EASY TikTok Life Hacks To Do When You're BORED! **they actually work**

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

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    I know a lot of you watching this are bored at home with everything going on around the world, so I hope these life hacks help you out!
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    1. FaZe Rug

      like the video if ur bored. subscribe to become not bored. plz get me to 15 million subs. thx. :)

      1. Baneen Alzaidi

        U met my dad before I swear to mylife

      2. Qrisp YT

        That accent had me dead 💀 lmao

      3. XxoofxX :3

        You are exposed to shake the bottle for it to work

      4. John Robertson

        MrBeast mrbeast

      5. Marcus MacLeod

        I sent the buble blowing one on my tik tok @marcus_macleod_21

    2. astroSZN

      the first spiral was like an Uzumaki clan sign

    3. ImmortalCat09

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="164">2:44</a> is Ubisofts logo

    4. GingerBread 331033

      You need electrical tape for the frozen water ballon trick

    5. Caiden Bailey

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="494">8:14</a> get milk

    6. BlueGamer

      I have the exact same chap stick as you

    7. Gucci_Panda

      Did the vid at the end glitch!?!?!

    8. Hennessy fun


    9. Carlson Chubb

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a> That Life Hack Works Your Supposed To Shake The Water Bottle

    10. simplycal

      that girl who popped the balloon sounds like the girl from gravity falls

    11. Rose Bazil

      you need to shake the salt

    12. Xxwolfie KillerxX

      I love self isolation🙃 Me:hits head on wall hard

    13. Kishawn Persaud

      U can get the water bottle flip everytime if u put a rubber band from the cork to the bottom of the bottle

    14. giulia pasquesi

      the chap sick one works i’ve tried it to see, you can’t eat hot sauce though 😂 you eat hot cheetos. i haven’t tried takis but it might work

    15. osvaldo carranza

      “Did it hit, did it hit.”

    16. Kyrie Henry

      I don’t know hot to tie a ballon🥺

    17. Conor Saarinen

      Bro where’d kaelyn go


      Good now u will be safe from the corona

    19. Xbox360 Gaming

      I dont care you are testing tik tok hack you need to help out homeless people you have so much money 1m views is like 2000 dollar

    20. Moksh Patel

      It’s the carina virus 🦠 plssssss be safe

    21. Melly 23

      You have to use carmex

    22. Tiko War

      I’m not in quarantined

    23. Ducky Duck

      You used the wrong tape for the frozen water ballon you are supposed to use flex tape !!

    24. Mia Slime and more


    25. Sandra Cruz

      The water flip you did it wrong

    26. Sandra Cruz

      Faze rug you did it wrong

    27. Cecilie Henriksen


    28. Johanna Sandberg

      I can the hand sanitizer through the screen

    29. lilSavageT

      Faze rug: yelling Camera man: iS iT HiTtInG

    30. Paul Meza

      Still bored,hit me a like for the first time,thank you,bye folks

    31. Matthew Martinez-Rubio

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="403">6:43</a> you are supposed to apply under throat

    32. Anne Nguyen

      Your pour to much salt

    33. Thunder pro the gamer

      I saw rugs lock screen it’s kobe brant

    34. R E L E C

      You changed your youtube pfp!🥴

    35. Bryan Galvan

      Hi rug

    36. Bryan Galvan


    37. BTN_ Nugget

      Bottle flipping in 2020

    38. no you

      The chapstick life hack is for spicy chips and not spicy liquids or any sort and who uses water instead of milk after eating/drinking spicy things

    39. no you

      I hate the fact that he didnt put enough salt, he needs a lot of salt, he watched the tik tok vid and it poured a lot and he said a little bit*water bottle flip*and for the soap and towel, he puts a lot of soap and water when in the tik tok vid, it's only a little bit

    40. IWR

      Me: A pro water bottle flipper with 82 flips in a row Bryan:Oh do you know about the life hack? Me: the WHAT?!

    41. Student Melany Montoya


    42. Tiago Playz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> ur welcome

    43. M Eid

      Do another video please I am so bored

    44. Matus Hlavac

      He should do a Collab with the sidemen

    45. Ninja Legends

      It’s corona time It’s corona time

    46. zuleica virgen

      I am not bored because I am watching your videos because your videos are so good you should do a part two of tic tok hacks

    47. James Brown

      The chapstick one actually works

    48. Edna Hernandez

      Definitely pray to not get sick 2020 any one

      1. Edna Hernandez

        Wow thanks for all the likes

    49. Daniel Elida

      Are they back together cuz he said “babe why it didn’t work “

    50. Emmanuel Cummings

      quarantine sucks

    51. AH DGD

      This is how bored u all during quarantine.

    52. Danielle Garrett

      It work without putting water in the cup just a little bit in your hand then put it on the rage then that all you need

    53. Maddox Rollings

      papa rug dat jacket is fire

    54. Eithan Quinones

      I got you faze rug

    55. Zackery Amy Lammon Lammon

      Litterly first time I ever heard his say a bad word🚫🧢😂

    56. Sxfi

      The water bottle is real you put to much salt.

    57. Moubark Ezzaer

      don't worry faze rug I don't know how to tie bags, shoe laces and ballons ect.

    58. Moubark Ezzaer

      Life hack drink milk when u eat spicy food not water water just puts it around

    59. Ava H

      Who else noticed that his wallpaper is Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant. Soooo sweetttt!!!

    60. Maui Hodge

      Faze rug almost risking his life just for a tik tok life hack that doesn't even work

    61. Zeke

      Do a whole video of an accent that was so funny 😂😂💀

    62. DcWorld Games

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> Start of Billie Eillish's song.

    63. Unb Chris

      FaZe Rug:Ewwwwww...That’s SICK!

    64. YouTube Fun

      when i put salt in my water i couldent land it any more when i did it without water i landed it but the rest worked

    65. Damon Kowalewski

      The frozen water u needed flex tape

    66. Anjana Uddin

      You look a little bit young jack sparrow

    67. Your mom *-*

      “ if ur under 18 let a adult do it” wait rug isn’t 20 something

    68. Yung woofer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="868">14:28</a> I was waiting on an ampme sponsor or something g.

    69. Ryder Porter

      No one: Rug: I just got wet guys

    70. Weirdestpersononearth Yeye

      He forgot to shake the bottle

    71. Kolbie

      FaZe Rug: Frozen water Everyone else: ICEEE

    72. iDrxp FN

      Ok guy’s if you‘re bored this is the perfect life hack! Its super easy just watch faze rug 😅

    73. Gilberto Quiroz

      u need electric tape

    74. Erick Orellana

      The bowl was too big

    75. Memes

      IM sooooOooOoOoOoO Bored. fr

    76. Yaron Lucas

      I also tried it it does work

    77. Nate Fraser

      chapstick one worked for me

    78. Ethan Vasquez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="191">3:11</a> you can see the salt behind faze rug

    79. Kate Fontenot

      sssniperwolf did the balloon hack and it worked

    80. the otter

      For the chapstick one you need to put it on the throat