanting to bury a bone in her yard. Throw away your television and reinvent your intuition.

    46. Ningz P.

      The guy is typical as where he came from.

    47. Florence May Opsahl

      Problem there is when you really love someone better not to talk about past better talked about future... My husband and i are happily married because he don't care about my kids father, he only cares about me and my daughters. What he did is accepted me whole whatever i have from my past and now he accepted everything and the only key for a relationship to work is understanding and acceptance and respect for each other... love no boundaries and unconditionally and both of you will be happy.

    48. PC-NATION

      Book a hotel for her to spend the night with another guy🥺🙄😡🤣😴

    49. Nick

      you can find a way hotter chick than that. maybe even one that dosen't have a man voice

    50. Nicholaus W Coritana

      I love how she is literally... just so Filipino. It’s like the looked through the entire population to find the most Filipino person out of the entire country. She expresses all her emotions through the power of her eye brows and arms. It’s funny because both are trying so hard to get their points across but the cultural social norms between Filipinos (especially women) and Caucasians is so insanely large that there’s so much misinterpretation between the two. Not even a translator could probably relay and convey the messages

    51. LionessLocs

      I can't stand this no necked SOB. Because he ain't been laid in 18yrs and cannot pull woman, he's punishing her and questioning her honesty. The only person who's lied is him over and over again 😠

    52. grace daly

      As a Filipino rose is putting up with a lot of Ed’s crap, keep in mind Filipino women don’t take shit

    53. Ethan Hernandez

      Bro where’s his neck 😂

    54. Cherry Berry

      there you go..Rose has all the right to get angry to Big Ed, he should be thankful he didnt get a slap from her LOL..😂🤣, if i was with her shoe im going yo kick his asshh back to America..

    55. Vincent D

      Lol wtf did I just watch

    56. Jessica Flores

      You don't believe in love cause ya don't yourself

    57. David P

      Who does he think he is? A nasty piece of work

    58. charmamillion

      How about yall in the comment section be nicer necks time😘

    59. Theresa Lavender

      These Americans act like they can treat these people like slaves. He was freaking out on spending 3.00 on pajama for her when she told vendor to keep 10 pesos he flipped. Hes an old unattractive man looking for a young slave for him. Distgusting

    60. Amethiest Perriello

      I'd cut him lol

    61. Jhoanna Dave

      Ed is fcking jerk

    62. Layah White

      She’s greedy and wants a visa.... unfortunately there are many Pinays who are like her, she wants to be famous and find a sugar daddy to live off of...

    63. Mary Ogar

      When you love someone you forget about the past and face the future,the man is not serious at all

    64. l i s

      He’s Su a pos

    65. Jedi116_

      You can tell by her micro-expressions at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a>, how torn and furious she is.. Sucks.

    66. Gypsy Kennedy Ramsey

      He look like one of those sugar gum drops. You know... the candy you don’t buy... but will eat it if they offer it to you.

    67. Kenia Vlogs

      Honestly you should all be ashamed. All this neckativity towards Ed isn’t right at all. He’s just got a lot of weight on his shoulders is all. 😞

    68. J M

      Poor guy is about to lose his money

    69. Pashmotatoe

      His height makes her height look so tall in perspective. I feel better being 5'7" at 16 rn lol

    70. Pashmotatoe

      In order to impress a Filipina, you have to eat Balut.

    71. kristy bharti

      She is with you only for money and green card not for lovr

    72. ___ Loyd

      Big Head Ed is a kook to the max!!!

    73. GJL777

      I leave I leave I leave. I feel you Rose. I did the same with my exes.

    74. April Brown

      Ed is ugly,has no neck and nothing but full of insecurities.

    75. M M

      Where’s his fing neck 🤢🤮

    76. Cassandra Cicirello

      OH MY GOD YOU'RE AN A****** ED

    77. Aquarius Ambassador

      He just want to know if she got something he can't get rid of because I doubt she's gonna up and tell him before the get intimate that she has whatever. You never know unless you ask.

    78. Brittany Smoke

      Why they cut out a part when he shut the door? I bet she called him a fat pos lmao

    79. Amber Washington

      Now he knows he can't be storming off with no neck like that!

    80. Sam De La Cruz

      Damn I find her hot af lol. She’s naturally pretty. Even with no make up