Drinking Real THICC Water... How Bad Does It Taste?

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    This water is THICC. Think of the THICC'est thing you can think of. Thicker than THICC. That's this water. It's THICC water. And we drink it.
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    1. Zion Smith

      If u wanna hit it drink some thick it Ethan nestor-2020 Just imagine thick Robitussin

    2. RBLX Daily

      THICK-IT LYRICS: If you wanna suck it, then you suck it. If you want a thick-it then you thick-it. x2 If you wanna hit-it, drink some thick-it. If you wanna hit it, drink some thick-it. If you wanna suck it, then you suck it. If you wanna If you wanna If you wanna Drink some thick-it.

    3. serena coy

      It looks like the hand sanitizer my work uses

    4. Mittari Kinz

      Is it just me or Mark looks like Keanu Reeves?

    5. Elizabeth Harris


    6. D H

      Wtf is this video!? 🤣

    7. Itz_ Raevyn

      i’m so sure that’s just “all natural” fresh and clear detergent... these are all detergents

    8. Sloth Master

      Ethan:"Why did you drink the whole glass of thick water" Mark:"Because, thats what it means to go even further beyond!"

    9. JazzlynnTheFNaFfan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a> yes

      1. JazzlynnTheFNaFfan

        @aola wili oh god XD

      2. aola wili

        Next month, Mark and Ethan drink their own THICC PISS

    10. AnUnknownWeir D

      Add some clear jello to water = thiccccccccc water

    11. Aiden Baird

      Sit in a bath of thick water

      1. aola wili

        Mark: thick it was made in 1987- hey that’s when my brother was born! Fnaf: oh aight

    12. mostly gacha life stuff

      mark: "entrusted since *1978* past mark: "WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87'!!! :O"

    13. Olliver Wilson

      ethan's "no no NO" sent me

    14. Joe Sanders

      So thick water Is basically disgusting syrup.

    15. Caleb Midgett

      oh that tastes like @ss in a bucket lol

    16. Just Playz 1.0

      If you want to hit-it. Then get some Thick-it. That will make you thiccc.

    17. Mordan Blitz

      Will the timer ever end?

    18. Raul Garcia


    19. Arno D’haeyer

      When ethan said: “tell me what you have there” my brain immediately went to *A KNIFE*

    20. Von Pumpkin

      Mark is not a _sexual_ masochist... but he's definitely a platonic masochist

    21. Zombiewarden101 lol

      Where do I get my thick

    22. Eddie Perdomo-Sanchez

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="585">9:45</a> Ethans face is pricless as Mark just chugs it

    23. Jordy Hayward

      Can we get “I’m not a masochist merch”

    24. bilias hour

      Mark: thick it was made in 1987- hey that’s when my brother was born! Fnaf: oh aight

    25. RandomLegend00

      Next month, Mark and Ethan drink their own THICC PISS

    26. HIDUDE533

      I have been watching markiplier for 8 years and I just figured out he has a brother

    27. Wolf Fang

      Mark: I got thicc shit Brown

      1. bilias hour

        Mark: about to faint Me: looks like you could use... Some water

    28. Wolf Fang

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="388">6:28</a> marks displeased noise vaguely sound like a fart

    29. Wolf Fang


    30. Dominic Walker

      the first four minutes of this video are manic ADHD fever dream fuel

    31. CuteMorbidFox

      You can just tell that this was Marks mind fuck episode at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="580">9:40</a>

    32. Dee

      so much gayness in this video!

    33. baylynn

      How have I don’t seen one dirty joke in the comments?

    34. Jessica Schmidt

      this looks like clear Elmer's glue

    35. cutelittlekitten804

      The thick it song made the whole video better

    36. TheAsianGamer/ /Anaqin H.

      So it’s egg yolk

    37. Mathew Baptista

      Yeah it’s called ice

    38. Camo_Dragon

      Get a bunch of thick water and baths in it

    39. ɛθvn

      Amy: "No! no, no no!" Mark: this is what it means to go even further beyond

    40. Black Lamb

      Why.? 🙈

    41. lazari swan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="618">10:18</a> im so dirty

    42. C C

      Mark: about to faint Me: looks like you could use... Some water

    43. Daniela Zúñiga Ortíz

      But hey, Mark is not a masochist

    44. Olivia Walton

      S c a r y

    45. Bluntilda 420

      Thank gosh we have these two try stuff like this Soo we don’t lol 😆

    46. Gabriel Emerson

      Mark: I Got Corn'd Me: Haha, That's Corny

    47. Aaron Wright

      THE THICK-IT OF 87????

    48. Michael Belcher

      Can we get a Thick-it Sauna?

    49. Vixster Animations

      What they should have done was get a cup of lube and thick it in other Let’s see if one can spot the difference

    50. Oliver Lawrence

      Hear me out, *Thicket milk*

    51. TzAGx

      the song killed me

    52. Oskiito

      Why is ethan wearing nail varnish, is he gay? Nothing wrong with it. Just wondering

    53. Strawberry Duchess

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a> I relate to this way too much

    54. WittleDude 999

      Drinkable Semen?

    55. utube player

      "God thats really bad" Goes right back to drinking it

    56. Jasmine E

      I work in home infusion which includes patients who have to eat via feeding tube because they deal with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). Patients I've had who are trying to ween off the feeding tube and increase eating by mouth may not even be able to taste anything depending on how long they've been on tube feeds. It's like it deadens their taste buds over time and it can be a while before they can start tasting actual flavors again

    57. Jasmine E

      I think it's DelMonte that has corn in small packs like how Dole does fruit cups

    58. Sonic Mode

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> “oh that taste like ass in a bucket”

    59. Noah Gibson

      Ethan:I won't drink it Ethan:*drinks it*

    60. Tiggiger

      Amy yelling no no no no..

    61. FOXY93

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="326">5:26</a> Mark's thinking about something

    62. Tocket

      the decaf is like indica Smh

    63. U.G.L.Y C.A.T.Z

      I need the Thick it song on Spotify...

    64. Boku No Naruto

      I wanted to vomit watching this. All that's left is Rainbow Dash.

    65. Dodge R/T Man

      Mark looks like a cheap Chinese imitation of Keanu Reeves

    66. blurry cosplays

      Oo that taste like ass in a bucket- mark 2020

    67. tee kay

      "cheers" can also be 짠 (jjan) if 건배 (geonbae) is hard to rmb lol but also ughhghghghblehhhhggh that seems nasty 🤣🤣🤣

    68. Zmations ,

      Why does Ethan have black fingernails

    69. bepis _

      it looks like hand sanitizer

    70. kamibolts

      mark please i am begging you to stop drinking corn

    71. kamibolts

      mark is NOT a masochist, he just likes to consume corn and thick it even though no one asked him to just to see if he can handle it

    72. Princess Prisilla

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> saving this for myself.

    73. Triple AAA

      Better than the piss XD

    74. Leah K

      Mark: "i'M nOt A mAsOcHiSt"

    75. Taetae.tyler.95 J

      I legit vomited while watching this 🤮

    76. - serenifier -

      As an avid fan of Del Monte products (like that's the go-to brand of my country so I don't really have a choice) AND as a person who does not like corn in general, Del Monte's corn is actually pretty... fine.

    77. Kayla Augustin

      Mark's trying to fight off the thick-it demons

    78. ur mom

      Ethan: do you feel treated Me: I do feel treated

    79. Disco Turtle

      whenever mark drank the thicc water he became a firebender

    80. Melody Zaphie

      Mark made many sacrifices for us😂